Ex-Girlfriend – Chapter 55

Song of the Wanderer Arc

Great Demon King 14

Regarding this result, Xin Lan was also somewhat surprised.

Although she did think about smashing this man’s head with a hammer, it was just a way to describe her level of disgust, and she never intended to materialize it.

The head of the corpse was originally burned to a charred black, making it unrecognizable, but when it fell on the ground, it unexpectedly showed a smile to Xin Lan.

The visual effect was a bit stimulating, and Xin Lan frowned, walking over and stepping on the skull.

The little girl couldn’t help but shrink her neck. It turned out that what the older sister said about twisting her head off was not a lie to scare children. How scary!

Yu Wan Yan felt that she seemed to be of little use. Her abilities were clearly powerful, but in the hands of Xin Lan, they seemed like something not very useful.

Truly a disappointing fact.

As Xin Lan stomped on the skull, she even ground it a few times.

The headless torso lunged towards Xin Lan, but she quickly turned around and delivered a brutal kick to the oncoming body.

Xin Lan kept kicking because she couldn’t bear to touch that charred black lump, feeling disgusted with herself. The sticky and nauseating sensation from her previous punch had not yet dissipated.

The charred corpse on the ground suddenly condensed into a black mist and took on a human form.

He appeared completely unharmed, and Xin Lan narrowed her eyes.

“The little girl is quite impressive.”

As the man spoke, he walked towards Xin Lan’s position.

His body was rapidly expanding at a visible speed, a wicked grin on his face.

“Will your instrument be smashed?”

Xin Lan glanced at Yu Wan Yan and asked.

“It won’t, unless it’s a ghost more powerful than me, but are you sure you really want to use smashing as a way to…”

Before Yu Wan Yan could finish her sentence, she heard a loud ‘bang’ followed by the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground.

Once Xin Lan made sure that the instrument wouldn’t break so easily, she picked it up, took a short run, and then bounced, slapping the man who was transforming into a giant.

She exerted all her strength within the allowed range, and the violin was of excellent and sturdy quality, directly knocking the man to the ground.

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The man tried to stand up and counterattack, but Xin Lan picked up the violin bow and thrust it into his chest.

The violin bow was very resilient, piercing through the man’s chest and pinning him to the ground.

He tried to condense into black mist again but found himself unable to disperse.

Yu Wan Yan sneered while hugging her arms. As far as she was concerned, this ghost was not worth much. His strength combined was not even comparable to the four ghosts summoned by Zhen Zhen’s green hat.

The black mist was immobilized and couldn’t disperse, eventually twisting back to its original form.

With the violin bow inserted into the man’s chest, the scene was indescribably eerie.

He tilted his head and smiled at the little girl standing nearby.

“Come here, Xinyu.”

“Shut up, you talk too much.”

Xin Lan kicked the man’s head. Even as a ghost, he was still so annoying.

She despised defeated individuals who continued to act arrogantly, like filthy bugs in a sewer, disgusting people even when they couldn’t resist. Even the corpse, being trampled, emitted a foul smell.

Xin Lan tightly tied her hair back and moved her neck.

“You, come here.”

Xin Lan gazed at the little ghost, but the little ghost shook its head repeatedly.

She didn’t want to go over there.

“Why be timid now? Weren’t you capable when you were setting fires and killing people?” Xin Lan beckoned to the little ghost, “Don’t worry, I’ve pinned this thing down here. It won’t be able to climb up. If it dares to, I’ll stomp it back down for you.”

The little ghost hesitated for a moment, then walked over slowly.

“Sister, I’m sorry. On the first day, I shouldn’t have disturbed your sleep, and I shouldn’t have laughed at you for not finding a partner.”

The little ghost bowed apologetically, her attitude very sincere.

Xin Lan felt a slight throbbing in her temples. The little ghost was genuinely sincere, but why did she have to add that awkward last sentence?

Yu Wan Yan became curious about this statement. With Xin Lan’s cruelty, how could this little ghost dare to say she couldn’t find a partner?

Who said she couldn’t?

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She could apply for the position at any time. After all, Xin Lan smelled delicious, but it’s just…

Yu Wan Yan concealed her contemplation and looked steadily at that figure.

Xin Lan turned her head as if sensing something and saw Yu Wan Yan with a hint of innocence in her smile.

It felt a bit strange, but Xin Lan couldn’t quite pinpoint that feeling.

Forget it, the threat wasn’t significant, and there was no need to pay attention to it.

The little ghost, or Feng Xinyu, walked nervously towards Xin Lan, approaching the man pinned to the ground.

The man revealed a disgusting smile, slimy and repulsive.

She was frightened and took a half step back. This man was like a nightmare to her during her life. She feared him, loathed him, and finally put an end to everything with a fire. But in this situation, she still felt an instinctual fear towards him.

“It’s alright, he can’t move now. I’ll watch him for you. You can retaliate however you want. Whatever he did to you in the past, you can do the same to him now.”

As Xin Lan spoke, she leaned down and raised her hand, slapping the man.

The resounding slap echoed in the air, and the man’s head turned to the side. He looked at Xin Lan with a cold, menacing gaze.

Xin Lan paid no attention to it and used her other hand to slap the man’s other cheek.

“Moreover, it has to be twice as hard as I did.”

