Trending Again – Chapter 11

You can hit me, but you can’t hit my wife

After hearing this, Zhang Biliang couldn’t hold back and wanted to rush over and shut that green tea’s mouth. If it weren’t for Shen Zhiyi holding him back, he would have succeeded.

Zhang Biliang roared, “Let go, let me go talk to that green tea.”

“Only impulsive idiots would want to harm Si Meng,” Shen Zhiyi’s tone grew less refined due to his shouting.

“What do you mean?” Zhang Biliang was confused. How could he be harming Si Meng?

“This is the internet age. The show needs controversy and hot topics. Who do you think brainless fans will believe? A righteous and innocent victim, or a vicious abuser showing their teeth and claws,” Shen Zhiyi really couldn’t understand how this person’s mind worked. He couldn’t even figure out such a simple question.

“Shall we just stand by and do nothing?”

“Do you think everyone is as foolish as you?”

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“Don’t worry, they have their own ways.”

Meanwhile, in the center of the crowd, Bai Lu was even more triumphant. Si Meng, oh Si Meng, you’re a Z-list celebrity, what can you use to compete with me? Your fans are probably in the single digits.

Si Meng hadn’t expected that Bai Lu could cause so much trouble. It’s just a variety show, why do they have to fight so fiercely? But Si Meng was never one to shy away from a confrontation. Her nickname in the entertainment industry as the “Queen of Controversy” wasn’t just for show. Her motto was simple: I won’t bother others if they don’t bother me, but if someone crosses me, they won’t survive.

Si Meng walked forward and faced Bai Lu head-on. Standing at 1.7 meters tall, she was a head taller than Bai Lu, even if Bai Lu was wearing height-boosting insoles. Si Meng appeared serious, lacking her usual carefree demeanor, and carried an air of authority that made Bai Lu feel like she was just a small fry.

Bai Lu, infuriated, pointed her finger at Si Meng’s nose, but before she could say anything, Si Meng slapped her hand away with a sharp “smack.”

“Didn’t your mother teach you that pointing at others is impolite?” Si Meng crossed her arms, exuding a strong presence and not giving Bai Lu any chance to retort.

“Are you upset about the bad cooking you did? Believe me, I can cook better than you even with my feet.” Si Meng’s eyes displayed a hint of disdain as she nodded slightly.

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“Or do you think the audience is as blind as you? Do you want to discredit the production team and believe I can fake things in front of so many people?” Si Meng responded with dignity, as if she was about to engrave the words “righteous path’s light” on her face.

Since Bai Lu dared to slander her, she didn’t mind giving the other side a compliment. Come on, let’s play this game of mutual criticism. After all, she was just a Z-list celebrity, and who was afraid of losing followers? She couldn’t care less because she didn’t have any fans to lose.

On the journey of life, those who are already barefoot are never afraid of wearing shoes, whether in the past, the present, or the future.

Si Meng stared at Bai Lu’s guilty eyes and declared firmly, “If you’re not satisfied, we can compete again. I’ll only use one hand.”

“You… Who wants to compete with you? Even if you win the competition, you didn’t source the ingredients yourself, so you’ll still be punished,” Bai Lu stumbled in her words, genuinely afraid that Si Meng would challenge her again.

Bai Lu turned her gaze towards the producer, seeking assistance. After all, her uncle had invested a lot of money to get her on the show, and she couldn’t afford to embarrass herself.

The producer exchanged a glance with her and stepped forward to defuse the situation. However, he secretly cursed Bai Lu for dragging him into this mess.

The producer said, “The rules are as follows. In the interest of fairness, the victory goes to Si Meng, but at the same time, Si Meng will have to face the penalty. Does anyone have any objections?”

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“No objections.”

“I do,” Lin Hanyue glanced coldly at the producer and stood in front of Si Meng, shielding the slender Si Meng with her body. She furrowed her brow and said, “Si Meng and I are a team. If there’s a penalty, we’ll face it together.”

“This…” The producer was already sweating profusely, and penalizing the Movie Queen was a daunting task for him. Even with a hundred times the courage, he wouldn’t dare. The director, standing at a distance, was growing impatient with his handling of the situation, and he was quite displeased. He decided to take a firm stance.

However, Si Meng was the first to interject. She said, “This is indeed my fault. I’ll personally accept the penalty.” She turned around and gave Lin Hanyue a reassuring smile.

Lin Hanyue suddenly understood what was happening and felt a mix of anger and gratitude. This fool, what was she trying to prove?

The producer breathed a sigh of relief. Thankfully, Si Meng had chosen to take the responsibility upon herself. Otherwise, things could have turned ugly.

However, he also didn’t want to take any drastic actions against Si Meng, who was, after all, a rising star. So he planned to make a show of it. But Bai Lu, on the other hand, had no intention of letting go of this excellent opportunity. She had already arranged the penalties for the draw, and she was eager to see how Si Meng would fare.

“In that case, let’s draw for the penalty,” the producer said, wiping the sweat from his forehead. He was relieved that he had already replaced some of the more dangerous penalty games in advance.

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

Si Meng reached into the box and extended her hand, opening her palm to reveal a slip of paper with “Rubber Band Snap on the Face” written on it. The producer’s expression stiffened, as this was clearly one of the riskiest penalties.

“Or how about we draw again?” the producer suggested weakly.

Si Meng extended her hand into the box once more, but the second slip of paper also read “Rubber Band Snap on the Face.”

“What’s the matter? Are you trying to back out now, drawing again and again?” Bai Lu smirked.

“Of course not, let’s go with this one,” Si Meng said, her expression calm and unruffled.

So the producer began to ponder who would be the one to carry out the penalty, as offending either side was a possibility.

“Of course, it should be me. Everyone else here is a guy, and Movie Queen Lin is in the same group, so it’s only right to avoid suspicion,” Bai Lu said. As she spoke, she picked up a nearby rubber band. She had specifically ordered the “most, most, most” resilient rubber bands.

Bai Lu looked delighted as she said, “Ten times, right? I won’t go easy on this.”

A sharp “snap” sound pierced through the microphone of the camera, startling the audience. It must have been extremely painful!

A red mark appeared on Si Meng’s face, standing out prominently against her fair complexion. One powerful snap followed another, and soon, a new red mark appeared.

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