Big Boss – Chapter 7

Her falling into the water

Ye Youqing pressed her lips together for a moment before saying, “You don’t have any wounds, just bruises. They won’t fade unless you rub hard, so bear with it.”

However, the sound of sobbing grew even louder, throwing Ye Youqing’s thoughts into turmoil. Eventually, she had no choice but to soften her approach, warming the medicinal wine with the palm of her hand, carefully moving it over the smooth shoulder.

Finally, the woman stopped trembling.

“He didn’t care at all whether I was hurt, but the pain was unbearable. If I hadn’t splashed you as an excuse to leave, I wouldn’t have had the chance to apply the medicine,” Ci Ke said softly, her voice moist and tender.

Thinking about it that way made sense, Ye Youqing frowned, thinking to herself that Ci Ke should eventually tidy up her clothes.

However, Ci Ke didn’t leave; instead, she slowly turned around, her creamy cheeks stained with tear streaks. Her slightly upturned fox-like eyes were red, throwing Ye Youqing’s thoughts into disarray again.

This woman truly is a captivating creature of this world. Ye Youqing felt a wave of irritation at herself, her gaze turning even colder.

“What happened to your hand?” Ye Youqing lifted her chin, pointing at her abnormally red fingers.

“Scalded by hot water,” Ci Ke spoke, clasping her hands at her chest, looking even more pitiful.

Was Ci Ke really treated this way in the General’s residence? Ye Youqing was shocked. The original story never mentioned all this; the original owner always regarded her as someone doted on by the male lead’s side and viewed her with hostility, never considering other perspectives.

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But why would she talk to me about this? Could it be just because I helped her once?

Ci Ke seemed to read her thoughts, stepping forward suddenly, her fragrance mingling with the spring breeze wafting through the window gap, utterly pleasant.

“Don’t worry, I don’t mean anything by it. After all, you’ve always disliked me, haven’t you?” Ci Ke said softly, her slender, soft hand suddenly slipping into Ye Youqing’s palm, taking the bottle away and leaving some warmth behind.

Ye Youqing instinctively withdrew her hand.

Ci Ke’s lips curved into a sarcastic smile, just about to turn around when suddenly the heavy knocking of a man was heard from outside. The next second, the door was pushed open with a palm. Ye Youqing was startled and, with quick reflexes, grabbed a discarded coat, making it fly through the air in an arc, covering Ci Ke securely.

The three of them stood frozen in their tracks.

Ye Youqing’s pose, with her hands on Ci Ke’s overcoat as if she was hugging her, caused her to notice Ci Ke’s surprised gaze. Her cheeks flushing with warmth, she lightly coughed a few times and let go of her hands.

After all, in ancient times, conservatism ruled, and interactions between men and women were strictly regulated. She couldn’t let someone like Ci Ke be seen by Qin Wang in such a manner. It was nothing else but this, Ye Youqing silently vowed.

Meanwhile, Qin Wang remained in his stance of having just pushed the door open, his body stiffened, his eyes shifting back and forth from Ye Youqing to Ci Ke, who looked as if she had just been crying, a face full of suspicion.

He had thought that their long absence must have been due to a jealousy-fueled conflict over him, and he came to check just in case.

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However, given the current situation…

Ci Ke, looking like a pear blossom drenched in rain with her clothing in disarray, must have been pushed and mistreated by Ye Youqing. Indeed, this woman, although appearing aloof on the surface, was actually filled with jealousy, quite amusing to see!

Therefore, under Ye Youqing’s gaze, which was as if he was looking at a fool, Qin Wang chuckled lightly and then stepped into the room. He took off his black cloak and gently draped it over Ci Ke, speaking softly with a hint of tenderness, “Ci Ke, you should leave first.”

After Qin Wang entered, Ci Ke lowered her eyes and remained silent, showing an obedient demeanor. After hearing his words, she then retreated to the door, but before leaving, she gave Ye Youqing one more glance, her gaze lingering on the fingertips that had helped her with the cloak.

But it was only for a moment before she hurriedly left.

“Qingqing, you shouldn’t always be so harsh on Ci Ke. She has a pure and gentle nature. Since you two will have to interact frequently in the future, being constantly at odds like this will harm the harmony in the house,” Qin Wang sighed with a serious tone.

Ancient men all love to be so self-righteous, or is it just Qin Wang who is like this? Ye Youqing muttered to herself, then chuckled disdainfully. She didn’t give him another glance and turned to walk into the sunlight outside the door.

Does Qin Wang care about Ci Ke? Probably a bit, but more so, he enjoys the feeling of having someone meekly dependent on him, rather than truly liking her. Otherwise, he wouldn’t brazenly use Ci Ke.

