Miss Forensics – Chapter 77.1


Lin Yan carefully placed the neatly folded origami crane into a glass jar, closed the lid, and took out a bottle of red wine from the liquor cabinet. She poured the wine into a tall glass and slowly returned to the bedroom. The night light in the corridor cast a slightly somber glow on her face.

She closed the bedroom door, sat at the bedside, took a sip of wine, furrowed her brows slightly, and then took out a box of pills from the drawer. She opened it and dropped two pills into the wine glass. She swirled it gently, and small bubbles emerged at the edge of the glass, quickly dissipating into nothingness.

Only then did she lift the glass and drink it all in one gulp. As she waited for the effects of the medication to take hold, she leaned against the headboard and picked up her phone.

The message inbox was empty.

Damn it, Song Yuhang, if you’re going to leave, at least send a text message.

Maybe she went back to accompany that mother and daughter. After all, they are the real family, what does she matter? No matter how close they are, she is ultimately just an outsider.

Moreover, a woman’s intuition tells her that every time Song Yuhang mentions her sister-in-law and avoids the topic, there must be something more to it. It’s not just a simple sister-in-law relationship.

Just because she doesn’t bring it up or ask doesn’t mean she’s oblivious.

They’re treating her like a fool.

The more Lin Yan thought about it, the more uncomfortable she felt. She placed her hand on her forehead and let out a sigh. The combined effects of alcohol and medication made her feel a bit light-headed. Her body was tired, but her mind was still clear. The restlessness caused by her bad mood even catalyzed the emergence of another desire.

She desperately wanted to find an outlet, grasping her phone as if it were a life-saving straw. She scrolled through her contacts and dialed the first number, Song Yuhang’s.

“Sorry, the number you have dialed is currently unavailable.”

Lin Yan tugged at the corner of her lips, shook her head, and laughed. She randomly selected another phone number and dialed it.

The next morning, Song Yuhang emerged from the interrogation room with dark circles under her eyes. She quickly washed her face, put on her uniform, and lay down on the bunk bed in the duty room. She began calling Lin Yan, but before the call went through, she had already fallen asleep.

It wasn’t until close to the start of her shift when people started coming in and out of the duty room that Song Yuhang woke up, looking haggard. She grabbed a mouthwash cup and headed to the washroom to freshen up. While brushing her teeth, she placed her phone on the sink and made a call.

After a while, still, no one answered.

Song Yuhang furrowed her brows. What was the point of not answering calls all night?

She glanced at her watch. Oh well, it’s Monday today. Lin Yan should be coming to work. If she doesn’t show up, maybe she’ll find some time to visit her home.

A colleague passed by her side and said, “Captain Song, Old Zheng is going out to buy food. What would you like to eat?”

Song Yuhang picked up a towel to wipe her face and replied, “I’ll go. I’ve been up all night, so it’s a good opportunity to get some fresh air.”

Everyone in the municipal bureau knew that she was easygoing and didn’t put on airs, even after being promoted. They immediately smiled and said, “Sure, we’ll let Captain Song know how many portions to order via the phone.”

Song Yuhang smiled and said, “No problem. By the way, there’s a work summary meeting at 9AM this morning. Director Feng will also be there. Make sure to inform everyone, including the Technical Investigation and Criminal Investigation units. No one can be absent.”

“Yes!” The colleague saluted and walked away.

Song Yuhang picked up her wallet and phone and went out.

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At the corner of the street, she bought breakfast from a street vendor. As Song Yuhang turned around, holding a large bag of youtiao(fried dough stick), soy milk, buns, and pancakes, she saw Lin Yan stepping out of a luxury sports car.

The man who opened the car door for her was in his early thirties, dressed in a well-fitted suit, looking quite sharp.

Lin Yan was wearing a modified qipao dress. Despite the cold winter, the hemline was slit open up to her thighs, accentuating her curvaceous figure. She had a small piece of fur draped over her shoulders to shield her from the wind. Her brown curls cascaded softly over her shoulders, and at first glance, she exuded a charming allure.

