Panda Cub – Chapter 64

Very handsome

Looking at the tall woman who had descended from the sky in front of her, He Ying was at a loss for words.

Jing Dan took two steps closer to her, blinked, but didn’t say anything, looking very innocent.

He Ying: “…”

She had a headache. Jing Dan was able to appear so accurately at the entrance to the Gulong Mountain Range she was about to enter, it must have been Lady He who told her.

Didn’t Lady He promise her? How could she still betray her?!

Her headache worsened, and seeing Jing Dan appear at this moment, she realized she couldn’t get rid of her.

“You already know?”

Jing Dan still had an innocent look. “I know what? I just felt the air here was refreshing, came over to take a sniff, and also pay a visit to Hu Tu’s father.” She smiled softly, looking very innocent. “But since we’ve coincidentally met, let’s go together!”

He Ying: “…” I believed your nonsense.

She was both angry and amused, seeing Jing Dan’s appearance as if she had known all along but hadn’t expected her to stay calm and put on a show of playing along with her.

She laughed in exasperation at Jing Dan and jokingly pulled her hand, asking, “When did you find out?”

Originally, Jing Dan wanted to pretend, but when she saw He Ying’s obviously distrustful look, she couldn’t help but smile lightly and say, “The day after you said your going to your clan’s ancestral land.”

She had asked He Yuan that night, and the reply was similar to what He Ying said, so she didn’t think much of it. However, after He Ying became busy, some of the things she prepared started to seem unusual. Why did the things she prepared for going back to her clan include so much medicine for injuries?

After questioning He Yuan again, she finally learned He Ying’s true intentions.

He Ying: “…”

It seemed that Jing Xiaodan had improved a lot, even starting to play mind games with her. She was a bit amused and exasperated, asking, “What’s the deal with you just mentioning Hu Tu’s father?”

“Oh, before your mom treated me, Hu Tu’s father also treated me. He told me about my incomplete soul and even gave me a jade pendant, saying it had the power to nurture the soul.” Jing Dan honestly explained, but then remembering something, she said seriously, “But don’t mention this to Hu Tu, she seems to dislike that father!”

He Ying: “..” What’s going on here.

“Does he live nearby?” He Ying asked, amazed at Hu Tu’s father’s audacity. In the Gulong Mountain Range, it was affected by some magnetic interference which limited their spiritual power’s full usage. Upon entering the core area, even their teleportation abilities were suppressed, only allowing short-distance movement.

“Mm.” Jing Dan nodded, glanced around, and pointed in a direction, saying, “From here, we should be able to reach Hu Tu’s father’s residence.”

He Ying looked in the direction she was pointing, hesitating whether to visit or not. After all, if Hu Tu was unwilling to acknowledge him, he probably wouldn’t want them to have too much contact. But he had helped Jing Dan before, and now that they were both in this place, it seemed like they should at least pay a visit. 

“Did you tell Hu Tu about our trip to the Gulong Mountain Range?” He Ying asked.

Jing Dan shook her head, “She will overthink things if I do!”

He Ying chuckled at that, realizing she had left everything to Hu Tu at the company but didn’t inform her where they were going. She wasn’t sure if Jing Dan had always been a bit mischievous or if she had picked up some bad habits recently.

She leaned towards the idea that Jing Dan had always been a bit mischievous, especially since she had been spending time with someone as straightforward as herself recently. There shouldn’t have been any opportunity to pick up bad habits.

“Well, since we’re here, let’s go thank him,” He Ying suggested. They were already there, and it would be impolite not to visit after knowing that he had helped Jing Dan.

“Okay,” Jing Dan nodded, adding, “Let’s not tell Hu Tu when we get back!”

He Ying chuckled, agreeing with her.

Following Jing Dan’s lead, the two walked for quite some time before finally reaching the simple thatched huts.

Looking at the humble thatched huts in front of them, and the haphazard wooden fence surrounding them, one wondered if even a rabbit could slip through, let alone a wolf. The purpose of this fence was questionable.

The two arrived at the small door made of branches, and Jing Dan knocked, making a sound. Soon, there was some movement inside the thatched house, and a well-dressed man came out.

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Initially looking puzzled, the man immediately smiled upon seeing Jing Dan clearly. He approached them and welcomed them inside.