In his eyes, women are just there to be called upon and dismissed at will, to be coaxed when happy, but wouldn’t blink an eye even at the thought of killing them when necessary.

Ye Youqing thought of the wounds on Ci Ke’s body, her heart suddenly ached. Then, she defined this as sympathy for another woman, sighed, and walked past the turn in the corridor bridge, where a green lake appeared before her eyes.

Several men and women were standing by the lake, chatting and laughing in groups. A few women were pointing at a painted boat in the center of the lake, bursting into laughs, their faces flushed with amusement.

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Ye Youqing understood the situation. According to what would happen next in the story, she was supposed to be framed by Ye Chengzhu and fall into the water, and Qin Wang would then dive in to save Ci Ke.

This indeed provided a prime opportunity to get close to Qin Wang and retrieve the Fenghua Pendant.

With that thought in mind, her phoenix eyes slightly narrowed, she slowly walked towards the lush green riverbank, where her maid Qin Xin quickly approached her, holding a thick padded jacket. The jacket was white with green Spring Festival flowers embroidered on it, which she draped over Ye Youqing’s shoulders.

“Eldest Miss, why were you away for so long? You had me worried to death,” Qin Xin muttered with concern, examining Ye Youqing closely. “You know how that Zhou Ci Ke is, gentle in appearance but nastier than anyone else behind their back, and yet you dared to be alone with her.”

The facade was true, but nasty? Ye Youqing thought back to the trembling slender back and couldn’t help but shiver, forcing herself to push that image out of her mind.

“It’s okay, nothing happened,” Ye Youqing said with a smile, then looked towards the lively lakeside, “What are they up to over there?”

“It’s that painted boat, seems to be called ‘Lovers’ Boat.’ It’s said that couples who embrace each other on it will stay together through thick and thin forever,” Qin Xin’s eyes sparkled, “It was brought back from Jiangnan by General Qin.”

Ye Youqing’s eyebrows slightly raised, and she walked forward leisurely.

“Sister, you’re finally here!” A sweet voice rang out, Ye Chengzhu quickly trotted to stop in front of Ye Youqing, took her by the arm, and led her towards the lakeside.

Knowing what she intended, Ye Youqing didn’t stop her, following along as if to watch the fun unfold.

After all, although the original owner couldn’t swim, Ye Youqing practically grew up in the family’s swimming pool, so falling into water wasn’t a problem for her.

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

Several servants dressed in cloth were busy on the painted boat, arranging melons, fruits, and fragrant tea. Then they threw fish food into the water, causing groups of red carp to leap to the surface, flapping their tails around the boat for viewers to enjoy.

There was a wooden pier built on the shore, extending to the center of the lake, serving as the path to the painted boat. Already, a few bold men had easily climbed aboard the boat from the pier, waving towards the shore.

“Young General Qin!” Ye Chengzhu suddenly called out behind Ye Youqing, with a shy smile. Ye Youqing turned her head, only to see Qin Wang approaching with his hands behind his back, accompanied by Ci Ke, who had tidied herself up.

Qin Wang nodded at her, then extended his hand towards Ye Youqing with a gentle voice, “Qingqing, the pier is narrow, let me hold your hand.”

Ye Youqing sense the resentful gaze of Ye Chengzhu from behind and discreetly rolled her eyes, sidestepping Qin Wang as if she had not seen him at all.

Qin Wang’s hand paused mid-air, then awkwardly fell, as he gloomily watched Ye Chengzhu, with a smile plastered on her face, pulling Ye Youqing onto the wooden pier.

Thus, eventually, the four of them lined up in a row, each harboring their own thoughts.

As they moved further from the shore, the spring blossoms on the bank blurred into a hazy yellow. Ye Youqing felt her nerves tightening progressively.

Suddenly, Ye Chengzhu upfront let out a shout, her body shaking violently, fiercely pulling on Ye Youqing. Added to that the pier was no wider than a shoulder’s width, Ye Youqing thought to herself, “Finally, here it comes,” and her body stumbled and tumbled into the water.

She was prepared to fall into the water, but suddenly felt another force behind her. A woman’s gentle hand grasped her waist and pulled her back onto the pier.

Then, for some reason, just as Ye Chengzhu had steadied herself, she suddenly let out a piercing scream, as if someone had pushed her hard. With two splashes, both women fell into the water, causing a large splash that soaked Ye Youqing.

“Ci Ke!” Qin Wang was taken aback and then half-knelt, reaching out towards the water. “Ci Ke, come here!”

The situation changed so abruptly that Ye Youqing was stunned for a moment. However, a hint of fierceness suddenly flashed across her eyes, and then she lifted her foot and kicked hard at Qin Wang’s ass.

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