Trending Again – Chapter 41

Si Meng lies motionless on the bed. Since her debut, she has truly had a lot of idle time. In order to maintain her air of mystery, the company has always refused to disclose her whereabouts, resulting in her current state of idleness.

Just a month ago, Si Meng passed the third round of debut assessments. In total, ten people debuted: all members of Class A, First Team debuted, only two from Class B, and three from Class C.

After her debut, Si Meng planned to develop her career in the entertainment industry and declined offers from various variety shows. She is currently in a period of reflection.

Ning Keke also successfully debuted and focused on developing her skills in dance. She said she wanted to study under Jiang Luli and is currently making guest appearances on various variety shows.

After Fu Wenwen debuted, she was arranged by her family to study abroad. She was admitted to the Royal Academy of Music and made a promise to reunite with everyone three years later.

Although Hua Qianxun had planned to wander the world, she still exchanged contact information with everyone. Carrying her guitar, Hua Qianxun traveled through a large part of China and became a somewhat famous music producer.

Jiang Chixia didn’t succeed in debuting, but instead let out a sigh of relief. She said that the entertainment industry is already quite chaotic, so it’s better not to debut. She has a bit of social anxiety and doesn’t like interacting with others too much. She found a job at a physical training company and heard that she recently got rid of her boss. With the savings from these years, she opened a comic book store.

Si Meng boredly scrolled through her phone. Everyone had things to keep them busy and their own pursuits, except for her. She was just a dreamless “salted fish.”

Lu Qi hurriedly rushed, her fingers quickly pressing the elevator button for the sixteenth floor. Others didn’t understand why and thought she had something urgent.

Lu Qi forcefully pushed open the door with a “peng,” and Si Meng was leisurely slurping instant noodles, carefully spearing the braised egg with a fork. She looked at Lu Qi and asked, “What’s wrong? Do you want to eat together?”

Lu Qi dumped the script onto the desk, reaching under Si Meng’s butt and pulling out the remote control. She pressed a few buttons, and the hundred-inch television broadcasted a news segment.

The LCD screen displayed the figure of Lin Hanyue. Lin Hanyue smiled and lowered her gaze. When asked by the reporter, “Who would you most like to collaborate with among the newcomers?” Lin Hanyue replied, “I’m quite looking forward to having the opportunity to work with Xiao Entertainment.”

The barrage of comments below speculated about which new talents Xiao Entertainment had recently produced. Some guessed young and fresh faces, while others speculated it could be seasoned veterans. Either way, none of it had anything to do with Si Meng.

Lu Qi turned off the TV and turned back to face Si Meng. Si Meng couldn’t understand the situation and innocently asked, “Why did you stop watching?”

“You really have no clue, huh? How could Lin Hanyue like a clueless goose like you!” Lu Qi sighed, feeling exasperated.

“Hey, personal attacks are going too far.”

Lu Qi tucked all the scripts into her arms and began narrating the recent national events, saying, “These are the roles you’ve been invited for during this period. There’s the female lead, the second female lead, and the third female lead. They are all likable characters.”

“But, all of that is not important. What’s important is that Lin Hanyue has already paved the way for you.” After Lu Qi finished speaking, she noticed that Si Meng’s expression hadn’t changed in the slightest, realizing that she hadn’t understood.

She had no choice but to translate it into simpler language, saying, “Lin Hanyue secretly purchased the complete rights to a yuri novel.”

“Yuri novel? Oh~”

Lu Qi exploded with anger. She couldn’t understand why this person’s focus was always on strange things. She suppressed her rage and said, “You are already set to play the second female lead. It means that Lin Hanyue intends to publicly announce your relationship. These are just preparations to make it follow naturally.”

Si Meng took a final slurp of her instant noodles, wiped her mouth, and said, “Isn’t she afraid that her fans will criticize me for not being worthy?”

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Lu Qi was taken aback by the question. She hadn’t thought about that. She said brightly, “Um… I don’t know about that. You don’t want to act, do you?”

