Miss Forensics – Chapter 138.1

The end of a blue duckweed (6)

When Lin Yan spoke those words, Song Yuhang knelt down as well. It was a scenario she had imagined countless times, but it was completed by the other party.

Song Yuhang’s eyes brimmed with hot tears, overwhelmed with joy, as she let the other person slip the ring onto her ring finger.

Both of them exchanged smiles through tears, and what followed was kissing each other and filling out the marriage documents.

After the ceremony, Ji Jingxing led Xiaowei out of the city hall, and the two of them sat on a bench by the street.

Xiaowei swung her legs, gazing at the distant city hall’s golden roof standing quietly in the sunset.

Here, people come every day to register for marriage, men in suits escorting blondes past them.

“Mom, weddings on TV are always between a man and a woman, why can aunties do it too?”

There’s a hint of confusion in the child’s eyes, full of innocence and incomprehension.

Ji Jingxing gently patted her head, speaking with earnestness, “This question used to puzzle Mom too, Xiaowei, you must remember, in this world, regardless of nationality, gender, race, or status… as long as it’s two people who love each other, they can get married.”

Xiaowei suddenly understood, “So Mom and Uncle Liang decided to get married because they love each other, right?”

Ji Jingxing blushed slightly, gently tapping her nose, “You’re wise beyond your years.”

Xiaowei giggled, hopping off the bench and grabbing her hand, planting a kiss on it, “Mom, whoever you marry, I wish you happiness, just like Auntie and Aunt Lin.”

Ji Jingxing’s eyes welled up, pulling her close into an embrace.

“Silly child, you’ve been through so much these years.”

The news always talks about how tough it is for single moms, but how happy are the kids born into single-parent families, really?

Because of work, she could never make it to the parent-teacher meetings, always the last to leave after school, because there’s no one at home to take care of her, leading to endless tutoring classes.

Most importantly, the ever-missing love.

But fortunately, all of this is finally coming to a satisfying end.

Ji Jingxing thought to herself, tears streaming down.

A somewhat abrupt, playful voice interjected.

“Xiaowei, after we return to the country, I’ll take you out for a feast, free passes to the amusement park for life, and the latest Barbie doll set. Call me aunt and listen up.”

Lin Yan was still wearing that white suit, slender and tall, her long hair coiled up, revealing a snowy white neck, arms crossed, exuding a powerful presence.

Ji Jingxing glanced at her, released the child, wiped her eyes, and stood up.

Xiaowei’s eyes were filled with excitement, “Aunt…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Song Yuhang strode over, pressing Lin Yan’s head down with force.

Not heavy-handed, but the tone was somewhat gritted teeth.

“Xiaowei, don’t listen to her, call me aunt. No need to wait until we’re back in the country, I’ll take you skiing now!”

Lin Yan was indignant, pushing her shoulder, being dragged forward by her.

“Xiaowei, call me. You like snow, don’t you? I’ll take you to Siberia, even to the Arctic.”

“Russia is so cold, what’s fun there? I’ll take you to the aquarium to see beluga whales.”

Lin Yan gritted her teeth, frequently turning her head, “Xiaowei, I’ll sponsor you with a year’s worth of extracurricular books and cartoon drawings, all sorts of new clothes and shoes, and an unlimited supply of toys.”

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Song Yuhang threatened, “Xiaowei, don’t you dislike doing math homework? I can…”

Ji Jingxing pulled Xiaowei away with them, watching as the conversation veered further off course, angrily saying, “Can’t you two teach her something good?”

Xiaowei covered her mouth with her hand, bursting into laughter, then looked up sweetly at the two of them, calling out, “Auntie~”

After that, they spent about two weeks in Vancouver, strolling through the oldest neighborhoods, sipping coffee outdoors; biking in Stanley Park, overlooking the majestic Lions Gate Bridge; visiting Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, experiencing the world’s most thrilling 140 meters.

Below was the rushing valley, making Lin Yan’s heart pound, she clutched her clothes and refused to move.

Xiaowei, Ji Jingxing, and Mother Song had already crossed over and waved at them from the bridge.

Song Yuhang chuckled, “Scared?”

The entire suspension bridge was made of wooden planks, swaying in the wind, looking like it was in a state of disrepair for years.

Lin Yan shook her head like a rattle drum, shrinking backward, “Scared… scared of what?! I… I don’t want to play, I’ll wait for you outside the park!”

As she spoke, she turned to run outside, but Song Yuhang grabbed her back, pulled her into her arms, her tone gentle.

“If you’re scared, just close your eyes.”

Before Lin Yan could utter a curse, she suddenly felt light, lifted up by Song Yuhang, and screamed from the depths of her throat.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah!”

As she ran, the bridge swayed more violently. Lin Yan was tossed around, forced to close her eyes and cling tightly to her neck.

“Song Yuhang, f*ck you! f*ck you! Ahhhh, you wait for me!!!”

Ji Jingxing and Xiaowei on the opposite side were laughing uncontrollably.

After safely crossing the bridge, Lin Yan got off her back and squatted down, retching on the side, trembling as she raised her hand, “I hate it!”

“Lin Yan, look.”

