Blame the Villain – Chapter 3

Villainous Movie Star (3)

“Xuyi, Dad knows that you really like her,” Father Song patted Song Xuyi’s shoulder. “She is indeed quite impressive, diligent, and modest. Seeing how you’ve become more and more excellent because of your pursuit of stardom, Dad is truly delighted…”

Father Song, as the head of the Song family, has encountered numerous people throughout his life, and his evaluation of Zhao Qingyu’s character is exceedingly high. He used to dislike Xuyi’s idol chasing, fearing that she would be led astray and her moral character compromised by the chaotic entertainment industry. However, recent changes in Xuyi’s proactive and ambitious attitude, coupled with investigations revealing Zhao Qingyu’s modest and disciplined behavior on set, prompted Father Song to decide to allow further interaction between the two.

Upon hearing Father Song’s appraisal of Zhao Qingyu, Xuyi was unsure how to respond. Even Father Song, who has a wealth of experience in judging people, seems to have been mistaken. It can only be said that Zhao Qingyu is truly adept at feigning appearances.

Now that Zhao Qingyu has arrived, despite Xuyi being completely unprepared to engage with her, she can only steel herself and greet Zhao Qingyu…

“Long time no see, Qingyu.”

Song Xuyi couldn’t possibly replicate the infatuated expression the original owner had when seeing Zhao Qingyu. She could only try her best to feign surprise, lifting her head to look at Zhao Qingyu. “I didn’t expect Dad to invite you over…”

“If you had already guessed it, then it wouldn’t be a surprise,” Zhao Qingyu curved her lips, her smile gentle and graceful.

Although Song Xuyi knew this woman wasn’t a good person, when faced with Zhao Qingyu’s smile, she involuntarily blushed once again.

“This child,” Father Song looked at Song Xuyi, who appeared timid like a quail, with a mix of disappointment and frustration. “Just now, she seemed quite composed in the living room, but as soon as she’s in front of people, she becomes shy…”

“You two can chat, take your time,” Father Song pushed Song Xuyi forward, pretending to be considerate, and turned back to the living room. “You’ve worked so hard to achieve good results. Why don’t you go share the good news with your little idol?”

Song Xuyi: ……

As Father Song left, the surroundings visibly quieted down.

Apart from the driver in the nanny car and the security guard in the distance, only Song Xuyi and Zhao Qingyu remained outside.

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The streetlights poured out a soft orange light, and the stars in the sky twinkled. Accompanied by Song Xuyi’s increasingly rapid heartbeat, Zhao Qingyu took step by step closer…

Song Xuyi pursed her lips, wanting to avert her gaze, but her eyes seemed uncontrollable. She stared blankly at Zhao Qingyu, and in a daze, she realized that when a person is exceptionally beautiful, like a natural magnet, they can attract everyone’s attention…

Song Xuyi bit her lower lip, somewhat annoyed at her shallow attraction.

Zhao Qingyu shook her head, suddenly reminded of a small milk cat she used to raise.

Zhao Qingyu had to admit that this pampered and somewhat brainless princess of the Song family, once she removed her heavy makeup, looked… somewhat cute.

In just a little over three months of not seeing each other, she had undergone such a transformation that Zhao Qingyu almost didn’t recognize her at first glance…

And the gaze that Song Xuyi directed at her…

Zhao Qingyu narrowed her eyes, playfully curling her lips. The infatuated obsession that used to be in Song Xuyi’s eyes had faded away, replaced by a hint of wariness and caution…

Did she notice something?


Song Xuyi didn’t know why, perhaps because she had realized Zhao Qingyu’s exceptionally cunning nature, she felt particularly flustered when facing her. It wasn’t until Zhao Qingyu was almost in front of her that she took over Father Song’s words with a mosquito-like voice, “I, I got accepted into X University Medical School…”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Song Xuyi regretted it and lowered her head. Her face turned red, almost reaching the tips of her ears. The tone she used, akin to that of an elementary school student seeking praise, was incredibly embarrassing!


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As expected, Zhao Qingyu burst into laughter from above. It seemed she hadn’t expected Song Xuyi to say something like that. After a while, she responded, “Wow, Xuyi is really amazing…”

Zhao Qingyu’s voice remained melodious and gentle. If Song Xuyi didn’t know the true nature of this person, she might have mistaken it for praise. However, hearing these words now, Song Xuyi felt that something was off in every aspect.

“Xuyi, is she praising you or mocking you?” the observing system voiced its confusion. “She’s still smiling at you. Shouldn’t you lift your head and take a look?”

After spending some time together, the system had become familiar with Song Xuyi, and its address for her changed from “Tasker” to “Xuyi.”

Song Xuyi pursed her lips. Privately, she didn’t dare to look at Zhao Qingyu’s bewitching face. However, Song Xuyi also understood that she couldn’t continue to avoid it. If she didn’t even have the courage to have a conversation with Zhao Qingyu now, how could she get closer to her and uncover the secrets behind her?

Song Xuyi took a deep breath, bit her lower lip, slowly straightened her spine, and with a sense of impending doom, she lifted her eyes…

A pristine and slender hand, resembling a falling jade hairpin, gently landed on Song Xuyi’s head.

Zhao Qingyu naturally rubbed Song Xuyi’s head, wearing a gentle expression.

