Panda Cub – Chapter 68

Learning and sharing

Jing Dan looked at He Ying’s puzzled expression for a moment, hesitated, and said: “So should we go home now?”

He Ying: “…” There’s no need to rush like that.

She hugged Jing Dan tightly, the two of them pressed closely together to prevent her from making any tricks. She had to control her hands, suppressing the strange feeling that arose in her, and said in a hoarse voice: “No, tomorrow we still have to go through the discharge procedures.”

If the two of them really went home and did something now, who knows if they’ll wake up early the next day. If they don’t wake up, it would be troublesome for the doctor to come in and find them missing.

“Oh.” Jing Dan’s eyebrows drooped slightly, restricted by He Ying so she couldn’t move. She pouted, seeming to admit that Hu Tu’s random words weren’t completely wrong. However, she could try again when they return home, and if it still doesn’t work, she will have to settle the score with Hu Tu!

Next, He Ying was still afraid that she would do something earth-shattering. She didn’t dare to relax her vigilance at all, holding her firmly in her arms while gently patting her back. She seemed intent on coaxing her to sleep before she could rest assured and fall asleep herself.

Jing Dan also lived up to He Ying’s expectations. In He Ying’s embrace, she closed her eyes and her drowsiness deepened until she completely lost consciousness.

Listening to her gentle and shallow breathing, He Ying breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed. As she hugged her and closed her eyes to sleep, she couldn’t help but remember Jing Dan’s actions earlier. She bit his lip slightly, feeling somewhat embarrassed. Where did this guy learn all this from?

Both of them fell deeply asleep, but whether it was the commotion before going to bed or not, Jing Dan woke up without any feelings, still lively and spirited. However, He Ying was different. Her whole being felt a bit downcast, with eyes often half-closed as if she hadn’t fully woken up.

Jing Dan curiously approached her. She had never seen He Ying like this before. In the past, the only one who hadn’t woken up properly was herself.

“What’s wrong with you?” Jing Dan asked, placing her hands on He Ying’s face and gently massaging it, as if trying to help her wake up.

He Ying raised her eyelids to look at her, chuckling to herself. How could she still have the nerve to ask what’s wrong? If it weren’t for the things Jing Dan did before she went to sleep, could she be like this now?

He Ying was a bit resentful. After falling asleep last night, she even dreamt of Jing Dan’s actions before she went to sleep. How could she sleep well like this?

Jing Dan felt a bit innocent, not understanding why He Ying was looking at her like that. She earnestly continued to massage He Ying’s face, but it seemed more like kneading dough.

He Ying: “…”

She reached out and grabbed Jing Dan’s wrist, staring straight into her eyes. Her gaze then landed on Jing Dan’s moist red lips, and she leaned in to give her a kiss, whispering in a low voice, “You better wait for me tonight.”

Jing Dan blinked in confusion. Wait for what? She had plans for tonight.

After completing the discharge procedures together, the two of them went back without needing anyone else to pick them up. Jing Dan drove He Ying back home. The house was clean and tidy, not at all like it had been abandoned for several days.

Stepping through the door once again, He Ying felt even more relaxed and joyful. After the journey through the Gulong Mountain Range, she was starting to understand more about the warmth that a peaceful life can bring.

She raised her hand to hug Jing Dan’s waist, pulling her into her arms. She smiled softly, lowering her head to nuzzle Jing Dan’s ear, hoping that the two of them could continue to be as happy and well together as they were now.

Jing Dan squinted and smiled happily. She enjoyed the feeling of being so close to He Ying, liking the sensation of her face rubbing against her own — the smooth touch and subtle warmth brought a delicate feeling that she couldn’t help but wrap her arms around He Ying.

The two of them enjoyed this moment of peaceful time together. With Hu Tu managing things at the company, Jing Dan didn’t have much to worry about. They cleaned their bedroom together and then went out to the supermarket, discussing when they should visit the Panda Clan.

