Panda Cub – Chapter 3


She was a beauty that soothes the heart, a beauty that’s not cliché. If she really compared, Jing Dan still preferred the woman from last night.

Jing Dan took the business card with a lift of her hand. Although she really didn’t want to chat, considering the guidance from her aunt, now that she was in human society, she couldn’t act as unrestrained as before. Also, given that Zhihuan Entertainment was currently a leading company in the entertainment industry, and she’d inevitably cross paths with them again, there was no need to start off on such a stiff footing.

“Then I’ll graciously accept President Xu’s kind offer.”

Seeing her indifferent demeanor, the interest in Xu Zhihuan’s eyes grew even stronger.

“There’s a banquet the day after tomorrow. I hope Miss Jing would do us the honor of attending.”

As she spoke, she leaned in closer and closer, her skirt grazing Jing Dan’s leg, brushing lightly over the fabric of her trousers, not very noticeable, but still enough for Jing Dan to sense it.

Her heart skipped a beat, and a somewhat intense rose fragrance hit her, causing her to feel slightly uncomfortable and step back.

Jing Dan: “…Okay.”

Not only was this person not as attractive as that woman, but even the scent she wore was not as pleasant and soothing.

“Huh? Miss Jing, what are you stepping back for?” However, Xu Zhihuan seemed as if she had seen something amusing, the smile on her face deepening with meaning as she leisurely stepped closer to Jing Dan.

This time Jing Dan didn’t back away, keeping a cool expression she spoke in a flat tone: “President Xu’s perfume is too strong, I can’t stand the smell.”

Straightforward and bold, she didn’t mince her words at all.

Xu Zhihuan at first was stunned, then burst into laughter, saying, “You don’t like this scent? Then I won’t use it anymore, okay?”

Jing Dan looked down, putting some more distance between them, “Whether I like it or not is not important.”

She felt that if she had stepped back any later just now, this woman’s intentions wouldn’t have been as simple as just her skirt brushing against her leg.

“It’s quite important,” Xu Zhihuan said with a meaningful tone, but thankfully she didn’t linger on the matter after that, “At the banquet the day after tomorrow, many popular stars from the entertainment industry will be invited. Miss Jing, remember to come.”

After saying this, she left promptly.

Jing Dan subtly wrinkled her nose, deciding not to dwell on her any longer; instead, she turned her attention to the snacks nearby.

Having a little for herself wouldn’t be a problem, right?

“President Xu, taken a fancy to her?” someone nudged Xu Zhihuan’s shoulder.

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Xu Zhihuan’s gaze hadn’t yet shifted away from Jing Dan; she lifted her glass leisurely and took a sip, saying with a smile, “Don’t you think her serious demeanor makes people curious to see what she’d look like unravelled?”

The other person watched along with her for a moment, nodding in agreement, “But she’s Jing Shiyue’s person.”

Someone who can walk sideways in this place—a person of influence.

Xu Zhihuan finally pulled her gaze back and looked at the person with a raised eyebrow, “So what if she’s Jing Shiyue’s person? No matter how powerful, can she stop her niece from having someone she likes?”

The person immediately got the hint and couldn’t hold back a laugh, giving Xu Zhihuan a thumbs up.

“True to form, President Xu, always full of confidence.”

Xu Zhihuan remained noncommittal, but the corner of her eye betrayed an increasing determination to win over Jing Dan.

It had been a long time since she had come across someone she was so eager to have.

On the way back from the wine reception, Jing Shiyue glanced at the woman beside her, sitting upright, exuding a cool and detached air, and spoke in a deep voice, “What are you munching on?”

It should have been a pretty picture, yet why did her mouth keep moving? Couldn’t she stick to the role she was supposed to play?!

Jing Dan turned her head and opened her right hand in front of her, revealing two cute little green pastries. She asked, “Do you want one too?”

Jing Shiyue: “…”

Feeling a bit exhausted, she leaned her hand against the car window and rested her forehead against her palm, almost in a tone of loving frustration, “Jing Dan! Can’t you aim a bit higher?”