She clapped her hands and stood up, looking at the little ghost beside her.

There’s no need to waste words on people like him. Just hitting them is enough. Mere words can’t make them realize the disgusting extent of their actions. Beating them up is the way to go.

The little girl nodded, indicating that she understood, and began punching and kicking the man on the ground, venting her frustration with a frenzy of kicks and scratches.

Before the little ghost had even been fighting for two minutes, Xin Lan grabbed her by the back of her collar and pulled her up.

Maintaining that posture, the little ghost looked a bit confused.

“Use this.”

Xin Lan handed her the violin.

From the man’s expression on the ground just now, she could clearly see that the child’s strength was limited. The scratching and hitting from the little girl didn’t mean much to him, and he even had a slightly pleasurable expression while being kicked and hit.

People like him were like unrepentant troublemakers, crying only when they see the coffin. Dealing with such people was disgusting to the point of being an insult to one’s body and spirit. It’s better to use props.

Feng Xinyu took it hesitantly, glancing at Yu Wan Yan nearby, who was smiling and seemed completely unconcerned.

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Feng Xinyu took a deep breath and raised the violin, hitting the man on the ground.

“How dare you call yourself my dad! How dare you! You’re not worthy of being my dad! How dare you touch me! Disgusting!”

The man’s face contorted in pain, and he let out a muffled groan.

Xin Lan was very satisfied, standing not far away, keeping an eye out in case the man became violent and hurt the little ghost again.

There was really nothing to say about this matter. Talking about it was all vexing.

Xin Lan didn’t even want to ask the little ghost if her mother had also been burned to death. She guessed it was unlikely, given how her mother liked to escape outside. Besides, her mother hadn’t appeared so far. It was just a pity for the child. She was still young and had to go through such a thing.

But not everyone had her decisiveness and initiative. Some people endured oppression and eventually became numb.

The little ghost was ruthless in her actions. When she stopped due to exhaustion, the man’s head was smashed to the point of being unrecognizable.

Yu Wan Yan raised her hand, and the violin and the bow stuck in the ground fell into her hands.

Melodious and soothing music began to play, and the man lying on the ground seemed to be cut by something invisible, letting out a dreadful howl.

The dark figure gradually disappeared until it turned into a plume of black smoke, dissipating into the air.

Xin Lan felt the little ghost pat her, and the area where she was patted inexplicably felt cold.

“Sister, you can go up now.”

“What about the others?”

“Huh? They haven’t come out of my mist yet.”

“Release one of them for me.”

“Sure, which one do you want?”

Qi Haolin was currently dealing with the pervasive flames, but suddenly felt himself being thrown out.

Xin Lan held her arms, looking at him, gesturing for him to get up.

“Come with me.”

Qi Haolin hesitated and thought of stepping back.

“Or maybe you want me to break your legs and drag you along.”

Qi Haolin’s body stiffened, his eyes darting around, but he wisely chose not to move.

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They climbed the not-so-long staircase, with Qi Haolin in front and Xin Lan following behind.

Xin Lan actually thought about asking for Ren Difei to come along, but after hesitating for a moment, she didn’t make such a request to the little ghost.

When did she become a charitable person? Anyway, this game was about survival of the fittest, and everyone had their own fate.

With this in mind, Xin Lan walked to the stairway but stopped her steps.

Ren Difei’s expression was somewhat dazed. He was suddenly pulled out and hadn’t fully recovered from what he had just experienced when he saw the boss lady in front of him.

“I can only bring you up to this point. If you want to go further, you’ll have to go to the third floor on your own.”

Xin Lan left those words behind and walked towards the second floor.

It’s not charity; it’s just taking advantage of the situation.

Ren Difei slapped his head, revealing a surprised smile.

The second floor was pitch-black, with no source of light, making it difficult to see the surroundings.

Xin Lan wanted to go back downstairs to take a look but found that there seemed to be an invisible barrier at the stairs, preventing her from passing through.

Zero Nine: Scanning of this floor is complete. The distribution map is as follows.

A floor plan appeared before Xin Lan’s eyes. According to the layout, she was currently in a particularly large room with a very peculiar distribution pattern.

However, this pitch-black room had very few pieces of furniture, with only a sofa and a cabinet.

Zero Nine: Ah, the items in this room are so harmonious. Host, please understand it on your own.

Xin Lan: ???

Qi Haolin chose to quietly move away as soon as he entered. Although he couldn’t see anything, he could slowly shift towards a distant location.

Xin Lan heard the movement but couldn’t be bothered to pay attention since there was no way to escape anyway.

A chilling aura surged in the air, and suddenly, Xin Lan heard the sound of chains being pulled.

Xin Lan looked up and locked onto the source of the sound. According to the floor plan, that area was empty.

Xin Lan: “Zero Nine, is there anything there?”

Zero Nine: “There’s nothing there, just a few chains fixed to the wall. It feels so twisted. And everything on that cabinet is full of philosophy. This is truly an evil room.”

Zero Nine sighed like that, making Xin Lan’s expression somewhat strange.

The chilling presence grew stronger, and the rustling sound came closer.

Qi Haolin didn’t know when he became silent, and the sound of the chains also stopped. In this extreme situation, Xin Lan felt a cold hand resting on her shoulder.

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