Blame the Villain – Chapter 75

Villainous Crown Prince (17)

The next morning, Song Xuyi was startled when she woke up.

She didn’t expect to find herself in bed, and she certainly didn’t expect to find herself tightly embracing Nie Qianyu!

The sleepiness in Song Xuyi’s mind instantly disappeared: she took a sharp breath and took a long time to digest this fact. Holding her breath, she slowly withdrew her hand and moved it to the foot of the bed, ready to roll off…

—But just as she was about to do so, a hand reached out from the front and accurately hugged Song Xuyi’s waist, pulling her back again.

“Let’s sleep a little longer!” Nie Qianyu’s voice, with a hint of drowsy nasal tone, spoke as she pressed close to Song Xuyi’s neck, her fine breath spattering on the back of her ear, causing a shiver of goosebumps to run through her…

Song Xuyi’s body immediately went numb on one side, standing dumbfounded in place, afraid to move.

“So… it wasn’t me who got into the wrong bed last night?”

“Yes,” the system’s voice sounded somewhat despairing: “It was this shameless villain who put you in bed!”

“So, does being her female official involve… sleeping together?” Song Xuyi’s emotions were extremely complicated. She never expected Nie Qianyu to have such a penchant. However, when she thought of Nie Qianyu’s stunningly beautiful face, Song Xuyi found that she couldn’t muster any anger.

“Anyway, be on alert,” the system fell silent for a moment, carefully examining Song Xuyi’s expression and realizing that she was unaware of the villain’s intentions. The system finally mustered a bit of courage and, concealing the villain’s nighttime confession to Song Xuyi, continued to advise, “She’s definitely pretending not to know you on purpose. There may be more conspiracies ahead. We should quickly find a way to escape. If we can’t defeat the Wu Country, let’s escape and take the male and female leads to a remote place to spend the rest of our lives…”

After thinking for a moment, Song Xuyi nodded and said, “Yes, at this moment, this seems to be the only option.”

Although she still wished to reduce the conflicts among the people and provide them with more opportunities, the commanding Wu Country led by Nie Qianyu appeared too powerful and unpredictable. She had to prepare for the worst.

As she continued her conversation with the system, the warmth on Song Xuyi’s face gradually faded away.

After about the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, there was a rustling sound at the door, and someone tremulously knocked, saying, “Your Highness, it’s time for the morning court—”

Even the female officials serving below were surprised; the Crown Prince had always been diligent and never delayed the morning court. Yet this time, it seemed that he had missed the hour.

“I am feeling unwell today,” a hoarse male voice sounded from the room: “We will skip the morning court for today. Ask the elders to place the urgent matters on my desk…”

“You may come tidy up the room half an hour later—”

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The female official quickly acknowledged, about to retreat when suddenly, a sharp cry of pain from a woman was heard inside the room—

The female official widened her eyes, as if recalling something, blushed for a moment, then her face lit up with joy. She hurriedly stepped away from the door, instructing the others not to disturb the Crown Prince for the next half hour:

The former Crown Prince had been indulging in pleasures, but after being bitten by a snake, he seemed to have changed completely, sending away all the beauties as if he had turned into a monk and lived like that for several years.

The ministers all secretly speculated that His Highness must have injured a certain aspect of himself, hence his inability to perform. The few remaining Royalist Party members spent their days criticizing the Crown Prince over this matter…

It wasn’t easy! After so many years, the Crown Prince finally indulged in pleasures again!

The female officials naturally knew better than to disturb…

However, Song Xuyi was unaware of the misunderstanding her cry of pain had caused among the female officials. Upon hearing Nie Qianyu speaking in a male voice again, Song Xuyi felt extremely uncomfortable. Subconsciously, she wanted to move her body, but having maintained a position for too long, when she tried to shift, her legs went numb, causing her to cry out in pain…

Upon hearing the sound, Nie Qianyu, who was behind her, knelt up and naturally began massaging Song Xuyi’s legs. The sudden cramp quickly subsided under Nie Qianyu’s kneading.

