The Princess’ Shadow Guard – Chapter 90

Teahouse Daily Life (3)

As long as we’re together, every moment is a reunion (While Drunk)

In the room on the second floor, Ming Qin lay on Song Shuqing’s bed, with Murong Yan sitting at the bedside gently stroking her head, trying to lull her to sleep.

“Yanyan.” Ming Qin looked at the person before her and called out.

“Mm?” Murong Yan’s hand continued its movement, responding softly.

“You are really beautiful.” Although it was the seventh time she had said the same thing, Ming Qin remained earnest, “The most beautiful person in the world, my peony flower.”

“I am Ah Qin’s peony flower, and Ah Qin is my person too.” Responding to the same words for the seventh time, Murong Yan remained extremely patient, without a hint of annoyance, “Now sleep.”

Closing her eyes obediently, after a while, she opened them again with grievance, “I can’t sleep.” Ming Qin pouted, her cheeks flushed, and she grabbed the woman’s sleeve, “Yanyan, talk with me.”

“Alright.” The noble princess was extremely indulgent towards the drunken person, asking softly, “What does Ah Qin want to talk about?”

“Mmm…” Frowning in distress, Ming Qin scratched her head with the other hand, “I can’t think of anything.”

Murong Yan lowered her eyes, her hand paused as if in thought, and after a long time, she spoke, “Then Ah Qin, let me ask you.” Supporting herself with her hand near Ming Qin’s neck, the woman leaned down, “Back then… what did Xiao He say to you that made you so angry?”

“Mm, you can’t ask that.” Troubled, Ming Qin frowned and even in her grogginess, shook her head, “Can’t say, can’t say.” She covered her mouth with her hand, as if restraining herself.

“Ah Qin, I want to know.” Gently holding Ming Qin’s hand and placing it on her chest, Murong Yan’s voice was filled with a plea, “Ah Qin, Yanyan wants to know, okay?”

Blinking her eyes and looking at the woman she loved, Ming Qin’s already unclear mind seemed to be in a conflict, with two different instructions clashing continuously.

In the end, even in a drunken state, the rule that always remained the highest priority won.

Unable to refuse, in endless compliance, Ming Qin confessed, “That man… Xiao He told me that he personally killed Yanyan’s mother. I was so angry, so angry when I heard it.”

“Is that so…”

Murong Yan’s voice was low, but her tone was unsurprised.

When her mother suddenly died from vomiting blood back then, the incident was suspicious. She had already suspected the Crown Prince, and later found out the Crown Prince knew poisons. The clever woman then sought to clarify the reason, and the only one in the Eastern Palace who could secretly bypass the imperial guards to poison her mother could only be Xiao He.

Because she had anticipated eight or nine parts of it, Murong Yan’s heart wasn’t greatly stirred.

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But Ming Qin thought her silence was due to sadness. Struggling to sit up, she hugged the woman like Murong Yan had just comforted her, “Don’t be sad, don’t be sad.”

Patting the woman’s back repeatedly, Ming Qin spoke, “I’ve personally killed Xiao He, successfully avenging you, it’s all okay now, okay now, Yanyan, don’t be sad.”

“I’m not sad.”

For a tragedy that had happened more than ten years ago, Murong Yan might feel a bit melancholic or mournful, but not heartbroken, “Ah Qin has already avenged me, I am fine.”

Nodding heavily, “Yes! I have defeated Xiao He, he will never bully Yanyan again.”

Ming Qin waved her hands to demonstrate, “I fought with him for a long time, he was very strong, I couldn’t take him down immediately, I was so nervous then, but in the end, I won! Although Senior Sister helped, but even without her, I would have won.” Raising her chin, like a proud child, she chattered away, absolutely certain of herself.

“I believe you.” Murong Yan responded with a light smile, holding Ming Qin’s hand, the two of them lay down facing each other, “Ah Qin, I believe in you. I always believed Ah Qin would come to find me.”

Ming Qin’s face reddened even more due to the earlier excitement.

She played with Murong Yan’s cool, slender fingers, as white as jade, with fingertips tinged like cherry blossoms, which had been carefully polished by the secret guards not long ago, smooth and even.

