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Just like a suggestion box, feel free to give me your ideas. I’ll pick one suggestion after I finish translating one of the five novels. I’ll be picking a new novel each time I finish one, as long as I always have five novels in progress.

Thank you for reading and support!

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Hi! I would love to see this translated 😀 恶女重生后变怂了


Hello! Can I suggest 我为鱼肉 (Wo Wei Yu Rou) (At Her Mercy) by: 宁远 (Ning Yuan)?

EDIT: oh sorry I think I found out this is licensed? I’m not sure if it is confirmed! If it is, I’ll suggest:

君澜天下 (Jun Lan Tian Xia) (The Sovereign Makes Waves Across the World)
by: 醉风林 (Zui Feng Lin)

Thanks and sorry!

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Hi if you don’t mind to translate this one
It’s super interesting


Hello, authornim! I would love to see the story of Pigeon’s don’t coo get translated. The title is “So I stop being the white moonlight”. I believe it is ongoing or nearly completed in jjwc. I also want to recommend the story “How come you still have this side of you”, it is from the author of “She is the protagonist”, they kind of have a similar plot, but these stories are both good. I hope they get translated.


Please translate the latest extra of flying gulls never land… I have no mtl version of this

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Please translate the last(latest)extra ch-260 of thriller trainee too


This novel is unlimited flow, horror gl. Please translate

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