Panda Cub – Chapter 61.1

Teach her

“I am now willing to undress and sleep with you.”

When she heard this sentence, He Ying’s heart trembled, as no one understood the meaning of Jing Dan’s words better than her.

Before, she used the excuse of not wanting to sleep with her naked to confirm that she didn’t like her, but now she said she was willing.

Perhaps this surprise was too great for her at the moment, she was even a bit overwhelmed, staring blankly at Jing Dan, trying to see a hint of joking expression on her face.

But Jing Dan never joked, and she had never joked with her before.

She couldn’t help but smile lightly, her eyes gradually shining brightly as she looked at Jing Dan seriously, “Since you’ve said it, I’ll take it seriously. Once I do, you can never leave me, understand?”

“Mm.” Jing Dan responded, her gaze falling on the red lips she had kissed before. Perhaps due to the kiss, they seemed even more rosy. She leaned in and pecked them, “You can’t leave me either!” She paused after saying this, then remembered something else, “You have to live with me too!”

Thinking back to when He Ying moved out, she felt wronged, especially these past few days coming home to an empty house, the sense of grievance and loss even more profound.

He Ying lowered her head and kissed her for the first time, kissing at the corner of her lips, whispering, “Okay.”

Now that both of them understood each other’s feelings, she naturally wouldn’t sleep apart from her anymore.

On the other side, Huai Sheng watched He Ying and Jing Dan’s retreating figures, her eyes showing some contemplation, and asked, “Are you so sure about entrusting Jing Dan to that person?”

Huai Sheng knew Jing Dan well, straightforward and sincere, a person like her naturally made people worry that she might be deceived.

Jing Li chuckled, raised her glass for a sip, and casually said, “If she’s still not reassured, then no one can put our minds at ease.”

Although she didn’t spend much time with He Ying, the child’s words and actions, as well as her interactions with Jing Dan, showed how much she cared for Jing Dan. Besides, Jing Dan was not very deep in her thoughts. If He Ying didn’t treat her well, she wouldn’t stick to He Ying so closely, nor would she appear so happy when they were together.

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Huai Sheng nodded thoughtfully, then smiled lightly, shaking her head, “I never thought that among our generation, it would be Jing Dan who would be the first to have feelings for someone.”

Is it true that fools are lucky, even luckier than them when it comes to finding partners?

Jing Li laughed heartily, patting her shoulder and said, “Thank you this time. Without you, she wouldn’t have come to her senses so quickly. When it’s time for the wedding, I’ll definitely invite you over for a drink!”

Huai Sheng smiled lightly, “It was just a small effort. I just hope Jing Dan won’t hold a grudge against me.”

With the possessiveness that guy showed before, would she still give her a good face when they meet again?

Jing Li laughed even more happily, “It’s fine. After explaining it to her, she will be mad for a while, but it will be fine afterwards!”

Although that guy holds grudges, in the end, she still has to thank Huai Sheng. Otherwise, how could she have understood He Ying’s feelings so early on?

On the other side, He Ying took Jing Dan to the hotel first. Jing Dan looked somewhat distracted at the pile of stuff in the hotel, thinking He Ying had bought a house and moved in without her knowledge, but she never expected her to be staying at a hotel.

He Ying could tell from her expression what she was thinking. She chuckled lightly, and looking at her seriously, she said, “I believe you won’t keep me waiting too long.”

In fact, she had doubted her decision countless times in the past two days. After all, Jing Dan was too naive, and she didn’t know if this drastic measure was the right choice.

But fortunately, the result turned out well.

Jing Dan’s face blushed slightly, feeling a bit embarrassed. Holding He Ying’s hand, she softly said, “I won’t make you wait anymore.”

He Ying’s nose felt a bit sour, as she raised her hand to embrace Jing Dan, rubbing her face and making an agreeing sound.

Being held in He Ying’s arms, enveloped by her warm and familiar scent, Jing Dan couldn’t help but raise her hand to hug her back. She nuzzled her cheek against He Ying’s and softly asked, “When are we going to go back and sleep naked?”

He Ying’s grip on her hand tightened in an instant, “…”

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She found it somewhat funny yet anxious about her words, and softly said, “No rush, we still have plenty of time in the future.”

The two had just confirmed their feelings, and talking about getting intimate already made He Ying feel like she couldn’t handle it. It seemed as if Jing Dan was so eager for it.

“Oh.” Jing Dan responded softly, a bit puzzled why, now that they both agreed, they were still not going to sleep.

In the end, the two of them moved all the things back to Jing Dan’s place. Looking at the two pillows side by side on the bed, Jing Dan lightly chuckled.

Once again, they were living together, but in a different capacity.

Maybe Jing Dan hadn’t noticed a significant difference yet, but He Ying was starting to feel a bit embarrassed. She couldn’t help but feel that after the change in their status, lying together wouldn’t be as comfortable as before.

Watching the person beside her who seemed completely unfazed, He Ying told herself that she was just overthinking.

“Go take a shower first.” He Ying handed Jing Dan some clothes.

“Oh.” Jing Dan obediently responded.

