Trending Again – Chapter 48

Extra: From Milk Dumpling to Goddess Lin (3)

High school, a thousand sails pass by the stranded boat by the shore:

A group of boys gathered around a skinny and weak boy. His school bag was hung up high on a tree branch, and his school uniform was all messed up.

“I told you, this shorty can’t reach it. Don’t give his bag back.”

“This guy is gay, you know. If you touch him, will he cry like a woman?”

“If you dare mess with xx, don’t you even take a look in the mirror. Are you worthy?”

That boy had bloodshot eyes, with bruises all over his body. Freshly healed knife scars could be faintly seen on his pale wrists, indicating self-harm.

“Hey, it’s a diary! Come and take a look!”

The boy rushed over like wild dog, then he was kicked aside like a broken kite.

“No, that’s my diary! Sob, sob, don’t read it.”

Passersby dared not approach, after all, nobody wanted to get involved in trouble.

Si Meng had a lollipop in her mouth as she gracefully slid her skateboard to a stop by the roadside. Her eyes, filled with disdain, glanced over with a hint of arrogance. With her blonde hair and ripped jeans, she gave off an overall impression of a rebellious girl.

She forcefully tossed the skateboard up, startling several boys who quickly moved out of the way. The skateboard smoothly glided over tree branches, hooking the backpack hanging from one of them.

The group looked at Si Meng with confusion, asking, “What are you up to?”

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Si Meng crossed her arms, silently picked up the skateboard, and smirked, “Just can’t stand you guys, that’s all. Any objections?”

“You must be crazy. We haven’t done anything to you…”

As the conversation was interrupted, Si Meng suddenly delivered a sweeping kick. The people around her reacted and reached out to restrain her, but she swiftly threw them over her shoulder, causing them to fall to the ground.

The remaining few swallowed hard, exchanged glances, and realized they couldn’t win. They ran away!

The school bell rang, and their footsteps quickened, as if they feared Si Meng catching up to them. It was as if there was a flood or a ferocious beast behind them, and they avoided her like a snake or a scorpion.

“Ugh, how boring.” Si Meng crushed the lollipop in her mouth and picked up her skateboard with a disgruntled expression.

The boy next to her, tears streaming down his face, hurriedly wiped his eyes and grabbed hold of her sleeve.

“Th…thank you, I…”

Si Meng grew impatient. Could this person speak faster? It was her first day of military training, and if she was late, she would be punished.

“I already said, I simply didn’t like them. Don’t read too much into it. I didn’t help you.”

The boy’s expression dimmed slightly after hearing her words, but he still looked at her gratefully. Suddenly, a girl wearing a shoulder badge came running from a distance. Usually, only the student council president would have such a badge. She was followed by a group of people, approaching with a sense of urgency.

Si Meng’s instinctive reflex was to escape. She didn’t know why, but she had a gut feeling that this group of people looking for her wouldn’t bring anything good.

With a powerful kick of her right foot, Si Meng performed a 360-degree flip on her skateboard, disappearing from sight.

Lin Hanyue helped the boy up from his kneeling position and looked at Si Meng’s departing figure with a serious expression. The student council members with badges beside her started talking all at once.

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

“That girl clearly looks like a delinquent. Are you okay, classmate?”

“Yes, in this area, our student council takes care of things. If anyone bullies you, just let us know.”

The boy anxiously looked at Lin Hanyue and whispered, “It wasn’t her. She actually helped me. You guys…”

Lin Hanyue tried to comfort him casually, but her gaze remained fixed on Si Meng’s retreating figure.

On the other side,

Si Meng parked her skateboard in the parking lot and noticed a tall girl looking at her with a teasing expression.

“Oh, playing the hero and saving someone, huh?” She exhaled a puff of smoke from her nostrils.

“Save my ass. What’s wrong if I just felt like throwing a punch?”

Si Meng raised her hand to reject the cigarette the girl offered, and then a sycophantic boy chimed in, “That’s right! Our Lord Si would never have eyes for such a loser.”

