Blame the Villain – Chapter 65

Villainous Crown Prince (7)

In October, the news of the establishment of a new crown prince in the Wu Country reached the Lishui Country.

The well-informed Wang family naturally received the news as well.

However, Nie Qianyu continued to move about as usual, living a secluded and quiet life, appearing to be unaffected and behaving as if nothing had changed.

But how could everything be fine?

For Nie Qianyu, at such a young age, leaving his homeland and living a secluded life in the Lishui Country was already a significant departure. He heard that his own younger brother had ascended to the position of crown prince, completely abandoning him and effectively the homeland that he held dear.

If the timing were a bit later, it would be more understandable. After all, if Nie Qianyu couldn’t return to the country, Wu Country would need a new crown prince. However, it’s truly chilling that the Wu Country moved so quickly to establish a new crown prince when Nie Qianyu had only been in the Lishui Country for less than two years. It’s no wonder that in the plot summary, Nie Qianyu, upon returning to the Wu Country, showed no regard for family ties, massacred the court, and seized the imperial throne.

Song Xuyi felt a bit sorry for Nie Qianyu. Coincidentally, at this time, the crops they had planted were already ripe, and Wang Mian’s birthday was approaching. Song Xuyi thought that with the gathering of the noble families, it was a good opportunity to promote these foods. So, she pouted and acted spoiled, asking Wang Mian for the task of arranging the birthday feast dishes.

After having eaten the dishes prepared by the chefs guided by Song Xuyi for some time, Wang Mian found it hard to swallow other meals. Now, among the aristocratic families, there was a competition in sophistication, elegance, and cuisine. Wang Mian knew that Song Xuyi might surprise him at the banquet, further elevating the Wang family’s reputation. So, he promptly agreed to Song Xuyi’s request.

In preparation for the feast, to make sure that the attendees noticed the new food he had discovered and to bring some vitality to the people, Song Xuyi took Nie Qianyu with her into her few acres of land. They shut out all the unpleasant noises and focused on harvesting the food…

Soon, November arrived.

In Zhongzhou, the most famous academy known for its literary influence is called Baiqiao Academy.

Baiqiao Academy has a long history and has produced many outstanding individuals who have been bestowed with titles and appointed as officials. There is a saying in the Jiangnan – “Once you enter Baiqiao, you’re halfway to the cabinet.”

Although this statement may sound somewhat exaggerated, it precisely demonstrates the position of Baiqiao Academy among scholars. It is widely known that Baiqiao Academy has deep ties with the local powerful Wang family.

Baiqiao Academy only enrolls students once every three years.

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At the beginning of November, with the arrival of Wang Mian’s birthday, scholars from all over the world hurried to Zhongzhou, eagerly awaiting the academic examination at Baiqiao Academy on the 8th of November.

Wang Mian’s 60th birthday fell on the 5th of November.

On that day at the Wang residence, lanterns were lit, and decorations were put up. To showcase the magnanimity of being the number one noble family in the land, the Wang family set up a banquet along the roadside, waiving rent for their tenant households and slaves for a month, which garnered praises from the common people.

The guests were all well-traveled and sophisticated. At the start, faced with a table full of unfamiliar dishes, no one touched their chopsticks. However, the aromas of the dishes were irresistible! Some guests couldn’t resist taking a bite, and once they did, they couldn’t stop…

Some talented guests even spontaneously composed poems on the spot to capture the grandeur of the feast, lavishly praising the Wang family as the leading noble family for generations. Some even boldly requested to stay at the Wang residence for a period to have their chefs learn from the Wang family’s culinary skills.

The banquet was a resounding success, just as Song Xuyi had anticipated. It not only drew attention from other noble families to the new food discoveries but also elevated the reputation of the Wang family as the premier noble family to its peak.

Watching his granddaughter put so much effort into his affairs, Wang Mian was deeply touched by Song Xuyi’s devotion.

Therefore, when Wang Mian saw Song Xuyi surrounded by a group of high-born ladies blushing and flustered, and even his two granddaughters stealing glances at Nie Qianyu, though Nie Qianyu remained expressionless, Wang Mian still felt that this superficial young man was not worthy of his well-behaved granddaughter. He found Nie Qianyu disagreeable in every way.