“Xiaojing is here, and who is this?” He looked at He Ying beside Jing Dan.

Jing Dan held He Ying’s hand and introduced her, shaking it in front of the man, saying, “My girlfriend, He Ying!”

Upon hearing this, the man chuckled lightly and greeted He Ying with kindness, “Come in and have a seat.”

However, as he turned around, there was a hint of disappointment in his eyes. Seeing Jing Dan, he had thought that Hu Tu would also be there.

The two entered his thatched house, which was still as simple as before. Looking at the nearly impoverished room, Jing Dan knew she couldn’t stay there. At least they should have some food!

“What brings you here this time?” the man asked.

“Hello, we came this time to search for a medicinal herb in the mountains. Jing Dan mentioned that you had helped her with her illness before, so we came to visit you,” He Ying said politely, showing respect as a junior.

Since they hadn’t planned to come with this in mind, visiting empty-handed made He Ying feel a bit embarrassed.

“It’s nothing, I didn’t really help her much,” the man gently smiled, looking back at Jing Dan, “Can you control the transformation now?”

Jing Dan nodded, her eyes shining slightly as she said, “He Ying’s mother is very skilled! She helped stabilize my soul!”

Seeing Jing Dan praise He Yuan like this, He Ying couldn’t help but wonder what Lady He’s reaction would be if she knew Jing Dan was praising her like this.

The man nodded and asked, “What kind of herb are you looking for? I am quite familiar with this mountain range, I might be able to provide you with some useful information.”

This time, it was He Ying’s turn to light up with excitement, as she mentioned the herbs that the figure in black robes had asked her to find, knowing their locations already.

The man chuckled, “Wait here, I have all the herbs you mentioned, I’ll get them for you!”

He Ying: “…”

He Ying quickly stopped him, “No need, we can find them ourselves!”

She felt embarrassed to take something from their host before leaving, especially after visiting empty-handed. Taking something on their way out felt inappropriate. He Ying blushed slightly, feeling awkward.

“Why go searching if I already have them?” the man looked at her strangely, then chuckled, “No need to feel awkward, we’re all family here, no need to worry about these things.”

He then ignored whatever He Ying might say and turned to another thatched house, where he took out several kinds of herbs and handed them to Jing Dan.

Jing Dan seemed a bit confused when taking the herbs, then asked blankly, “Do you have Soul Calming Grass here?”

He Ying quickly tugged at Jing Dan’s sleeve.

The man paused upon hearing her question, then regretfully said, “Soul Calming Grass is too precious, I don’t have it here. I know it grows in the inner area, but it’s surrounded by many fierce beasts, so I haven’t dared to approach.”

“Oh,” Jing Dan sounded a bit disappointed.

He Ying was at a loss, looking at the herbs in Jing Dan’s hands. She couldn’t think of a suitable gift to reciprocate. Since he was a doctor, perhaps she could ask Lady He when they returned, to find out what would be the most sincere gift for a doctor.

After leaving from Hu Tu’s father’s place, He Ying couldn’t help but smile at the earlier scene. Jing Dan really seemed unfazed.

Unbeknownst to He Ying, Jing Dan just wanted to help her obtain what she desired. In that case, she would have to muster up some courage and thicker skin to ask.

After walking a bit farther away, He Ying couldn’t hold back her laughter any longer. She turned to face Jing Dan, took her hand, and then suddenly hugged her tightly, burying her face in Jing Dan’s neck with muffled laughter. How did she end up with such an adorable girlfriend!

Jing Dan was caught off guard by this sudden gesture, but seeing He Ying burying her face in her neck, she raised her hand to pat her on the back soothingly. Although looking puzzled, she instinctively cooperated with He Ying.

Feeling Jing Dan pat her back, He Ying burst into laughter again. She noticed that since they became lovers, Jing Dan seemed to become more caring, and her actions became more initiative.

Jing Dan had no idea what He Ying was thinking at the moment. She had intended to continue patting her hand gently, but suddenly she hugged He Ying to the side, then swiftly wielded her hand backward, channeling spiritual power to instantly slash the snake that had dropped from where they were standing into two halves!

Blood splattered and fell at their feet. Jing Dan looked down, relieved that it didn’t stain her pants and shoes.

