After Being Scummed – Chapter 103

Extra 3: Brilliance of Youth 8

At the other end of the phone, Yin Bai remained silent for a while before finally answering, “Okay.”

She agreed to Zuo Jingyou, so the next day, in the evening, she brought her bodyguard to the city where Zuo Jingyou was filming.

When Zuo Jingyou saw Yin Bai appear on the set, she was overjoyed. As soon as they finished shooting, Zuo Jingyou came to Yin Bai’s side, still holding her arm in disbelief, and said, “Xiaobai, you really came.”

Yin Bai lowered her gaze, looking at Zuo Jingyou’s sparkling eyes as they stared at her. She let out a soft hum and said, “Wasn’t it you who said you wanted to see me?”

If you want to see me, then I’ve come.

Zuo Jingyou sensed the hidden meaning in her words and couldn’t help but smile, her eyebrows bent.

It was the cold winter season, and this northern city was covered in thick snow, with a vast expanse of white everywhere.

The night was freezing, and Yin Bai’s legs couldn’t withstand the cold. When they got cold, they would ache.

Zuo Jingyou was afraid she would suffer, so after finishing the shoot, she took Yin Bai to have a steaming hot pot.

In the steam-filled hot pot restaurant, through a layer of fragrant mist, Zuo Jingyou looked at Yin Bai, who was sitting across from her and cooking beef, with a smile. She asked, “Is it delicious?”

Yin Bai nodded and gave a brief evaluation, “It’s alright.”

Zuo Jingyou laughed, “When I first came here, I thought if I could bring you here, you would definitely like it.”

Upon hearing Zuo Jingyou’s words, Yin Bai couldn’t help but glance at her and muttered, “Do you really think about me that way?”

Zuo Jingyou nodded, openly and candidly admitting, “Yes, I really miss you.”

Yin Bai paused for a moment, looked at Zuo Jingyou, and saw her earnestly gazing at her with a gleam in her eyes. She said, “Maybe it’s because I’ve been away from you for too long, so during this time apart, I’ve missed you even more.”

“What about you, Yin Bai? Have you missed me?”

Zuo Jingyou stared at Yin Bai’s gradually reddening face, gently gazing at her, trying to find a satisfactory answer.

Yin Bai blushed at the tips of her ears, picked up a piece of beef and swirled it in the boiling water. She lowered her head, took a small bite, and murmured softly, “Well…maybe I did miss you.”

Zuo Jingyou looked at her in this state, slightly dissatisfied, “Maybe is not a satisfactory answer. Clearly, I miss you a lot. Why don’t you miss me a lot? It’s not fair.”

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

Yin Bai’s cheeks turned slightly red, she bit down on the beef and retorted, “Just because you miss me a lot, does that mean I have to miss you a lot too?”

Zuo Jingyou nodded seriously and said, “Of course!”

Yin Bai lifted the corners of her mouth and helplessly said, “Zuo Jingyou, you’re so domineering.”

Zuo Jingyou chuckled and confidently said, “Of course, I’ve invested my longing, so naturally, I should receive the appropriate response!”

Yin Bai glanced at her, snorted, and didn’t say anything.

After enjoying a pleasant hot pot meal, Zuo Jingyou was concerned about Yin Bai’s petite frame, so she took her back to the hotel.

For some reason, Yin Bai didn’t request a separate room but instead stayed in Zuo Jingyou’s room.

Under Zuo Jingyou’s instruction, Yin Bai brought out her clothes, and after Zuo Jingyou tidied up, they went to the bathroom one after another.

After Yin Bai finished washing up and came out of the bathroom, she noticed Zuo Jingyou rehearsing lines with a script in her hand.

Yin Bai hobbled over to the bed, lifted the covers, and sat down.

In the warm room, Yin Bai leaned against the bed, watching Zuo Jingyou recite lines by the bedside with a furrowed brow. She asked, “Didn’t you already memorize your lines? Why are you still rehearsing them?”

Zuo Jingyou walked towards Yin Bai with the script in her hand, furrowing her brows slightly. She said, “Hmm… I’ve encountered a significant problem and I’m thinking about how to solve it.”

Yin Bai tilted her head and looked at her, puzzled and curious. She asked, “What problem?”

Zuo Jingyou knelt on the bed with the script and moved closer to Yin Bai, sighing. She said, “It’s… I might have to film a kissing scene tomorrow.”