However, his granddaughter seemed captivated by this lad…

After careful consideration and even consulting with the family advisor, Wang Mian finally came up with a plan.

The next morning, Wang Mian summoned Song Xuyi and Nie Qianyu to the study early in the day.

“Master Nie,” Wang Mian stroked his beard and smiled warmly as he began: “I have only one granddaughter whom I dote on, always hoping for her happiness in all things. Since Xuyi favors you, I will also regard you as a nephew in our family…”

“As a young man, one should aspire to explore the world and not confine oneself to the chambers of women. I see you as a talented individual, dignified in appearance, a promising student. Baiqiao Academy is currently recruiting students, and coincidentally, I have a longstanding acquaintance with the headmaster. Would Prince Nie be interested in studying at Baiqiao Academy?”

Nie Qianyu remained silent, while Song Xuyi beside him brightened up: “Grandfather, can Brother Nie… can he also enter Baiqiao Academy?”

In the plot outline, Nie Qianyu didn’t undergo systematic learning but still became the emperor in the end, indicating his political talent. Baiqiao Academy, as a breeding ground for future leaders, not only teaches students military strategies but also imparts governing principles and leadership skills. This environment suits Nie Qianyu best, considering the current emphasis on ethics and righteousness in education. Perhaps with this knowledge, the future Nie Qianyu might be less inclined towards bloodshed…

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However… Nie Qianyu is ultimately a man from the Wu Country.

“That shouldn’t be a big issue,” Wang Mian naturally understood the implication behind Song Xuyi’s words, stroking his beard with a smile: “The former Prince Nie… may have caused some trouble in the past, but now…”

Song Xuyi immediately grasped the meaning. In the eyes of rulers like Wang Mian, one’s identity symbolized everything. Having lost his status, Nie Qianyu had lost his value as well. Rulers would no longer spare him a glance.

Yet, only Song Xuyi knew: Nie Qianyu was a wolf with hidden fangs. He didn’t need the validation of his status; even on his own, he could obtain everything he desired.

“What do you say, Brother Nie?” After Wang Mian spoke, Song Xuyi turned to Nie Qianyu, her eyes holding a hint of anticipation.

Wang Mian, observing Song Xuyi’s expression, curved his lips ever so slightly.

This was the strategy devised by Wang Mian and his advisor: If Nie Qianyu followed Song Xuyi for mere fame and wealth, he would naturally agree to enter Baiqiao Academy. The academy required three years of study, during which Nie Qianyu would be far from Song Xuyi, causing their relationship to naturally fade. If Nie Qianyu declined to enter the academy, it would indicate that he sought something greater, likely using Song Xuyi as a stepping stone. This was a situation Wang Mian was determined to prevent. And once Nie Qianyu made such a choice—after all, he was no longer the crown prince—there were plenty of ways to make someone disappear without a trace…

Nie Qianyu pursed his lips and glanced at Wang Mian.

Nie Qianyu had a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes, with a red mole adding a touch of charm at the corner. Even without expression, these eyes naturally exuded a hint of emotion. If it were anyone else, Wang Mian would commend their good looks. However, because it was Nie Qianyu with those eyes, Wang Mian only felt that his cosmetic appearance was excessive, and his eyes carried an unpleasant allure.

For a fleeting moment, Wang Mian felt as though Nie Qianyu’s eyes could see through his intentions. But then, Wang Mian dismissed the thought as his own overthinking: When he and his advisor devised the strategy, there was no one else present, and his advisor would never betray him.

“Thank you, Elder Wang, for your consideration,” facing the gaze of Wang Mian and Song Xuyi, Nie Qianyu finally curved his lips: “As you said, a man’s ambition knows no bounds. Since childhood, I have immersed myself in literature and poetry. While I may consider entering Baiqiao Academy, I would prefer to rely on my own abilities to gain admission…”

Wang Mian was caught off guard by Nie Qianyu’s ambitious nature, momentarily stunned. Song Xuyi, rarely seeing Nie Qianyu reveal his aspirations, quickly praised, “I believe Brother Nie will surely pass the academy entrance exam!”

Nie Qianyu once again curved his lips.

After regaining his composure, Wang Mian struggled to maintain his gentle demeanor: this kid really didn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth! So many people toiled day and night to enter Baiqiao Academy, yet this embroidered pillow dared to boast shamelessly!