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He Ying remained in Jing Dan’s embrace as if she had no reaction to what had just happened. She lifted her gaze briefly and then withdrew it, the curve of her lips deepening. The taste of being protected felt really nice.

The two of them then walked towards the center of the inner area. Due to the unique magnetic field of the Gulong Mountain Range, they didn’t need to use much spiritual power for teleportation but relied on their own legs to walk in.

Along the way, they encountered some wild beasts that were reckless but not too threatening. The biggest threat came from the beasts in the mountains with a bit of wisdom. While they had some intelligence to cultivate, most of them still lacked high wisdom. They were the bloodthirsty creatures in the Gulong Mountain Range, and most spirits entering the mountains met their end at the hands of these beasts.

Entering the Gulong Mountain Range in the morning, they walked without stopping until evening. When they were still far from the inner area, He Ying decided to stop at a spot to rest instead of rushing into the inner area. 

If she were alone, she would have pushed forward non-stop to keep her promise to Jing Dan before leaving. But now that Jing Dan was with her, she didn’t need to worry too much about the time spent here.

They found a spot by the stream and He Ying took out the tent she had prepared earlier. Seeing Jing Dan standing innocently on the side, He Ying knew she hadn’t brought these things with her when she came. She waved her hand helplessly, “Come here, let’s make do and sleep together.”

It was a one-person tent, and even though both He Ying and Jing Dan were quite thin, it would still be a bit cramped for them to lie in together.

Jing Dan blinked innocently, “Aren’t we going to have dinner?”

Are we just going to sleep right away?

He Ying: “……” ???

She took out some dry rations she had prepared and handed them to Jing Dan, “Will you eat this?”

Looking at the dry and hard biscuits, Jing Dan showed a hint of disdain. Then she took out a pile of pots, bowls, ladles, and condiments and placed them in front of He Ying, eagerly looking at her.

He Ying: “…”

Once again, He Ying was shocked by Jing Dan. Looking at the pile of cookware in front of her, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Did Jing Dan think they were on a picnic?!

Also, she silently glanced at Jing Dan, wondering why she brought all these items but forgot the tent?

“No ingredients.”

Upon hearing this, Jing Dan walked to the edge of the stream and carefully observed the fish swimming in the water. Perhaps due to the lack of human presence here, each one looked particularly plump and delicious.

With a lift of her hand, several large fish emerged from the water, flopping onto the ground and even fainting without a single struggle.

He Ying, who saw her series of actions: “…”

He Ying’s lips twitched. Eventually, she silently got up to pick up the fish and start preparing them.

Seeing He Ying handling the fish, Jing Dan naturally didn’t just stand by. She wandered around the area and gathered many mushrooms and dry branches. With the fresh and plump mushrooms paired with the fish, and He Ying’s cooking skills, it would surely become a delicious dish!

After He Ying finished preparing the fish, she saw the pile of mushrooms Jing Dan had brought over. She carefully examined them and couldn’t help but marvel at the incomprehensible power of a foodie. Jing Dan surprisingly knew which mushrooms were edible and brought back none that were poisonous!

He Ying couldn’t help but chuckle inwardly. Later, she cooked a pot of fish and mushroom soup for Jing Dan. Seeing Jing Dan squinting with satisfaction as she drank the soup, He Ying knew the taste was excellent.

To prevent any wild beasts from being attracted by their dinner, He Ying erected a barrier to block all odors. They drank the soup slowly together, and He Ying even helped Jing Dan remove the fish bones.

“Mm, you should eat too!” Jing Dan’s mouth was fed a large piece of boneless fish by He Ying, and she mumbled.

“I am eating.” He Ying chuckled. She had been eating the food she made for so many years that she no longer had any specific feelings about it. Jing Dan had been eating her dishes for a while now, and she showed no signs of getting tired of them either.

After finishing dinner and cleaning the pot, Jing Dan waved her hand and all the items disappeared. He Ying found it both amusing and helpless to see her do this. She wondered if anyone else would consider entering the Gulong Mountain Range as a leisure activity.

As they lay in the tent, it was quite cramped. Even though they didn’t mind the closeness, it was clear that it would be difficult to rest well in such tight quarters. He Ying suggested, “Why don’t you change back to your true form?”

