Miss Forensics – Chapter 98.1


“Wow, that’s really touching,” the man said as he clapped his hands before the computer.

Who would’ve thought Song Yuhang was so skilled? She held her own against two well-trained adult men twice her size without breaking a sweat.

And Lin Yan, pulling off a comeback time after time – he had really underestimated this girl.

The man tapped the tiny mic on his ear: “Jackal, move out.”

“Understood, Young Master.”

The sniper trained the scope on the head of the man Song Yuhang was holding.

“Give it up, you can’t beat us. Even with a gun, it’s useless. Your friend is seriously injured; you need to get him to a hospital fast. I don’t know who promised you guys fifty thousand dollars, but you also need to be alive to spend it, right?”

“Put the gun down, come with me and turn yourself in, confess everything you know truthfully. I’ll make sure it’s all written down in the report. When this goes to court, maybe the judge will be lenient in consideration of your surrender.”

“What do you say, huh? For an elusive fifty thousand dollars, is it worth throwing your life away? Did even a single cent of that money make it to your account?”

The chubby man looked at her earnest face and then at the grim Lin Yan, slowly lowering the muzzle of his gun.

“Will I really get a lighter sentence?”

Song Yuhang nodded. “It’s definitely better than you resisting us now and dying here. When the main police force arrives, for armed thugs like you guys, they typically shoot to kill.”

Lin Yan rolled her eyes so hard they almost reached heaven. Damn, this woman could talk a dead man back to life with her tall tales.

With multiple charges like child trafficking, assaulting police officers, and kidnapping, it would be a dead end in court.

“I, I surrender… Don’t… Don’t kill me…” The thin man held by Song Yuhang gasped for air, teetering on the brink of death, feeling his lifeblood ebbing away with every passing second.

He was terrified.

“I, I give myself up, surrender, I… I’ll tell… I’ll tell everything…”

The sniper muttered silently: It’s too late.

He released the trigger.

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The bullet whispered through the darkness just before dawn, silent as a secret.

Blood splattered in Song Yuhang’s eyes, mixed with the snowy white brain matter.

The tall and thin figure had a shiny hole on his forehead, oozing crimson blood as they fell backward.

“Song Yuhang, get down!” Lin Yan shouted in shock.

She turned her head and saw a flash of light on the distant lighthouse.

That was the spark emitted by a bullet scraping against the muzzle.

She hugged her head and rolled away as sparks scattered off the nearby railing.

Seeing the manner of his friend’s death, his eyes still open, gazing in his direction. The chubby one collapsed to the ground, legs trembling, pants wet, emitting an unpleasant odor.

He glanced at the two people, trusting no one now, threw down his gun, and grimaced as he scrambled up. Making a clumsy exit from beneath the tarp covering the containers, he retrieved a motorcycle which they had hidden there earlier. This was the plan he and the thin man had agreed upon—to grab the USB drive and the money and bolt.

As he rode past that blue speaker, he snatched it up, tucking it into his chest.

The pitch-black muzzle of the jackal was once again aimed at him, silently murmuring, “Can you run? Sweetie.”

He slightly pulled the trigger.

But the gun didn’t go off.

His gun would never fire again.

The jackal had their throat sealed with a spring knife, their neck slashed open, blood flowing profusely.

As soon as the person in black let go, they slumped down from the lighthouse.

“01, target eliminated.”

The person in black pressed the miniature microphone on their ear.

The moment the gunshot sounded, Song Yuhang knew there was a sniper behind her.

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She glanced at Lin Yan, then dragged her behind a container, panting rapidly, “Stay here, I’m going after them!”

Lin Yan tugged at her, “Come back, stepping out now is like being a sitting duck! Forget the USB if—”

Song Yuhang held her hand, quickly kissed her forehead, and pulled away.

“The killer must be silencing the victim to hide secrets unknown, I’m not just after the USB. The suspect will only be safe in the hands of our police force!”

Lin Yan of course understood that capturing the chubby suspect was the key to reeling in the puppet master behind the scenes. But now, with dawn breaking and visibility on the Wanghai Bridge increasing, there was nothing for cover except this container. To step out was akin to suicide!

“You come back!” Lin Yan hoarsely shouted, lunging to grab the hem of her clothes but it was too late.

Song Yuhang dashed back with the speed of a 100-meter sprint to her car.

Lin Yan picked herself off the ground recklessly charging out, and with eyes closed and arms spread wide, she stood in the middle of the bridge, halting Song Yuhang’s car.

“If we’re going to die, we’re doing it together!”

The wind whipped up the hair on her cheeks, and the car stopped less than five centimeters from her.

