Ex-Girlfriend – Chapter 58

Song of the Wanderer Arc

Great Demon King 17

After finding that thing, Xin Lan discovered two more body parts in different places inside the cabinet: a piece of calf and a section of neck.

“This dismemberment is way too fragmented,”

Ren Difei frowned as he took out the recently found pieces of flesh and laid them on the ground.

In truth, he really wanted to just let go and throw them on the floor, but he hadn’t grown tired of his own life yet. So he cautiously placed them on the ground and then rubbed his hands together.

Ordinarily, when someone dismembers a body, they divide it into the head, limbs, and torso, which would be enough. However, this person had suffered a particularly gruesome fate, with even one arm being split into three parts.

Xin Lan didn’t express any opinions, but at least the body wasn’t cut into pieces, which would probably have made it harder to find.

Leaving the bleak and oppressive room, Xin Lan saw Pi Tianzi searching in the living room.

Pi Tianzi held onto the umbrella and stood up when she saw Xin Lan and the others.

“I’ve already searched through everything here, and there’s nothing.”

Ren Difei said with good intentions, not only reminding Pi Tianzi but also trying to increase efficiency.

Pi Tianzi didn’t even look at him and continued searching on her own.

Seeing this, Ren Difei didn’t say anything either.

They passed through the living room and entered the dining room and kitchen.

Meat, as such, would likely be somewhat related to a place like the kitchen.

Xin Lan walked in, with Ren Difei following closely behind.

Xin Lan opened the refrigerator, and it seemed to be still running. When she opened it, a blast of cold air filled the room.

Ren Difei clenched his fingertip, but before Xin Lan could signal him, he took the initiative to retrieve something from inside.

What was frozen inside was a human head, to be precise, a mutilated one.

The frozen head had a pale bluish-white color, and its eye sockets were empty.

“It’s so strange how thoroughly this body is dismembered. They even removed the eyeballs. If it’s so troublesome, why not just crush it all together?”

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“What’s the point of dismembering it like this? Some kind of peculiar fetish?”

“And what’s with the game we’re are playing?”

Xin Lan glanced at the head for a moment and then continued searching elsewhere.

Ren Difei opened the lower compartment of the refrigerator, but to his disappointment, there was nothing inside.

Xin Lan and Ren Difei searched the kitchen thoroughly and found, besides the head, a piece of calf.

Ren Difei naturally didn’t expect the boss lady herself to handle those things. With one hand holding a head and the other hand holding a piece of calf, he felt it was becoming difficult to move.

Before entering this weird and strange game, he was just an ordinary law-abiding citizen. Besides persistently following celebrities, he had never done anything bad. But now, after coming in, it was all ghosts and blood. At first, it was indeed thrilling, but now he only felt mentally exhausted and physically weak.

Ren Difei returned to the large room and pieced the head and neck together.

While he was doing so, Qi Haolin walked in, holding a piece of arm and a piece of thigh, and placed them in their respective positions.

Xin Lan walked out, and aside from the living room and kitchen, there were three guest rooms, all with their doors open.

Pi Tianzi was searching in one of the rooms, and Xin Lan glanced at the second room, which showed signs of being searched. She then proceeded to the open third room.

The third room had a simple layout, functioning as a dance studio.

The walls were covered with mirrors, and there were yellow handrails on them.

“Can there be a body hidden here?”

Ren Difei looked up and noticed that the ceiling was also covered with mirrors.

“It seems unlikely.”

However, it was only a visual impression. Whether there was something hidden or not remained to be discussed.

Nevertheless, the arrangement on this floor was quite intriguing—a philosophy room on one side, and a dance studio here.

Could it be a mirror play?

With all those strange things and the abundance of mirrors, it was hard for one not to speculate further.

Everyone almost searched every nook and cranny on this floor, but they still didn’t manage to piece together the entire body.

“We’ve searched everywhere. Are all the body parts really here on this floor?”

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Pi Tianzi asked impatiently, using her umbrella to draw on the ground, looking at the incomplete corpse lying there.

They had found the limbs, the head and neck, and the torso that had been dissected open. If not counting the internal organs, there were two hands, two feet, and a pair of eyes, all incomplete.

Xin Lan surveyed the remains on the ground and squinted her eyes.

The young man was talking about piecing together his body, and if they wanted to fully restore him, would they also need to fully restore the organs inside his torso?

If that’s the case, it feels a bit disgusting.

After all, there is nothing inside the torso, not even the heart, liver, or kidneys.

And if they want to be more precise, they still haven’t found his testicles.

The four of them gazed at the incomplete torso. Xin Lan remained calm as ever, Qi Haolin seemed quite composed, Ren Difei was getting anxious, and Pi Tianzi was becoming agitated.

Qi Haolin’s calmness stemmed from the realization that getting agitated wouldn’t change anything. Although he still wanted to escape, he understood the situation well. Xin Lan stood before him with such formidable combat prowess that it seemed impossible for him to make it out alive. He thought it might be better to accept that they couldn’t complete the mission and face their fate together in this place.

Pi Tianzi tightened her grip on the umbrella handle and began to think calmly.

It wasn’t the time to deal with these people yet; they still needed their abilities to piece together the body. They should get through this stage first, and then they could plan their next move.

When the time came, who should they target first?

The driver with the green hat? The beautiful woman with the violin? Or the seemingly useless and weak-looking guy?