Song Yuhang’s gaze was captivated by her. She watched as the man placed his hand on Lin Yan’s shoulder, then slid it down to her arm while talking to her. Surprisingly, Lin Yan didn’t refuse his advances. In fact, she was even smiling and exchanging pleasantries with him.

She often did this kind of thing.

Song Yuhang felt an inexplicable anger surge to her head, grinding her teeth in frustration.

She strode forward with determination, and by the time she reached them, the man had already driven away. Lin Yan, humming a song, swung her shoulder bag and walked towards the bureau alone.

Song Yuhang followed her. “Where were you last night? Why didn’t you answer my calls?”

Lin Yan looked at her strangely. “Oh, isn’t this Captain Song? How come you’ve stooped to doing the work of an intern? Calls? What calls? I didn’t hear any.”

Song Yuhang took a couple of steps forward and blocked her path. “Keep pretending. Keep on pretending. I left last night because—”

Lin Yan was annoyed at the mention of last night and slapped her away. “Get lost, you annoying dog.”

A few passing colleagues burst into laughter. Song Yuhang had her hands full and couldn’t stop her. Her face turned red as she shoved the plastic bag into Duan Cheng’s hands and chased after Lin Yan into the changing room.

Duan Cheng looked puzzled. “Uh… Whose bag is this?”

Before he could finish his sentence, the two of them had disappeared, one after the other, into the changing room.

Song Yuhang’s actions showed a hint of impatience, and she closed the door a bit louder, attracting the attention of the other female officers in the changing room.

Lin Yan walked in as if nothing had happened, found her own locker, and Song Yuhang followed her, maneuvering past their colleagues. She lowered her voice and said, “Don’t be angry anymore. I really didn’t go to see her last night…”

Lin Yan opened her locker, took off her earrings, and began unbuttoning her qipao. “Can you please leave the changing room if you’re not changing clothes?”

Her voice was neither loud nor soft, just enough for others to hear. As she spoke, she tilted her head slightly, unfastening the buttons below her collarbone, revealing her graceful neck and jawline.

The curious gazes of the others turned towards them.

Song Yuhang had no choice but to step back and find her own locker to change into formal attire for the upcoming meeting.

As she changed, she secretly stole glances at Lin Yan. She saw Lin Yan take off her qipao, and the long skirt cascaded down, revealing her straight and slender legs.

Lin Yan had her back turned towards her, and every movement she made seemed to carry an inexplicable allure.

Especially her butterfly-like scapula, with a slight hollow in her waist that could be held within a grasp.

Lin Yan hooked her fingers in her hair, pulled it up with a hair tie, and revealed her delicate nape.

Her skin was fair, and in the morning sunlight, it looked like it was coated with a layer of glaze.

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Song Yuhang couldn’t take her eyes off her.

Of course, Lin Yan was aware that she was being watched. She slowed down her movements, even adjusting her shoulder strap. She tilted her head slightly, revealing a beautiful profile.

Song Yuhang turned her head and leaned on her own locker door, taking a deep breath. She quickly finished getting dressed.

As she tidied up, Lin Yan had just put on a light blue uniform shirt, buttoning it up one by one. Then she tied her necktie, straightened the knot, and was about to tuck the shirt into her uniform skirt when someone grabbed her hands from behind.

Most of the people in the changing room had already left. Song Yuhang whispered in Lin Yan’s ear, “Don’t be angry anymore. I was wrong. When I stopped you earlier, it was because of the child, not because of her.”

Lin Yan smiled without warmth. “So, you’re always the one who’s right, huh? You kept me in the dark for so long, treating me like a fool.”

“I would never dare.” Song Yuhang took a deep breath, enjoying the scent of perfume on Lin Yan’s neck. She felt a sense of relief throughout her body.