In her small cub form, she didn’t take up much space, with her belly being her territory.

Upon hearing this, Jing Dan made a sound of agreement and looked back at He Ying, “Then why don’t you change into your true form?”

She suddenly realized that she had never seen He Ying’s true form!

He Ying was momentarily taken aback by the question, then chuckled and said, “My true form is too big. This tent couldn’t contain it.”

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Just one of her wings could lift this tent off the ground.

“You can shrink yourself!” Jing Dan confidently stated.

He Ying replied, “…You change, and I’ll reward you with a bottle of milk.”

Jing Dan had intended to say something, but upon hearing He Ying’s words, she immediately hesitated. After they locked eyes for a while, there was a flash of light, and Jing Dan transformed directly into a panda cub. She climbed onto He Ying and said as she climbed, “You owe me a bottle of milk!”

Unable to repay her right now, but she would remember clearly and make sure to get it all back in the future!

He Ying found it both amusing and exasperating, unsure whether to call her stubborn or not. She decided to compromise with just one bottle of milk.

With Jing Dan in her arms, feeling the soft fur of the cub, He Ying was in a joyful mood. This was probably the benefit of having a panda partner; she can ‘rua’ her panda as much as she wants!

(LP: rua – to knead; to rub; to massage.)

Jing Dan, who had been rubbed by He Ying, didn’t mind at all. Snuggled in her arms, smelling the pleasant scent coming from He Ying, she slept contentedly.

He Ying closed her eyes, appearing to rest, but she remained vigilant, with a strand of consciousness alert to their surroundings at all times, ready to prevent any wild beasts from attacking while they rested.

In the middle of the night, the already cool Gulong Mountain Range felt even colder. The surroundings were silent, with only faint sounds of footsteps on the grass.

He Ying’s eyes snapped open, a cold glint in them. She decisively picked up Jing Dan, who was lying on her belly, and opened the tent to look outside. She discovered that they were surrounded by a pack of wolves. In the darkness, the wolves’ eyes, glowing oil-green, were like scattered fireflies.

“What’s wrong?” Jing Dan, still drowsy, noticed He Ying’s movements and poked her head out. She could see a panda cub’s head poking out of the tent, an unexpectedly comical sight.

Initially in a heavy mood upon seeing the wolf pack, He Ying couldn’t help but be amused by Jing Dan’s behavior, and she couldn’t resist giving her a gentle pat on her head.

Ignoring the hand on her head, Jing Dan couldn’t help but comment after seeing the wolf pack outside, “So ugly!”

Their glowing green eyes spread out densely, creating an uncomfortable sight that completely lacked the beauty of fireflies.

He Ying: “…” Was she really focusing on whether they looked good or not?

Although, they were indeed quite ugly.

He Ying quickly emerged from the tent, with Jing Dan following suit, transforming back into her human form. He Ying took down the tent, silently observing the wolf pack in front of them.

With such a large wolf pack surrounding them, the leader of the pack must possess some level of intelligence.

After scanning around, but failing to locate the alpha wolf’s presence, they were temporarily unaware of its whereabouts.

“It looks like we’re in for a fight,” He Ying half shielded Jing Dan in front of her, observing the wolf pack before them. It seemed unlikely that they would easily let them leave.

“Mm,” Jing Dan nodded, showing no signs of fear.

“Be careful later, don’t get hurt,” seeing her like this, He Ying couldn’t help but remind her with some concern.

Jing Dan’s face tightened, and she said very seriously, “I’m very powerful!”

Although she had previously doubted the value of geniuses in the Panda Clan, she still wanted to affirm her own strength. It was only because of her lack of soul power before that she couldn’t control it well! She could still fight now!

Upon hearing this, although she knew she shouldn’t, He Ying couldn’t help but want to laugh in this tense atmosphere.

Her girlfriend was so cute.

The wolf pack surrounding them also did not make any sudden moves, seeming to be observing something or waiting for some kind of command. Their eyes were fixed tightly on them, their oil-green eyes filled with hostility.

He Ying took out her double crescent moon blades, her gaze fixed tightly on the pack of wolves.

