After Being Scummed – Chapter 7

Ms. Yin, long time no see

Yin Bai, leaning on a cane, came over and sat down on the sofa. She turned on the television for the two children and asked them what they wanted to watch.

Wen Wen was still a little afraid of her, so she huddled next to her younger sister, Tong Tong, and hesitantly said she wanted to watch “Peppa Pig.” Yin Bai nodded knowingly and turned to Tong Tong, asking, “And what about you? Are you also interested in ‘Peppa Pig’?”

Tong Tong nodded, indicating that she wanted the same as her sister. Yin Bai followed the children’s preferences and played “Peppa Pig” for them.

Seeing that the two children were engrossed in watching TV, Yin Bai took out her phone and messaged her secretary. The child next door had been injured, and she couldn’t just ignore the situation; that would be heartless.

Although Yin Bai didn’t consider herself a good person, she wouldn’t shirk her responsibilities. Her team, led by Jin Xiangyu, had grown accustomed to her unpredictability. When the secretary received Yin Bai’s message, all they replied with was, “Okay.”

She also thoughtfully inquired about Yin Bai’s future plans — such as whether she would be traveling abroad or if she wanted to take a break within the country.

What break was there to take? Seeing these two children, she had no feelings of “facing the sea, with warm spring blossoms.” She only wished for the child to recover quickly, and that her parents wouldn’t come knocking on her door seeking retribution.

Yin Bai replied vaguely, “We’ll see.”

Yin Bai had her secretary purchase some fruits and nutritional supplements that children liked to eat, almost as an apology. This concluded the conversation.

The secretary acted swiftly, and in no time, a delivery guy brought a pile of fruits. These fruits arrived even before the auntie’s lunch, and when the hungry children saw food, they couldn’t help but cheer.

Seeing them happy, Yin Bai smiled as well. She placed the basket of fruits on the table and generously said to the two children, “These are for you, feel free to eat. If you want something, just go wash it yourself.”

Tong Tong, sitting on the bed, sweetly said, “Thank you, Fairy Sister!”

Wen Wen, standing beside her, still somewhat in disbelief, looked up at Yin Bai with wide eyes and asked, “Is it really true?”

At this moment, Yin Bai didn’t mind their fear and caution. She nodded with a smile and said, “It’s true, go ahead and eat. I’m not some evil queen; the food I’m giving you isn’t poisoned!”

Both Tong Tong and Wen Wen had heard stories about Snow White and the evil queen, and upon hearing this, they burst into laughter. Especially Wen Wen, who cheered, “Sister is not an evil queen, she’s a fairy godmother!”

She rushed to the coffee table, opened the fruit basket, and excitedly asked Tong Tong what she wanted to eat. When Tong Tong said she wanted grapes, Wen Wen picked up the grapes and went to wash them.

As an adult with mobility issues, she didn’t feel guilty about asking a child for help. Yin Bai saw Wen Wen heading to the bathroom to wash the fruits and also asked her to help wash an apple.

In no time, Wen Wen staggered out of the bathroom with a plate of fruits in hand.

She placed the fruit plate on the coffee table next to Tong Tong’s sickbed and cheerfully peeled grapes for Tong Tong to eat. Yin Bai, seeing the two children talking and laughing, approached with her cane and began to use a fruit knife to peel an apple.

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Despite being born with a silver spoon, Yin Bai wasn’t entirely inexperienced. She had honed her apple-peeling skills many years ago when Xiao Nian was hospitalized, practicing by secretly ruining over a dozen apples.

Of course, now her skills were even more refined. In no time, one lively little “red rabbit” after another hopped out from under Yin Bai’s knife.

Yin Bai presented the small “red rabbits” to the children and received a chorus of exclamations: “Wow, they’re rabbits! So cute!”

Tong Tong looked up and gave Yin Bai a big smile, saying, “Fairy Sister, you’re amazing!”

Wen Wen, holding one of the little rabbits, examined it from left to right and couldn’t contain her delight, “You’re really amazing, Fairy Sister! Did you use magic to create these?”

Yin Bai placed her hand to her lips, coughed lightly, and with a pretend calmness, she said, “That’s right, these are little rabbits imbued with healing magic!”

She lowered her gaze and looked at the child lying in the hospital bed. With a hint of embarrassment, she said, “Tong Tong, after you eat, your foot will get better quickly.”

Wen Wen, upon hearing this, quickly brought one of the little rabbits to Tong Tong’s mouth and enthusiastically said, “Tong Tong, eat quickly, eat the magic rabbit! Tomorrow, no, maybe even tonight, we can go back home to play!”