In Pi Tianzi’s heart, she had already stopped blaming the driver. On the first night they entered, she wanted to hold him responsible, thinking that without him, they wouldn’t have ended up in this situation. However, now that they had reached this point, killing the person she wanted revenge on, she no longer felt any dissatisfaction.

In other words, if it weren’t for that driver, she might not have had the chance for retaliation.

Perhaps she could delay killing the driver for a while, but she was unsure of the significance of the green hat he wore. Leaving him alive made her feel uneasy.

Xin Lan could see through Pi Tianzi’s calculations clearly from her appearance. To her, the petty and insignificant scheming was not worth mentioning.

Xin Lan checked the time and realized that only a little over two hours had passed.

She returned to the living room and comfortably lay down again.

After all, there was still one day, twenty-four hours, and they had over twenty-one hours left. She wasn’t worried at all.

Even if they couldn’t find the missing parts, it didn’t matter. She could just focus on torturing Qi Haolin before that time ran out.

Yu Wan Yan sat in the vacant spot on the couch, and her hand accidentally brushed against Xin Lan’s. It was cold and soft, reminding Xin Lan of a person from a mission world where she successfully slapped someone’s face.

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Speaking of which, that incident happened a long time ago.

It had been so long that Xin Lan seemed to have forgotten the person’s appearance.

It wasn’t really important anyway. That person was just someone she encountered during a certain period of time, and Xin Lan hadn’t deliberately dwelled on it. It was just at this moment, at this particular point, that the memory resurfaced.

Yu Wan Yan curiously observed Xin Lan, who appeared to be daydreaming. Xin Lan’s hand quickly retracted after accidentally touching Yu Wan Yan’s hand, and then she seemed a bit absent-minded. However, she soon returned to her previous state.

Yu Wan Yan followed Xin Lan like a shadow, feeling a bit bored and wanting to say something, but she didn’t know what to say.

After Xin Lan left the room, Ren Difei followed suit and also slumped on the couch, rubbing his stomach with a tired and dispirited expression.

Zero Nine noticed Ren Difei’s actions and wondered if Xin Lan was hungry.

Zero Nine: Host, do you want me to get you some fried chicken?

Xin Lan: Besides fried chicken, what else is there?

Zero Nine: French fries, burgers, Colonel chicken pieces, black pepper chicken pieces, boneless chicken fillets, chicken cutlets…

Xin Lan: Just bring me whatever.

Xin Lan suspected that Zero Nine had set up a fried chicken shop in her simulated space.

Pi Tianzi and Qi Haolin were still inside the room and hadn’t come out yet. Xin Lan glanced at the room, her lips curving into a faint smile.

At this moment, Qi Haolin was inside the room, trying to persuade Pi Tianzi to team up with him and target the others first.

“One is a cowardly person wearing glasses, and the other is a woman with a violin. What do you have to fear? Do you really need me to join you in dealing with that woman?”

“She’s not simple. You haven’t faced her before. Her violin skills are extremely powerful, and I can’t defeat her alone.”

Qi Haolin concealed part of the truth; if he admitted that he had been taught a lesson by Xin Lan’s fists, Pi Tianzi would have mocked him.

“How powerful is she?”

“She can create small tornadoes on flat ground.”

“If that’s the case, and she defeated you, why didn’t she kill you? Isn’t this supposed to be an elimination game?”

“Not everyone is as formidable as you.”

“Are you saying I’m ruthless?”

(If you're not reading on littlepandatranslations.com, it means this has been stolen)

Pi Tianzi chuckled.

“How can I be sure that when we team up to deal with her, you won’t turn against me?”

“I promise I won’t. I swear.”

Pi Tianzi fell silent for a moment before nodding her head.

Qi Haolin breathed a sigh of relief and smiled, but as he turned around, his expression suddenly turned sinister.

Regardless of what was inside that body, it had to die. One person couldn’t handle her, but couldn’t two?

After receiving notification from Zero Nine that everything was ready, Xin Lan got up and prepared to head to the guest rooms.

“Don’t follow me.”

She said to both Ren Difei and Yu Wan Yan.

Yu Wan Yan was a bit puzzled but stopped her steps.

Ren Difei was even more confused and anxiously tapped his leg while sitting on the couch.

Xin Lan went to the room filled with mirrors, closed the door, and had Zero Nine activate the Absolute Domain. Then, she began to eat the chicken pieces.

Fried chicken with ice-cold cola; after finishing her meal, Xin Lan wiped her hands and mouth with wet wipes. Just as she was about to leave the room, Zero Nine handed her a mint candy.

It can be said that Zero Nine was an extremely diligent and conscientious system.

When Xin Lan came out, she brushed past Pi Tianzi, and Pi Tianzi’s gaze swept over her. Xin Lan completely ignored her and walked past.

After Xin Lan sat back down, Ren Difei immediately stopped shaking his leg.

Yu Wan Yan was somewhat curious about what Xin Lan had been doing, but she refrained from asking.

Time passed by second by second, and Xin Lan leaned back on the couch, pretending to doze off. Suddenly, she heard the excited voice of Zero Nine in her mind.

Zero Nine: Host, do you still remember that post on the forum?

Xin Lan: The one about hosts cheating on their partners in the mission worlds?

Zero Nine: Bingo! Hahaha, the original poster said their host had a slip-up, and it cracked me up.

Xin Lan: How did it happen?

Zero Nine: It seems the host accidentally called out another man’s name while hee-hee-heeing with their partner. That other host must have had a terrible time.

Their face must be the same color as Qi Haolin’s hat right now.

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