Si Meng blinked her left eye, drank up the soup from the noodles, and said, “Why would I not want to? I definitely want to act. Alright, if there’s nothing else, go accompany your wife. Don’t bother me.” Si Meng’s face turned cold as she issued the order to leave.

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t push me away. I’ll leave right away…” Lu Qi’s voice was cut off as the door closed.

Si Meng reached under the sofa and took out a bucket of Laotan instant noodles. She threw it towards the shadow of the curtains, and the person hiding beneath the curtains cursed and grumbled.

“Heh, you hurriedly called me back from Sanya just to give me this to eat?” Si Teng didn’t hold back and started boiling water to cook the noodles.

“Forget about those scandals. I want to make sure those people can never set foot in the industry again.” After Si Meng finished speaking, she instinctively touched the couple’s watch that Lin Hanyue had given her on her wrist.

“Understood.” Si Teng’s smile faded, and a cold-blooded glint appeared in her eyes, exuding a hint of murderous intent.


Person A: “Ah, ah, ah, our goddess has a new drama, huh? Why is there no male lead?”

Person B: “Who is this second female lead? What qualifications does she have to get involved with our goddess? I can tell just by looking that she’s here to cause trouble!”

Person C: “Wow, these are all scandals about Si Meng. I never expected her to be this kind of person. Si Meng should retire and not tarnish the reputation of our goddess!”


Si Meng closed her Weibo account. All of her messages were full of insults. The fans of the goddess were indeed formidable, living up to the status of a popular figure with fifty million followers.

Si Meng stared at Lin Hanyue’s blatant mention, which put her in a difficult position. She couldn’t even avoid the official announcement now. She had thought that Lin Hanyue was patient, but it seemed she couldn’t hold back any longer.


Lin Hanyue: “@Si Meng, if you’re in the new drama, then I’m in it too. It’s up to you to decide.” Attached [New Drama Trailer]

Si Meng’s phone rang, and she answered, “You damn woman! Have you ever thought about your fans? You’re not leaving me any way out!”

Lin Hanyue smirked, her voice crisp as she said, “What? Do you think you still have a way out?”

Si Meng burst into laughter and sarcastically remarked, “Look at how fiercely your fans are criticizing you now. It’s going to hurt when they slap you in the face later.”

Lin Hanyue shrugged indifferently, rolling her eyes. “If they slap me in the face, what does it have to do with me? Just take care of yourself. By the way, have you recovered your old waist during this period?”

Si Meng was taken aback, a chill running down her spine. She stammered, “How did we end up talking about that? Well, as one gets older, the waist may not be in the best condition, hehe.”

“No worries, when you come to the set, I’ll give you a massage.”

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Si Meng’s face turned red, feeling teased and tongue-tied. Her mind recalled the cool and beautiful fingers of Lin Hanyue, gradually delving deeper, and a wave of heat surged in her lower abdomen.

When Si Meng arrived on the set, she was lightly dressed and nobody recognized her. She didn’t put on any airs, and her manager wasn’t by her side. Everyone thought this pretty young girl had come to help out on the set.

Si Meng looked towards a bearded uncle. He was wearing a half-sleeved shirt, paired with ankle socks and slippers. Even in the chilly City H in December, he seemed completely unaffected by the change in temperature.

“Hello, is Lin Hanyue around here?” Si Meng asked.

The uncle sized up Si Meng, his busy face lighting up, and he said, “You there, come help me with something first. You can look for her later.”

“Oh,” Si Meng scratched her head and obediently went to help without complaint.

From arranging props to dressing up the extras, even the placement of lunch boxes, Si Meng’s diligent figure could be seen everywhere.

“Is that young lady new? She’s so beautiful and capable.” Two assistants whispered to each other, and when Si Meng looked at them, she smiled and handed them the lunch boxes.

Si Meng said, “You’ve worked hard. Please have your meal.”

The two blushed, and upon closer inspection, they indeed looked even more attractive. Could this person be a fairy descended to earth?

“Thank you. Are you new here?”

Si Meng pointed at herself and said, “I guess, you could say that.”

