I Want to be Alone, Beautifully

Original Title: 我想独自美丽[快穿]

Author: 柒殇祭

Source: https://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=4425721


Xu Jiao, the stepmother author of dog blood and heavenly thunder plots, had written countless protagonists who experienced dramatic life-and-death scenarios, but she finally faced consequences.

System: “Due to the content of your articles not conforming to the core socialist values, please cooperate with the system for rectification.”

Xu Jiao: “I’ll change! But do you really have to throw me into the story?”

Scene One:

System: “The female lead ahead is being bullied by neighbors around the corner. Please assist promptly to let her feel the care and love of socialism.”

Xu Jiao: “I’ll handle this. As long as I appear in front of her, scare off the thugs, I’ll become her best friend forever.”

Soon after, the system: “Successfully rescued the female lead, gained favorability +1, blackening value +1.”

Xu Jiao: “Blackening?”

Scene Two:

System: “The female lead ahead is being harassed by a domineering boss. Please help promptly.”

Xu Jiao: “I got this too! As long as I help her escape from the clutches, drive away the villains, and then tell her what true love is…”

System: “Successfully rescued the female lead, gained favorability +50, blackening value +50, activating the black lotus route—”

System: “Apologies for informing you, the ending rectification failed.”

Xu Jiao, trembling as the female lead with a looming aura of blackening approached: “No need to inform me… I-I-I better run first!”

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