Born into their Jing family, was there ever anything she lacked to eat? Why does she get stuck on food like there’s no going forward on the road?!

Jing Dan immediately closed her hand and silently hastened to swallow the food in her mouth.

With her current look, if she were to have two panda ears on her head, they would definitely be drooping down.

Jing Shiyue sighed deeply. Well, at least she managed to play the part well enough in front of others.

“What did that Xu Zhihuan say to you earlier?”

Even though she was exchanging pleasantries with others, she kept an eye on Jing Dan the whole time, and naturally, she noticed Xu Zhihuan, who was always sending out flirtatious vibes to Jing Dan.

This made her vigilant; Xu Zhihuan was a woman who feared neither man nor woman in her games, and she didn’t want Jing Dan to fall into her trap.

“She asked me to attend her banquet the day after tomorrow,” Jing Dan said somewhat glumly.

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“Did you agree?”

“Yeah, I have to interact with her eventually.”

Jing Shiyue nodded, “But I’ve told you what kind of person she is, so be careful on your own.”


Upon hearing this, Jing Shiyue knew she didn’t take it to heart at all and let out a gentle sigh.

The next evening, still in her little panda form, cuddling a bottle of milk while dozing off on the bed, Jing Dan received a phone call from her friend Hu Tu.

A sly red fox.

“Come out, there’s a happening here tonight, come add to the fun!”

The soft, coquettish voice contained a buoyant lilt, reminiscent of someone who slurs slightly after drinking too much.

But along with it came the booming music and the noise of the crowd, Jing Dan didn’t have to think twice to know where she was.

“I’m not coming, I don’t want to drink.” Her refusal was direct and firm; she also didn’t like the atmosphere in the bars, always finding them too noisy.

“No way! You must come out! I’ve made a bet with them, and I’ll have to foot the bill if you don’t show up!” Hu Tu’s voice heightened, then she switched to a more serious tone of persuasion: “Come on, do come, don’t become an island unto yourself, you’ve got to go out and soak up some social energy!”

In a flash of white light, the little panda lying on the bed transformed into a tall woman with long legs, and the milk bottle rolled onto her lap, which she quickly snatched up with fast hands.

Light brows knitted together in reluctance, and said slowly, “If you have to pay, then just pay. It’s not like you’re short on cash.”

“I don’t care; you need to come out now, to Zuiye here! Quick, don’t make me go to your place to drag you out!”

With that, she hung up the call abruptly.

Jing Dan wrinkled her nose, but ultimately resigned herself to getting up and changing clothes. Before leaving, she didn’t forget to finish the bottle of milk, then headed to the location Hu Tu had mentioned.

She had been there once before, led by Hu Tu. Inside, regardless of gender, people were tangled together on the dance floor, which had seemed quite odd to her at the time. The dance she had seen humans perform wasn’t like this, was it?

By the time she arrived, following Hu Tu’s directions to find her reserved booth, the semi-circular seat was already filled with many people, most of whom were already drunk and couldn’t tell who was who.

She rolled her eyes internally, wondering why she had been called here if everyone was already drunk to the point of confusion. To pay the bill, perhaps?

“Jing Dan!”

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Hu Tu was the first to spot her, stumbling over with a sway, draping a hand over her shoulder with a voice that unconsciously raised in volume, “Here, let me introduce you to some new friends!”

With that, she pushed Jing Dan in front of everyone, boasting with pride, “How about that! She looks good, doesn’t she!”

Immediately, like showcasing a prize, Hu Tu thrust Jing Dan forward, just like an old father boasting about his well-behaved daughter.

Jing Dan: “…”

Her face was expressionless, even somewhat eager to leave as soon as possible.

“This one, He Ying! Now runs her own dance troupe! She dances beautifully! Won quite a few awards too!”

Jing Dan glanced casually in the direction Hu Tu pointed, but suddenly froze, her gaze locking onto that person and not moving away.

It was her.

The woman who had embraced her while digging for bamboo shoots.

Thinking of that night, her expression grew even colder, staring at this woman who still looked attractively eye-catching even in the dim light, and snorted coldly.