Yin Bai was taken aback, turning her head to look at Zuo Jingyou beside her. She remained stunned for a while before processing the information. She said, “A kissing scene?”

Zuo Jingyou nodded and placed the script in front of Yin Bai, circling a part of the dialogue between the two main characters with her fingertip. She said, “It’s here. Director He thinks adding a kissing scene will enhance the emotional connection.”

“But I’ve never kissed before, so I don’t know how to film it appropriately.”

Yin Bai looked at the lines on the script, and images of Zuo Jingyou kissing someone else immediately flashed in her mind. She suddenly felt a pang of discomfort and unease, with her chest feeling tight and her mind heating up, making her feel uncomfortable all over.

She suppressed the discomfort in her heart and glanced at Zuo Jingyou with a sarcastic tone, saying, “For filming scenes like this, can’t they use body doubles?”

Zuo Jingyou smirked, sighing. She said, “But doing that would be unprofessional, and it wouldn’t have the desired effect.”

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

Yin Bai instantly became unhappy! Not using body doubles, does that mean she has to kiss someone else?

She was filled with resentment, her mind filled with thoughts like, “Did I come all this way just to watch you kiss someone else?”

But Yin Bai couldn’t say it out loud, so she could only awkwardly say, “Then what do you want to do? This is a scene between two people. It doesn’t make sense for you to practice alone.”

Ah! She was so angry, so angry! She was so angry that she was about to blurt out something inappropriate!

Zuo Jingyou bit her lip and let out a sigh, saying softly, “Yeah, it’s true. It’s no use for me to practice alone. So, I thought, would someone be willing to practice with me?”

As Zuo Jingyou said this, she held the script and her gaze fell on Yin Bai’s tender lips, with a faint glimmer in her eyes.

Yin Bai was stunned for a moment, taking a while to process what Zuo Jingyou said. She pointed at herself, somewhat incredulously, and said, “You want to practice kissing with me?”

Zuo Jingyou nodded, “Hmm, is it not possible?”

Yin Bai felt a surge of joy in her heart, but quickly felt a bit angry. She took a deep breath, looking at Zuo Jingyou with a mix of anger and annoyance, gritting her teeth as she said, “Zuo Jingyou, have you lost your mind? How could I ever agree to that?”

Zuo Jingyou blinked, looking at Yin Bai and said, “If you don’t agree, then who else can I practice with?”

Zuo Jingyou put down the script, took hold of Yin Bai’s arm, and playfully said, “Come on, Xiaobai, don’t be so petty. Just practice with me.”

“Just once, just once, okay?”

Yin Bai was furious! She glared at Zuo Jingyou with a stern look and said, “Is this a petty matter? This is, this is…”

Zuo Jingyou held her hand, looking at her with a smile and said, “Taking advantage of you? Come on, we’re both girls. It won’t be a big deal to kiss each other.”

“Just try it with me, just try it.”

Yin Bai resisted strongly, turning her head away from Zuo Jingyou without looking at her. “No, it’s not happening. You’re delusional!”

Zuo Jingyou leaned forward, placing a hand on Yin Bai’s cheek, and looked at her with tender eyes. “Just once, let’s give it a try…”

Yin Bai was furious, pouting and saying, “I said no, so… Mmm…”

Before she could finish her complaint, Zuo Jingyou forcefully turned her face and passionately kissed her.

After the warm touch of their lips, Yin Bai widened her eyes, watching as Zuo Jingyou leaned down to kiss her. Her heartbeat skipped a beat.

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

The two of them stayed in a silent embrace for a while, and then Zuo Jingyou, as if testing the waters, gently sucked on Yin Bai’s lips and lightly bit them.

This bite made Yin Bai instantly bristle like a startled cat.

She hastily pushed Zuo Jingyou away, her face turning red as she stuttered, “You, you, you…”

Zuo Jingyou blushed at the tips of her ears but remained calm, looking at Yin Bai with composure and saying, “What’s wrong?”

What’s wrong? How could there not be something wrong! Why did you suddenly kiss me like that?!

Yin Bai felt flustered and disoriented, her heart throbbing painfully in her chest. She huddled at the head of the bed, her gaze wandering around, too afraid to look at Zuo Jingyou. “Why did you suddenly…”

She mumbled, wanting to reprimand Zuo Jingyou but unable to find the right words. She blushed, like a cute red apple, wishing she could hide herself.