After careful consideration, they decided to postpone their visit to the Panda Clan. It would be best to wait until Jing Dan merged with the remnant soul and know the memories of her past life, so they could find out exactly what had happened in Jing Dan’s previous life.

As they strolled through the supermarket, many people in Huaqing City recognized them. Some sneaked around taking photos, sparking discussions online about the two of them. After all, they had been out of the public eye for so long, as if they had suddenly disappeared from the world. Now, seeing their intimate moments, people couldn’t help but wonder if they had secretly gone out to increase their bond.

—Why do I feel like their relationship has gotten better since they came back? (stroking chin.jpg)

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—You’re not wrong! Every move they make shows perfect coordination. Even a single glance, and they know what the other wants to do!

Look at this, Jing Dan just glanced in a direction, but He Ying could immediately figure out what Jing Dan wanted. He Ying simply raised her hand, and Jing Dan knew whether she wanted to hold her hand or put something in the shopping cart.

After finishing shopping at the supermarket, they had two full shopping carts. To maintain Jing Dan’s image, they found a supermarket delivery person to help bring the items home. A small three-wheeled vehicle slowly followed behind them as usual.

When the two returned home, it was close to lunchtime. He Ying went into the kitchen to prepare lunch, and Jing Dan followed after changing her clothes. By now, she was skilled at helping out and no longer just a hindrance in the kitchen. She started to be genuinely helpful to He Ying.

He Ying glanced at Jing Dan as she focused on chopping the spring onions. The chopped pieces were almost identical in length, as if she had measured them with a ruler before cutting them.

Who would have thought that someone who handled a knife quite well had her best weapon be the rough and powerful meteor hammer?

“How did you decide to use a meteor hammer as a weapon back then?” Just the thought of Jing Dan swinging the meteor hammer made He Ying unable to hold back her laughter. After all, to those unfamiliar with Jing Dan, she appeared as a cold and aloof beauty. Even those who knew her true nature, different from her appearance, still considered her pure and graceful. Who would have thought that such an elegant woman would wield a meteor hammer with such power and strength.

Jing Dan looked up and thought seriously before saying, “The impact and destructive power of a meteor hammer strike are more impressive!”

Compared to knives and swords, a meteor hammer is much more visually appealing when wielded. For example, in a fight, you can send someone flying with just one swing of the hammer!

He Ying: “???”

Who would have thought her Jing Xiaodan had such a strong tendency for destruction? The impact when striking is truly shocking.

It does seem quite impressive indeed…

Thinking about the python’s tail that bounced back when she struck it, she had to admit that Jing Dan’s strikes were really fierce.

He Ying glanced at Jing Dan, impressed by her strength. Fortunately, Jing Dan knew how to control her force when dealing with people; she didn’t even hurt her last night.

After finishing lunch and taking a nap, during this rare moment of leisure, the two of them snuggled up in the bedroom to watch a movie. However, halfway through the movie, Jing Dan’s gaze was already fixed on He Ying.

She remembered what He Ying had told her before leaving the hospital, asking her to wait for her at night. However, Jing Dan still had to continue her plan of behaving recklessly and speaking inaccurately at night. If everything happened at night, wouldn’t that clash with each other? So, after some contemplation, Jing Dan decided to advance her plan to the present.

Although Hu Tu said to do it at night, Jing Dan observed and felt that the things she did last night could also be done during the day, not necessarily waiting for the night to come! She decided to give tonight’s time to He Ying!

Once she had figured it out, Jing Dan didn’t care about the movie playing in front of them. She pounced on He Ying, lowered her head to capture her lips, and then started exploring He Ying’s body just like she did last night!

He Ying, who was engrossed in the movie: “…”

The movie scenes in front of her immediately disappeared from her eyes, replaced by Jing Dan’s closed eyes and the faint light from the screen that she could still see in her peripheral vision.

He Ying: “…”

What does she want to do now!

The bright daylight in the room made He Ying feel a bit flustered for a moment — it was still broad daylight! Was she going to engage in indecent behavior in broad daylight!