Jing Dan also brought out her own weapon, standing back to back with He Ying, both vigilant and trusting each other to watch their backs.

A glimpse of Jing Dan’s weapon caught He Ying’s periphery, causing the corner of her lips to twitch, making her want to laugh even more.

She had never seen Jing Dan’s weapon before, and now, seeing it suddenly, her eyes widened slightly.

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The reason being, Jing Dan’s weapon turned out to be a meteor hammer…

The meteor hammer slammed heavily onto the ground, while Jing Dan held the chain connecting the round hammer in her hand.

He Ying turned around and looked at Jing Dan’s serious and determined expression, feeling slightly dumbfounded.

She hadn’t expected Jing Dan’s weapon to be such a rugged and bold meteor hammer. Placing her double crescent moon blades next to Jing Dan’s weapon, they couldn’t be more different in terms of refinement.

He Ying: “…”

She had underestimated her Jing Xiaodan, not expecting such a wild and daring side to her…

“Be serious!” Seeing her gaze, Jing Dan earnestly reminded.

He Ying: “…Okay.”

Turning back to continue being vigilant, she noticed that the wolf pack was no longer as calm as before, heating up like boiling water, faintly showing signs of agitation.

He Ying gripped her crescent blades tightly. In the Gulong Mountain Range, it was best not to use spiritual power unrestrainedly. Otherwise, when the spiritual power depleted, it might be time to face death.

She tugged at Jing Dan’s sleeve, indicating for her to be more careful.

Jing Dan grunted in acknowledgment, understanding her meaning. But just as they responded, the wolf pack beside them launched the first attack! Sharp claws swung towards them, their sharp teeth glistening with a cold glint under the moonlight. 

One wolf moved, and the others instantly followed suit, charging at them from all directions!

He Ying’s crescent blades swung with such speed that residual images almost trailed behind. Around her, many wolf corpses had piled up, yet the relentless wolf pack showed no signs of diminishing.

Jing Dan’s meteor hammer danced vigorously in the air. With one swing, she knocked down a whole group of wolves. Those hit, without exception, had their skeletons crushed on the spot, meeting their demise!

“Find a chance to break out,” He Ying whispered.

“Got it!” Jing Dan nodded, swinging her meteor hammer even faster and fiercer!

Suddenly, He Ying noticed something, squinted her eyes, and asked Jing Dan, “Can you hold on by yourself?”

Upon hearing this, Jing Dan fiercely knocked down five or six wolves with a determined expression, saying once again very seriously, “I’m very powerful!”

“Good!” He Ying’s smile deepened, her gaze turning fierce towards a particular spot. Since it was seeking death itself, it couldn’t blame her!

The reason why these wolves were relentless and unafraid of death was because of the leader behind them. If they killed the alpha wolf, without a leader, the threat posed by these wolves would naturally diminish.

She rushed towards the side where she had noticed earlier that the wolf pack was visibly thinner than elsewhere and that wolf with distinctive blood-red eyes, perhaps only their alpha would possess?

As she moved away, Jing Dan’s pressure increased. However, Jing Dan remained calm and composed, showing a serious and determined expression, protecting herself tightly, not giving any wolves a chance to get close!

He Ying located the noticeably larger alpha wolf compared to the others and without any hesitation, she charged forward. She needed to swiftly end this battle; otherwise, it would become difficult once Jing Dan exhausted her strength over time.

However, the alpha wolf already showed signs of intelligence, quickly dodging her attacks and engaging in a fierce battle with her.

Considering Jing Dan’s situation, He Ying fought faster and more aggressively with each move, pressuring the alpha wolf to retreat continuously. The wolf was intimidated by her momentum. After evading another attack, it howled and tried to flee!

He Ying sneered icily, a hint of coldness in her gaze. Seizing the opportunity as the alpha wolf fled in defeat, she flung her crescent blade out!

The alpha wolf’s head fell with a thud.

At that moment, Jing Dan arrived beside her, witnessing all her previous actions, momentarily stunned.

“Wow, very handsome!”

The author has something to say:

Hehe: Cute!

Zaizai: Handsome!

Regarding these things, you can treat them as a medium for spirits to have their own exclusive space, otherwise, a spirit carrying a bag full of pots and pans on their back would be quite a loss for the spirit!

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