Placing her hand on the shadow guard’s face, “Ah Qin.” After a long time, Murong Yan suddenly grew interested and broke the silence again, “Ah Qin, can you tell me why you were so skillful at Cangyue Tower that day?”

Raising her eyebrows slightly, her tone carried an undeniable smile.

“Mm, Cangyue Tower?” Tilting her head, the somewhat sleepy Ming Qin shook her head in confusion, “I don’t understand what Yanyan is saying.”

Adjusting her posture, Murong Yan cleared her throat and rephrased the question, “I heard from Zi Yan that before you came to the capital to find me, you asked her for some advice.” Knowing full well, she looked at her lover who reeked of alcohol, “I want to know what Ah Qin learned and why you went to learn it.”

“To find Zi Yan…” Holding her head, trying hard to recall, Ming Qin attempted to clear her thoughts, “To find Zi Yan, mmm, I went to ask Zi Yan how to treat Yanyan well.” Her tone was straightforward, struggling to suppress the drowsiness induced by alcohol.

“Zi Yan told me to kiss and hug more, and showed me a booklet, saying if I followed it, Yanyan would be happy.” Her expression dazed, the shadow guard suddenly chuckled foolishly, “At first, I didn’t believe it, but later I saw, the things written there were the same as those in the picture book Yanyan read before, so…”

“Wait.” Suddenly interrupting, Murong Yan propped up her head, her expression surprised, “Ah Qin, you’ve seen my… picture book before at Cangyue Tower?”

“Yes.” Honestly admitting, Ming Qin mumbled, “It was too boring waiting for Yanyan to wake up, so I looked at it, but at that time, I couldn’t understand it… it was so dull.”

“Then can Ah Qin understand it now?” With a husky voice, Murong Yan lay on the shadow guard’s chest, her white hair tied with a black ribbon falling on Ming Qin’s shoulder.

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“I understand, I can understand, Yanyan likes it so I learned well…” Her consciousness about to slip away, she touched the woman’s cheek with the back of her hand and rubbed gently, “Does Yanyan think I performed well?”

Blushing slightly, Murong Yan chuckled, “Yes, yes, Ah Qin has always performed well.” As if to show affirmation, she planted a kiss on the lips scented with plum wine.

Seeing the dazed Ming Qin struggling to keep her eyes open, she reached out and covered the shadow guard’s eyes.


She coaxed.

“I will stay with Ah Qin.”

Not until the person beneath her let out gentle snores did she withdraw her hand and gaze at Ming Qin’s serene sleeping face.

So cute.

Completely mine, such a cute person.

“Mmm… Yanyan, like…”

The person in the dream murmured, seemingly having a sweet dream, showing a silly smile.

Outside, the sound of fireworks celebrating the New Year could faintly be heard. The flickering colorful lights shone into the room through the window. Murong Yan looked at everything before her, gently tidying the stray hair on the shadow guard’s forehead, feeling both helpless and amused.

It seems that every New Year with Ah Qin, we’ve never managed to stay up successfully.

But, it doesn’t matter.

The woman leaned down, tightly embracing her lover.

After all, as long as she was with Ah Qin, every moment was a reunion.

At the break of dawn, with the arrival of the New Year, Zi Yan woke up in Song Shuqing’s embrace.

On the narrow single bed, the two were close together under the blanket, intimately exchanging each other’s warmth as usual.

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Feeling a bit dry in her mouth, Zi Yan tried to get up, but no matter how carefully she moved, she still disturbed the woman sleeping on the outside.

Despite having drunk last night, Song Shuqing, a former shadow guard, remained alert. She abruptly opened her eyes, which were already clear, “Awake?” Her voice was low and a bit hoarse, “Not going to sleep a bit more?”

“I’m a bit thirsty.” The woman trying to get up replied softly but was immediately pulled back by Song Shuqing.

“Don’t move.” The other hand reached down the bed, grabbing a kettle and deftly opening it. Song Shuqing sat up, gently supporting Zi Yan’s neck, “Drink.”

Her movements were tender, her wrist slightly tilted.

Obediently opening her mouth, being served, Zi Yan sipped the water in small gulps.