After she entered the bathroom, He Ying lay on the sofa in the room, recalling the events of the day, unable to help but chuckle softly. This guy is naive, yet she was able to come to her senses in such a pressured situation.

Thinking about coming to her senses, He Ying’s eyes darkened a bit. In fact, even now, she found it hard to believe that it had happened. However, now that they were together, there would be plenty of time in the future to verify everything.

Lost in her thoughts, she suddenly felt a weight in her arms, as a somewhat ethereal panda cub sat in her arms, gazing at her with profound eyes.

He Ying: “…”

Her immediate reaction was to quickly dial Lady He’s phone number.

Seeing the cub not making any move to leave, He Ying absentmindedly stroked its head while speaking directly to He Yuan who answered the phone, then didn’t say much more.

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She was worried that if she said too much, the cub might pick up on her intentions and retreat.

The cub didn’t retreat either, just watched He Ying. Then, its eyes shifted to the other side, showing a hint of curiosity.

He Yuan appeared beside He Ying, looking down at the cub in her arms, and couldn’t help but ask, “Just how much soul power did you feed it to turn out like this?”

If not for the slight ethereality brought about by the soul essence itself, wouldn’t this solid appearance be a replica of Jing Dan? Vivid and lifelike.

Upon hearing this, He Ying felt a bit embarrassed and looked down, but as soon as she did, her gaze met the cub’s, causing a strange feeling in her heart.

What exactly was the relationship between the two of them in their past lives?

Seeing that she didn’t retreat and seemed open to He Yuan, He Ying sat up, lifted the cub to meet her eyes, and asked, “Can she hug you?”

The cub’s gaze shifted, meeting He Yuan’s indifferent eyes without any sign of refusal.

He Ying carefully handed the cub over to He Yuan’s hands, observing the calm expression of the cub with some astonishment. In the previous two encounters, she had always been angered. Could it be because Jing Dan was not around?

Glancing at the closed bathroom door, He Ying chuckled lightly to herself. Could it be that she only got angry because that person inside was present?

He Yuan lowered his head to meet the eyes of the cub in her arms, and both silently gazed at each other, without saying a word.

He Ying found Lady He somewhat strange. She had immediately informed her upon the appearance of the remnant soul, but now that she was here, she just watched without taking any action.

At that moment, the bathroom door opened, and Jing Dan, upon seeing the sudden appearance of He Yuan and the cub in her arms, stood frozen in place.

She looked at He Ying, not understanding the situation.

“Hmph!” Upon seeing her come out, the cub in He Yuan’s arms let out a cold snort.

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

He Yuan looked down thoughtfully at the cub and then gestured towards Jing Dan.

Jing Dan: “…” Faced with He Ying’s mother’s gesture, she dared not refuse at all.

She approached He Yuan and then felt her hand on the crown of her head, as a surge of spiritual power instantly flowed from the crown into her mind.

Soon, He Yuan withdrew her hand, her eyes filled with understanding. She then looked at He Ying, giving her a slightly complicated look, realizing why these two had such a tumultuous relationship.

Receiving her gaze, He Ying momentarily didn’t understand what she meant. She glanced at the cub and then asked, “What do we do next?”

“Ask her.” He Yuan lifted the cub to face Jing Dan and said, “Hug her.”

Jing Dan subconsciously tried to lift her hands to hug the cub, but the cub vigorously resisted, refusing to be embraced by Jing Dan no matter what.

Feeling disheartened, Jing Dan looked at He Ying and said, “It doesn’t want me to hug it.”

Even though it was her own soul, it was fine for it to hit her earlier, but now it wouldn’t even allow her to hug!

He Ying chuckled awkwardly, took Jing Dan’s hand, and made her sit beside her. Then, she raised her gaze seriously and looked at the cub, asking, “Why are you so averse to Jing Dan?”

Seeing their intertwined hands, the emotions in the cub’s eyes became even more complex. It turned its head away, but its little belly was heaving as if it was very upset.

Since there was no place for her on the sofa, He Yuan sat down directly at the foot of their bed and said, “Jing Dan placed a strand of human soul on you. The human soul has the main spirituality, representing wisdom to discern good and evil.” She paused for a moment at this point before continuing, “Of course, it also determines a person’s emotions and sexual orientation.”

He Ying: “…”

She turned her head to lock eyes with Jing Dan, feeling dumbfounded. Besides the reason her little aunt had protected her too well, there was also the soul’s influence?

Jing Dan didn’t understand He Yuan’s words. Her mind was currently focused on one thought — her soul didn’t recognize her!

Upon hearing He Yuan’s words, the cub in her arms let out a cold snort, leaped off her body, and sat on the bed. Looking at the three people in front of it, its eyes were particularly complex. Perhaps even it hadn’t anticipated such a situation.

He Ying watched the cub sit on the bed, looking like a little rice ball as soon as it sat down, appearing exceptionally cute. However, the cub seemed completely devoid of consciousness, with eyes full of depth that didn’t match its cute appearance at all.

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“looking like a little rice ball” why are you so cute (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ♡
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