Blame the Villain – Chapter 69

Villainous Crown Prince (11)

The more the little villain said, the more Song Xuyi felt guilty and heartbroken.

Song Xuyi noticed Nie Qianyu’s uneasiness and lowered her head obediently, nodding, “I understand. I will listen to you and not tell anyone about you being a girl.”

Nie Qianyu looked at Song Xuyi’s eyes, which became increasingly obscure.

Having achieved her goal, Nie Qianyu originally thought she could breathe a sigh of relief. However, as she watched Song Xuyi’s cautious behavior, Nie Qianyu’s lips involuntarily tightened even more!

Xuyi must have been scared by her, right? She didn’t even dare to look at her…

Suddenly, there was a sense of discomfort in her heart.

Nie Qianyu bit her lip, and in her mind, once again appeared the image of her mother worrying and looking at her before she passed away: “Things change, and people’s hearts are particularly fickle. You were born with such a charming face, only by being heartless can you find tranquility…”

Her mother had stunning beauty, an impeccable memory, and knowledge and reason that rivaled the empress, if not for displeasing the empress, she would never have ended up imprisoned and taking her own life…

She did not need unnecessary emotions.

Nie Qianyu secretly admonished herself, forcefully suppressing the discomfort in her heart once again.

She released Song Xuyi’s wrist, which she had been holding tightly, and resumed her usual cold and aloof demeanor, speaking in a cold voice: “That’s good.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t make things difficult for you. Just pretend you are unaware, and take the antidote I gave you on time.” Nie Qianyu averted her gaze, determined to give Song Xuyi some time to digest this information, then sat back at the table. “You can get up first, and we can sit down and chat.”

Nie Qianyu had originally planned to think about future arrangements, but once she returned to the table, she subconsciously poured a cup of tea and drank half of it before realizing she was using the cup Song Xuyi had already drunk from.

The cup in her hand suddenly felt hot.

Nie Qianyu tried to reassure herself that both of them were girls, so it didn’t matter.

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However, both her mother and the empress were also women…

Despite her best efforts to control herself, Nie Qianyu couldn’t help but blush involuntarily.

Song Xuyi, on the other hand, did not notice Nie Qianyu’s emotional changes. After digesting the whole situation, Song Xuyi also calmed down.

She put on her cloak, tidied up her appearance, then got up from the bed and sat opposite Nie Qianyu in an orderly manner, without glancing around.

“Last night, I lost my composure,” Song Xuyi did not notice that Nie Qianyu was using the cup she had drunk from. To gather courage, Song Xuyi poured another cup of tea, took a sip, and then lowered her head. “I shouldn’t have acted recklessly just because I was drunk.”

“Sister Nie, I will never drink again in the future!”

The young girl lowered her head, showing a very apologetic attitude. The heavy cloak made the young girl appear even more delicate. From Nie Qianyu’s perspective, she could see the dark hair on the girl’s head and the fluttering eyelashes like butterfly wings.

Nie Qianyu looked away and softly responded with an “Mm.”

Indeed, the little princess should quit drinking. Fortunately, she had encountered herself last night. If she had met someone with ill intentions, she would have been so inviting and unaware…

Thinking of the noble young men seeking marriage proposed by Song Xuyi, Nie Qianyu’s mood suddenly turned for the worse.

“There’s something I feel I must tell you. I need Nie Qianyu’s identity, and after graduating from Baiqiao Academy, I will probably need to continue to stay by your side. For the sake of convenience, I hope that there won’t be any chaotic people around the princess at that time—”

Nie Qianyu glanced at Song Xuyi and pursed her lips as she spoke.

She knew that her request was somewhat unreasonable, but she inexplicably didn’t want to see anyone else by Song Xuyi’s side. In the past, when she disguised herself as a man, she could use her appearance to captivate Song Xuyi. However, now that she knew she was a woman, when she graduated from Baiqiao Academy in two years, Song Xuyi would be close to the age of marriage, and many women at that age were already engaged.

And around Song Xuyi, there was no shortage of talented young men.

Despite knowing it was unreasonable, Nie Qianyu didn’t know what her mindset was, but still spoke out this request…

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“This woman is incredibly selfish, she actually wants to break your marriage fate!”

Upon hearing this, the system felt that the situation was once again taking a wrong turn, unable to help but express indignation once more.

“Didn’t you say that the tasker in the small world cannot fall in love? Since I can’t fall in love anyway, what harm is there in agreeing to her?” Song Xuyi’s voice, however, remained extremely calm.

“Moreover, I have done something wrong to her now,” Song Xuyi sighed softly, “I need to temporarily appease her first.”

The system was stunned for a moment, then choked up and couldn’t speak.

If it weren’t for the lessons learned from the previous world, the system would have probably believed Song Xuyi’s words. However, now that Song Xuyi had lost the memories from the previous world, hearing her remarks without any boundaries, the system felt like it was about to glitch…

The system remained silent, and Song Xuyi thought she had convinced it. She then obediently nodded towards Nie Qianyu, saying, “I understand, Sister Nie.”

So well-behaved!

Nie Qianyu couldn’t believe that Song Xuyi had actually agreed!

