Panda Cub – Chapter 56.2


The girl cheered and jumped up, quickly going to find those people.

He Ying turned to take Jing Dan to buy some snacks and ice cream on the side, telling her, “I’ll need you to wait for me later. After my class, I’ll take you to eat something delicious.”

“Okay.” Jing Dan knew He Ying had important things to do, so she nodded obediently.

During the following time, He Ying continued to teach the group how to perform their movements more gracefully and neatly, while also pointing out some issues they needed to work on. Jing Dan, on the other hand, sat on the steps nearby, snacking while waiting for He Ying.

—Oh my, this feels like a scene of waiting for your girlfriend after class!

—What do you mean waiting for your girlfriend? Don’t you think this version of President Jing is so obedient? (Cat-peeping.jpg)

—Oh, if I had a partner like Teacher He or President Jing, I wouldn’t be picky at all!

—(mocking-cat.jpg) Someone upstairs is being opportunistic!

After class, He Ying was handed 500 yuan as her teaching fee. Initially, she didn’t want to accept that much, but the girl insisted that the value He Ying brought to their lessons far exceeded the payment. She even had to decline their offer to treat her and Jing Dan to a meal.

She couldn’t help but smile gently; these kids were truly sincere.

She came back to Jing Dan with the money, waving it in front of her, saying, “We have money to have a feast~”

Perhaps Jing Dan had never experienced a “feast” worth 500 yuan before.

Jing Dan looked up, pursed her lips, and smiled subtly at He Ying.

Seeing her like this, He Ying was briefly taken aback, then found it somewhat amusing. If she didn’t know this guy was clueless about many things, she might have thought she liked her.

—Oh my, President Jing is smiling! It’s so cute!

—Ugh, you only smile at Teacher He, is there anyone else in your eyes?

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However, regardless of how much discussion Jing Dan’s smile sparked online later, He Ying took her to a nearby seafood restaurant. The bill was over 600 yuan, affordable for the two of them.

Next, the two of them seemed to be doing a mukbang, still eating extremely appetizingly. When this segment aired, everyone was hungry and craving seafood, especially wanting to eat the seafood hand-peeled by Teacher He!

Jing Dan ate the prawns and crab meat peeled by He Ying and whispered, “Just focus on your food, no need to worry about me.”

He Ying chuckled softly, “It’s fine, I’m eating too.” Scooping a bowl of seafood porridge and placing it by Jing Dan’s side.

Being with this guy, she had already gotten used to taking a little more care of her. Watching her eat contentedly, she couldn’t help but smile softly herself, infected by her expression.

After finishing dinner, the pair returned, and the company’s other CPs had also come back, sitting in the lobby chatting. They immediately stood up to greet He Ying and Jing Dan as they entered.

Jing Dan nodded lightly at them, then sat down with He Ying in the lobby.

“Teacher He, President Jing, the production team said they have something to announce later once Jiang Ya and the others have finished cleaning up,” Zheng Weiyi mentioned.

“Yes, but I think it might take them a while to clean up, so should we play cards to pass the time?” Ning Yiming suggested.

“Will it take that long?” He Ying asked curiously.

“Yes, they went to help the villagers deal with mud today, just finished not long ago, covered in mud and water plants, they need some time to clean up, and they haven’t even watched the movie,” Zheng Weiyi explained.

“Oh, then let’s play cards.” He Ying didn’t pay much attention.

“Do you know how to play?” He Ying whispered to Jing Dan.

Jing Dan looked serious, watching Ning Yiming shuffle the cards, nodded solemnly, and whispered back, “I know a little!”

He Ying stifled a chuckle under her breath. If Jing Dan knew, why did she still look so serious as if facing a formidable enemy?

For the next time, they peacefully played cards, while upstairs, one of the two individuals showered until frustrated, immediately called their manager, cursing the program and demanding to be taken back!

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

“Don’t forget the purpose of going on this program,” the manager said coldly.

Bian Fengyu immediately sobered up, thinking about Jing Dan. He gritted his teeth and held back. As long as he got involved with Jing Dan, then he would have everything.

Heading downstairs, he saw all the guests except for himself gathered below. Jiang Ya was smiling on the side, watching them play cards, the atmosphere was so harmonious that it seemed overwhelming.

“What are we playing?” he said, walking towards Jing Dan as he peeked at her cards, smiling, “Present Jing has a good hand, I’m sure she’s going to win this round.”

Jing Dan: “…” Did you just reveal my cards to everyone like that?