Song Xuyi was taken aback, not expecting Nie Qianyu to act this way. She couldn’t help but glance at Nie Qianyu: Nie Qianyu, in the morning light, appeared somewhat lazy, her exquisite face seemed to radiate light, devoid of the previous cold and indifferent demeanor.

Her long black hair cascaded over her shoulders, her nightgown slightly disheveled, revealing her beautifully shaped collarbone and further down, certain undulating contours…

Does Nie Qianyu always sleep without pretending?

How does she usually conceal such deep contours of her body?


“I’m feeling better now, thank you, Your Highness.”

Realizing what she had just thought, Song Xuyi’s face instantly flushed red. She couldn’t help but shrink back and pull her legs in.

Unexpectedly, her elbow bumped into a cold box.

The box was open, revealing many black pills inside.

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Song Xuyi was stunned, but Nie Qianyu, beside her, had already closed the box and placed it in a hidden compartment in the bed: “These pills are harmful, you must not take them.”

Nie Qianyu’s voice returned to its original female tone.

So these are voice-changing drugs?

Is power and wealth truly so important that Nie Qianyu continues to take these drugs despite knowing they harm her body?

“If it harms your health, Your Highness should also use them sparingly.” Recalling her previous interactions with Nie Qianyu, even though she knew Nie Qianyu had lost her memory, Song Xuyi couldn’t help but speak up with a word of advice.

“You’ve got some nerve, a mere palace maid dares to lecture me.”

Nie Qianyu seemed surprised by Song Xuyi’s words and moved closer to her. Despite her words of reprimand, there was no trace of anger in Nie Qianyu’s eyes. In fact, as she gazed at Song Xuyi, she curved her lips into a smile.

When Nie Qianyu smiled, she truly resembled the rumored enchanting Empress who brought disaster to the nation, captivating and bewitching those who beheld her, unable to control themselves.

The distance between the two was too close. Song Xuyi could smell the sweet fragrance emanating from Nie Qianyu, especially as Nie Qianyu appeared disheveled. Despite reminding herself that they were both women, Song Xuyi’s cheeks involuntarily flushed again, turning her gaze away.

“Your Highness, please put on your clothes first…”

Once again, a light laugh sounded in front of her. Song Xuyi couldn’t understand why Nie Qianyu suddenly enjoyed laughing so much, especially when she had previously been cold and fierce.

But immediately, Song Xuyi felt Nie Qianyu take a step back and return to the bed—

Song Xuyi breathed a sigh of relief and subconsciously turned her head, only to be met with a sight of snow-white, tender skin and beautiful shoulder blades…

Nie Qianyu was holding a roll of white cloth, wrapping it around something…

Having seen many rolls of cotton cloth in the hidden compartment earlier and wondering about the purpose of the white cloth, Song Xuyi suddenly realized…

Her entire face turned as red as a tomato in an instant. Song Xuyi immediately turned her back and closed her eyes—

Too embarrassing!

As Song Xuyi recalled the scene she had just witnessed, she felt her cheeks burning as if they were about to catch fire, wishing she could disappear into the ground.

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No wonder those maids who served Nie Qianyu before didn’t last long.

— Witnessing such a vivid and fragrant scene every day, anyone would find it hard to control themselves…

With her mind in turmoil, Song Xuyi didn’t even realize when Nie Qianyu had turned around.

“Why is your face so flushed?”

A soft body leaned against her from behind, and a pair of hands gently touched Song Xuyi’s face. The culprit, Nie Qianyu, chuckled softly near Song Xuyi’s face, “Did no one teach you the palace rules before? How dare you turn your back to me—”

“Your Highness,” Song Xuyi felt like she was on the brink of tears, too afraid to turn around, “The maidservant didn’t mention this to me before coming…” She had never heard of a maid having to sleep with a prince.

Song Xuyi never expected that Nie Qianyu, who seemed cold and powerful last night, would become like this after a night’s rest. Compared to the Nie Qianyu now, she preferred the distant and aloof Nie Qianyu from before.

“This is a rule I just established…” Nie Qianyu seemed to understand what Song Xuyi couldn’t say and spoke first.

With her back turned, Song Xuyi couldn’t see the possessiveness in Nie Qianyu’s eyes, only hearing Nie Qianyu laugh again, even unable to resist biting Song Xuyi’s neck.