Unlike her usual pantsuit, Lin Yan mostly chose summer outfits with skirts, which not only looked good but also gave Song Yuhang an opportunity.

“I just didn’t know how to tell you. After all, this situation is beyond my understanding.”

As Song Yuhang spoke, she held Lin Yan tightly. “I originally wanted to handle it quietly on my own, without bothering you, but who knew…”

Lin Yan struggled for a moment and pressed down on Song Yuhang’s increasingly audacious hand, breathing slightly heavily. “Handle it? How do you plan to handle it? Your way of handling it is to protect someone else and leave me behind, is that it?”

“Of course not. I’ve already talked to her. She won’t bother us anymore, and I asked her to apologize to you.”

Song Yuhang pressed against the skin of Lin Yan’s neck, feeling its soft and delicate texture, as well as its fragrance. Lin Yan had exquisite makeup and a fashionable appearance today, and she had changed her perfume. The thought of the man who had brought her here in the morning became even more suspicious.

“You still haven’t told me where you went last night?”

Lin Yan let out a cold laugh, struggling to maintain her balance. She was almost pressed against the locker by Song Yuhang’s weight.

“Apologies are useless. What’s the point of having police if she can just insult me in front of so many people? This matter is far from over.”

As Lin Yan spoke, she reluctantly turned around and faced Song Yuhang, whose face was just inches away. She reached out and pulled down Song Yuhang’s necktie, bringing her closer to her lips as she spoke.

“As for last night, what could I do, huh~” Lin Yan stretched out her words, exhaling like an orchid.

“I don’t need you specifically, Police, Officer, Song.”

“You…” Song Yuhang’s anger flared up as she was provoked. She held Lin Yan’s waist tightly and pressed her against the locker, wanting to give her a taste of her own medicine.

Lin Yan curved her lips slightly, but it was unclear what she was smiling about.

Song Yuhang was taken aback, and in the next moment, she felt a sharp pain in her foot.

Lin Yan’s high heel had stomped on her toes.

Song Yuhang’s face turned pale, alternating between shades of blue and white. She gritted her teeth in pain, unable to speak.

Lin Yan pushed her away, straightened her clothes, let out a cold snort, and walked briskly towards the meeting room.

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The person who was usually late arrived unusually early today and took a seat. On the other hand, Song Yuhang was the last one to enter and sat across from her.

Feng Jianguo saw that everyone was present and opened the materials. “Let’s begin.”

It was a phase summary meeting, and department heads took turns to speak. When it was Lin Yan’s turn, she leisurely filed her nails.

“No, next speaker.”

The room fell into silence.

“…” Feng Jianguo’s beard trembled with anger on his face.

After finishing filing her nails, Lin Yan took out her phone and started playing a mobile game. Just as Feng Jianguo was about to lose his temper and slam the table, Song Yuhang picked up the microphone from the table and began to speak confidently.

Once again, everyone’s attention was drawn to her.

The twitching muscles on Feng Jianguo’s face gradually relaxed, and he took a sip of tea to calm himself down.

Her voice was steady, her words eloquent, and she exuded a natural aura of authority without anger.

Song Yuhang was sitting across from her, so Lin Yan could accurately capture every expression on her face, including the slight awkwardness whenever her gaze brushed over Lin Yan’s face.

Unlike Lin Yan, who never wore a jacket with her uniform, Song Yuhang was dressed neatly from head to toe. Her tie was perfectly knotted, and the legendary disciplinary button was fastened tightly. The four-star badge on her shoulder shone brilliantly in the sunlight.

She was so well-suited to be a leader, a leader among the veteran cadres. However, someone as rigid and serious as her in public had an exceptionally passionate side in private, especially in bed.

As Lin Yan thought about this, she couldn’t help but curl her lips.

Song Yuhang’s gaze glanced over, but quickly slid away. Unexpectedly, in the next moment, she mispronounced a word and paused for a moment.

