After Being Scummed – Chapter 99

Extra 3: Brilliance of Youth 4

Upon hearing Zuo Jingyou mention the gift, Yin Bai pursed her lips and revealed a rare trace of shyness, saying, “I didn’t tell you in advance, so it’s okay about the gift. I would be very happy if you could accompany me home today.”

Zuo Jingyou arched her eyebrows and smiled, saying, “You can’t put it that way. Eating is one thing, and gifts are another.”

Zuo Jingyou reached out and gently held Yin Bai’s hand, giving her a tender smile. “How could I not give a gift to my good friend on her birthday?”

Yin Bai continued to decline, saying, “I’ve already said it’s not necessary…”

“It’s not a matter of whether it’s necessary or not.” Zuo Jingyou turned her head and called out to the driver in the front seat, “Driver sister, can you stop at the shopping mall up ahead?”

The driver sister readily agreed with a smile, “Sure.”

Soon, the car stopped at the entrance of the mall. Zuo Jingyou quickly got out of the car, and Yin Bai grabbed the hem of her clothes, asking anxiously, “Where are you going?”

Zuo Jingyou flicked her forehead with her finger and answered with a smile, “I’m going to buy you a gift, my dear friend.”

Zuo Jingyou opened the car door and got out, walking lightly towards the mall. “Wait for me, I’ll be back in five minutes.”

She said five minutes, but Yin Bai waited in the car for ten minutes. Those ten minutes were incredibly long, so long that Yin Bai couldn’t help but call Zuo Jingyou.

She urged Zuo Jingyou on the phone to hurry up, and Zuo Jingyou coaxed her, saying, “I’ll be quick, just wait a little longer.”

Yin Bai grumbled on the phone, saying something about not wanting a gift. Zuo Jingyou snorted and said that even if she didn’t want it, she would still give it.

The two of them talked on the phone for a while, and then Zuo Jingyou came running towards Yin Bai, holding a huge Doraemon plush doll.

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

Yin Bai, sitting in the car, was stunned when she saw Zuo Jingyou approaching with the large Doraemon in her arms. She held her phone and watched as Zuo Jingyou came closer, bent down, and stuffed the enormous Doraemon into her arms. She blinked and asked, “So, you got off the car to buy this as my birthday gift?”

Zuo Jingyou bent over and got into the car, reaching out to close the door and fasten her seatbelt. She answered, “Yeah, time was too short, so I could only think of buying something like this.”

Zuo Jingyou turned her head, looked at Yin Bai holding the large plush doll, and smiled, saying, “Didn’t you say you really liked Doraemon before? Now I’m giving you such a big one. Do you like it?”

Yin Bai couldn’t help but raise the corners of her mouth. She lifted her hand to touch Doraemon and said insincerely, “Do you think I’m a child? I’m already an adult. Do I really need such a big plush doll to sleep with?”

Zuo Jingyou smirked and whispered to her, “Who asked you to sleep with it… So, do you like it?”

Yin Bai snorted and didn’t answer.

Zuo Jingyou reached out and held her hand, softened her gaze, and coquettishly said, “Answer me quickly. If I bought a gift you don’t like, wouldn’t it be a wasted trip for me? That would be so heartbreaking.”

She said she was heartbroken, but there was no trace of sadness in her expression. Yin Bai arrogantly snorted and reluctantly answered, “Alright, alright, I like it.”

“Oh, that’s good then. As long as you like it,” Zuo Jingyou breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Yin Bai, saying earnestly, “Happy birthday, my dear friend!”

Yin Bai couldn’t help but smile and pursed her lips, feeling a little embarrassed as she replied, “Thank you… I really appreciate it, Zuo Jingyou.”

After receiving the gift, Yin Bai, with a joyful heart, led Zuo Jingyou back to her home.

The Yin family currently resided on a private peninsula in the Songshan District. The car drove through the bright peninsula road, heading deeper into the peninsula.

As Zuo Jingyou sat in the car, she noticed the scarce human presence along the way, except for a very conspicuous and expansive villa on the mountainside. She jokingly remarked, “Are there only your family on this peninsula?”

Yin Bai pondered for a moment and explained to Zuo Jingyou, “Hmm, yes, it’s just our family. My grandmother told me that this used to be the place where my great-grandfather lived. Everyone moved away, and she bought this entire peninsula and built a house here…”

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

Zuo Jingyou was momentarily stunned but then smiled, “That’s quite an eye-opener.”

Zuo Jingyou had always known that Yin Bai came from a wealthy family, but she didn’t expect it to be to this extent. Although her own family was also well-off, she was still dazzled by the sheer opulence of Yin Bai’s family.

Yin Bai, seeing her reaction, became somewhat uneasy. Holding Doraemon, she looked at Zuo Jingyou earnestly and said, “Actually, my family isn’t anything special. It’s just that my grandmother is particularly astute in business and has also worked on several infrastructure projects for the government… She worked hard her whole life and used her savings to buy an island…”

“But she also told me that in the future, this island will be donated to the government, and only this house will remain for us to live in…”

“So there’s really nothing extraordinary about my family.”

Yin Bai thought for a moment and added, “Of course, my grandmother is still extraordinary.”

Zuo Jingyou smiled and couldn’t help but pinch Yin Bai’s cheek, saying, “I know, I know. Your grandmother is truly remarkable!”

The car soon arrived at the estate and stopped at the entrance of the grand villa. Zuo Jingyou opened the door and got out, holding the stuffed toy for Yin Bai, and embracing her waist to help her out of the car.

