For The Rest Of Our Life – Chapter 152

Auntie Wen, please take care of her more

Xiao Wanqing slowly stood up, leaning against the wall, breathing heavily. After squatting and crying for too long, she was feeling dizzy and exhausted. She patted her forehead to clear her mind a bit and bowed her head to call Wen Tong.

The call was quickly answered, and Wen Tong seemed to be in a good mood, with a cheerful tone coming from the other end of the phone, “Hey? What time did you go to bed last night? You’re already up?” She sat in front of her coffee table at home, admiring the gifts and New Year presents brought by Shi Jinglan via courier from her business trip, a faint smile playing on her lips.

“Wen Tong…”

With a hoarse, tearful voice, Xiao Wanqing’s words made the smile on Wen Tong’s lips disappear instantly. She unconsciously sat up straight, furrowing her brows and anxiously asking, “What’s wrong? Did you cry? What happened? Where are you?”

Xiao Wanqing took a deep breath, sniffled, and replied with a heavy nasal tone, “I’m fine. Wen Tong, this morning Zhou Qin suddenly came to my house and found out about me and Xianxian. I let Xianxian go back with her first, but on their way back, she collapsed and was taken to the hospital. I just called Brother Lin Zhan, and he said she was just resuscitated and didn’t want me to disturb, but I’m worried. Can you help me call and ask, go see her for me. I’ll go with you, but I won’t go in, just want to take a look from afar.”

Wen Tong’s heart sank upon hearing that Zhou Qin had been resuscitated, feeling slightly relieved and letting out a sigh of relief.

Subconsciously, she couldn’t help but ask Xiao Wanqing, “How did Sister Zhou Qin find out?” Going over so early and then discovering everything, with Zhou Qin getting so emotionally overwhelmed that she collapsed halfway, Wen Tong couldn’t help but anticipate the worst-case scenario. She could tell from Xiao Wanqing’s tone that she was also not in a good state, her voice hoarse, weak, and nervous, as she asked, “Xiao, how are you? Did Sister Zhou Qin do anything to you?”

“I’m fine.” Xiao Wanqing heard the concern and suddenly felt a lump in her throat, choking up a bit. “Wen Tong, can you make the call for me, please?”

Hearing her choked-up voice, Wen Tong immediately felt a pang of heartache and couldn’t believe the words “I’m fine” that Xiao Wanqing uttered. Something must have happened, as Xiao Wanqing, who was skilled at hiding her emotions, wouldn’t be this fragile and distraught without a reason. She grabbed the car keys from the coffee table, stood up, and hurriedly walked towards the door, softly comforting her as she walked, “I’ll ask for you. But first, tell me where you are. I’ll come find you, and we can talk face to face. Don’t worry; Sister Zhou Qin and Brother Lin Zhan are there, nothing will happen.” She was worried about Zhou Qin, but she was even more concerned about Xiao Wanqing. Zhou Qin had someone by her side, but Xiao Wanqing was all alone.

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Concerned about the swelling on her face, Xiao Wanqing hesitated and said, “I’m fine, Wen Tong. You don’t need to come over. Just help me make the inquiry first.”

“Xiao Wanqing, where are you exactly?! I won’t make the call to inquire unless I see you.” Wen Tong, increasingly worried by Xiao Wanqing’s reluctance, felt a surge of frustration and demanded in a firm tone.

“I’m at their doorstep.” Xiao Wanqing bit her lip, unable to evade the question, and had to truthfully respond.

Wen Tong furrowed her brows even tighter. The Southern District, the Lin Family’s house – this long-separated road carried too many painful memories. How did Xiao Wanqing manage to walk back there alone? Her throat tightened, and with darkened eyes, she gravely stated, “I’m coming to pick you up right now. Wait for me there.”

In the hospital room, Zhou Qin looked exhausted and frail. Upon waking up, she saw Lin Zhan and Lin Xian by her side, showing deep concern and worry. She stared at Lin Xian for several seconds, then turned her eyes away, deliberately ignoring her. Her voice hoarse and weak, she instructed Lin Zhan, “Take Lin Xian to my mom’s house. Let my mom take care of her. Before I return, don’t let her go anywhere.”

