After Being Scummed – Chapter 86

Young people should exercise self-restraint!

Yin Bai couldn’t help but tightly embrace Zuo Jingyou’s waist, using the pointed tip of her chin to tap her shoulder twice heavily. With a smile, she said, “Me too!”

She couldn’t bear the thought of her loved one being alone at work during the reunion. But she also thought about her family in Haicheng, so she came over after finishing the New Year’s Eve dinner.

Yin Bai released Zuo Jingyou and looked down at her, her eyes shining brightly. “But you just mentioned refunding the ticket. Are you planning to fly back to Haicheng after the party?”

Zuo Jingyou nodded, biting her lip and saying shyly, “In the end, you came, and my ticket was a waste.”

Yin Bai smiled, her eyes curved with joy as she held her waist tightly. “Yes, I came. How should I put it? Fortunately, I came early. If it were any later, you might have been on a car heading to Haicheng.”

“Yes,” Zuo Jingyou also felt deeply moved. She raised her finger and lightly stroked Yin Bai’s nose bridge. “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? We almost became characters in an O. Henry story.”

Yin Bai held her waist and affectionately rubbed her forehead, saying with a smile, “Well, you didn’t tell me either.”

They both wanted to surprise each other, but it almost turned into a fright.

Zuo Jingyou sighed and looked into her indulgent smile. Yin Bai looked into her eyes, which were filled with bright stars, and softly said, “When I arrived, Tongtong gave me a candy. Would you like to taste it?”

Zuo Jingyou looked up at her, her gaze seemingly lost on her lips, her voice hoarse. “Yes.”

Yin Bai chuckled lightly, placing her palm against Zuo Jingyou’s slender waist and lowered her head to bite her lips.

It was a tender and delicate kiss. After gently kissing the soft petals, she transferred the candy from her own mouth to Zuo Jingyou’s.

Zuo Jingyou accepted her kiss, and her feet gradually became unsteady. The two of them stumbled and fell onto the couch in the reception area.

After the kiss, Yin Bai held Zuo Jingyou on her lap, her eyes slightly red as she hoarsely spoke to her, “Do we still have to go for the New Year countdown later?”

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

Zuo Jingyou nodded and said, “Yes.”

Yin Bai raised her hand to ruffle Zuo Jingyou’s hair and gently said, “Then go quickly. I’ll wait for you here. After it’s over, shall we go to a hotel?”

Zuo Jingyou nodded and said, “Okay.”

Yin Bai pursed her lips and smiled, “Teacher Zuo, since you’ve already canceled the ticket for your return home, should I also cancel the hotel reservation? Do I need to find another place to stay?”

Zuo Jingyou reached out and pinched her face, looking very pleased. “Yes, Assistant Xiao Bai, so I’ll have to ask you to find a place to stay. Otherwise, we’ll have to spend New Year’s Eve on the streets!”

Yin Bai blinked and winked suggestively, saying, “Sleeping on the streets is also an option, you know. In the backseat of my car, it’s quite spacious and perfect for New Year’s Eve!”

Here it comes again!

Zuo Jingyou gave Yin Bai a reproachful look and reached out to rub her soft earlobe. “Stop teasing. Work has been so hard lately, I just want to lie in bed.”

“Okay, okay.” Yin Bai nodded and agreed, patting her lower back. “I’ll make sure Teacher Zuo can lie comfortably in bed!”

As the time approached, Yin Bai reluctantly let go of Zuo Jingyou.

Ten minutes later, the stage ahead faintly echoed with excitement. Before long, the noise grew louder, as if the whole world was counting down together: “10… 9… 8…”

“3… 2…”


“Happy New Year!”

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

With these words, fireworks bloomed instantly throughout the city, creating a lively and booming atmosphere. Yin Bai sat alone in the corner backstage, but she didn’t feel lonely at all. Holding her cane, she absentmindedly thought about when Zuo Jingyou would reappear, feeling warm inside.

Being able to wait for Zuo Jingyou with happiness on such a bustling day was truly wonderful.

Soon, the lively evening event came to an end.

But the night in the entire city started to bustle once again. Yin Bai and Zuo Jingyou got into the car and had Zhang Yu find a hotel owned by the Galaxy Group to stay at.

On the way to the hotel, countless fireworks exploded in every open space, painting the dark night with vibrant colors.

Despite the bustling night scenery, neither Yin Bai nor Zuo Jingyou had the leisure to admire it. As usual, Yin Bai raised the partition, blocking the view from the front seat, and held Zuo Jingyou in her arms.

Zuo Jingyou knelt on her lap, reached out and grabbed the handle next to the car window, and in the filtered light, presented herself with a steamy allure in Yin Bai’s eyes.

Amidst the intoxicating atmosphere, Yin Bai held Zuo Jingyou’s waist, tilting her head to observe Zuo Jingyou’s slightly hazy expression under the interior car lights. In her heart, she couldn’t help but sigh, what a wonderful New Year’s gift this was.

Sensible Zhang Yu drove around the bustling streets for several rounds before finally arriving at the designated hotel. This time, Zuo Jingyou appeared much calmer.

She stepped on high heels, straightened her back, and supported Yin Bai as they entered the hotel suite. After Zhang Yu left, Zuo Jingyou leaned against Yin Bai’s shoulder, hugging her waist and complained, “You were too rough. My waist hurts…”

Yin Bai reached out to hold her waist, using her cane to move forward. “Alright then, how about I give you a shoulder massage later?”

