After Being Scummed – Chapter 36

Let the old love go with the wind!

Yin Bai really didn’t expect that when Zuo Jingyou got sick, she was a completely different person from her usual self. As Yin Bai leaned on her cane, helping Zuo Jingyou who was unsteady on her feet to walk out, Zuo Jingyou followed her unsteadily, and she asked in a dazed manner, “Are we really not going? Teacher Yin Bai, where are you taking me?”

Yin Bai held her feverish hand and patiently said, “We’re going to the hospital.”

Zuo Jingyou was puzzled, “Why are we going to the hospital?”

Yin Bai sighed deeply, but facing Zuo Jingyou in this state, she couldn’t blame her, so she gently whispered to Zuo Jingyou, “To get you medical attention. Teacher Zuo, do you know you have a fever?”

Zuo Jingyou blinked her eyes and spoke softly, “Yes, I know, but it’s not a big deal. Or is it that you’ve forgiven me?”

Yin Bai turned to look at Yang Yi, with an expression that said, “Your boss is in such a daze, how could you let her out like this?”

Yang Yi clasped her hands together, her whole face full of “please, please” expression.

Yin Bai could only sigh and lower her voice, comforting Zuo Jingyou like a child, “If you’re willing to get medical attention, I’ll reluctantly forgive you.”

Zuo Jingyou fell silent and obediently followed Yin Bai, heading to the hospital.

Perhaps due to not having slept all night, on the way to the hospital, Zuo Jingyou sat next to Yin Bai in the back of the car and closed her eyes, falling asleep in a drowsy state. Yin Bai watched her with her eyes closed, looking like she might startle awake at any moment. She reached out and gently rested Zuo Jingyou’s head on her shoulder to make her more comfortable as she slept.

A head rested on her shoulder, making Yin Bai feel a significant weight on her shoulder. However, she didn’t mind this sensation. Instead, being close to Teacher Zuo filled her with an indescribable sense of reassurance.

The thought that someone would attend her appointment even while being unwell warmed Yin Bai’s heart immensely. The feeling of being cherished by someone and having them on her mind was truly wonderful.

Thinking so, Yin Bai cleared her throat softly and whispered, “Yang Yi…”

Yang Yi, who was sitting in the last row with Zhang Yu, immediately straightened her posture and responded professionally, “What can I do for you, Director Yin?”

Yin Bai asked her in a hushed tone, “How did your boss end up in this state?”

Yang Yi sighed and explained to Yin Bai, “She’s been extremely busy with the post-production work lately, and she hasn’t been feeling well for a while. Last night, she had hotpot and was rushed to the emergency room in the middle of the night. They only administered an IV, and her fever hasn’t completely subsided yet, but she left the hospital.”

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Yin Bai absentmindedly tapped the handle of her cane with her fingers and pondered for a moment before saying, “As her assistant, you should have stopped her and made her prioritize her health.”

Yang Yi felt ashamed and replied, “You’re absolutely right.”

Yin Bai then asked, “Does she not have a personal assistant for her daily life?”

Yang Yi exclaimed in surprise, “Ah,” not quite sure why Yin Bai was asking this, but she honestly answered, “No, we are all work assistants.”

Yin Bai thought about lending a personal assistant to Zuo Jingyou for her daily life. She turned her head and glanced at Zhang Yu, who was still playing on her phone in the back, secretly thinking that Zhang Yu would be quite suitable for the role.

After a long journey, once they arrived at the hospital, they quickly got Zuo Jingyou settled in a hospital bed and began her intravenous treatment. Zuo Jingyou was already disoriented, and the IV further weakened her. Under Yin Bai’s gentle reassurance, she soon drifted off to sleep.

Perhaps due to her illness, Zuo Jingyou appeared much thinner than usual. Her black hair was disheveled, strands covering her pale face, accentuating her pallor and her slightly sunken chin.

Yin Bai sat by her bedside, quietly watching her rest on the bed with her eyes closed, and she couldn’t help but feel a twinge of pain deep down.

Zuo Jingyou, who appeared so mature, had acted so stubbornly. She was truly a girl who could make one worry.

With these thoughts in mind, Yin Bai felt it was her responsibility to plan for her good friend. She glanced at Zhang Yu, who was by the window, speaking quietly on the phone, and she gestured for her to come over.

Zhang Yu noticed immediately and ended her call, hurrying over to Yin Bai, asking eagerly, “BOSS, did you need something?”