She couldn’t allow Lin Xian to have any more contact with Xiao Wanqing. But Lin Zhan was too soft-hearted, focusing on her in the hospital, and probably couldn’t watch Lin Xian consistently. Moreover, locking Lin Xian at home without anyone to look after her daily life, Zhou Qin couldn’t feel at ease. Entrusting her to the elderly, Lin Xian would not talk back and act recklessly. Zhou Qin was certain that Lin Xian wouldn’t dare to explain to the elderly why her freedom was restricted. The elders, considering her illness and bedridden state, wouldn’t indulge Lin Xian’s reckless behaviors.

Lin Xian was still basking in the joy of Zhou Qin’s recovery and worried about her health. Upon hearing Zhou Qin’s domineering and forceful words, she snapped back to the reality before her collapse, her eyes widening in protest. “I won’t go, Mom. This is confinement! How can you be so dictatorial?”

Lin Zhan was also taken aback by her words. He glanced at the distressed and helpless Lin Xian, hesitated for a few seconds, wanting to ease the tense atmosphere between mother and daughter. He tactfully responded, “Qinqin, but Lin Xian has final exams in a couple of days.”

Seeing that Lin Zhan seemed unable to unify with her, Zhou Qin’s anger ignited fiercely. It had been like this since Lin Xian was a child. If Lin Zhan hadn’t constantly indulged Lin Xian, shielding her even when she tried to discipline Lin Xian, Lin Xian might not have become so willful and reckless now.

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Her breathing quickened, her voice rising with intensity, her lips trembling in rage as she interrogated Lin Zhan, “Lin Zhan, I’m asking you, do you still want this daughter? Do you still want this family?” Tears welled up in the corners of her eyes, wetting the pristine pillowcase.

The muscles in Lin Zhan’s cheeks tensed tightly as he watched his usually strong-willed partner crumbling in distress, trembling with heartache. After a long pause, he compromised and agreed, “Okay, calm down. I’ll take her back.”

“Dad!” Lin Xian exclaimed angrily. “Mom, I won’t go. Can you calm down a bit and give me a chance to talk to you properly? Why are you so stubborn and authoritarian like this?”

Ignoring her protests, Zhou Qin closed her tired eyes for a moment and then instructed Lin Zhan, “When you go back, remember to check the source of that email in my mailbox. Contact the school to arrange a deferred exam for Lin Xian, and then get in touch with Lao Qi to see if Lin Xian can transfer schools.”

Zhou Qin couldn’t rest easy knowing that there were people plotting against Lin Xian behind her back. By emailing today, she could potentially prevent any terrible actions being taken against Lin Xian with that leverage in the future.

Lao Qi was her former senior in school, who had now risen to a leadership position at a prestigious university in the neighboring province, on par with Jingnan. The process of going abroad was complex, especially with Lin Xian’s uncooperative attitude, making it difficult to arrange in the short term. However, transferring schools was possible. As long as she and Lin Zhan intervened, it could be done, and Lin Xian couldn’t refuse. Right now, Zhou Qin’s sole focus was to completely separate Lin Xian and Xiao Wanqing, eliminating any chance of them meeting again.

“Okay,” Lin Zhan seemed to have fully sided with Zhou Qin by now.

Lin Xian, burning with anger, eyes red and voice raised, shouted, “I won’t go to Grandma’s house, and I won’t transfer schools. You’re going too far. If you try to transfer me, I’ll drop out. Whoever wants to study can go ahead and study.”

Zhou Qin was infuriated by Lin Xian’s attitude, her chest heaving dramatically, her voice trembling as she retorted, “Lin Xian…can you honestly say you’re not being unreasonable? Am I not doing this for your own good? I’m not asking for your gratitude now, I just want…I just want a clear conscience.”

A passing nurse outside heard the loud argument in the ward and entered reprimanding, “What’s all this noise? Don’t you know this is a hospital? Patients need rest, don’t you understand? How can you behave like this as family members?”

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Lin Zhan quickly stepped forward to calm the agitated Zhou Qin, gently patting her shoulder, “Don’t worry, Qinqin. Take care of yourself, I’ll handle these matters, and I’ll sort everything out.”

Zhou Qin locked eyes with Lin Zhan deeply for a moment, then spoke softly, “Lin Zhan, I trust you. Take her back first, I’m fine here. If anything happens, I’ll call the nurse.”

Lin Xian’s wishes were completely ignored, and she could not bear it any longer. Disappointed, she turned and slammed the door before they could finish speaking.

Furrowing his brow, Lin Zhan hurriedly said to Zhou Qin, “I’m leaving first. I’ll come back after dropping Xianxian off,” then quickly rushed out to follow her.