Her heart beat heavily, her breath caught, unable to describe her current feelings, only realizing how much she liked seeing Song Xuyi’s current behavior, as if she could tolerate anything she did…

Unable to resist, she even thought of doing something more extreme: like locking up the little princess, not allowing anyone else to see her, making her smile and cry only for herself…

When this idea crossed her mind, Nie Qianyu was even stunned by herself. Despite harboring the deepest malice towards this world, Nie Qianyu always concealed it well, never expecting that Song Xuyi would bring out the darkest parts of her inner self…

This was truly bizarre. For Song Xuyi, she had already done too many things that were unlike herself. Even now, Nie Qianyu couldn’t understand why she had impulsively revealed her true power to Wang Mian…

Nie Qianyu clenched her lips.

She closed her eyes, but still decided to follow her heart, speaking softly in a hoarse voice: “Raise your head!”

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Song Xuyi was probably intimidated by herself, which was why she obeyed her so easily…

Until she met Song Xuyi’s gaze.

Song Xuyi’s eyes were as bright as before, warm like the sun. Despite being impressed by her appearance, there was no trace of intimacy. Every time she met Song Xuyi’s gaze, Nie Qianyu felt deeply aware of her own darkness and impurity.

Many times, she did not dare to meet Song Xuyi’s eyes and preferred to watch her from behind.

However, at this moment, there was no disgust in Song Xuyi’s gaze as Nie Qianyu had expected.

Song Xuyi’s eyes remained as bright as ever, shining like stars. She seemed a bit unaccustomed to her identity as a girl, and there was a hint of shyness in her gaze. A faint blush began to emerge from her fair cheeks, making her even more endearing…

In that moment, Nie Qianyu felt the stone in her heart completely fall away. In its place was a strange rhythm of heartbeats, feeling her heart beating faster and faster, as if it might jump out of her chest…

Her throat suddenly felt dry.

Nie Qianyu pressed her lips tightly, meeting Song Xuyi’s gaze. She felt she should say something, but she didn’t know what to say.

“As long as you behave in the future, I will treat you well.”

“The antidote to the poison is really not bad, it tastes like your favorite osmanthus cake.”

“If you find it distasteful, I can give you a one-time antidote in the future…”

Nie Qianyu realized she had said something foolish after speaking.

If Song Xuyi were even slightly smarter, she would have noticed the many loopholes in her words.

However, Song Xuyi perhaps trusted her too much, as she seemed to actually believe her foolish words. She lifted her head with a smile, and once again looked at her with those eyes that made her heart race…

“Okay! I will behave well and try to get Sister Nie to give me the antidote all at once.”

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Song Xuyi found the little villain more and more adorable.

Especially when she fabricated the lie about the poison antidote, Song Xuyi couldn’t help but feel that Nie Qianyu was beautiful and clever. Such a child must have been greatly cherished in an ordinary family, but her destiny was indeed fraught with hardships.

Upon careful consideration, the little villain was barely fourteen years old. Previously, when Nie Qianyu pretended to be a boy, Song Xuyi was cautious and didn’t pay much attention to her. However, now that Nie Qianyu was a girl, Song Xuyi looked at the delicate and cold-faced young girl and couldn’t help but find her cute. She wanted to help her live more comfortably.

So Nie Qianyu, feeling both vexed and sweet, discovered that after realizing she was a girl, Song Xuyi not only did not distance herself from her but also became more clingy!

During the following few days of vacation, Song Xuyi increased the frequency of visiting Nie Qianyu, secretly brought her beautiful women’s clothing that she would never wear; when she revealed to Song Xuyi that she produced a male voice with medicine, she claimed to have caught a cold and couldn’t speak to reduce the frequency of taking the medicine and talking; she even secretly sent her many menstrual pads and brown sugar…

To outsiders, these actions appeared as Song Xuyi’s exclusive love for Prince Nie.

Nie Qianyu’s face remained indifferent, but she subconsciously allowed Song Xuyi to come find her.

The half-month vacation quickly passed.

When Nie Qianyu descended the mountain, she was alone. However, when she returned from her vacation, she dragged along a whole cart of belongings.

Using the excuse “girls should not catch a cold,” Song Xuyi insisted that Nie Qianyu sit in the carriage with her. She too got on the carriage and sent Nie Qianyu off from a distance.

Nie Qianyu realized that she truly did not understand Song Xuyi: if she was getting close to her because of the antidote, there was no sense of fear in her eyes towards her. In fact, her gaze seemed even brighter when looking at her…

But Nie Qianyu still felt unsatisfied, though she dared not ponder why she felt that way.

She deliberately kept a stern expression. As she saw Song Xuyi sending her further and further away, and considering that Song Xuyi also had a long way back, Nie Qianyu eventually halted the carriage and took out a large box.

Nie Qianyu had spent time in the kitchen making many osmanthus cake balls, carefully sealing each one in a delicate box.

“I know you will soon return to Lido. This is the antidote I promised you, one pill per month, with a total of twenty-three pills inside, enough for eleven months. Make sure no one else sees it.” She lowered her eyes, earnestly and nervously gazing into Song Xuyi’s eyes. “You must wait for me!”

“For the twenty-fourth antidote, I will personally deliver it to you in Lido…”

LP: Re-translated on April 14, 2024

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