Song Xuyi only just noticed that Zhao Qingyu was half a head taller than her. The expression and movements as she rubbed Song Xuyi’s head were incredibly natural, and there was even a hint of amusement in her eyes, as if stars were mingling within her gaze…

Song Xuyi stood frozen in place, and the heat that had just subsided on her cheeks began to spread once again.

In the original owner’s memories, Zhao Qingyu had never taken the initiative to touch her body.


The courage that had swelled up vanished in an instant, and Song Xuyi wanted to avoid the situation. However, Zhao Qingyu’s actions were faster than hers. By the time Song Xuyi widened her eyes to look, Zhao Qingyu had already pulled her hand back naturally and turned to face the hall. “Xuyi, won’t you treat me to something to eat?”

Song Xuyi clenched her fists.

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If the original owner were here, she would probably be ecstatic about being touched by her idol.

But Song Xuyi was not the original owner.

She felt a profound sense of frustration and defeat. It seemed that she had no defense when facing Zhao Qingyu, while Zhao Qingyu’s attitude was flawless. She appeared affectionate, but in reality, she maintained proper etiquette, leaving no room for criticism…

“The villain is so cunning,” the system exclaimed indignantly once again. “Xuyi, don’t fall for her seductive tactics!”

“The first rule of the Tasker’s Code is not to fall in love in the Little World——”

Song Xuyi heard this rule for the first time and was momentarily stunned, but she didn’t take it to heart. However, the system’s words still struck a chord with Song Xuyi, and she deeply reflected on her obsession with appearance. Once again, her fighting spirit was ignited, and she followed behind Zhao Qingyu.

“Big Sister Qingyu,” Song Xuyi caught up to Zhao Qingyu in a couple of steps. When she saw Zhao Qingyu raise an eyebrow and look over, Song Xuyi realized that she had become immune to Zhao Qingyu’s beauty attacks. This time, she didn’t blush. With determination in her heart, Song Xuyi decided to gather her courage and look up at Zhao Qingyu. “I have already turned eighteen, so you can’t—”

However, before she could finish saying the words “touch my head like a child again,” she felt a warmth on her arm—Zhao Qingyu had held onto Song Xuyi’s arm, looking at her with a smile that was not quite a smile. “Little Xuyi, can this Big Sister hold your arm?”


Song Xuyi’s first instinct was to shake off Zhao Qingyu’s grip.

However, in the blink of an eye, a sudden thought flashed through her mind, and Song Xuyi quickly realized: Zhao Qingyu was likely testing her!

—Zhao Qingyu had never been this close to the original owner before. During the original owner’s eighteenth birthday, Song Xuyi had actually wanted to invite Zhao Qingyu, but at that time, Zhao Qingyu had declined the invitation, citing the need for training. And now, not only did Zhao Qingyu show up at her celebration, but she also acted so affectionately towards her…

“I must be going crazy with happiness,” Song Xuyi felt a chill down her spine as she thought more and more. She stiffly held onto Zhao Qingyu’s arm. “It feels like I’m dreaming. Why is Big Sister Qingyu suddenly so good to me?”

Where did she reveal her vulnerability?

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“Because Little Xuyi is adorable!” Zhao Qingyu looked at Song Xuyi’s awkwardly smiling face, her eyes filled with a deeper sense of amusement. Her voice sounded sincere and gentle. “Who wouldn’t like a cute and hardworking girl like you…”

The sight of the young girl clumsily hiding her true thoughts in a state of confusion was truly delightful…

Song Xuyi felt a headache coming on.

Zhao Qingyu was like a slippery eel. Song Xuyi tried every trick in the book, but couldn’t extract any useful information from her. She also had to be on guard, fearing that Zhao Qingyu might uncover her own secrets. Yet, to outsiders, their conversation made it seem like they had an exceptionally good relationship.

As a result, when Song Xuyi was called over by Mother Song to meet some elders and Zhao Qingyu stood alone at the counter, lightly sipping red wine, even though they attracted occasional curious glances, no one approached Zhao Qingyu.

After all, most of the people qualified to attend this banquet were clear-headed individuals. Song Xuyi, the little princess of the Song family, had a fickle temperament, and her family doted on her excessively. Zhao Qingyu was brought by her, and if they were to engage her in conversation and incur her displeasure, it would be the end of their prospects in the Song family…

However, Zhao Qingyu seemed oblivious to the various gazes around her. She didn’t appear uncomfortable amidst the crowd of strangers. She curiously surveyed the people in the hall, and no one knew that her gaze had momentarily fixed on a middle-aged woman dressed in a cheongsam before casually shifting away.

The spacious hall could accommodate a hundred people, with intricate and magnificent paintings adorning the walls. Various delicacies and fine wines were displayed throughout the venue, with fragrances and lively conversations filling the air. The glass hanging lamps above reflected beautiful lights… This banquet only showcased a fraction of the underlying heritage of the Song family’s century-old power.

It was no wonder that some people would do anything to gain entry into the Song family…

However, Song Jun was not present at the banquet.

Zhao Qingyu slowly narrowed her eyes.

It seemed that the rumors were true, and Song Jun had indeed gone abroad.

But what difference did it make that he was overseas?

The slight sense of pleasure that had arisen from Song Xuyi’s presence completely vanished after seeing that woman in the cheongsam. Familiar feelings of hatred gradually spread throughout Zhao Qingyu’s heart. She sneered inwardly, her red lips curling as she lowered her head and leisurely took a sip of the red wine in her glass.

—The future is long, and there will come a time when they will have to pay their debts.

LP: Re-translated on November 30, 2023

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