However, Jing Dan had no idea how overwhelmed He Ying was feeling at the moment. She smiled happily, squinting her eyes as she kissed her lips, while her hands began to explore He Ying’s body with a strong sense of interest.

Taking advantage of the fact that she hadn’t entered yet, He Ying gritted her teeth slightly as she looked at Jing Dan pressing down on her. She narrowed her eyes suddenly, since it was like this, she couldn’t blame herself for moving up the timing to now. If Jing Dan didn’t care that it was daytime, why should she!

Having lived for over a hundred years more than Jing Dan, He Ying naturally had thicker skin!

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After figuring things out, He Ying decisively flipped over and pinned Jing Dan underneath her. Leaning close to her ear, her voice slightly husky, she said, “Originally, I planned to settle the score with you at night. But now that you’ve come to me, of course, I have to accept it.”

When someone she liked teased her again and again like this, she wasn’t one of those ascetic monks who could endure it. Besides, they were both mutually attracted to each other.

Finishing her words, she leaned over to kiss Jing Dan’s ear, the most sensitive and delicate part of her skin. As soon as she kissed her, Jing Dan looked at her in confusion and asked, “Why do I feel my body getting weak?”

If her body became weak, she wouldn’t be able to muster any strength to kiss He Ying! And shouldn’t it be her who’s on top of He Ying, kissing and caressing her at this moment? Why did the roles suddenly reverse?

He Ying chuckled softly, her breath once again gently brushing against Jing Dan’s soft ear, saying, “It’s okay. You’ll feel even softer in a moment.”

Jing Dan didn’t understand what He Ying meant, but after He Ying used the same actions on her that she had used on He Ying earlier, she finally understood what she meant.

As He Ying touched her, her body did indeed become softer, just as He Ying had said, and a strange sensation began to spread throughout her body. Her eyes gradually became moist, but in her mind, she couldn’t help but recall Hu Tu’s words, especially the key point.

Hu Tu had said that when He Ying couldn’t help but do something to her, she must learn well.

But she hadn’t even taken off He Ying’s clothes yet. Was He Ying unable to resist?

Unable to understand for a moment, but looking at the current situation, Hu Tu was really not lying to her. So, since that was the case, she began to open her eyes, watching He Ying’s every move and making a firm resolution to learn well and use it on He Ying!

He Ying still didn’t know what was going on in Jing Dan’s mind. Her hand came out from under Jing Dan’s shirt and then began to unbutton Jing Dan’s pajamas one by one.

At this moment, she felt particularly fortunate that they had changed into their pajamas and taken a nap after lunch. Now, these pajamas were convenient for her.

Watching He Ying’s movements, Jing Dan’s mind went blank for a moment. Wasn’t this what Hu Tu had taught her! Shouldn’t she be the one unbuttoning it herself!

She quickly grabbed He Ying’s hand, her expression serious as she said, “This is something I should do!”

He Ying: “???”

Her mind was full of confusion. What did it mean when she said this was something she should do?

Just as she was about to ask Jing Dan what she meant, she found that Jing Dan had already started to unbutton her own pajamas. After helping He Ying take off her clothes, Jing Dan began unbuttoning her own, her expression serious as if she was doing something extremely solemn.

He Ying: “…”

So, was she implying that she had to be the one to unbutton the pajamas? Why? Was this something that needed to be insisted upon?

He Ying’s mind was filled with a series of question marks, but when she saw Jing Dan stripping them both down, she chuckled softly.

How could there still be someone so proactive in stripping themselves bare and offering themselves to someone else’s mouth?

She lifted Jing Dan and embraced her, pressing closely together without any barriers. Both of them felt a slight tremor in their hearts. He Ying lowered her gaze to Jing Dan, leaned in close to her ear, and said in a low voice, “What comes next is the true meaning of getting undressed and sleeping naked.”

“Huh?” Is there another meaning behind getting naked and sleeping?

However, Jing Dan seemed to truly feel something different next. It wasn’t just about sleeping; it involved kissing and caressing. But she enjoyed He Ying treating her this way.