Tong Tong accepted the apple handed to her by her sister, holding it in both hands, took a small bite, and smiled, saying, “Okay, I’ll eat more then.”

The way the child nibbled on the apple slice made her look like a little hamster, cute and lively. Yin Bai, watching her in this manner, couldn’t help but smile, a slight curve forming at the corner of her lips.

However, the child sitting on the bed eating the apple didn’t forget about her. While munching on her own piece of apple, she also offered Yin Bai a slice, saying, “Fairy Sister, you should eat too. After you eat, your foot will get better!”

Yin Bai was momentarily taken aback. She lowered her gaze and looked at Tong Tong on the bed, who held the apple and gazed at her with sparkling eyes. “Hurry and eat,” Tong Tong encouraged. “After you eat, Fairy Sister might not need the cane anymore.”

Yin Bai stood by the bed with her cane, watching the child’s innocent and radiant smile. She couldn’t help but laugh. “Ah… this magic won’t work for me anymore because I’m an adult. Only adorable children receive the favor of magic.”

Yin Bai gave her cane a little shake and continued, “And this isn’t just a cane; it’s my magic wand.” She lowered her head to look at the two children, who were completely serious. “To become a beautiful fairy like me, you have to go through some tough trials.”

“Do you know why my leg is lame? It’s because I used my own leg bone to make this magic wand, which transformed me into the fairy you see today.”

Dealing with these innocent and naïve children, it was easier and even enjoyable for Yin Bai to say more than usual, and she even indulged in some playful, unrelated jokes.

Wen Wen and Tong Tong, upon hearing her words, looked at Yin Bai’s leg in shock and both took in a sharp breath.

Wen Wen, still nibbling on her apple, stared at Yin Bai’s leg in disbelief and said, “Becoming a fairy must really involve some incredible things!”

It’s… it’s amazing! Using her own leg bone to make a magic wand, that must have been very painful!

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Yin Bai looked at the children’s astonished expressions and raised an eyebrow, giving a little smile. “Of course, without hardships, why would there be only one beautiful fairy like me in the world?”

She spoke with utmost conviction, and the children believed her wholeheartedly. Tong Tong, sitting on the bed and biting into her apple, humbly asked, “Fairy Sister, can you tell us the story of how you became a fairy?”

Yin Bai raised an eyebrow, “You want to hear the story?”

Wen Wen nodded vigorously, “Yes, yes, we really want to hear!”

Yin Bai lifted her cane, tapped the bed frame, and smiled, “Shall I sit down and tell you then?”

“Yes, yes!” Tong Tong reached out and patted the spot next to her, eagerly saying, “Fairy Sister, please sit down and tell us!”

Yin Bai settled down at the edge of the bed, and Wen Wen promptly handed her a bunch of grapes. Yin Bai accepted the grapes, peeled them methodically, and pondered as she spoke, “This is a story from a very, very long time ago…”

Under the eager gaze of the children, Yin Bai spontaneously concocted a story, “A long, long time ago, when I was only twelve years old, I lived with my mom and dad in a little castle facing the sea, where the flowers always bloomed…”

Upon hearing the word “castle,” Wen Wen clapped her hands in admiration, “Wow, a castle! Fairy Sister, were you a princess back then?”

Yin Bai glanced at her and replied without changing her expression, “Well, sort of. Now, be quiet and listen, do you still want to hear the story?”

Wen Wen immediately raised her hand to cover her mouth and looked at her attentively, saying, “You tell, you tell!”

Yin Bai shifted her gaze, surveyed Tong Tong, who was now completely engrossed in listening to the story, and continued, “Then one day, I received a letter from the Fairy Council, saying that I was already twelve years old and needed to prepare for the test to become a fairy.”

“But passing the test to become a fairy was a very difficult task,” Yin Bai continued. “My mom and dad were worried about me and afraid that I would get hurt, so they refused the Fairy Council’s request. However, the Fairy Council had chosen me to become a fairy, and my mom and dad couldn’t refuse…”

“So, one afternoon, my mom and dad drove a carriage as huge as a Totoro, and they escaped with me.”

Wen Wen exclaimed again, “Wow, what does a Totoro carriage look like?”

Yin Bai paused and said, “Well, I’ll describe it to you in more detail another time, but it’s basically a very fast and very cute carriage.”

Yin Bai continued, “My mom and dad drove the carriage, heading east following the wind. However, when they passed through the forest where a witch resided, they got caught in a trap set by the witch.”

