Trending Again – Chapter 12

Sister, do you feel heartache?

“Enough, stop it.” Lin Hanyue rushed forward and grabbed Bai Lu’s menacing right hand. Bai Lu turned her wrist, with a slight smile on her lips, and said, “What’s this, Movie Queen Lin? Are you planning to openly break the rules, or do you want to complete the punishment for Si Meng?”

Lin Hanyue suppressed her anger. This person was clearly doing it on purpose.

“Hey, don’t waste time, continue,” Si Meng said impatiently to Bai Lu, but her eyes were on Lin Hanyue. She held Lin Hanyue’s clenched hand, seemingly trying to soothe her and prevent her from getting angry.

“This is your own doing. As long as you kneel down and beg me, I won’t make things difficult for you.” Bai Lu whispered to Si Meng’s ear, at a sharp angle where the camera could capture their closeness.

She deliberately blocked the audience’s view to highlight her carefully prepared act of secretly helping Si Meng. This was a prop she had prepared intentionally. The elastic band had resilience and wouldn’t cause any serious injuries, but the discomfort it brought was the consequence of offending her.

But she was wrong; Si Meng was not an easily manipulated soft target. She was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Si Meng secretly bit her lip, a trace of blood seeping into her throat. She gently wiped it away with her index finger, leaving a smear of blood on the back of her hand.

“Snap!” Bai Lu snapped the elastic band with force, and Si Meng slightly shifted her position, with every move they made entering the audience’s view in an instant.

Right before everyone’s eyes, the audience saw Bai Lu deliberately stretching the elastic band long, her face filled with ferocity and malice. Meanwhile, Si Meng couldn’t help but tremble, with tears of fear in her eyes. Si Meng instinctively tried to block the elastic band with her hand, but Bai Lu was faster. The elastic band fell, and a large bloodstain suddenly appeared on Si Meng’s face.

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The comment section went into shock, with thousands of bullet comments flooding the screen simultaneously. The guests in attendance were also shocked and rushed forward to inquire. The production team was even more alarmed and quickly called for an ambulance.

Lin Hanyue was the first to rush forward, pushing Bai Lu aside and picking up Si Meng in a princess carry, letting an assistant drive them to the nearest hospital.

At the recording scene, chaos reigned. The producer had a distraught expression, and the director, clutching his heart, was filled with remorse. He pointed at the producer’s nose and scolded, “You got us into trouble. Selling you off wouldn’t be enough to compensate!”

Lin Hanyue was indeed startled. She looked at the bloodstain on Si Meng’s face and couldn’t help but feel heartache. She hugged Si Meng even tighter, urging the assistant to drive quickly.

Si Meng sat on Lin Hanyue’s lap, her head gently resting on Lin Hanyue’s chest. It had a fragrant scent that provided a strong sense of security. Si Meng held and played with Lin Hanyue’s delicate and flawless fingers, her voice soft and tender, “Sister, are you worried about me?”

Lin Hanyue gently touched the stray hairs on her head and spoke in a comforting tone, “Don’t be afraid. We’ll be at the hospital soon, and the pain will go away.”

Si Meng nodded obediently. She wasn’t afraid of the pain at all, but Lin Hanyue’s concern made her very happy, just like a neglected puppy suddenly receiving its owner’s favor.

Perhaps it was due to exhaustion, or maybe Lin Hanyue’s comforting words were filled with magic. In no time, Si Meng peacefully fell asleep.

Outside the emergency room

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Lin Hanyue anxiously waited, and after a while, a nurse came out. Lin Hanyue quickly approached her and asked, “Hello, may I ask how the patient inside is doing?”

The nurse thought for a moment and asked, “Are you a family member of the patient?”

“Family,” Lin Hanyue replied without hesitation.

“Oh, well, then you can start preparing for his funeral,” she said and left without looking back.

“What do you mean?” Lin Hanyue rushed into the emergency room, her face dark and terrifying. How could someone who was lively and active just a moment ago leave without a word?

“Hey, family members are not allowed in here. You…” The doctor began, but Lin Hanyue walked up to the patient, staring at the unfamiliar face intently.

“What about the girl who was brought into the emergency room just now?” Lin Hanyue asked in confusion.

“We’ve finished treating her injuries and moved her to room 311,” the doctor responded, accommodating her request.

Lin Hanyue immediately rushed to room 311 like a whirlwind. To her surprise, Si Meng had completely shed her injured appearance and was now full of vitality. She was energetically chasing and playfully attacking Lu Qi, pinning him down and using a pillow to playfully hit him.

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“Si Meng!” Lin Hanyue was somewhat gritting her teeth, as she had been scared out of her wits by the situation. This rascal.

“Are you… okay?” Lin Hanyue asked through her anger.

Si Meng, realizing she had been exposed, quickly kicked Lu Qi off the bed, swallowed hard, and lay silently on the bed.

“Pretending! Pretending with all your might! Do you know how worried I was about you?” Lin Hanyue didn’t care about her own ladylike image. She kicked off her shoes, climbed onto the bed, and tickled Si Meng’s waist, because Si Meng was extremely ticklish.

“Sister, I’m sorry. Goddess Lin, I won’t dare do it again next time.”

“There’s going to be a next time?”

“No… Haha, it’s so itchy. Stop tickling me. No, don’t, what do you want to do…”

Lin Hanyue confirmed that there were indeed no more wounds on Si Meng’s face. She breathed a sigh of relief and, despite Si Meng’s objections, wrapped gauze around Si Meng’s face. In no time, Si Meng looked like a seriously injured patient.

Lu Qi, who was standing nearby, asked in confusion, “Lin Hanyue, what are you doing?”

Lin Hanyue said with a touch of annoyance, “When you’re acting, you’ve got to go all the way. Come on, let’s take a selfie and post it on Weibo.”

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

Si Meng positioned her phone’s camera and, after a quick glance, wondered why she looked like she was undergoing a disability evaluation. Oh well, a little ugliness wouldn’t hurt.

She took a selfie and added a caption: 【At the hospital, still alive. Thank you for your concern.】

At the same time, Lin Hanyue immediately retweeted it, along with a few ambiguous pictures, and captioned it: 【At the hospital, hoping that the production team and Miss Bai can provide an explanation for Si Meng. Otherwise, see you in court.】

Simultaneously, the washed-up actor Shen Zhiyi also retweeted the post, keeping it simple and leaving only a few lines: 【Back then, I was at the scene and witnessed an extraordinarily ‘cunning’ ‘lady.’】

In just a few short sentences, it was enough to ignite people’s imaginations. With the Movie King and Movie Queen backing Si Meng, the entertainment gossip mongers who spread rumors wouldn’t dare to interfere.

Following closely, the guests at the scene jumped on the bandwagon, offering their own opinions. Some remained neutral, while others, in their efforts to gain more followers, unhesitatingly criticized Bai Lu. This pushed Si Meng to the top of trending topics.

In reality, it didn’t matter who was supported or criticized. The key factor was who had the background and influence. Right or wrong didn’t really matter to them.

However, one Weibo post that was quickly deleted caught the public’s attention.

User “Gluttonous Zhang Biliang” wrote: 【I f***ing hate you, stupid green tea Bai Lu! I’m going to f*** your whole family! That ugly mouth of yours, I’ll tear it apart sooner or later. You dare to bully my future girlfriend? I have big fists, so you better watch out!】 [Deleted]

Zhang Biliang checked his moderation inbox and saw that his account had been suspended for 48 hours due to the content’s offensive and abusive nature.

Zhang Biliang was speechless and grabbed his manager’s phone. As a result, the manager’s official account was also placed in the penalty box.

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