Yin Bai leaned on her cane and stood up, lowering her voice as she said, “Let’s talk outside.”

Zhang Yu immediately followed her, and they left the hospital room. Yin Bai pointed to Zuo Jingyou’s room as Zhang Yu didn’t close the door, and she instructed, “Close the door.”

“Okay, okay,” Zhang Yu reached for the door handle, and with a creak, she closed the door. While the sound wasn’t very loud, it could have still woken someone from their sleep.

Yin Bai reached out and tapped Zhang Yu’s shoe gently, expressing her displeasure. She said, “Be more careful. This is a hospital, are you afraid you won’t wake the patient up with your noise?”

Zhang Yu withdrew her hand apologetically and lowered her voice, saying, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.”

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Standing next to Yin Bai, Zhang Yu looked at her expectantly, with a beaming smile, and said, “Boss, if you have something to discuss, we can talk about it now.”

Yin Bai, leaning on her cane, walked several meters until she reached a corner near the elevator. She cleared her throat softly and, somewhat hesitantly, said, “Well… Teacher Zuo has been really busy with work lately. Her film is scheduled for release in October, and the editing is almost done, but the promotional work is the main focus now.”

“She’s constantly on the move, and she isn’t great at taking care of herself, plus she doesn’t have a personal assistant for her daily life…”

Zhang Yu quickly understood Yin Bai’s intention and blinked at her, asking, “Boss, are you suggesting that I go with Teacher Zuo?”

Yin Bai nodded and said, “Yes, I’m thinking of lending you to her. After all, you give people a sense of security.” She tapped her cane on the floor and added with some hesitation, “And I’m not sure if I’m being overly meddlesome by doing this. But seeing her like this today, I’m quite concerned.”

Yin Bai paused and looked at Zhang Yu earnestly, asking, “Do you think I should discuss this with her? And I also want to ask you, the business trip will last around half a year, are you willing?”

Zhang Yu held her heart, looking at Yin Bai with an expression that seemed as if her maternal instincts were melting her. She was deeply touched and said, “Boss, you’ve changed so much. You’re so considerate now, and you don’t seem like a hard-nosed executive at all!”

Seeing Zhang Yu’s expression, Yin Bai furrowed her brow and took a step back, leaning on her cane. She said, “Why are you giving me that creepy look? I’m trying to discuss something with you. Give me an answer, don’t make things up.”

That kind of motherly look sent shivers down one’s spine.

Zhang Yu gave Yin Bai a reproachful look and theatrically sighed, “Oh my, I don’t have any objections. After all, I’m your employee, and business trips are a common thing. Besides, being with Teacher Zuo, I’ll get to meet a lot of celebrities, and I can’t ask for more.”

Yin Bai replied coldly, “Oh! Being with me doesn’t let you meet even more celebrities, I’m really sorry for you!”

Zhang Yu winked at her and said playfully, “Boss, don’t say that. After all, you do pay me a good salary. I’m willing to go on this business trip. However, whether Teacher Zuo is willing to accept me is up to you.”

Zhang Yu sighed and added seriously, “Teacher Zuo isn’t an easy person to convince. Boss, you have to think carefully about how to persuade her.”

Zhang Yu felt that her boss was fond of Zuo Jingyou to the extent that she was even willing to lend her, so it seemed like she really valued Zuo Jingyou!

Yin Bai, leaning on her cane, muttered softly, “What else can be the reason? Isn’t it just because I’m genuinely worried about her as a friend?”

Zhang Yu thought it made sense and started giving Yin Bai advice, “If that’s the case, when you talk to her, state your reasons clearly and let Teacher Zuo weigh the pros and cons. Then, you can introduce me. You can say something like I don’t have any other merits, but I’m good at finding good food, and I’ll make sure Teacher Zuo doesn’t end up with another stomachache!”

Yin Bai found that reasoning sensible, nodded, and began discussing with Zhang Yu.

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Just then, the elevator doors nearby opened, and two people wearing high heels stepped out.

Upon hearing the footsteps, Yin Bai raised her head and looked in the direction of the approaching individuals with a sense of recognition.

Yin Bai’s gaze immediately landed on the woman who was walking at the front. She was wearing a shimmering gold pleated dress and had sunglasses on. She had fair skin, raven-black hair, and crimson lips.

Even with the sunglasses, Yin Bai recognized her at first glance. Her body’s reaction overtook her conscious thought, and Yin Bai blurted out, “Xiao Nian!”