Zuo Jingyou couldn’t help but raise her hand and hold Yin Bai’s neck, tilting her head to look at her face with a smile, asking, “What’s wrong?”

Zuo Jingyou lifted her hand, her nimble fingers rubbing the back of Yin Bai’s neck, making her whole body feel itchy, like a little cat shrinking and hiding from her touch.

She looked at Yin Bai’s shy expression, leaned close to her ear, and asked softly, “Do you dislike it?”

Yin Bai felt the warm breath on her chin and neck, turning her head away without daring to look at Zuo Jingyou, awkwardly saying, “Dislike what?”

Zuo Jingyou chuckled and leaned closer to Yin Bai’s ear, asking, “I kissed you.”

Yin Bai didn’t know how to respond, so she simply ignored her, just hmphing in response.

Having spent a few months with Yin Bai, Zuo Jingyou knew her kitten-like nature and understood that she needed to be coaxed and appeased.

She curved her lips into a smile and said, “It seems like you’re not disliking it by default. In that case, I’ll continue practicing.”

Saying so, Zuo Jingyou held Yin Bai’s face with one hand and leaned down to kiss her lips, whispering, “Close your eyes.”

As their lips met, Yin Bai suppressed her racing heartbeat and obediently closed her eyes.

So soft, it was really soft…

Leaning against the headboard of the bed, Yin Bai couldn’t help but raise her hand and hold onto Zuo Jingyou’s waist, gently parting her lips to capture the other’s lips.

It was a lingering kiss. Yin Bai embraced Zuo Jingyou and slid into the blanket, covering them both until Zuo Jingyou pressed against her, breathless from the kiss. Only then did Yin Bai slightly push her away.

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

Yin Bai reached out and pressed down Zuo Jingyou’s hand that had slipped inside her sleepwear, looking up at her with a glimmer of darkness in her eyes. “Do your kissing practice need to reach this level?”

Zuo Jingyou didn’t take her hand out and remained lying on top of her, looking at her with bright eyes. She said, “And what about you? Why did you come when I said I wanted to see you?”

Both of them weren’t fools and understood the meaning behind their actions.

Yin Bai held Zuo Jingyou’s hand and unconsciously stroked her fingers. Eventually, she couldn’t help but speak up, “What… do you mean?”

Zuo Jingyou leaned on her, raising her hand to caress Yin Bai’s rosy lips, smiling playfully. She said, “Whatever you mean, that’s what I mean.”

Yin Bai didn’t answer and looked at Zuo Jingyou intently for a while before murmuring softly, “I… let’s try dating and see how it goes?”

She spoke so softly that Zuo Jingyou didn’t hear what she said clearly. She blinked and asked, “What did you say?”

Yin Bai held her hand and expressionlessly took her hand out from her sleepwear, saying stiffly, “It’s nothing, I want to sleep.”

Ah, Zuo Jingyou was annoying. They had reached this point and she still wanted to tease her!

Zuo Jingyou looked at Yin Bai’s awkward appearance and couldn’t help but laugh. She interlocked their hands and leaned down to peck her lips, saying with a smile, “Xiaobai, you’re so cute!”

Yin Bai huffed and ignored her.

Zuo Jingyou pinched her cheek and leaned on top of her, smiling playfully. She said, “You’re so adorable, that’s why I really like you.”

“Xiaobai, be my girlfriend.”

“I’ll always cherish you, love you, protect you, tease you, and be with you forever. What do you think?”

Her confession came so unexpectedly. Yin Bai lifted her gaze and looked at Zuo Jingyou in shock, her eyes filled with delight.

Zuo Jingyou lowered her gaze and looked at her, her eyes filled with tenderness. “So, what do you say? Will you accept me?”

“Sister will always pamper you.”

Yin Bai suppressed the curve of her lips and looked up at Zuo Jingyou, smugly huffing, “Since you’re so sincere, I’ll reluctantly agree.”

Zuo Jingyou arched her eyebrows and smiled. “So now you’re my girlfriend? Girlfriend, can I kiss you now?”

Zuo Jingyou leaned down, her gaze fixed on Yin Bai’s lips, her eyes filled with a smoldering light.

Yin Bai raised her hand, hooking it around Zuo Jingyou’s neck, and tilted her head to kiss her lips, continuing their intimate connection.

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