As Lin Xian wiped away her tears, she frantically pressed the down button at the elevator. Lin Zhan saw her figure and immediately jogged to her side, grabbing her moving hand and sternly asking, “Lin Xian, where are you going?”

Lin Zhan rarely used her full name as he usually doted on her. Calling her by her full name meant he was genuinely angry.

Lin Xian felt heartbroken and aggrieved seeing her father’s serious and stern expression. However, she gritted her teeth and stubbornly met his cold gaze, insisting, “I won’t go to Grandma’s house, and I won’t transfer schools. I want to go to the South District. Once you’ve calmed down and are ready to communicate properly with me, I’ll come back.”

“Lin Xian, I never expected you to be like this,” Lin Zhan’s expression was filled with deep disappointment and dejection. He clenched his fists slightly, his brows furrowed deeply, and with a weary heart, he said, “Lin Xian, your mother is in this state now, do you have to be so stubborn towards her at this time? If you can heartlessly continue to agitate her, disregarding her completely, I truly feel cold inside. In the future, it may be difficult for me to understand you, after all, it’s not worth it. You haven’t shown any understanding towards us at all.”

Each word cut deep, and Lin Xian, looking at Lin Zhan’s stern and melancholic appearance, felt torn and conflicted, on the verge of collapse.

She wanted to go back to find Xiao Wanqing. She wanted to check on her, worried about the slaps Xiao Wanqing received in the morning, worried about her crying alone in distress. However, she seemed to understand the implications in Lin Zhan’s words as well. Normally, when she had disagreements with Zhou Qin, Lin Zhan would often support her, being her ally. Just now, she could sense that her father’s stance on this matter wasn’t as strict as Zhou Qin’s, maybe even hinting at a chance to compromise.

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But if she really left, Lin Zhan would no longer be able to stand by her side, no longer able to understand her.

Thinking about what Xiao Panpan said to her when she wanted to come back, “Lin Xian, I believe you can have a blessed love,” her heart ached like it was being torn apart. She took a deep breath, looked up, and with a choked voice, compromised, “Okay, Dad, I understand you. I’ll go back with you. But, I need to make a phone call.”

Lin Zhan’s heavy heart eased slightly, but he still cautiously refused, saying, “You can’t, Lin Xian…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Lin Xian impatiently interrupted him, “Not to Xiao Auntie, but to Auntie Wen.” She sniffed, feeling a pang in her heart, unable to suppress the tears in her voice as she explained, “Mom hit her this morning, I don’t know how she is now. Dad, after so many years of friendship, do you really not know what kind of person Auntie Xiao is? How guilty, wronged, and helpless she must be feeling now. We all have family, someone to rely on, someone to care for us, but what about her? She has nothing.” Almost inaudibly sobbing towards the end, she said, “I want to get Auntie Wen to check on her, cannot leave her alone like this…”

At the moment when Xiao Wanqing needed her the most, she couldn’t be by her side, even having to ask her former rival to care for her, Lin Xian realized for the first time how powerless could lead to a feeling of despair.

Unable to bear it in the end, Lin Zhan turned his head away from his daughter’s heart-wrenching tears, silently handed over his phone.

Wen Tong was on her way to pick up Xiao Wanqing when she received Lin Xian’s call. Upon hearing Lin Xian’s revelation about Zhou Qin striking Xiao Wanqing, she was instantly filled with anger, hitting the steering wheel in fury, scolding Lin Xian, “Lin Xian, back when you were together, you made vows to protect her. What have you done now? You keep saying you’ll protect her, but in the end, she’s the one getting hurt. You started it, you forced her to be with you. Why should everyone blame her in the end, and why should she bear everything, hasn’t she suffered enough?”

Lin Xian stepped into the elevator, leaning against the wall, her heart feeling as if it was being cut by a knife. She tilted her head back, tears streaming down her face silently. She had lost her former vigor and pride, accepting Wen Tong’s criticism completely, murmuring apologies, “I’m sorry, I didn’t protect her well, I didn’t do it right, it’s my fault.”

She pleaded with Wen Tong, “Auntie Wen, in the few days that I’m not here, please take care of her a little more.” She wanted to add, “Auntie Wen, please tell her for me, ‘Don’t be afraid, take good care of yourself. Lin Xian is trying her best. You’re irreplaceable in her life. She will definitely come back.'”

However, the elevator had a poor signal, and the call was automatically disconnected before she could say those words. Her plea remained unspoken.

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