Panda Cub – Chapter 57.1

Two cubs fighting

Looking at He Ying’s quiet and solemn expression, Jing Dan remained silent. She didn’t want to remind He Ying that there was someone beside her, so she just rolled her eyes at her.

Fortunately, in the next round of the game where they had to guess phrases by lip reading, the two of them achieved a crushing victory. Now, the most important thing was the third round.

The director chuckled meaningfully and then asked He Ying, Zhen Weiyi, and Jiang Ya to follow her out. Soon after, many boards were brought into the room, each with a hole in it. As more and more people came in and stood behind the boards, their lips were exposed through the holes.

“Are you ready?” The director’s smile grew deeper. “Now, it’s the most crucial moment. Find your CP by looking at their lips. If you find your match, you can rest in your rooms. If not, I’m sorry, but you’ll have to do the cow-feeding work for the villagers tomorrow.”

Everyone except Jing Dan: “…”

Since the boards were brought in, Jing Dan had been observing carefully, especially when the people came in and their lips were revealed. Her gaze became even more intense.

“Who wants to go first?” the director asked.

He Ying, standing behind a board, didn’t expect much. What does that kid care about besides milk anyway? She had mentally prepared herself to feed cows at the villagers’ place tomorrow.

“I’ll go first,” she suddenly heard Jing Dan’s cold voice.

He Ying was puzzled. How could this kid dare to go first? Isn’t that embarrassing?

While she was lost in thought, she suddenly felt her lips being poked…

He Ying: “…” Did she just go for it?

With a confident tone, Jing Dan poked the lips again and said, “This is He Ying!”

Others were taken aback by Jing Dan’s bold move, mainly because she seemed so sure of herself and went straight for the spot in front of her without hesitation.

Seeing that the others were ignoring her, Jing Dan walked around to the back of the board and confirmed it was He Ying. She took He Ying’s hand and said, “We won, let’s go back and sleep!”

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Without waiting for anyone else’s reaction, Jing Dan led He Ying upstairs to their room.

He Ying was still puzzled, not expecting the game to end so abruptly.

The production team and other guests: “…”

—Looks like Teacher He was taken back to the room by the Divine Beauty without even realizing it!

—Did you guys not notice that the Divine Beauty went straight for Teacher He? If they aren’t a couple, I’ll drink ink while standing on my head!

—Recognizing Teacher’s He’s lip shape at a glance, you’ve been staring at it a lot, haven’t you? Or should I say, you’ve been kissing it a lot?

—These two not really being together goes against all reason!

Back in the room, Jing Dan turned off and removed all her equipment, then tilted her head to look at He Ying, who still looked a bit dazed.

It was rare for He Ying to be so absent-minded.

Jing Dan reached out and waved her hand in front of He Ying.

He Ying snapped out of it and, after silently glancing at Jing Dan, also removed all her equipment and placed it next to Jing Dan’s.

She wasn’t sure how she felt now. While it was a happy thing that Jing Dan recognized her, the fact that it was through their lips made it all seem very strange, especially considering this person also said her lips were like jelly and that she liked eating them… Even stranger…

“What’s wrong with you?” Jing Dan curiously asked.

He Ying silently looked at her face, appearing as clueless as ever, showing no hint of misunderstanding. She let out a sigh. It seemed she had overthought things again.

She sighed softly and said, “It’s nothing. You go ahead and take a shower.”

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“Okay.” Jing Dan nodded and took her change of clothes into the bathroom.

He Ying: “…” She really doesn’t think too much about it at all.

He Ying also didn’t know what Jing Dan was thinking now. Jing Dan knew she liked her, and they had even kissed, but Jing Dan’s attitude towards her remained the same as usual. Could it be that Jing Dan still thought they could just be friends even after all that?

She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Falling for such an oblivious person, it seemed like she was destined to endure this ordeal for a lifetime.

In the evening, after both had showered and were lying in bed, Jing Dan, who was lying beside her, sat up and leaned closer to He Ying, asking cautiously, “Can I still eat jelly?”

He Ying: “…”

What sins did she commit in her past life?

Seeing the eager look on Jing Dan’s face, she responded indifferently, “You want to eat?”

Jing Dan nodded eagerly, excited that she could openly enjoy it now!

“Sure, but one kiss equals one bottle of milk.”

Upon hearing this, Jing Dan’s eyes widened in disbelief, looking thunderstruck. She repeated incredulously, “One kiss for one bottle of milk?!”

