Ex-Girlfriend – Chapter 104

B U G Arc

Exam God 11

After being pulled away, the woman’s figure dissipated into the air.

An empty canvas once again displayed the woman’s silhouette, holding a small umbrella, her gaze fixed on the distance.

“Are you alright?”

Wan Yan held Xin Lan’s hand.

“I’m fine. I was suddenly frozen by her just now, but then I could move again.”

Xin Lan shook her head, casting a glance at Wan Yan’s hand.

Wan Yan shared the news she had just learned with Xin Lan, who nodded in response.

“I just saw two fellow examiners, unclear about their identities, and one I didn’t see.”

“Be cautious.”

Apart from those NPCs, there are many other dangers within this ancient castle.

Like Lu Xiu, like the woman in the painting.

“Shall we go downstairs?”


On the first floor, there were several guests seated at the long table. Xin Lan and Wan Yan descended to the second floor when suddenly they heard a scream.

Bai Ling, upon opening her eyes, glanced at the cards.

She was in a room, directly facing a painting that was mostly blank, with a hand depicted in the center.

It was a woman’s hand, fair, slender, and adorned with red nail polish.

Bai Ling didn’t dare to look at it for long and instead shifted her gaze elsewhere.

She didn’t open the door but rather took a moment to survey the room.

Luxuriously extravagant decor, just like what she had seen on television.

She opened the door, peering down from upstairs.

Busy servants, their NPC names displayed above their heads.

She watched for a while, then returned to her room.

She carefully examined every corner of the room, sitting on the bed and waiting.


The sound of dripping water came from an unknown source, and Bai Ling watched outside the window with caution.


It seemed to be getting clearer.

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Is it raining?

Drip, drip.

The dripping speed increased steadily.

Bai Ling didn’t recklessly open the window but instead sat on the bed, slowly moving backward.

There seemed to be something cold and sticky on her face. She suddenly looked up, letting out a scream involuntarily.

The ceiling was covered in bloodstains, with drops slowly descending.

After screaming, she tightly closed her mouth, fearing she might attract some NPCs.

Suddenly, something forcefully covered her mouth.

Xin Lan and Wan Yan stood at the doorway, and Xin Lan knocked on the door.

There was no response from inside, so Xin Lan opened the door.

The scene inside was somewhat horrifying, with the floor covered in bloodstains, and a woman rolling around uncontrollably.

Upon closer inspection, Xin Lan noticed a hand covering her mouth and nose.

It was a woman’s hand, adorned with red nail polish.

Bai Ling reached out, casting a pleading look at Xin Lan and Wan Yan.

There was no name above her head, indicating she might be the last remaining examiner.

“Don’t move for now; we’re here.”

Xin Lan entered the room, and the woman nodded, standing still obediently.

As soon as Xin Lan touched that hand, before applying any force, the hand suddenly dissipated, and within the frame of a painting on the wall, there appeared another woman’s hand.

“Thank you. I’m Bai Ling. And you?”

“I’m Xin Lan, and this is Wan Yan.”

“Is your mission to survive for three hours?”


Xin Lan and Wan Yan nodded, their two distinct yet equally aloof faces.

“What are your roles?”

“I’m a werewolf.”

“I’m a vampire.”

Werewolf and vampire, well-known adversaries.

“I’m a fox spirit.”

Bai Ling recalled the introduction on the cards, feeling a bit hesitant to speak.

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Xin Lan nodded, indicating that everything was fine, and they could leave.

Xin Lan turned away, and Wan Yan followed.

There was no such thing as classmates sticking together in this situation.

Wan Yan felt it was necessary to stick with Xin Lan, even if the others formed their own groups.

Xin Lan descended the stairs, with Wan Yan not joining her.

Were the vampire and werewolf getting along so well, waiting to be exposed by NPCs?

As soon as Xin Lan reached the ground floor, she was approached by Kasha, who handed her a bouquet of flowers and instructed her to freshen up the flowers on the dining table, making sure they were dewy fresh.

Xin Lan carried the flowers over and noticed a young blond man approaching.

The young man’s face had a smattering of freckles and he looked somewhat shy as he gazed at Xin Lan.

“Alice, Happy New Year. You look really beautiful tonight.”


Xin Lan kept a straight face and didn’t feel like responding.

She didn’t even want to comment on this BUG’s New Year’s welcome party. Mixing werewolves and vampires was one thing, but there were also fox spirits among the guests, not to mention elves and dwarves. They were having quite an unusual New Year celebration, with Mandarin songs playing at the entrance, of all things.

The young man didn’t seem surprised by her reaction and continued to gaze at her with affection.

Upstairs, a vampire with excellent vision was considering picking a fight, looking down below with indifference.

Xin Lan sensed something from that gaze and when she looked up, she saw Wan Yan’s smiling face.

While Xin Lan continued to change the flowers below, she caught a glimpse of someone approaching Wan Yan from the corner of her eye.

There shouldn’t be any problems, Xin Lan thought.

However, she couldn’t resist glancing with her peripheral vision, keeping an eye on the situation over there.

Wan Yan looked at the vampire in front of her and the glass in her hand, exchanging a few pleasantries before accepting the glass.

The taste inside the glass was pungent, undoubtedly blood.

“It’s not the freshest blood, I hope you don’t mind, Penelope.”

The person held the glass with a sly smile and raised it, toasting with Wan Yan.