After finishing her tasks, Si Meng went to find the uncle. After handing him the lunch box, Si Meng hurriedly asked, afraid that he would forget about it, “You haven’t told me where Lin Hanyue is.”

The uncle chewed on his chopsticks, his speech unclear. “Why are you looking for her? The reigning actress isn’t someone anyone can meet. If you’re her fan, I’ll have to consider it.”

Si Meng furrowed her brows and put her hands in her pockets. “No, I’m not a fan. I’m here to act with her and also take a look at her.”

“Act… act with her? Could it be that you’re Si Meng! Oh no, I let you do odd jobs here.” The uncle’s words became incoherent, and he dropped his chopsticks in shock.

“Si Meng! Why are you here? I’ve been looking for you everywhere.” Lin Hanyue walked over from behind, and her mood visibly improved upon seeing Si Meng.

Si Meng turned around and threw herself into Lin Hanyue’s embrace. “You have no idea how hard I’ve been looking for you. I didn’t wander around randomly!”

The uncle felt embarrassed and cleared his throat. “Ahem, she came to help me with a small favor.”

“Oh, didn’t I tell you to take good care of her? Do I look like I’m joking?” Lin Hanyue stared daggers at the uncle.

The uncle waved his hands repeatedly and said, “Of course, of course, I didn’t know this girl was Si Meng. I was wondering how Old Wang managed to find such a good-looking girl to do odd jobs.”

Lin Hanyue restrained the urge to roll her eyes, tightly gripping Si Meng’s hand, and introduced, “This is Director Feng, he has directed several great films.”

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Si Meng nodded, “Hello, Director Feng.”

Director Feng smiled warmly and said, “Very good, little girl, you’re truly beautiful. Pairing you with Lin Hanyue is like putting a fresh flower on top of cow dung.”

Lin Hanyue was speechless, unable to come up with a retort.

“Alright, enough joking around. Let’s get ready to start filming.”

Si Meng looked at the familiar original crew members of the drama. Oh, there are quite a few acquaintances here.

This yuri drama is a cultivation-themed story. The senior sister (female lead) is the number one cultivator in the immortal realm and is envied by the sect leader’s son. In order to maintain the balance of the six realms, the senior sister goes alone to the border of the ghost tribe. However, the sect leader’s son meddles with the seal of the ghost gate, causing the senior sister’s dantian to be destroyed, and her millennium cultivation is ruined in an instant.

Upon learning that the female lead’s cultivation has been destroyed, they abandon her in a remote mountain peak and strip her of her title. Soon after, her fictitious fiancĂ© comes to break off the engagement. From then on, the female lead becomes a laughingstock in the six realms.

But no one knows that the female lead brought back a trace of residual soul from the ghost gate, nourishing it with her own blood. The eternal empress (second female lead) is awakened in this way and possesses the body of a junior disciple, dedicating her life to protecting the female lead.

Si Meng finished reading and sighed. The author has quite an imaginative mind. However, it’s surprising that this kind of absurd revenge story is so popular. She won’t continue reading it because it’s basically just the female lead and the second female lead excessively sweetening their relationship. It’s unbelievable that it hasn’t been censored.

Si Meng looked at the familiar faces. Shen Zhiyi served as the kind-hearted third junior brother. Unable to tolerate the frame-up of the senior sister, he took the initiative to go to the outer sect and take care of her. He’s a gentle and upright likable male character.

And there’s Xiao Yino, that trouble-seeking young master?

He made a guest appearance as the young master of the ghost realm, a character known for being arrogant and cute. In the early stages, he was subdued by the female lead and constantly plotted revenge. After infiltrating Yunlai Peak, he was discovered by the second female lead and became a tool for the two of them.

Si Meng grabbed Xiao Yino’s collar with one hand, carefully examining him. Long time no see, he had gotten thinner and grown quite a bit taller.

“You little brat, why did you come to join in on the fun?”

Xiao Yino revealed his baby teeth and gave a sweet smile. “My brother asked me to come and play. Don’t underestimate me, Master. I’ve taken acting classes before. My older brother wanted me to gain some real-life experience.”