Si Meng put her arm around his neck and ruffled his dry green hair, scolding him, “You little dog, you’re underage and dare to imitate Lao Wang by smoking? You’re just asking for death. No wonder I haven’t seen you grow an inch since high school, you short winter melon!”

The boy, called “Little Dog,” immediately turned red with anger and felt wronged, “Lord Si, you’ve gone too far! Personal attacks aside, I even helped you find the handsome guys and beautiful girls in our school.”

Si Meng raised an eyebrow. She had heard that there were plenty of handsome guys and beautiful girls at A High. She was curious to know more.

“A HighStudent Council President, first place in the provincial mock exams, and the stunning school flower, Lin Hanyue.”

Si Meng tore open the packaging of a lollipop and nonchalantly put it in her mouth, speaking indistinctly, “Are you sure it’s her?”

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

Last time during a game of Truth or Dare, they tricked Si Meng and won. They decided to challenge Si Meng to pursue one of the popular figures at A High.

A trace of hesitation flashed in Si Meng’s eyes, and she cautiously said, “Can I choose a guy instead? It’s a bit strange for a girl to pursue another girl, isn’t it?”

“No, it has to be Lin Hanyue. Besides, Lord Si, you don’t have anyone you like anyway. Who knows, maybe you’ll develop feelings for Lin Hanyue!”

Si Meng put on her cap, changed into her brand-new military training uniform, and gestured with her middle finger at them, saying, “Boys, Daddy is off to training now. Don’t miss me too much.”

On the playground, rows of freshmen stood like dried fish, their faces alternating between dark and red.

Si Meng sneaked in while the instructor was slacking off, only to be met with a pair of icy eyes glaring at her. Si Meng turned around and flashed a flirtatious smile.

“Report, late for class, Si Meng from Class 16, Grade 10.”

Si Meng was taken aback. Who was this troublemaker? Then she noticed Lin Hanyue, adorned with a badge, slowly approaching. It was those cold eyes.

The group of freshmen immediately became restless, whispering among themselves.

“It’s Senior Lin Hanyue here for an inspection. She looks so beautiful.”

“That freshman is done for. Late for class for so long and caught red-handed by Senior Lin.”

Si Meng casually put her hands in her pockets, wearing a playful smile, planning to bluff her way through, “Gorgeous sister, I had a stomachache, so I ended up being late. You wouldn’t really have the heart to punish me, would you?”

A hint of a smile tugged at the corner of Lin Hanyue’s mouth, a smile that was cold and merciless. “Aren’t you always striving to be the best? Why can’t you do it this time?”

Si Meng’s forehead broke out in a cold sweat. Could it be that this woman had found some leverage against her?

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

“Si Meng from Class 16, Grade 10, are you going to run, or is the whole class going to run with you?”

Si Meng gritted her teeth and agreed. Fine, she would run.

“Gorgeous sister, if I finish the run, can I add you on WeChat?”

“Two laps.”


“Three laps.”

“No, I was wrong.”

“Four laps.”

Si Meng swallowed all her complaints. What kind of person was this? They must be on fire. She couldn’t recall having offended this person.

After completing the four laps, Si Meng leisurely looked towards Lin Hanyue, who stood out in the crowd, diligently overseeing everyone’s military training.

Si Meng, with a lollipop in her mouth, sarcastically remarked, “Boring person. Sure, she’s good-looking, but she’s too aloof for my taste.”

As soon as Lin Hanyue turned around, she saw Si Meng squatting by the edge of the playground, giving her a lewd look. Lin Hanyue glared at her coldly.

Si Meng stuck out her tongue and made a bold face, but in an instant, she realized that Lin Hanyue was quickly chasing after her with determination.

She ran, and she chased. They were like birds with clipped wings.

There’s always one person, seemingly destined, who holds a special presence and can easily influence your emotions, whether it be joy or sorrow.

LP: Happy holidays and new year!!! Long time, no see too 🙂

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