Blame the Villain – Chapter 185

Villainous Zombie King (4)

Song Xu Yi tightly gripped the chocolate in her hand, deeply regretting her shallow judgment.

Seeing Ye Shuiyu’s timid and hesitant demeanor, Song Xu Yi felt a wave of embarrassment wash over her. She had the urge to stuff all the chocolate into Ye Shuiyu’s mouth, as if to silence her. Little did Song Xu Yi expect Ye Shuiyu to blurt out something like “ten kisses” right off the bat…

In that moment, Song Xu Yi even had a pang of worry. She feared that once Ye Shuiyu regained her memory and discovered all of Song Xu Yi’s embarrassing history, she might react with anger and immediately seek revenge, potentially even ending Song Xu Yi’s life.

Nevertheless, Song Xu Yi let out a sigh and accepted her defeat. She broke the chocolate into small pieces and gently fed them to Ye Shuiyu’s lips.

Ye Shuiyu looked into Song Xu Yi’s eyes, her gaze filled with unmistakable brightness. Even though she would slightly furrow her brow whenever the chocolate touched her lips, it was unclear whether she genuinely disliked eating chocolate or if she was intentionally doing it to impress Song Xu Yi. Nonetheless, the happiness in her eyes seemed incredibly pure, on the verge of overflowing. Even the small mole at the corner of her eye appeared more radiant…

Infected by Ye Shuiyu’s happiness, Song Xu Yi couldn’t help but curl her lips into a smile. Reluctant as she was to admit it, thanks to Ye Shuiyu’s face and actions, she found them not only non-annoying but even… somewhat adorable.

Of course, if Ye Shuiyu could just keep her mouth shut instead of saying something like, “Xu Yi, you have to feed me three meals a day from now on” after finishing the chocolate, Song Xu Yi thought she would find her even cuter…

After finishing their food, the two of them resumed their journey once again.

This time, Ye Shuiyu didn’t speak anymore. She seemed a bit tired and closed her eyes on the passenger seat, drifting off to sleep. It was unclear what she dreamt about, but in her slumber, Ye Shuiyu furrowed her brows, indicating that her sleep was not entirely peaceful.

Without Ye Shuiyu causing any more mischief, Song Xu Yi could finally continue driving in peace.

However, this journey was not as pleasant as Song Xu Yi had imagined.

The zombie epidemic had begun to spread, and although Song Xu Yi had long been accustomed to the ruins and wandering zombies on the road, witnessing the chaotic state of the once beautiful landscapes from her original memories saddened her. She couldn’t help but think of the original owner of her body.

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The original owner could be described as extremely cold and selfish. Her relationship with her family was not good, as she had dedicated all her energy to her professional research.

Her previous study of the zombie virus was purely driven by her fascination with its mysterious nature. She never thought about solving the problems caused by the apocalypse.

According to the plot summary, when the base of the male and female leads was destroyed, the male lead had sent someone to find the original owner for help. However, they couldn’t find her anywhere. Now, inheriting the memories of the original owner and knowing her nature, Song Xu Yi believed that the original owner had likely taken the opportunity to escape when things went south.

But everything was just Song Xu Yi’s speculation.

Now, it was Song Xu Yi who had arrived here, inheriting the memories of the original owner.

Naturally, Song Xu Yi had her own plans: once things stabilized, she decided to continue the original owner’s professional research on the zombie virus. Perhaps one day she could find the cause of the zombie virus outbreak and come up with a solution to eradicate it, restoring the world to prosperity…

Lost in thoughts about her future plans, Song Xu Yi suddenly noticed a change in the weather. Rain had begun to fall from the sky without her realization, gradually intensifying. It drummed against the car windows, waking up Ye Shuiyu, who had appeared to be sound asleep.

“We need to find a place to take shelter from the rain.” The car was currently driving on a mountain road, and with such heavy rainfall, the risk of landslides was high. Driving in such weather was incredibly unsafe.

It was unclear whether it was due to the weather, but Ye Shuiyu’s complexion suddenly turned pale. She frowned, glanced at the road ahead, and weakly nodded. In a soft voice, she spoke, “There’s a house about five hundred meters ahead.”

Then, she turned her head towards Song Xu Yi, clutching her stomach, and a faint smile appeared on her pale lips. “Xu Yi, don’t be afraid. I’ve already killed the zombies inside that house.”

Song Xu Yi had been in the midst of asking the system if it had detected any nearby houses when she was taken aback by Ye Shuiyu’s words.

The amount of information contained in those sentences was quite significant.

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Initially, Song Xu Yi had believed that Ye Shuiyu possessed extraordinary talents, awakening powerful wind-based abilities from the start and killing the group of evil villagers. However, at that moment, it suddenly dawned on Song Xu Yi—Ye Shuiyu not only awakened her wind-based abilities but seemingly awakened psychic abilities as well!

Moreover, based on Ye Shuiyu’s act of killing the zombies five hundred meters away, it could be inferred that her psychic abilities were not just in their early stages. They were likely much stronger than the psychic villager she had killed.

How remarkable must Ye Shuiyu have been before losing her memory to possess such immense power at the beginning of the apocalypse…

In awe of Ye Shuiyu’s formidable strength, Song Xu Yi realized belatedly the paleness on Ye Shuiyu’s face. Driving forward, she inquired, “Shuiyu, what’s wrong?”

Ye Shuiyu weakly glanced at Song Xu Yi, shaking her head and closing her eyes. “I’m fine.”

