Panda Cub – Chapter 60.1

Be mine

He Ying momentarily couldn’t explain her own feelings. She had never thought that Lady He would do something for her, but now seeing her paving the way for her future, her emotions were indescribable.

“After you’ve made a decision, come find me,” He Yuan said in a faint voice.

Jing Shiyue turned to look at her, but she shook her head. This wouldn’t work. If anyone wanted to deal with Jing Shiyue, knowing about their relationship, they just had to kill her and Jing Shiyue would die!

Seeing her shake her head, Jing Shiyue did not give up. It’s just that there were many people around right now, not a good time to discuss their matters openly. She thought that when they were alone later, she would talk to her properly.

Jing Li looked at He Yuan. She never expected that while others didn’t know a solution, she was able to propose such a risky solution boldly. Furthermore, looking at her, even facing the great risk of dividing the spirit core, she seemed to handle it with ease.

This kind of person made her think of someone, the genius that the White Crane Clan used to take pride in.

“Just now, I didn’t ask, may I know your name?”

He Yuan lifted her eyes and said softly, “He Yuan.”

Jing Li couldn’t help but think that indeed, besides this genius that the White Crane Clan used to take pride in, no one else could have the ability to say those words just now.

Jing Dan stuck her head out from He Yuan’s arms, looking eagerly at He Ying.

He Ying: “…”

However, before He Ying could say anything, Jing Dan felt a darkness in front of her eyes, and a hand covered her eyes.

Jing Dan: “…”

The smile at the corner of He Yuan’s lips deepened slightly. She stopped teasing her and returned her to He Ying.

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Back in He Ying’s arms, Jing Dan tightly grabbed onto her clothes, afraid of being taken away again by someone.

He Ying chuckled and ruffled her head.

The people from Jing family: “…”

Can’t she have a little bit of integrity!

Seeing Jing Dan like this, Jing Li felt it necessary to speed up their actions. If they continued to stay like this, the reputation of their Jing family would be completely ruined! Don’t let everyone think that they were all as idle as Jing Dan!

He Yuan glanced at the two of them, then said, “I’ve booked a room at the Yujing Hotel. If you have anything, you can go there and find me directly.”

“Mom!” He Ying spoke, her daughter was still here, why make mom stay at the hotel?

“Mother He, just stay here with us, no need to go to the hotel, it’s so troublesome,” Jing Shiyue said.

He Yuan shook her head, “I have some personal matters to attend to, staying at the hotel is more convenient.”

Since she said so, they had no reason to refuse.

From arrival to departure, He Yuan’s time was short. After she left, they all sat down to continue chatting.

“When are you going out to play again this time?” Jing Shiyue asked Jing Li.

Jing Li glared at her younger sister, “I have serious matters to attend to! It’s not for leisure!”

Jing Shiyue clearly didn’t believe her, but Jing Li didn’t explain further. After all, the fewer people who knew about this matter, the better.

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She turned to look at He Ying and then at Jing Dan in her arms, smiling as she asked, “Xiaohe, do you like pandas?”

He Ying lowered her head to look at the panda in her arms and smiled, “Pandas are so cute, I’m afraid hardly anyone wouldn’t like them, right?”

Jing Li laughed, but Jing Shiyue, looking at Jing Li’s smile, always felt like she was hiding something bad, as expected…

“Since you like pandas, there are several in our clan who are marriageable now, and pressure is on at home. Shall I introduce you to them? If everything goes well, you can register for marriage and have a wedding this year, and maybe even have little cubs next year!”

Jing Shiyue was drinking water when she choked by her sister’s words, almost bursting to tears.

“Be careful.” Qiu Shuhuai helped her wipe with tissue, patted her back, and looking at Jing Li’s expression, had some suspicions.

Upon hearing Jing Li’s words, He Ying and Jing Dan were shocked. He Ying didn’t understand what Jing Li meant for a moment. Hadn’t she already accepted her after letting herself be called “mom” earlier? Why arrange a blind date now?

However, Jing Dan was completely stunned. He Ying was going to marry someone else and even have cubs with them?!

“Aunt, I…”

But before He Ying could speak, Jing Li silenced her with a look and then said, “It’s settled then. Tomorrow, after I settle things in the clan, I will bring a suitable person to meet you the day after. If this doesn’t work out, there will be another one, I promise you can have a panda to hug every day!”

Receiving Jing Li’s gaze, He Ying fell silent. She looked down at the little cub she was holding, who seemed stunned. She opened her mouth but in the end didn’t say anything to refuse.

With He Ying not refusing and appearing to agree by default, Jing Dan was completely anxious. She transformed into a human form, tightly hugging He Ying, and said to her mother, “I don’t want her to meet those people. With me, she can have a panda to hug every day!”

Moreover, she is also the Panda Clan’s most attractive and comfortable to hold!

Jing Li, feeling troubled, glanced at Jing Dan and said, “What use are you? He Ying is not young anymore, it’s time for her to get married. And when she does get married, you can’t cling to her like you do now. Her partner won’t be happy.”

