She is the Third Kind of Peerless Beauty

Original Title: 她是第三种绝色

Author: 天在水



When Lu Yinxi woke up, she found herself transformed into a cannon fodder female supporting character in a novel.

The female supporting character was a canary picked up by the villain, weak and naive, pure and harmless, like a bindweed tightly clinging to the villain.

The villain, Jian Qing, lived up to her name: cold and distant, like thin snow on a branch, yet with a trace of gloom in her eyes and brows, a hypocritical villain, vengeful and unscrupulous in achieving her goals, ultimately meeting a tragic end.

Lu Yinxi cherished her life and decided to escape Jian Qing’s control step by step.

On the night she was about to escape, Jian Qing got drunk, held her in her arms, her eyes red, kissed the corner of her lips with restraint, her voice low and light: “Don’t leave, you’re the only one I have left…”

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This novel hasn’t started yet authornim???