“He Ying,” Jing Dan murmured, her gaze misty, causing her vision to blur slightly. She watched as He Ying buried her head in her neck, then moved to her chest. Soft lips landed elsewhere. Was this the kind of feeling it was all about?

Jing Dan really wanted to focus and learn, but under He Ying’s every move, she just wanted to indulge with her.

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“Mm,” He Ying softly responded to her, her actions becoming even gentler, showing extreme care and affection.

Gradually moving downward, Jing Dan suddenly gripped He Ying’s long hair. The silky strands slid through her palm like silk, and she murmured He Ying’s name. This time, He Ying didn’t respond, but instead reached up to intertwine their fingers. After Jing Dan experienced a violent shudder, she lifted her head, gazing softly at He Ying. She then lifted her up and gently held her in her arms, soothing her trembling back bit by bit.

“Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

Jing Dan’s eyes became increasingly moist, even wetting her long lashes, giving her an undeserved touch of a pitiful look.

Growing increasingly tender, He Ying lowered her head to kiss Jing Dan’s eyes. After sensing Jing Dan calming down, she softly asked, “Did you like that feeling just now?”

Jing Dan still felt a bit dazed. She stared blankly at He Ying, loosely holding onto a handful of her hair. Gradually, she let go of the strands and lifted her hand to embrace He Ying. Murmuring, she said, “I liked it, liked it a lot.”

She buried her head in He Ying’s neck, imitating He Ying by extending her tongue to lick her neck, whispering, “I want more.” This feeling was very comfortable.

He Ying tilted her head back slightly, the barely visible Adam’s apple in her neck moving slowly. The hand holding Jing Dan tightened even more.

“Alright, I’ll give you more.”

He Ying’s gentle kisses landed on Jing Dan’s cheeks, then she looked at her watery and misty eyes, and smiled softly. Lovingly, she placed a kiss on her eyelids.

“Hmm—” The moisture in Jing Dan’s eyes increased, and her brows furrowed slightly, looking uncomfortable. He Ying’s kiss then landed on her forehead, and Jing Dan quietly breathed a sigh of relief, realizing it wasn’t too painful.

Next, He Ying’s hair once again fell into Jing Dan’s hand, not pulling too hard, but clearly showing her hair tightly grasped in Jing Dan’s palm.

“I-I like it.” Jing Dan’s gaze remained fixed on He Ying, unconsciously murmuring something or letting out a soft moan following He Ying’s teasing. Her heart and eyes were completely focused on the He Ying in front of her.

He Ying leaned down to kiss her, parting Jing Dan’s teeth, wanting to occupy any part of her body.

As time went on, Jing Dan felt that He Ying’s embrace seemed so small, sometimes even a bit tight, yet at the same time, it felt very spacious. It was as broad as the boundless sea, allowing her to toss and turn as she pleased, but never straying from this area of the sea.

In a moment of blank mind once again, Jing Dan’s last trace of rational thought reminded her to focus on studying properly, but did she really learn this time?

She leaned somewhat absentmindedly against He Ying’s chest. He Ying gently patted her back, waiting for all the waves of chaos to calm down, like the waves slowly rolling in on the shore, emanating a soothing comfort.

He Ying held her in her arms, helping her to calm down bit by bit, the smile on her lips never fading. She affectionately rubbed Jing Dan’s face, planning to take a bath with her later.

“You…” He Ying suddenly looked at Jing Dan, her expression slightly stunned, her mind momentarily blank.

Jing Dan raised her hand and looked at the moisture on her fingertips. She suddenly pursed her lips and chuckled lightly, as if she had found a common ground between them. Happily, she said, “You’re wet too!”

He Ying’s gaze subconsciously followed her actions and landed on her fingertips. “…”


Her face instantly flushed red, looking at Jing Dan’s oblivious expression, leaving her speechless.

How could she not have felt anything? She wasn’t a saint! Even when Jing Dan kissed her earlier, she felt it, let alone now when they were so thorough!