How could this be allowed?!

He Ying glanced at her, raising an eyebrow, “Or would you rather have a free kiss?”

Jing Dan: “…”

It seems to be the case, but having to give up a bottle of milk in exchange really stings!

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Yawning, He Ying said, “Hurry up and decide. I’m sleepy and will go to bed soon.”

Jing Dan’s eyebrows drooped, and she pulled on He Ying’s clothes, suggesting, “Can we exchange for something else?”

“Something else?” He Ying lay on her side, propping her head up, and asked, “Well, what else do you have that you can offer in exchange?”

Upon hearing this, Jing Dan frowned, thought for a while, and hesitantly said, “I have a lot of money?”

He Ying: “…”

“I’m not out here selling myself!” He Ying was both annoyed and amused. How could someone say something like that? Didn’t she think it was inappropriate!

“Okay.” Jing Dan lowered her head, still unable to make a decision.

“You better hurry, I’m really sleepy. I’ll count to three, and then I’ll fall asleep,” He Ying warned. Milk or jelly, which one would she choose!

Seeing He Ying about to start counting as she lay down, Jing Dan couldn’t wait any longer. She quickly went for the long-awaited jelly, satisfyingly closing her eyes with a smile.

He Ying: “…”

Fortunately, this guy knew how to control her strength, or she would have been afraid that her teeth would have been knocked off that moment.

Watching her contentedly satisfied eating, He Ying really couldn’t conjure up any romantic thoughts; she truly felt like she was being treated like jelly to be licked!

At this moment, the soul inside her came out, with the little fellow standing by, watching Jing Dan gnawing at He Ying’s mouth contentedly. The little cub looked stunned, as if refusing to believe what it was seeing.

He Ying caught sight of this little fellow, surprised that it could come out of her voluntarily. Did it no longer need Jing Dan’s summons? Had it come out once and now knew the way around?

Approaching, the little cub gazed at Jing Dan with deep, mysterious eyes, then glanced at He Ying, still filled with astonishment.

He Ying: “…”

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

Why was this little kid so shocked to see them kissing? Didn’t she and Jing Dan used to be lovers in their past life?

Jing Dan also noticed the little cub approaching, but this time, the jelly was exchanged for a bottle of milk. She didn’t want to let go of He Ying’s mouth so easily. If she let go, then it would all be over!

Seeing Jing Dan still not releasing He Ying, continuing to lick and nibble, the little cub couldn’t bear to watch any longer. With extreme disappointment, it patted her on the head, unable to tolerate her lack of progress!

Stunned by the head pat, Jing Dan looked blankly at the little cub , not understanding why it suddenly hit her.

Suddenly, she felt something wrong with her soul again, as if her soul power was once more being absorbed by the little cub in front of her. In an instant, a flash of white light passed, and Jing Dan turned back into a cub.

He Ying, witnessing everything: “…”

Seeing the two panda cubs, one big and one small, in front of her, she fell silent.

But Jing Dan was angry. She sacrificed the chance to kiss the jelly in exchange for a bottle of milk, only to be interrupted by this remnant soul in front of her! Annoyed, she yelled at the remnant soul!

Little did she know, the remnant soul was not one to back down, and it immediately roared back at her!

Jing Dan got even angrier. She was about to turn to He Ying and reason with her when the remnant soul slapped her, causing some pain.

Ignoring the need to talk to He Ying, she turned and engaged with the remnant soul. The two cubs started wrestling back and forth, fiercely going at it.

On the side, He Ying: “…”

She never expected things to escalate to this point so quickly. She tried to pull the two cubs apart, but neither of them listened to her. They continued their intense battle from one end of the bed to the other.

Seeing this scene unfold, He Ying felt a mix of amusement and helplessness. What good could come out of two panda cubs fighting? It was like two sticky rice balls rolling around. But as the two cubs continued to fight without stopping, she raised her voice slightly and said, “If you keep fighting, you won’t have any jelly or milk to drink in the future!”

As soon as the words fell, the slightly bigger panda cub immediately stopped in its tracks, while the other cub did not. It bit Jing Dan’s ear, and the two cubs stayed in this position, staring blankly at He Ying.

He Ying: “…”

She took out her phone, calmly took a picture of the two cubs in front of her, looking at the screen where both cubs appeared clueless and dazed. A faint smile appeared at the corner of her lips, almost imperceptible. She then put away her phone and said, “Both of you, separate!”

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