Xiao Nian, who was walking towards her, turned to look at Yin Bai upon hearing the call. Upon seeing Yin Bai standing at the corner with Zhang Yu, she removed her sunglasses and raised an eyebrow as she gazed at her. “CEO Yin? What are you doing here?”

Xiao Nian instinctively assessed her for a moment and asked with uncertainty, “Are you… sick?”

Yin Bai shook her head, saying, “No, I’m fine.”

Leaning on her cane, Yin Bai scrutinized Xiao Nian for a moment, and since she appeared to be in good health and not ill, she asked, “You look perfectly healthy. Why are you at the hospital? Don’t tell me you’re sick?”

Over a year had passed since their last encounter. Xiao Nian had already married, and even though there might have been lingering resentment, she had mostly come to terms with the situation.

Xiao Nian hadn’t expected to meet Yin Bai today, and especially not to have such a familiar yet distant conversation with her. She looked into Yin Bai’s beautiful gray-blue eyes and found no trace of bitterness or residual affection, which somewhat eased her.

Xiao Nian lowered her voice and explained, “No, I’m just here to visit someone.”

Yin Bai realized, “Are you here to visit your mother? Has your mother been transferred to this hospital?”

When Yin Bai first met Xiao Nian, she was going through the most significant storm in her life. Her father went bankrupt, leaving behind millions in debt, and disappeared. Her mother, unable to bear the burden, attempted suicide by jumping off a building but ended up in a severe, paralyzed condition due to the fall.

As a young woman, Xiao Nian had to shoulder her father’s debt and take care of her critically ill mother in the vibrant entertainment industry, which was like a colorful but perilous whirlpool.

At one point, she almost fell into a trap set by her agent and was almost taken to the bed of a wealthy individual, but Yin Bai intervened and saved her. The young and rebellious heir to a conglomerate had money, which was precisely what Xiao Nian needed. Misunderstanding that Xiao Nian was selling herself for money, Yin Bai spent a considerable sum to bring her close.

Since then, Xiao Nian had incurred a significant debt. Over the past few years, she had to use all her energy and resources to repay this debt.

But she also knew that some things couldn’t be repaid.

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

Xiao Nian looked at Yin Bai, who had no traces of the paranoia from that day on her face, and it seemed like something deep within her heart had slightly shifted. She smiled nonchalantly and said, “No, my mother is in another hospital, and she’s doing well. I’m here to visit someone else.”

She observed Yin Bai’s expression curiously and asked, “By the way, you haven’t told me why you’re in the hospital. You’re not here to visit a patient like me, are you?”

To Xiao Nian’s knowledge, Yin Bai didn’t seem to have many friends. She was even certain that, before this, Yin Bai didn’t have any close friends or relatives who were worth visiting in person.

Surprisingly, Yin Bai nodded earnestly and said, “Yes, that’s right. I’m accompanying a friend. She has gastritis and is unwell.”

Xiao Nian was momentarily taken aback, but she soon smiled and said, “Is that so? Then I wish your friend a speedy recovery.”

Yin Bai tapped her cane on the ground and replied, “Thank you, and the same to you.”

Xiao Nian hesitated for a moment and then added, “Yin Bai, the red coral you gave me that day is really beautiful, and I love it. Thank you.”

Yin Bai instantly recalled the red coral Xiao Nian was referring to; it was the gift she had sent on the day of Xiao Nian’s wedding. Yin Bai smiled and responded, “I’m glad you like it. I need to get back to my friend now. Goodbye.”


Yin Bai, using her cane, pulled Zhang Yu by her sleeve and hurriedly walked away.

Xiao Nian watched their receding figures for a while, sighed softly, and then turned to her assistant, saying, “Let’s continue.”

Xiao Nian walked away with the sound of her high heels gradually fading.

As the clicking sound of the high heels grew more distant, Yin Bai stopped in her tracks and looked at Zhang Yu, asking eagerly, “How did I come across just now? Did I appear very composed, as if I didn’t care about her at all?”

Zhang Yu nodded and said, “Yes, you seemed to have let go completely. If you hadn’t said anything just now, I would almost believe you had forgotten about Teacher Xiao.”

Yin Bai bit her lower lip, somewhat helplessly saying, “How could I ever forget her?”

After a moment of melancholy, Yin Bai took Zhang Yu’s hand and said cheerfully, “Forget about Xiao Nian. Let’s practice how to approach Teacher Zuo later!”

“Sure, BOSS.”

As for past love, just let it go with the wind!

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