However, taking advantage of the moment when He Ying was left speechless, Jing Dan immediately flipped herself over and pressed down on top of He Ying. With a slight movement, she felt her body go weak, but recalling Hu Tu’s words, she encouraged herself in her heart!

Hu Tu had said to learn well when doing things with He Ying, to follow what He Ying did, and now that He Ying had acted late, should Jing Dan take the lead? This way, she could see how well she had learned. If she hadn’t learned well, she could ask He Ying to teach her more.

Next, to He Ying’s shock, she realized that everything she had done to Jing Dan before was now being used on herself!

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Looking at the head buried in her chest, He Ying was starting to feel a bit dazed, but she couldn’t resist Jing Dan’s actions.

She also wanted Jing Dan.

However, as Jing Dan moved emotionally, she also felt a strange sensation deep in her heart. She hadn’t expected that the ways she had used on Jing Dan were being replicated on herself one by one…

Jing Dan raised her head and climbed up, mimicking He Ying’s previous actions by gently patting her back and softly asking, “How am I doing? Have I learned well?”

He Ying’s head was still a bit blank, and though she seemed to hear Jing Dan’s question, she couldn’t respond immediately.

Seeing no reply from He Ying, Jing Dan thought she hadn’t done well in learning. So, she repeated the same actions as before, trying to perfect them. With each repetition, Jing Dan felt like she was mastering the skills more skillfully, and she could sense when He Ying was most excited.

“Hmm,” she looked happy, feeling more confident. If she couldn’t do it once, she would do it twice; if not in two attempts, then three. One day, she would do it very well!

Once again being swept away by the waves, He Ying was somewhat absent-minded as she thought, Jing Dan’s learning ability is really too strong, isn’t it? Could it be that talent also plays a part in this kind of thing?

But before she could gather herself, He Ying, with a furrowed brow like Jing Dan’s earlier, uncomfortably twisted her waist. Following this, Jing Dan’s kiss landed on her forehead, smoothing out the wrinkles and completely engulfing her rationality.

All the accumulated desires were slowly filled by Jing Dan, and He Ying raised her hand to hook her neck and kiss her, wanting to get even closer to her.

Seeing He Ying so fond of herself, Jing Dan’s eyes lit up. She felt closer to He Ying, enjoying the feeling of body and heart being closely connected.

Indeed, Hu Tu hadn’t deceived her. She and He Ying were truly becoming closer, judging from He Ying’s initiative in hooking her neck, she was sure that He Ying was getting more attached to her!

Jing Dan pursed her lips and chuckled lightly, growing to enjoy this even more.

She was comfortable, He Ying was comfortable, and at the same time, He Ying seemed to like her more. It was simply a situation with only positives and no negatives!

“Stop, stop, that’s enough,” He Ying’s voice sounded a bit hoarse. Why was Jing Dan getting even more excited? Wasn’t she tired?!

At that moment, the image of Jing Dan wielding the meteor hammer suddenly popped into her mind.


Comparatively, this bit of tiredness really didn’t seem like much.

Upon He Ying’s words, Jing Dan stopped, her expression still a bit regretful, appearing as if she wasn’t completely satisfied.

He Ying fell silent. She felt like her waist no longer belonged to her. The sky outside had already turned completely dark, yet Jing Dan’s expression was undeniably bright and refreshing, her gaze shining when looking at He Ying.

He Ying: “…” Don’t look, she couldn’t take it anymore.

She quietly touched her waist with one hand and suddenly felt a surge of refreshing sensation. She felt a bit embarrassed, realizing that even though she had taken the lead with Jing Dan at first, in the end, it was she who ended up completely subdued and devoured!

He Ying covered Jing Dan’s eyes with her hand and then hugged her in her arms to rest, feeling another sensation from Jing Dan’s gaze.

Holding Jing Dan, that genuine feeling made her particularly infatuated. She chuckled softly, feeling that every move of Jing Dan was especially beneficial to her.

Suddenly, she felt something and turned her head to see a panda cub standing on another pillow, looking at them with deep, gentle eyes.

He Ying: “…”

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