Even so, she still lifted her head.

The morning sun spilled over the mountain valleys, with rushing rivers beneath her feet, and distant nameless mountains still dusted with thin snow.

Song Yuhang leaped onto a towering rock, cupping her hands into a trumpet shape, shouting towards the sunrise, “Lin Yan, I love you!”

The echo of “I love you” reverberated in the valley, spreading far away.

“Are you childish or what?” Lin Yan shook her head, teasing, but a smile curved her lips.

Xiaowei also let go of her mother’s hand and shouted, mimicking her, “Mom, I love you!”

Perhaps she was moved by the scene and emotions.

Ji Jingxing’s face also showed a hint of excitement as she shouted into the canyon, “Xiaowei, Mom loves you too!”

“And, I’m getting married!”

After a round of shouting, Mother Song gave up. After all, she was getting older, and such childish things were really beyond her.

Several people turned their gaze to Lin Yan, the only one who hadn’t spoken.

Lin Yan looked at the vastness of the sunrise, swallowing mountains and rivers, and blurted out.

“I’m Lin Yan, to hell with the darkness, I want the human world!”

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After that, the group visited many more attractions, including Granville Island, the University of British Columbia, Canada Place, and Queen Elizabeth Park…

A week later, they rented a car and drove from Vancouver to Banff, passing through the majestic Rocky Mountains, with colorful autumn leaves, forests, snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls along the way.

After arriving in Banff for a brief rest, they would transfer from the nearby Calgary International Airport to Saipan for their lawn wedding and island tour.

One week later.

Saipan Island.

“Come, look here.”

Song and Lin stood back to back, Song Yuhang in a tailored black suit, hands in her pockets, appearing even more upright and handsome, slightly tilting her head to look at the camera.

Lin Yan wore a pristine white wedding dress, holding a bouquet of flowers, her hair neatly coiled up, revealing her snowy white neck and slender collarbones. Her figure was slender where it should be and full where it should be, very eye-catching.

The photographer pressed the shutter, capturing this moment.

As the clicking sound continued.

Sometimes Lin Yan reached to pinch Song Yuhang’s ear.

Song Yuhang gently lifted her face with a smile to kiss her.

The two of them held hands and watched the sunset by the sea.

Lin Yan lifted her skirt and ran, turning around with a radiant smile.

Song Yuhang held a blooming firework in her hand and kissed her cheek from behind.

Although she said she didn’t want to wear a wedding dress, she ended up wearing a trailing gown, and even lifted her horizontally.

Lin Yan leaned into her embrace, nodding slightly, her cheeks flushed, her smile so sweet.

She spun around with her in her arms, the applause from the guests thundering below, even Feng Jianguo was slightly moved.

Mother Song’s eyes welled up with tears.

It’s unclear who started it, but someone let out a loud cheer, and the young people from the Municipal Public Security Bureau all ran up together.

Just as Song Yuhang had set Lin Yan down, she was lifted up into the air by the crowd surging towards her.

Everyone’s emotions had been stretched taut for too long; no one tried to stop the revelry.

Feng Jianguo raised a glass of wine, toasting towards the distant east, to the one who had already passed away and didn’t have the chance to attend such a wedding.

As the situation was about to get out of control, the photographer, sweating profusely, said, “Come on, let’s take a group photo!”

A group of people dispersed in a hurry again.

Song Yuhang fell on her butt, looking helpless as she got up from the ground.

It’s unclear who started it, but someone put on a police uniform, and everyone changed into uniforms.

The young faces squatted in the front row, while the older ones stood in the back. Song and Lin were squeezed in the middle.

Lin Yan held a bouquet of flowers, dressed in summer casual wear. Her light blue standard shirt finally had its collar buttoned up and she wore a neatly tied tie.

Song Yuhang wore spring and autumn casual wear, with a properly tied tie, a smile playing at the corners of her lips as she embraced Lin Yan by the waist.

The photographer waited until everyone was ready, “Everyone is ready—”

At the mention of this, everyone reflexively tensed up, some already placing their hands on their temples.

(If you're not reading on littlepandatranslations.com, it means this has been stolen)

He chuckled, “Look here, say eggplant!”

Everyone shouted together, “Eggplant!”

(LP: 茄子 (Qiézi), meaning “eggplant”. The pronunciation of this word is notably similar to that of the English word “cheese”)

The camera captured each person’s lively smile, becoming an eternal memory.

After the wedding video was completed, it was time for a buffet dinner.

Lin Yan was chatting with Fang Xin and the others when suddenly she looked up and saw a man in a suit standing at the end of the lawn.

She couldn’t be more familiar with that exaggerated red hair.

Lin Yan’s expression changed suddenly. She handed her wine glass to the waiter, patted Fang Xin on the shoulder, signaling them to enjoy themselves, then hurriedly walked over.

She pulled him aside. “Why are you here?”

Jingzhe smiled, with a backpack on his back. “I’m going back to Boston to say goodbye.”

After Lin Yan had her accident, she didn’t have the chance to see him again, so naturally she wouldn’t ask him to return the mechanical stick to Song Yuhang.

She just assumed he had gone into hiding. So, who ordered him to do this?

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