She opened her mouth, feeling as if her breath had momentarily stopped.

Lin Yan’s foot was slowly crawling up along the cuff of Song Yuhang’s pants, swaying back and forth in a deliberate and unhurried manner.

As for Lin Yan herself, she leaned back in her chair, her face displaying its usual lack of expression as she casually played with her phone. Little did anyone know that beneath the table, the most absurd and ridiculous thing was happening.

They were still in the large conference room, with dozens of pairs of eyes watching, and Feng Jianguo sitting at the head, right next to them.

This clandestine and thrilling sensation, taking place in broad daylight, almost instantly caused goosebumps to rise all over Song Yuhang’s body.

She swallowed, feeling her Adam’s apple bob up and down.

Perhaps because the pause had lasted a bit too long, someone coughed softly. Song Yuhang nonchalantly turned a page and smoothly continued, but only she knew the thin layer of sweat that had formed in the palm of her hand.

Meanwhile, Lin Yan was still going, with no intention of letting her off the hook.

Her toe continued to venture deeper into forbidden territory.

Song Yuhang straightened her back and, taking advantage of the moment when she lowered her head to drink water, adjusted her increasingly unstable breathing.

Their gazes collided, and Lin Yan pursed her lips and smiled. That smile was also meaningful, with a shimmer of affection in her eyes.

(If you're not reading on littlepandatranslations.com, it means this has been stolen)

She wanted to seduce her, tempt her, and make her lose control.

She was only a step away from having the words “vixen” engraved on her forehead.

Song Yuhang reluctantly averted her gaze and began drinking water frequently.

Meanwhile, that restless foot became even more audacious.

Her foot felt cool because it had generated a layer of warmth from rubbing against the fabric, and as a result, she didn’t know if it was sweat or something else.

Song Yuhang’s whole body felt damp and sticky, with a thin layer of sweat forming on her forehead in the freezing winter temperature. Anxiously, she licked her lips and loosened her tie, unfastening the disciplinary button as well.

As the final word fell, thunderous applause erupted.

Song Yuhang let out a sigh of relief, never realizing that the speech had been so long.

Lin Yan applauded for her intermittently, but there was a hint of teasing in her smile.

Song Yuhang gritted her teeth in hatred, finally able to free her hands to deal with her. She saw Lin Yan’s hand come off the table.

Lin Yan swiftly retracted her foot, the slippery skin in her palm like a fish that slipped away with a touch.

Song Yuhang felt slightly regretful that she couldn’t catch her.

When their gazes met, Lin Yan raised her eyebrows triumphantly, while Song Yuhang forced a smile.

Fine, she had the guts to tease and then run away. She truly lived up to her reputation as Forensic Doctor Lin.

In the second half of the meeting, due to being distracted, Song Yuhang didn’t really pay attention and just went through it in a daze.

After the meeting, Lin Yan swaggered back to the forensic department, not even sparing her a glance.

Song Yuhang paced back and forth in her separate office, and coincidentally, someone came in with documents for her to sign.

She stopped the person and said, “Summon Forensic Investigator Lin to come over. I need to speak with her.”

Upon hearing the news, Lin Yan stood up from her office chair, leaned her lab coat against the back of the chair, and walked over to Duan Cheng’s workstation, forcefully pressing his head against the desk.

Seeing his beloved magazine getting wet with saliva, Duan Cheng felt like crying but had no tears. “Wha… what’s… what’s going on, Sister Lin?”

“Knock on Song Yuhang’s office door in five minutes, got it?”

Duan Cheng was completely confused. “Huh? Why?”

“Just do as I say.” Lin Yan lightly tapped her finger twice on his magazine.

“After I come out, I’ll give you the latest edition.”

“Really?!” Duan Cheng’s face lit up with joy.

Lin Yan threw a flirtatious glance and confidently walked away.

“When has Sister Lin ever deceived anyone?”

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