“The witch’s tree spirits entangled my Totoro carriage,” Yin Bai continued, “and just then, a pitch-black dragon with enormous wings descended from the sky. It bit onto my carriage and swallowed us…”

“The carriage rolled down the dark throat of the dragon, all the way into the dragon’s belly…”

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Wen Wen was wide-eyed with fear, swallowing hard and patting her chest as she said, “Oh my, that’s so scary!”

Yin Bai chuckled, then turned to Tong Tong, who was wide-eyed and watching her intently, and continued, “Scary, isn’t it? Do you know what’s inside the dragon’s belly?”

Tong Tong got excited immediately, grabbing Yin Bai’s hand and asking, “What is it, what is it? Is it people? Did the dragon eat lots and lots of people? Fairy Sister, were you almost eaten?”

Yin Bai reached out and gently pinched Tong Tong’s rosy little cheeks, saying, “You got it right.”

She let go and continued with a cheerful smile, “Inside the dragon’s belly, there are vast pools of lava!”

Tong Tong looked puzzled, “Fairy Sister, what’s lava?”

Wen Wen, on the side, enthusiastically raised her hand and said, “I know, I know! I know what it is. It’s like really hot liquid rock!”

What a mix of explanations!

Yin Bai fell silent for a moment and then chose a different way to explain, “You can imagine it as vast, roaring flames burning fiercely.”

Tong Tong looked worried, “So, Fairy Sister, were you going to be burned to death?”

Yin Bai shook her head, “No, not at all! Even though it was very hot inside with lots of flames, my mom and dad and the Totoro carriage protected me…”

“When the carriage overturned, my mom and dad shielded me underneath. Just as the fierce flames inside the dragon’s belly were about to consume me, I heard the voices of the fairies…”

“They said: ‘Pull out your leg bone, believe in the power of love, and become a magical fairy!'”

In reality, that’s not accurate. At that moment, Yin Bai didn’t hear anything. Her eyes were scorched by intense light, her ears were overwhelmed by deafening explosions. The only real sensation was the strong scent of blood lingering in her nostrils.

It wasn’t actually such an adventurous fairy tale. For her, it was a nightmare that haunted her throughout her adolescence.

But nightmares always come to an end.

Yin Bai raised her hand and lifted her cane, pointing it at the ceiling, “And then I pulled out my leg bone, chanted the spell of love, and transformed it into a magic wand…”

Just at that moment, nobody noticed that the door handle of the hospital room was turned, and a hurried woman in high heels, accompanied by an assistant, pushed open the door.

The woman with exquisite makeup raised her head and immediately looked towards the hospital bed. She saw Yin Bai, dressed in a white suit, standing beside the bed, holding her cane high, and passionately declaring, “The magic wand continued to grow and grow, turning into the Divine Needle of the Sea, and it pierced through the dragon’s belly in one strike.”

“The dragon’s belly ruptured, and magma gushed out in a torrent, ejecting me out in an instant!”

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

The two children, upon hearing this, enthusiastically applauded, clapping their hands, “Wow! Fairy Sister is amazing!”

Yin Bai put away her cane and smiled at the children, raising her eyebrows, “How about that, am I a very powerful fairy?”

The children were all very supportive, happily saying, “Yes, yes! Fairy Sister is incredibly awesome!”

The woman who had just entered the room looked at the joyful scene inside the hospital room, which consisted of two children and a young woman, and was somewhat puzzled. No one had informed her about the situation.

Just then, Tong Tong, sitting on the bed, turned her head and caught sight of the woman standing at the doorway. Her eyes lit up, and she loudly exclaimed, “Mom!”


Yin Bai turned her head and looked towards the doorway, locking eyes with the woman standing outside.

As their gazes met, Yin Bai took in a sharp breath, gripping her cane tightly.


It was Zuo Jingyou again!

Yin Bai recalled the embarrassing scene of herself raising the cane towards the ceiling, wishing she could just find a hole to hide in! She quickly grabbed her cane and instinctively turned to leave.

However, at that moment, Zuo Jingyou, accompanied by her assistant, stood at the doorway. She gently smoothed her slightly disheveled hair and gave Yin Bai a grateful smile, saying, “Ah, Ms. Yin, I didn’t expect it to be you. Long time no see.”

Yin Bai forced a smile, her lips curling with a hint of sarcasm, and replied, “Hehe, it’s been a while.”

Little did I expect that this child is actually your daughter.

If I had known it was Zuo Jingyou’s daughter, I wouldn’t have cared about anything.

The author has something to say:

A large-scale scene of social death.

Believe in the power of love and become a magical fairy!

Believe me, this time it’s truly a fairy tale-like healing story because there’s an angel!

To encourage everyone to leave more comments, I’ve decided to give out red envelopes!

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