The clear water soothed the throat that had made soft, melodious sounds the previous night. After drinking for a while, she tilted her head back.

“Is that enough?” Song Shuqing asked softly, and seeing the woman nod, she put away the water and wiped the droplets from Zi Yan’s lips with her thumb, “Then rest a bit more.”

Supporting the person in her arms to lie down again, Song Shuqing’s hand rested on Zi Yan’s smooth back, fingers gliding over the prominent vertebrae, moving gently.

But Zi Yan had no trace of sleepiness left. After closing her eyes, she couldn’t help but open them again, meeting the gaze of Song Shuqing who was staring directly at her.

“Can’t sleep?” The shadow guard leaned in to kiss the woman’s forehead, soft and tender.

“Shuqing.” Zi Yan couldn’t help but call out, her hands climbing onto the shadow guard’s shoulders, “How much do you remember from last night?”

“Hmm? Last night?” Blinking, Song Shuqing tried to hide the amusement in her eyes, tilting her head, “I don’t remember much. I just remember the food was delicious, the wine was good, and Ah Yun’s face was as red as a boiled shrimp.”

“Is that so…” Feeling a bit down, Zi Yan lowered her head.

“Did something happen last night that I must remember?” Song Shuqing pretended to be confused, speaking casually, “Did Ah Yun strip naked and dance on the table, or did the princess drink so much that she hugged Qinqin and cried?”

“Tsk, if such hilarious things had happened, I definitely wouldn’t forget them, even if I had to rack my brain to recall.” Secretly observing the person in front of her, Song Shuqing struggled to hold back a smile.

“No, nothing like that happened…” Zi Yan shook her head, withdrawing her hands, not looking at the teasing shadow guard, “Forget it… it’s nothing.”

Seeing the woman she loved fiddling with her fingers in disappointment, Song Shuqing couldn’t bear it and stopped teasing, saying, “『I only want you』,” Song Shuqing lifted Zi Yan’s chin continuing, “I still remember the vow I made to you.”

“After all, Ah Yun rarely acts spoiled with me. Such unprecedented cuteness, I wouldn’t forget it even if I were reborn hundreds of times.”

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

“You… you’re always like this…” Slightly frowning, Zi Yan couldn’t help but punch the shadow guard’s shoulder, “Stop teasing me.”

“Ow, that hurts.”

Even though she didn’t feel anything, Song Shuqing exaggeratedly cried out, then grinned mischievously, begging for mercy, “Don’t be mad. I won’t drink so much again. Will Ah Yun forgive me?”

Zi Yan turned her head, deliberately avoiding the person in front of her.

Song Shuqing’s voice was gentle, coaxing softly, “Ah Yun, don’t be mad.”

Seeing no response from Zi Yan, she reached down with a pure look on her face, “Sister Yao, look at me, talk to me, okay?”

Feeling the restless movements of her beloved, Zi Yan’s ears turned slightly red. She, who was never truly angry, compromised, “Alright, alright, just take it slow…”

Looking up at the smiling person, helpless at being so easily swayed, Zi Yan sighed and patted the shadow guard’s waist, “Kiss me.” Enduring her shyness, she rarely spoke so plainly.

“Kiss me, and I’ll forgive you.”

“Hmm? Alright, but I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.” The taste of plum wine still lingered in her mouth, her throat feeling slightly acidic, “Wait here for me…” Song Shuqing started to get up but was held back by the woman.

“Shuqing, I don’t mind.” Zi Yan bit her lip, speaking softly, “I don’t mind, it’s okay.”

As long as it was Song Shuqing, she didn’t mind anything.

Seeing the shadow guard still hesitating, she had an idea and added softly, “I… I’ll only forgive you now, it won’t count later.”

Trying to mimic her beloved’s cheeky style, but in Song Shuqing’s eyes, it was overly cute.


The shadow guard sighed, grabbing the water on the floor and rinsing her mouth casually.

“Indeed…” She reached out to cup the woman’s face.

“My dear wife acting spoiled has the power of an atomic bomb.” She leaned in, her movements gentle.

“Only ghosts can refuse this…”

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