Si Meng let him down and pinched his chubby little face, saying, “If you can’t keep up with our performance later, don’t start crying.”

“Hmph, I won’t!”

In the early stages, everyone didn’t have many scenes, and the focus was mainly on Lin Hanyue’s role. Si Meng passed the time on set by scrolling through her phone. When the crew was overwhelmed with work, she took the initiative to help everyone out.

Gradually, everyone grew fond of Si Meng.

Assistant A: “I never expected that the beautiful girl in our crew is actually Si Meng.”

Assistant B: “Yeah, she’s nothing like how she’s being bashed online. She’s clearly so amazing.”

Assistant C: “No, I want to join in and curse those haters for Si Meng!”

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Si Meng came across a hot topic online. One was criticizing her for riding on Lin Hanyue’s popularity, while the other accused her of using dirty tricks to enter the entertainment industry years ago. Eighteen well-known figures in the industry jointly boycotted her.

She had just stepped into the entertainment industry, and they were already so anxious? Good, let them be anxious.

She started from the grassroots, took on small roles, and gradually climbed her way up. In just a short span of two years, she almost reached the pinnacle of stardom, snatching away their limelight. It’s only natural for them to be afraid and anxious. They didn’t hesitate to suppress her and ban her using any means necessary back then.

But now, she’s back!

Within minutes, the trending topics completely changed. Explosive scandals about well-known industry figures emerged.

The Weibo platform temporarily crashed:

#The winner of a certain Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actress turns out to be a third party who stole someone’s place! #A certain male star has repeatedly cheated, even abandoning his legitimate partner. #A time management guru has been convicted of forcing underage girls and is now in prison. #A seasoned actor has been involved in tax evasion, and relevant authorities have intervened. #30+

Si Meng sneered. They falsely accused her without evidence, wanting to force her out of the industry. They didn’t consider their own dirty laundry. She had solid evidence for the scandals she held in her hands, both witness testimonies and physical proof.

As the influential figures fell from grace, the fandom was in chaos. However, Lin Hanyue and Si Meng’s new drama proceeded smoothly without any interruptions. The two of them would occasionally sprinkle dog food and playfully tease each other.

The goddess’s fans went from initial shock, saying, “Goddess, how did you become like this? Ahh, if you were kidnapped, just blink your eyes.”

Eventually, the goddess’s fans became completely numb and said, “Help me up, I… can still ship!”

The chemistry between the two leads was highly successful. Whether in appearance or character design, they were simply a match made in heaven. On and off-screen, it seemed like it was meant to be.

The premiere of the new drama broke one billion views. The so-called “shipping” of the couple became more addictive the more they interacted. People gradually accepted Si Meng, and what truly resonated with the audience was the enigmatic smile of the second female lead and her unwavering determination to protect the female protagonist.

Si Meng’s Weibo exploded once again.

Countless private messages: “Sister, give me a JiHui.” “Sister’s gaze is killing me.” “The cutest long-haired T, no doubt.”

Si Meng innocently held her phone and asked Lin Hanyue what these messages meant.

“You really don’t know?” Lin Hanyue thought Si Meng was teasing her, trying to make her jealous.

“That’s a stupid question. If I already know, why would I ask you?” Si Meng replied.

“JiHui is an invitation for a romantic relationship between women. T means the one on top,” Lin Hanyue explained with a muffled voice.

“Wow, so they mean that I appear to be the ‘one on top.’ They have such good taste,” Si Meng exclaimed.

Looking at Si Meng’s sparkling eyes, Lin Hanyue said, “Si Meng, do you really like girls? You don’t even know the common knowledge about yuri relationships.”

Si Meng smiled and replied, “I don’t know if I like boys or girls. I’ve only ever liked you, and that’s it.”

Si Meng hugged Lin Hanyue, resting her head on her shoulder. “Actually, whether it’s liking boys or liking girls, it doesn’t matter. Even if I face the disapproval of others because I like you and happen to be a girl myself, I will unhesitatingly throw myself towards you.”

LP: Next chapter will be the last of the main story, and then the extras~

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