Wan Yan tilted the glass and, without letting the blood touch her lips, pretended as if she had taken a sip.

“In fact, among these servants, there are some who aren’t bad at all. That girl holding the flowers, for instance, is quite charming. But I inquired a bit and it seems she’s a werewolf. I haven’t tasted werewolf blood yet. I’ve heard it can have a rather unpleasant, dog-like flavor, but I’m curious about her taste.”

The female vampire’s gaze brimmed with interest as it landed on Xin Lan.

Curious about your mom?

Sexy Commander, cursing online.

Wan Yan felt really frustrated, seriously frustrated.

As a strict system, she was typically very straightforward when it came to flirting or making advances, and when faced with someone equally straightforward, she didn’t know how to charm effectively.

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After all, they had finally managed to coexist in the mission world, and now these NPCs were planning to fight over her one by one?

Wasn’t it better just to avoid getting involved?

“I think you should put away your unnecessary curiosity.”

Wan Yan’s gaze was quite imposing, and the vampire across from her chuckled somewhat dryly.

“Penelope, have you set your sights on her too?”

“She will definitely be mine.”

Anyway, she won’t be yours.

“Very well, then you’d better keep a close eye on her.”

The female vampire shrugged, gestured with her hand, and went downstairs to chat with others, holding her glass.

When the chime rang, all the guests took their seats.

The host of the castle also sat in the main seat.

He was a tall, thin man who looked rather peculiar.

He was very skinny, almost skeletal, about two meters tall, and he wore oversized leather shoes that made a ‘creaking’ sound as he walked.

He chuckled twice, his voice strangely hoarse.

“Welcome, everyone, to my welcome party. Tonight, we have five special guests hidden among all of us—five juicy, tender humans. Whoever captures them will have the privilege of owning them.”

The guests erupted into cheers, their exuberant voices seemingly ready to lift the roof off.

Among the examiners mingling in the midst of it all, some were turning pale and their legs were getting weak.

Xin Lan remained composed on the sidelines, calculating how much time was left.

For some, this three-hour banquet felt unbearably long.

It’s unclear how someone’s deception was exposed, but when Xin Lan saw it, the party had been going on for an hour. One person was entangled by a creature that was half-human, half-snake, and they were crying while pleading about their true race.

This person was dressed as a maid, with two furry ears on their head.

“Guest, I really am from the Rat Clan, not a human. Please, guest, let me go…”

The girl seemed utterly terrified, and both of her little round ears were trembling.

This was an examiner who had tried to use their privilege, but it seemed to have little effect.

“What does it matter if you’re not human? I love eating little things like you the most, hush.”

The creature’s snake tail coiled around the examiner, and their lips suddenly stretched wide open, swallowing half of the examiner’s head in one gulp.

The scene was truly horrifying, and when the creature finally spat out the head, the examiner’s half of the face was nearly gone.

Blood flowed downward, creating a grotesque and grim sight.

Five examiners, and one of them had already met their demise.

About an hour and a half into the banquet, another examiners was discovered.

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She was surrounded by several grotesque individuals, and even though she revealed her supernatural traits, it was to no avail.

There were always those who, with a mindset of “dragging others down to hell with them,” would point and shout at others when they found themselves surrounded.

“They, they are also human!”

All eyes turned to look, revealing a closely entwined pair.

The vampire with red eyes and black hair was burying her head in the neck of the maid-clad person. Upon hearing the voices, she reluctantly raised her head.

Her sharp fangs were prominent, and her eyes held impatience.

The person being fed upon leaned weakly against the railing, buried in the vampire’s embrace.

“Why are there so many of you on a prey? You’re disturbing my meal.”

Others chuckled, but the host of the castle narrowed his eyes.

“Penelope, does the blood of a servant suit your taste?”

His voice was hoarse but distinct amidst the commotion.

“Werewolf blood indeed has this strange flavor, tsk, but her taste is still acceptable, better than what Carotte served me.”

Wan Yan naturally picked up the conversation, frowning in a somewhat dissatisfied manner.

“It’s my oversight. Tonight, I wish you success in your hunt.”

The host of the castle smiled, looking quite peculiar.

Even before the examiner betrayed their group, Wan Yan had already summoned her fang privilege for added realism. She even bit down for effect.

These fangs seemed to serve only a decorative purpose and didn’t leave deep marks or have any bloodsucking function.

Xin Lan cooperated perfectly, leaning into Wan Yan’s embrace. She had known all along that passing the test required not being discovered by NPCs, not necessarily staying alive.

When Wan Yan was biting, she didn’t think too much about it, mainly concerned whether Xin Lan would feel pain.

After fooling those NPCs, Wan Yan still had to act out this scene with a lowered head.

To ensure the safety of their conversation, even though they were face to face, Wan Yan didn’t speak directly but conveyed her message through Zero Nine.

【Host, Commander says that the host of this castle may have some suspicions, so you both need to be careful.】


【Host, Commander says it seems she drew blood from you.】

It’s okay.

【Host, Commander asks if she can help you with that.】


Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! Isn’t love wonderful! No love this time!

Zero Nine, forced into acting as a mouthpiece, felt deeply wronged.

When she saw how Wan Yan was tending to Xin Lan’s wound, she spontaneously combusted into fireworks right where she stood.

Wan Yan kept her head down, burying herself in the crook of Xin Lan’s neck. There, where blood droplets had welled up from the wound, Wan Yan extended her tongue, delicately licking and sucking them away, one by one.

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