Nevertheless, he had still made a choice!

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Wang Mian breathed a sigh of relief. When Nie Qianyu mentioned wanting to bring a few attendants with him once he entered the academy, Wang Mian didn’t pay much attention. He waved his hand and agreed: young people often lacked understanding, letting him learn a lesson might be beneficial!

However, Wang Mian never expected that Nie Qianyu actually passed the entrance exam for Baiqiao Academy, becoming the youngest student in this year’s group.

Even more surprisingly for Wang Mian, those attendants Nie Qianyu mentioned turned out to be the handsome young men he had arranged for his granddaughter!

Yet, words once spoken are like water poured out. Wang Mian could only watch helplessly as Nie Qianyu set off on the journey to Baiqiao Academy with those handsome young men.

Wang Mian’s face turned livid with anger, while Nie Qianyu bid farewell to Song Xuyi. Emotions surged in his eyes, his heart in turmoil, until he finally said, “Princess, take care.”

Nie Qianyu had never imagined he would have the opportunity to attend the academy. This was a precious chance for him to quickly learn military strategies and make friends with talented individuals at the academy…

All the expectations that had suddenly come before him, and all this… Nie Qianyu pursed his lips: it was all because of the little princess in front of his eyes.

Nie Qianyu had initially thought he would be happy to receive all this, but when it actually happened, he didn’t feel as joyful as he had imagined.

Nie Qianyu couldn’t understand why he had brought those few young men along, and he couldn’t fathom the sense of reluctance that filled his heart…

But the little princess was smiling. She smiled so joyfully, patting her own shoulder and telling him, “Brother Nie, don’t worry. You will surely be the most outstanding student among your peers.” Her smile showed no trace of worry or sadness.

The world said she was madly infatuated with him, but Nie Qianyu knew she was the biggest liar in the world!

Her greatest love was for her little plot of land, those newly discovered crops growing in the soil, those starving refugees… and he, was just someone she casually cared about.

Nie Qianyu’s eyes suddenly turned cold, he handed a bundle to Song Xuyi, pursed his lips, and climbed onto the carriage.

When the little princess went into the mountains, her tender skin attracting mosquito bites, Nie Qianyu secretly made mosquito repellent and snakebite ointment…

The little princess had been searching for a plant called radish, and Nie Qianyu communicated with the animals to find it for her and drew a map.

Upon hearing from the animals that Wang Mian intended to send him to Baiqiao Academy, Nie Qianyu had been preparing for their separation. However… Song Xuyi showed no signs of sadness or distress at all.

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“I am only repaying a debt.”

Nie Qianyu told himself, yet as he looked at Song Xuyi’s beautiful smile, his eyes grew increasingly heavy. He felt as if his heart had suddenly been stuffed with cotton, inexplicably feeling anxious.

As the carriage gradually began to move forward, Nie Qianyu tightened his lips. But then, he saw Song Xuyi suddenly take a few steps forward, waving her hand and shouting loudly towards him, “Brother Nie, I’ll wait for you to come back and cook delicious food for you!”

At least she has a conscience!

Nie Qianyu thought to himself.

The suffocating feeling in his heart completely disappeared in that instant. This time, Nie Qianyu defiantly controlled the smirk at the corner of his lips. He pretended indifference as he waved his hand dismissively, but his voice clearly reached Song Xuyi’s ears — “Alright!”

Watching as the carriage’s curtain closed, hiding the jade-like figure inside, Song Xuyi finally turned back and started to walk away.

The system hesitantly muttered in Song Xuyi’s mind, “Are you really willing… to let him leave?” When He Siyu went to school before, you would constantly remind her, afraid that she would encounter any trouble…

“And what should I do instead?”

“Don’t you feel any reluctance at all? He’s all alone in those cold mountains…”

“Why should there be any reluctance? He’s a boy, he has to endure exposure to the elements, work hard to study in order to grow—” Song Xuyi frowned, “Why are you being so strange?”

“Not at all!” The system immediately denied, “I’m just casually chatting with you!”

“Your attitude is particularly commendable,” the system praised repeatedly, “Please continue to maintain it, and definitely don’t feel sorry for the boy…”

The author has something to say:

Xiaonie: But I’m actually a girl hehehe~

LP: Re-translated on April 07, 2024

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