Zuo Jingyou held Doraemon for her, and together with Yin Bai, who was using a cane, they walked towards the house.

Just as they reached the entrance, an elderly person with a head full of white hair and a spirited demeanor walked out of the house. Seeing Yin Bai, she affectionately called out, “Xiaobai!”

Yin Bai looked up and revealed a radiant smile that Zuo Jingyou had never seen before. Like a well-behaved child, she replied, “Grandma, I’m back!”

Grandma Yin walked up to Yin Bai, took her hand, and looked at Zuo Jingyou with a beaming smile. She kindly asked, “Oh, Xiaobai, this is such a rare occasion. How did you bring such a beautiful girl back for Grandma?”

Grandma Yin looked at Zuo Jingyou and, with kindness and affection, asked, “Girl, what’s your name?”

Zuo Jingyou, holding Doraemon, looked at the slim and healthy Grandma Yin in front of her and sweetly smiled, saying, “Hello, Grandma. I’m Zuo Jingyou, Yin Bai’s senior at school.”

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

“Oh, you’re her senior. I thought you were classmates. No wonder you seem much more mature and steady than Xiaobai.”

Grandma Yin replied as she supported Yin Bai and walked inside, turning her head to look at Zuo Jingyou as she continued, “Oh my, you came without telling us, and Xiaobai didn’t mention it either. I don’t know what you like to eat…”

“Oh, right! The kitchen is still preparing the dishes. My chef here is amazing, can make any dish. If you want to eat something, let Grandma know now, and she’ll have it prepared.”

Although Grandma Yin was known for her decisive and uncompromising nature in the business world, when she returned home and faced her beloved granddaughter, she was just like any ordinary doting grandmother, showering her with affection.

She loved everything related to Yin Bai and, in the process, extended her love to Zuo Jingyou, who Yin Bai brought home.

Zuo Jingyou, with her brows slightly furrowed, replied obediently, “Grandma, I’m not picky. I’ll eat whatever you eat.”

Grandma Yin beamed with joy and said, “You have such a pleasant way of speaking, my dear. You should come home often with Xiaobai and visit.”

Zuo Jingyou nodded obediently and replied, “Okay.”

Yin Bai turned her head and glanced at Zuo Jingyou, thinking to herself that she truly knew how to sugarcoat her words. Grandma is really happy that she brought her home.

Grandma Yin took Yin Bai to the sofa and asked one of the housekeepers to help take the gift from her hand to Yin Bai’s room. She also instructed someone to prepare a guest room for Zuo Jingyou.

After all this, Grandma Yin finally sat beside Zuo Jingyou and held her hand, asking her all sorts of questions.

She asked Zuo Jingyou how old she was and who was in her family.

Zuo Jingyou replied, “I’m nineteen years old. My family is relatively small. It’s just my mother and my older sister.”

Grandma Yin was somewhat surprised and couldn’t help but ask, “So, your parents are divorced?”

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

Yin Bai, who was listening attentively by the side, perked up her ears like a little animal, waiting for Zuo Jingyou’s response.

Zuo Jingyou shook her head and smiled, saying, “No, my father was a soldier. When I was eight years old, he sacrificed his life for the country.”

Upon hearing this, Grandma Yin looked at her with an added layer of compassion in her eyes and said, “Poor child. It must have been tough for your mother to raise you and your sister alone.”

Zuo Jingyou lowered her gaze and softly replied, “Yes, it was tough. But fortunately, my sister was already able to help with the household chores back then, so we didn’t suffer much when we were little, Grandma.”

Grandma Yin couldn’t help but hold her hand and kept expressing her heartfelt empathy, saying, “Oh, you’re truly a girl who deserves to be cherished.”

Grandma Yin couldn’t help but express her fondness for Zuo Jingyou, holding her hand with a loving expression. Yin Bai, who was left on the side, became a little unwilling. She snorted and said, with a hint of annoyance, “It wasn’t easy for you to raise me either, Grandma. You’ve worked hard too!”

Upon hearing Yin Bai’s grumbling, Grandma Yin turned her head and looked at her with affectionate eyes filled with a smile.

Grandma Yin reached out and tapped Yin Bai’s forehead, affectionately saying, “You little troublemaker, it’s not hard for Grandma at all. My little troublemaker is the one who goes through the most hardships.”

With a sigh, Grandma Yin looked at Zuo Jingyou and said, “Our Xiaobai has also had a tough time. Her parents passed away early, and she’s left with just an old lady like me to accompany her.”

“Dear, since you and Xiaobai get along so well, treat her like a sister in the future. Come to our home more often, spend time with us, and keep this old lady company.”

Zuo Jingyou looked at Yin Bai in surprise, nodded earnestly, and said, “Grandma doesn’t need to say that specifically. I already consider Yin Bai as my little sister. As long as you don’t find me annoying, I’ll come often.”

They continued their conversation for a while until the housekeeper announced that the food was ready. Zuo Jingyou helped Yin Bai up, and they walked together towards the dining table.

They were standing close to each other, and Yin Bai snorted and sarcastically said, “Who said you’re my sister? I haven’t acknowledged you as my sister, hmph!”

Zuo Jingyou raised an eyebrow, leaned against Yin Bai’s shoulder, and softly asked, “I didn’t say you must call me sister. Xiaobai, did I?~”

Oh no, I’ve been taken advantage of!

Yin Bai turned her head and glanced at Zuo Jingyou, who had a slight smile on her face, and then gave an arrogant snort.

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theyre so cute with their banter in this college AU

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