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Jing Dan incredulously looked at Jing Li, then at He Ying, “Is it not enough to have me? Why go looking for someone else! They’re not as good-looking as I am!”

At this, Jing Li remained silent: “…” Although it was true, such self-centered words could only come from her.

He Ying had initially wanted to laugh, but seeing Jing Dan’s expression, she felt that laughing now wouldn’t be appropriate, especially since she already planned to help Jing Dan understand how to differentiate between friends and lovers.

“If I like someone and they like me back, their appearance doesn’t matter to me,” He Ying raised the hand that was holding her on her waist down, speaking gently, “By the way, when we return, I will move out to live on my own.”

Her hand was let go, and she wanted to move out to live on her own. Thinking about her having cubs with someone else, Jing Dan felt both anxious and upset with slightly reddened eyes as she said, “Why, why do you want to move out.”

And you said you liked me, why are you getting married to someone else?

Seeing Jing Dan like this made He Ying feel uneasy. However, she also knew that in order to change the situation, she must make Jing Dan understand. She liked her, and if they couldn’t be lovers, they couldn’t be friends either.

“You know, it’s because I like you. I like you, but we’re not lovers; friends don’t sleep together like us.” She spoke firmly, then, seeing Jing Dan about to cry, she decided she couldn’t stay any longer. Otherwise, she might surrender immediately and return to the ambiguous relationship they had before.

“You should talk to Mom more at home. I’ll go back first to pack up things to move out,” with that, she disappeared in a flash, gone without a trace.

Jing Dan, who had wanted to hold onto her, found herself empty-handed. She then looked somewhat bewildered at Jing Li, not understanding why she suddenly want to introduce someone to He Ying.

Approaching Jing Dan and embracing her, Jing Li softly said, “Zaizai, you’re both adults now, and there may be many things you don’t understand. But you must know one thing: liking someone makes it difficult to be just friends with them. In the end, there are only two outcomes – either you become a couple, or you part ways and never see each other again.”

Jing Dan didn’t understand why they couldn’t just be friends. Weren’t she and He Ying happy being friends before? Why couldn’t they still be friends?

Jing Shiyue and the others watching this situation couldn’t say anything. Indeed, pushing Jing Dan like this was necessary, but if they didn’t push her, continuing in her current clueless state wasn’t a good thing. Nobody knew how long they could continue liking someone who didn’t seem to understand and when they would have a breakthrough.

After leaving her aunt’s place, Jing Dan’s mind was in a mess. Thinking about He Ying’s decisive departure, she felt both angry and upset, especially when she returned to find He Ying’s belongings gone without a trace. Not knowing where He Ying was made her feelings even stronger.

She called He Ying, but He Ying didn’t answer. Instead, she sent a message saying not to worry, without saying much else.

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Seeing those words, “don’t worry”, Jing Dan was stunned. In the past, He Ying would never treat her this way or not tell her where she was.

Feeling stifled and upset, her nose tingling with sadness, Jing Dan usually sought comfort from He Ying in times like this. But now, it was He Ying who caused these emotions, and she couldn’t even find her!

Not knowing where He Ying was, Jing Dan had no motivation to do anything in the past two days. She felt wilted, like an eggplant damaged by frost.

“What’s wrong? What hit you?” Hu Tu reached out a hand and waved it in front of her, looking around before asking, “Strange, where is He Ying? Why haven’t we seen her?”

As far as she knew, He Ying hadn’t planned any recent tours or taken on any new jobs. She should have been quite free, usually spending time with Jing Dan during such moments.

Suddenly not seeing her was quite unusual.

As long as He Ying wasn’t mentioned, Jing Dan was okay. But the moment He Ying was brought up, Jing Dan’s nose felt even more tingly. In the past two days, aside from sending messages in the morning and evening, He Ying rarely communicated!

Seeing the despondent Jing Xiaodan, Hu Tu didn’t say much after that. She got up, left the office, and went to the staircase to call He Ying.

“What’s going on with you guys? Why is Jing Dan feeling down?” Hu Tu couldn’t wait to ask as soon as the call connected.

On the other end of the phone, He Ying fell silent for a moment and then shook her head, saying, “It’s nothing, just letting her know the distance between friends.”

Hearing this, she didn’t feel good either. But at this point, she couldn’t go back and undo her actions, returning to the comfortable circle that Jing Dan thought they shared.

After hearing He Ying’s words, Hu Tu fell silent for a moment and said, “You know, she’s just like that. In the short term, you have to make her understand…”

“Hu Tu.” He Ying interrupted her and asked, “Would she want to sleep with you and kiss you?”

Hu Tu: “…How is that possible.”

She wouldn’t even allow her to sit on her bed, let alone talk about kissing.

There was a hint of a relaxed smile on He Ying’s face. “But she has done all these things with me. She’s willing to do it, but she doesn’t know what’s so special about it.”

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