From their first encounter, she was touchy-feely, obviously someone who’s very casual.

Jing Dan mentally gave her a negative score.

He Ying, who had been sitting, stood up and slowly revealed a captivating, shallow smile at Jing Dan, sizing her up with interest.

Jing Dan had caught her attention the moment she appeared; after all, a woman as beautiful as her shone brightly wherever she went, especially given the air about her that clashed starkly with the glitz and glam of this place.

If it were just about looks, that would be one thing – the world isn’t short of beautiful people, though few are as pretty as her. He Ying considered herself quite attractive too.

However, what really piqued her interest wasn’t Jing Dan’s beauty but the look in her eyes and her attitude towards He Ying.

That look, as if she knew her, coupled with her demeanor, told He Ying that even if Jing Dan had met her before, her impression wasn’t a good one.

Yet, He Ying had no memory of such a person, so where did this prejudice come from?

“Miss Jing, Hu Tu has told me a lot about you. Meeting you now, you’re indeed as beautiful as Hu Tu described, so much so that one would desire to pull you into an embrace.”

That was actually far from the truth; with the way Jing Dan looked, someone with even the slightest weakness of mind would find it difficult to even get close to her, let alone pull her into an embrace.

Jing Dan: “…”

She glanced at Hu Tu, whose expression was now becoming sheepish, and understood she was still hung up on that time she was a panda and was embraced by her.

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

Receiving Jing Dan’s look, Hu Tu’s expression became even more embarrassed. She shot He Ying a look, signaling her to stop talking—who knew she would blurt out something Hu Tu said in passing while drunk!

However, after He Ying finished speaking, Jing Dan let out a cold snort through her nose and, not even glancing at her, found a random spot to sit down, mentally labeling He Ying with a specific word.


To say she wanted to pull her into an embrace upon their second meeting! Was that something a decent person would say?

At this moment, Jing Dan had completely forgotten about the time she held her and spent most of the night digging bamboo shoots.

Receiving another cold shoulder, He Ying raised an eyebrow, her interest in Jing Dan deepening.

How big must one’s bias be to dislike someone to this extent?

Seeing Jing Dan completely ignore He Ying, Hu Tu also felt a bit embarrassed. She whispered to He Ying, “Don’t mind her; that’s just how she is. Look, she’s not engaging with anyone else either.”

Although it was true that the others were too drunk to even greet her.

“It’s fine, I find it quite adorable,” He Ying chuckled lightly, glancing at Jing Dan who was eating fruit with a hint of amusement in her eyes, finding her quite the character.

Coming to a bar without drinking and just staring at the fruit plate – unusual, isn’t it?

Hu Tu choked, almost suspecting that He Ying had discovered Jing Dan’s true identity.

Cute? Sure, Jing Dan, in her panda form, is quite cute, but to call her human form ‘cute’ – they’re not even remotely related.

Watching He Ying’s keen interest, Hu Tu eventually chose to keep her mouth shut.

Given that He Ying frequently appears in the entertainment circle, and Jing Dan’s company is also in the entertainment industry, it would be good for them to know each other and network.

Thinking this, Hu Tu felt it was a pity He Ying didn’t act because, even without any acting skills, her looks could most likely boost her to top celebrity status thanks to fans who prioritize beauty.

However, regardless of what Hu Tu was pondering, He Ying had already sat next to Jing Dan and even brought over some snacks, considerately asking, “What’s up? Haven’t had dinner?”

Jing Dan gave her a casual glance and kept her high-cold front, choosing not to speak.

Following her aunt’s advice – make others think she is not to be trifled with, then scare her away!

The author has something to say:

Luanluan: Jing Xiaodan, stop dropping mentions of ‘auntie’ left and right; it makes you sound like an ‘auntie’s girl’!

In front of strangers, Jing Xiaodan: Still, this lady is good-looking, smells nice, and her embrace is comfortable.

In front of He Ying, Jing Xiaodan: This person getting touchy-feely the first time we meet, how casual! Frivolous!

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