“Let’s take a shower first. Are you hungry? I had some late-night snacks prepared. Let’s eat a little before going to sleep.”

Zuo Jingyou nodded and complied with her suggestion. After taking a shower together, they wrapped themselves in bathrobes and sat in front of the large floor-to-ceiling window, overlooking the beautiful cityscape, enjoying a delicious late-night snack.

As the saying goes, when one is full and warm, their mind becomes active. However, after washing up and lying in bed, Zuo Jingyou found herself not feeling sleepy. She pinned Yin Bai beneath her, kneeling on top of her and smiling as she looked at her. “I’ve learned a new game recently. Would you like to try it?”

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

Yin Bai clapped her hands and happily said, “Sure, sure, Teacher Zuo, please enlighten me. Is this my New Year’s gift?”

Zuo Jingyou nodded and said, “Yes, it can be considered as one, but you have to be well-behaved.”

Yin Bai frowned and said somewhat displeased, “Where am I not well-behaved? I’m beneath you, how can I not be well-behaved?”

Zuo Jingyou patted her face and smiled, saying, “Darling, considering how you often change your mind in bed, promising to let me take the lead but end up attacking me most of the time, it’s hard for me to trust your words in bed now.”

Yin Bai protested, “Hey hey hey! I don’t do that. It’s clearly Teacher Zuo’s body that always needs me first, and then I take the initiative to help solve the problem!”

Zuo Jingyou smirked and said, “Well, it’s such a pity that my subpar skills don’t excite you. What a shame!”

Yin Bai didn’t dare to respond to that statement, so she just pursed her lips and smiled, shifting her gaze to the side.

Zuo Jingyou reminded her to be good, then got off the bed and rummaged through her belongings, taking out something like a silk scarf and blindfolded Yin Bai. Yin Bai felt ticklish and couldn’t help but laugh. “It seems that Teacher Zuo has indeed learned a lot!”

Zuo Jingyou gently tapped her face, telling her not to tease herself into laughter. Yin Bai could only bite her lip and endure it, curling up like a big shrimp.

Zuo Jingyou took out handcuffs that wouldn’t hurt her wrists and restrained Yin Bai to the headboard of the bed. Yin Bai curled up her body and began to feel embarrassed in the dim darkness. “Oh my, Teacher Zuo, I’m so scared when you do this to me.”

“Oh? Is there anything else besides fear?”

Yin Bai thought for a moment and hesitated as she said, “There’s also a bit of anticipation.”

“Is that so?” Zuo Jingyou leaned forward, pressing her lips against Yin Bai’s, capturing them gently. She whispered, “Then I better perform well tonight.”

Whether it was an illusion or not, Yin Bai felt like she had turned into an ice cream firmly wrapped in paper, immobilized and unable to move. She could only be at the mercy of Zuo Jingyou’s soft lips and tongue.

The heat gradually rose, and Yin Bai felt herself melting all over. Inch by inch, bit by bit… until she completely dissolved on Zuo Jingyou’s tongue.

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

She didn’t know how long this torment lasted, but in her hazy consciousness, Yin Bai suddenly received a bittersweet kiss. In an instant, she heard Zuo Jingyou sigh softly in her ear. “Yin Bai, you taste so sweet…”

Yin Bai, with her eyes blindfolded, curled up her body. Her once fair and tender skin was now covered in a vague pink hue, turning her into a completely peeled shrimp.

When she woke up again, it was already noon the next day. Yin Bai was wrapped up like a silkworm, lying on the bed, looking up at Zuo Jingyou sitting by the bedside, complaining with a whimpering tone, “Teacher Zuo, you’re too ruthless. You know I can’t handle it. I feel like I’m falling apart!”

Zuo Jingyou held a bowl of porridge, scooped a spoonful and blew on it to cool it down, then smiled and handed it to Yin Bai’s lips. “Is that so? But aren’t you always exercising? Your core strength is quite good, so why can’t you handle this?”

“This kind of thing doesn’t even reach half of your usual training intensity.”

Yin Bai lowered her head and took a sip of the porridge, grumbling, “This is revenge, definitely revenge!”

Zuo Jingyou blinked innocently and said, “Is that so? I didn’t do anything, did I? I just repeated what you said to me before. How can you call it revenge?”

Zuo Jingyou sighed and said in an exaggerated manner, “Ah, I feel a bit sad. I just wanted to make you happy.”

She had a “I’m just pretending” look on her face, which made Yin Bai feel extremely resentful. “Just wanted to make me happy? This is really straining on my waist! And if you really wanted me to be happy, lying down would be just fine!”

She moved around, and it was better than anything else.

Zuo Jingyou sighed, scooped another spoonful of porridge, and handed it to Yin Bai’s incessantly chattering mouth. She glared at her and said, “Seriously, is my technique really that bad? Why do you keep complaining once we’re done?”

Last night, Yin Bai was clearly very happy!

Yin Bai was choked by her words. She looked up at Zuo Jingyou and said seriously, “Teacher Zuo, this isn’t a matter of technique, it’s a matter of self-control!”

“I only hurt my waist today, what if I feel amazing one day and can’t handle it!”

Zuo Jingyou couldn’t help but burst into laughter. She fed Yin Bai another spoonful of porridge and scolded her, saying, “It’s New Year’s Day, and you’re like a child. Don’t talk nonsense!”

What’s all this talk about feeling amazing or not? It’s really embarrassing to even mention it!

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