He Ying’s expression turned slightly cold as she passed the cards to Jiang Ya to deal while sitting beside Jing Dan watching her play.

The subtle declaration of dominance was clear to the astute, sharing a knowing glance with each other. However, Bian Fengyu was displeased with He Ying’s actions.

Noticing he was talking to Jing Dan, why did she have to come over?

After a round ended, the director came over at the right moment, and his smiling face indicated he had mischievous plans.

“Good evening, guests. Next, we need to play a little game. This game will decide whether you can sleep with your CP tonight!”

Upon hearing this, Zheng Weiyi raised her hand and tremblingly said, “Weren’t we already sleeping together? Shouldn’t we skip this game then?”

The director looked over and stifled a laugh, “If you lose, Ning Yiming will have to sleep on the floor in your room. Of course, at the same time, three or four male and female staff will enter your room and sleep with you, with the camera recording the whole thing.”

Zheng Weiyi: “…” Is this getting weirder?

“Next, the first game will test the compatibility of the CPs. We will prepare ten questions, and the couple with the most wins will earn a point.”

“Wait, since it’s a game, you only mentioned penalties, what about rewards?” Ning Yiming raised his hand to ask.

“Good question. For each win, you will receive an ‘erase’ card to erase a fan’s request, but you can only use one ‘erase’ card per day.”

Upon hearing this, they became excited. With an ‘erase’ card, they felt empowered! Who knows what bizarre requests fans might come up with in the future!

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

Subsequently, the production team separated everyone, not allowing them to communicate, providing them with paper and pens to write their answers.

He Ying couldn’t help but smile when she received the question cards. These were all such straightforward questions!

#What is your partner’s favorite food?#

#What color does your partner like?#

#What moment stands out the most in your memory together?#


There were a total of ten questions, and He Ying took a quick glance before confidently writing down her answers. On the other side, Jing Dan did the same, and their pens glided smoothly across the paper.

However, the other two CPs didn’t fare as well. Zheng Weiyi’s pair, who were somewhat familiar as they had acted together before, had some understanding of each other. But for Bian Fengyu’s pair, who were part of a fabricated publicity CP, how much could they really know about each other? It was like they were just guessing blindly.

When it came time to collect the answers, Bian Fengyu’s face darkened.

He Ying appeared relaxed, even leisurely helping Jing Dan peel pistachios to snack on.

—Just love Teacher He’s calm and regal demeanor!

—Help, high-energy alert, haha!

—Next, witness the moment of high energy!

After receiving the answer cards, the director glanced at He Ying and Jing Dan, tallied the scores, and announced, “The winning team this time is Team Yiyi Shenghui! They got five out of the ten questions correct!”

He Ying, who had a confident smile on her lips, froze with disbelief on her face.

She looked incredulously at the director. How could she and Jing Dan have not won? And to top it off, they didn’t even get more than five correct answers?!

—Help, I can’t stop laughing. Teacher He’s expression completely froze!

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

—Haha, she was laughing so confidently earlier, but the reality check hit too fast!

He Ying turned to look at Jing Dan, meeting her equally bewildered gaze, feeling speechless.

Next, when their answers were announced, it was like a public execution.

For the question about the CP’s favorite food, He Ying answered bamboo shoots while her actual favorite was water chestnuts. However, Jing Dan got water chestnuts right, but her favorite food ended up being jelly.

Upon hearing the director announce this answer, He Ying’s face stiffened. She turned to look at Jing Dan, who seemed a bit embarrassed and turned her head away.

He Ying: “…” She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Her favorite jelly ended up surpassing her answer for bamboo shoots. It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s a good thing. If Jing Dan can like her, even better.

—Oh? I didn’t expect the Divine Beauty also likes these sweets?

—Surprising, surprising, the Divine Beauty’s favorite turned out to be jelly!

Both of them answered correctly for the question about favorite colors. The issue arose when it came to the memorable moment. He Ying thought they would write about their first encounter with great rapport, but Jing Dan wrote about eating jelly in front of He Ying…

He Ying’s face completely froze. This little rascal, does she even know what she’s talking about!

However, Jing Dan seemed innocent, as she was simply stating the truth.

He Ying massaged her temples, losing interest in listening to the rest of the answers. Continuing to listen might just infuriate her!

In the end, they got two questions right, just one more than the neighboring Jiang Ya and her team.

At this moment, He Ying’s inner thoughts were simply a word: shameful!

The author has something to say:

Hehe pulled Daidai over and said, “Don’t you know what shameful?”

Daidai blinked innocently and said, “I just filled it out truthfully.”

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