The bite wasn’t painful, but it felt extremely peculiar. Song Xuyi felt her waist go weak, her whole body melting on one side. She subconsciously struggled a bit, but Nie Qianyu once again held her waist tightly, forcing her to turn around.

“You’re the first one,” Nie Qianyu pressed her forehead against Song Xuyi’s, staring into her eyes with a smile, “I never needed a maid to stay up with me. The previous maids stayed outside the door helping me with the lamp.”

“Why you?” Nie Qianyu seemed to discern Song Xuyi’s confusion in her eyes, a hint of darkness passing through her gaze, but her tone sounded very obvious: “Of course, you are the smartest and the easiest to control.”

“You’ve realized that I am a woman, haven’t you?” Watching Song Xuyi’s evasive gaze, the smile on Nie Qianyu’s lips deepened, “Your performance has pleased me greatly, unlike others who were shocked and startled…”

“You are a person from Lishui Country, not belonging to any other factions in this palace, and I have stayed away from romantic entanglements for years. The court ministers have been pressing me, causing me great annoyance,” Nie Qianyu leaned in closer to Song Xuyi, “As long as you help me put on a show of being a loving couple, I will naturally not mistreat you in the future…”

As Nie Qianyu spoke into Song Xuyi’s ear, Song Xuyi, nervous and on edge, almost didn’t catch what Nie Qianyu was saying, but she understood nonetheless— Nie Qianyu wanted her to pretend to be her concubine.

So, she had been setting up a scheme and testing herself since last night?

This was truly absurd!

If it were any other dancer, they would probably be extremely excited. In just a few days, they would have gone from being a prisoner of war to a servant tending to the prince’s plants, then mistakenly become the prince’s attendant, and now they were about to become the prince’s concubine…

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However, Song Xuyi’s only thought now was to escape. Becoming the prince’s concubine would surely make escaping even more difficult.

“Your Highness,” Song Xuyi felt her scalp tighten, but still managed to speak up, “As a humble servant, how can I, with my insignificant looks, deserve Your Highness’s favor? The ministers may suspect something…”

“No matter, as long as we act more intimate, they will dispel their doubts naturally.” Nie Qianyu said it was no obstacle, but then bit Song Xuyi’s neck on the other side, as if knowing that Song Xuyi was still hesitant, and casually added, “It’s strange, there were plenty of women eager to climb into my bed before, but they have all become fertilizer for the garden now. Yet, with so many people, it’s only you who suits my taste…”

Was this a threat?

How did Nie Qianyu, who used to be cold and polite, become so shameless and cruel? Or was the previous Nie Qianyu just a facade?

Song Xuyi’s words about finding more beauties for the prince were completely stuck in her throat. She closed her eyes in frustration, almost shedding tears for real.

Things had already come to this point, with Nie Qianyu pressing closer at every step. Refusing further would likely displease this amnesiac Nie Qianyu, so Song Xuyi, tears welling up, reluctantly accepted Nie Qianyu’s words, saying, “Thank you for Your Highness’s grace.”

“I must thank you for being willing to help as well,” Nie Qianyu’s voice seemed even hoarser now. She let out a low chuckle, then embraced Song Xuyi’s neck again, leaving several red marks on it, “Your obedient nature is what caught my eye. It’s because you’re so well-behaved that I’ve taken a liking to you.”


Song Xuyi could only keep her eyes shut, trying hard to suppress the strange sensations in her body, pretending she was nothing but an unresponsive corpse. Little did she know the crazed look in Nie Qianyu’s lowered eyes.

The fish had finally taken the bait!

Nie Qianyu left her marks on Song Xuyi’s neck, exerting great effort to control her excited breath.

This was just the beginning.

The little princess was too naive, unaware of her own dirty and intense delusions…

But the fake will always become real one day.

With her being a concubine as her pretext, she could keep the little princess by her side, expressing her love without restraint. One day, the princess would be completely hers, inside and out—

The author has something to say:

Xiaonie is quite scheming.

Xuyi can’t return to the countryside~

LP: Re-translated on April 24, 2024

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