Song Yuhang’s eyes moistened, she flung open the car door and yanked the person inside: “Let’s go!”

However, she soon regreted this decision.

If it weren’t for the desperate situation, Lin Yan really wanted to throw herself at her for a deep kiss.

Whether it was her ruthlessness when striking others, her patience when advising the kidnapper, her thoroughness in protecting her, or the expression on her face when she pulled her up to face life and death together—all of it was utterly enchanting to her.

Song Yuhang’s black hair was a disheveled mess, tarnished with dust and stains of blood, the wheat-colored skin of her exposed neck slick with sweat. Her lips, firmly pressed together, held a hint of severity.

Her shirt, undone in the heat of the scuffle, had lost its earlier neatness.

Feeling the intensity of her heated gaze, that stern mouth curled into a slight smile.

“What are you looking at?”

Lin Yan, unflinching and direct, stated: “I want to have s*x with you.”

Song Yuhang’s Adam’s apple moved up and down, her heart’s tip trembling.

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“Wait, once this is over, we’ll take a seven-day leave, and we won’t go anywhere,” she said, her voice carrying a palpable tremor of anticipation.

“But for now—” Her gaze hardened as she eyed the container blocking the way, her tone growing firm and resolute.

“Hold tight, brace yourself.”

She swiftly shifted gears, slamming the accelerator to the floor. The white car shot out like an arrow released from a bowstring, and as Lin Yan’s vision blacked out, the container they rammed “bang” crashed against the guardrail, sparking flames upon impact, the railing teetering on the edge of collapse.

The chubby man riding the motorcycle became a speck in their vision.

Perhaps it was inconvenient to continue with voice communication, the man started to type to him.

“Your people don’t seem to have stopped them.”

“No rush.” The person seated before the computer leaned slightly forward.

“She’s about to die soon.”

The other party paused briefly and sent a line of text: “Lin Yan is still in the car.”

The man’s pupils constricted sharply as he stood up abruptly.

It was already too late.

After crashing through the shipping container, Song Yuhang tried to slow down, stepping on the brakes, but nothing moved.

A shock went through her — the vehicle continued to hurtle forward at a speed of three hundred kilometers per hour. There was still some distance to the Wanghai Bridge. She maintained the wheel’s stability and tried to pull the handbrake.

As she pulled, the tires braked fiercely, and some screw must have failed because the car veered violently, crashing toward the guardrail.

Beside them lay the vast sea.

Song Yuhang’s pupils shrank, her hands quick and eyes sharp as she swung the steering wheel back around, performing a 180-degree drift on the road surface, narrowly missing the guardrail and continuing to speed forward, while the numbers on the dashboard kept climbing.

Lin Yan was thrown harshly against her seat, and now even she realized something was off.

“What’s wrong?”

Song Yuhang glanced at her, unflustered, with a gentle smile.

(If you're not reading on littlepandatranslations.com, it means this has been stolen)

“Lin Yan, what are you to me?”

A sense of foreboding rose in Lin Yan’s heart.

“What do you mean?”

“Answer the question.”


“If you’re my fiancée, will you listen to me?” Song Yuhang’s eyes became slightly moist, yet she controlled herself remarkably well, steering the wheel, maintaining the vehicle’s stability so Lin Yan wouldn’t notice.

“I will.” Lin Yan looked at her and nodded slightly, as if to convey something more profound.

“Good, unbuckle your seatbelt.”

The road was littered with gravel and steel materials, making the already unstable vehicle struggle even more at high speeds.

Song Yuhang felt the steering wheel was about to go out of control.

She looked at Lin Yan, etching her image deep into her eyes.

Lin Yan’s eyes reddened with fury as she bellowed, “You bastard, I’ll be damned if I unfasten it. We’ll die together!!!”

Song Yuhang’s hands gripped the steering wheel tightly, her feet pressing hard against the brake, still clinging to the last shred of hope.

But the brakes had completely failed to spring back.

She simply said, “Lin Yan, after fourteen years of chasing the killer, Chu Nan has not yet been laid to rest. Are you ready to give up now?”

She knew all too well how to exploit her vulnerabilities.

The moment the words “Chu Nan” slipped out, tears welled up in the corners of Lin Yan’s eyes.

Biting her teeth, Song Yuhang stared at her intently, breathing as desperately as an animal at bay, her gaze fixed on the steering wheel.

Lin Yan lunged to seize control: “I won’t give up, but I won’t give up on you either!”

The vehicle spun on the bridge, disorienting Song Yuhang, who fiercely wrestled with her hands, her eyes filled with fierce determination.

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