Song Xu Yi was still concerned. Drawing upon the little medical knowledge she had accumulated from previous worlds, she took Ye Shuiyu’s pulse and felt a normal rhythm, which relieved her.

And indeed, within a few minutes, Song Xu Yi spotted a house by the roadside.

The house appeared to be a luxurious vacation villa belonging to some wealthy individual. As dusk approached, the motion-sensor lights in front of the villa illuminated, but there was no security guard in sight.

Song Xu Yi drove up to the front gate, intending to disembark and figure out a way to open the large iron gate. However, Ye Shuiyu, who was sitting beside her, reached out and held Song Xu Yi’s hand.

“Xu Yi, let me handle this.”

Facing Song Xu Yi’s astonished gaze, a mysterious expression appeared on Ye Shuiyu’s face. The expensive and lavish metal lock on the villa’s gate emitted a twisting sound, as if something was contorting. After a few seconds, the lock fell to the ground, and the iron gate opened automatically to the sides…

Facing Ye Shuiyu’s gaze, which contained a mix of pride and anticipation, Song Xu Yi forced a smile, albeit feeling a bit stiff. “Shuiyu, you’re truly amazing!”

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Finally satisfied, Ye Shuiyu smiled in response.

Song Xu Yi felt that even if Ye Shuiyu were to demonstrate the ability to start a fire, create water, or manipulate earth with her bare hands, she wouldn’t be surprised.

However, the facilities in this house seemed to be fully equipped, leaving no room for Ye Shuiyu to further showcase her abilities.

Song Xu Yi drove the car towards the house and parked in front of it.

The grand entrance of the villa was slightly ajar and easily swung open with a gentle push.

Surprisingly, the villa had its own power generator and a circulating water system. While water and electricity had long been cut off elsewhere, Song Xu Yi discovered that the villa still had electricity.

This discovery instantly lifted her spirits.

Song Xu Yi pushed the door open and turned on the lights. To her surprise, she found more than a dozen grotesque and peculiar-looking corpses of recently deceased zombies on the floor. Strangely, all of these zombies were missing their eyeballs, leaving only pitch-black eye sockets.

Song Xu Yi furrowed her brow and carefully examined the corpses. The desiccated eye sockets indicated that these zombies had been without eyeballs for quite some time. It couldn’t have been Ye Shuiyu who had removed their eyeballs…

What could be the reason behind these zombies losing their eyeballs?

Song Xu Yi couldn’t help but look towards the door.

Subconsciously, a sense of foreboding arose in Song Xu Yi’s heart, and she dared not stay in this villa any longer. However, the rain outside was growing heavier, making it impossible to drive away…

Song Xu Yi glanced at Ye Shuiyu by her side, noticing that her complexion seemed to be growing paler…

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“Are you really okay?” Song Xu Yi couldn’t help but ask once again.

“I’m fine,” Ye Shuiyu repeated her previous response, but still, she managed to muster a smile for Song Xu Yi. “You don’t need to worry about me, Xu Yi.”

But how could Song Xu Yi truly not worry about her?

Seeing Ye Shuiyu’s weakened state, Song Xu Yi couldn’t help but recall the description of ability users in the original plot: They often experienced weakness and dizziness after excessive use of their abilities.

Usually, this condition could be alleviated by using the crystal core found in the heads of zombies. However, in this current situation, most zombies had only recently undergone evolution, and finding crystal cores was practically impossible.

With these thoughts in mind, Song Xu Yi didn’t pursue the matter of the zombies losing their eyeballs. She picked up some clean clothes and went into the bathroom to take a shower. She couldn’t tell if it was just her imagination, but while showering, she had a vague sensation of hearing faint murmurs and chattering noises. However, when Song Xu Yi finished showering and stepped out of the bathroom, the sounds had completely ceased. Only Ye Shuiyu sat in the living room, and the corpses of the ten-plus zombies that were previously present had vanished…

“I was scared when I saw those corpses, so I moved them all away…” Ye Shuiyu appeared innocent, her face even paler than before. She looked at Song Xu Yi with a pitiful expression. “I’m afraid I’ll have nightmares tonight. Xu Yi, can you tell me a bedtime story?”

Despite witnessing Ye Shuiyu remain unfazed while killing numerous villagers earlier, Song Xu Yi considered how Ye Shuiyu had been protecting her throughout their journey, repaying kindness with kindness. Thus, Song Xu Yi sat in front of Ye Shuiyu and began telling a fairy tale…

Song Xu Yi initially thought she could lull Ye Shuiyu to sleep. However, Ye Shuiyu’s gaze remained as bright as ever, while Song Xu Yi herself felt increasingly drowsy as she continued telling the story. She wasn’t even aware of when she drifted off to sleep…

In the moment Song Xu Yi closed her eyes, a distortion occurred in the air, and several dead red-eyed rats suddenly fell out of nowhere.

If Song Xu Yi were awake, she would surely be amazed: It turned out that Ye Shuiyu also possessed spatial manipulation abilities…

At this moment, Ye Shuiyu shed her obedient facade in front of Song Xu Yi and approached the window with an expressionless face, squinting her eyes.

Sure enough, there stood a massive red-eyed rat at the window.

Filled with resentment, the rat danced and pranced on the windowsill, its greedy red eyes fixated on Ye Shuiyu’s gaze. Little did it know that in Ye Shuiyu’s eyes, it was nothing more than a flowing, shimmering red stone…

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