Panda Cub – Chapter 21


The meeting room was eerily quiet, Jing Dan watched the ellipsis on the screen, blinking slightly.

Don’t even enjoy watching others date, huh?

Jing Dan】: There’s a fee involved.

【He Ying】: …

Could it be that this guy thinks her silence is about the money?

He Ying was both amused and annoyed. She, a spirit, was actually thought to be someone crazed for money.

【He Ying】: Okay.

Seeing these, Jing Dan breathed a sigh of relief and a small smile appeared.

Perhaps because it was the company’s first official program, everyone was very motivated. And while the preparation work was going smoothly, rumors started circulating online that Qiu Shuhuai was going to leave her old employment for Zhihuan Entertainment.

Jing Dan: …

She belonged to them, damn it!

But the internet didn’t know the truth. The story was spreading like wildfire, almost tying Qiu Shuhuai to Zhihuan Entertainment as if it was a done deal.

If this wasn’t deliberately done by someone, Jing Dan would not believe it.

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With a frown creasing her brow, she just couldn’t figure out why Xu Zhihuan would do this. What did she have to gain from stirring up such a fuss? Just to cook up a bit of buzz?

“President Jing, about now…” Sister Xu came in, hesitated, and trailed off.

Jing Dan stared at the computer screen, where eight out of the top ten trending topics were about Qiu Shuhuai, and trailing behind her name were either Zhihuan Entertainment or her old employment. As for Qingzhu Entertainment? Not a shadow to be seen.

“Perfect timing. We’ll announce that Qiu Shuhuai has joined us now and also declare the start of the show’s recording. Get her to help publicize it a bit.”

Sister Xu nodded, grasping her intent immediately—ride the wave of popularity, catch a bit of that east wind.

Their official Weibo post had initially garnered little attention, but after Qiu Shuhuai shared it, the buzz soared exponentially, quickly overshadowing other news to top the trend list.

Xu Zhihuan, watching the trending topics about Qingzhu Entertainment, couldn’t help a sly smile. She was curious what Jing Dan could stir up. Trying to make it in this circle was by no means a simple feat.

The internet frenzy, spearheaded by Qiu Shuhuai, had already set the stage for Qingzhu Entertainment’s new dating variety show, capturing an immense following from the get-go. The excitement only climbed as a steady stream of guest observers were announced.

Jing Dan wasn’t too worried about the program now. The hype had been built up to this point, and as long as they didn’t pull any ridiculous stunts and maintained the quality of the show, she believed it wouldn’t falter in the future.

What really preoccupied her now, was He Ying playing her for a fool!

She was in her office, her gaze fixed intently on the entertainment news displayed on the screen, with its accompanying photos of He Ying dining out with a woman. The woman across from her even reached out to feed her, an intimate gesture hard to misinterpret.

That woman, her hair a cascade of voluminous curls, was dressed boldly and provocatively, her tight dress accentuating her curves unapologetically, and her pretty face exuded a sultry allure. The way she looked at He Ying was so tender it could melt into pools of softness.

Jing Dan was expressionless as she came to a realization—she had been wrong.

Before, she had thought that He Ying was a sly fox, but now, seeing the woman before her, she understood that this one was the real sly fox! Next to this woman, He Ying didn’t even seem to have a shadow of slyness!

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And why did she say she cared about being deceived by He Ying? Because during her last set visit, He Ying had confidently said she’d cook something delicious for her when she returned. Now it had been so long since her return, nearly a month, and not only had there been no food, she hadn’t even seen as much as a takeout box!

With a cold face, she stared at the photo of the two laughing merrily. She wondered why she had been forgotten, and here was the answer—too busy eating with someone else!

Knock knock knock

Hu Tu knocked and came in, only to be greeted by Jing Dan’s icy face, staring at the computer as if trying to bore holes into it with her eyes.


Who had managed to piss her off?

Poking her head over, Hu Tu caught a glimpse of the two people on the screen.

Hu Tu: “…”

Her eyes suddenly widened, and her voice changed a bit as she asked, “Where the did you get this photo?!”

Jing Dan glanced at her and clicked to zoom in on the photo, and then Hu Tu saw clearly. It was a picture sent out by a marketing account. Since He Ying is somewhat a public figure, it’s not unusual for some paparazzi to snap photos of her.

She was silent, staring at the woman opposite He Ying, slightly grinding her teeth. Damn, enemies do tend to meet each other in unlikely places. So she knows He Ying too?

Seeing her expression, Jing Dan asked, “Did He Ying lie to you too?”

Hu Tu’s gaze faltered, then slid towards her, “What do you mean lie to me?”

He Ying lying to her? That’s a joke, right!

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“She didn’t lie to you, so why that look?” Jing Dan’s brows slightly furrowed, looking almost ready to devour someone.

Hu Tu: “…”

Why that look? How could she not have that look! If you were the one pressed down for an entire day and night, you’d be dying to pounce on them and rip them apart!

“…What did she lie to you about?” Hu Tu’s tone was hollow, even her gaze as she looked at her was serious.

The guy got conned out of over 200,000 yuan and that wasn’t enough, is she rushing to get conned some more?

Jing Dan’s lips tightened, her gaze shooting out a fierce light, “She clearly said she’d come back and cook something delicious for me, but it’s been so long and she hasn’t! Instead, she’s gone off enjoying good food with someone else!”

Although she was a bit skeptical that she could cook anything delicious, since she said she would, it was a promise. How can people just not keep their promises!

Hu Tu: “…”

Facing the obviously angry Jing Dan, Hu Tu found herself at a loss for words. So this was the “lie” she was talking about?

Finally, she silently slipped out of Jing Dan’s office and found a secluded spot to call He Ying.

The phone connected quickly, and He Ying’s gentle voice came through the receiver.

“What’s the matter?”

Listening to He Ying’s voice and thinking of Jing Dan’s demeanor, Hu Tu felt a sense of melancholy, like she was a kindergarten teacher mediating a misunderstanding between kids.

She hinted, “Did you perhaps forget something?”

He Ying: “Forget something? Did I forget anything?”

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He Ying thought hard but couldn’t recall any pending issues between her and Hu Tu.

Hu Tu: “…Where are you right now? Do you know that you got snapped a photo while you were out eating?”

“Just finished eating. So what if someone took photos? It’s not like we’re anything more than just friends.”

Did she really need a special call just to be told this?

Hu Tu’s voice turned even softer, “The photos of you dining with someone else, Jing Dan saw them.”

He Ying: “…So? What about it?”

Is there a problem? She was just eating out in the open, why should she be afraid of people seeing?

For the first time, Hu Tu felt that He Ying was being incredibly dense and couldn’t help but bluntly ask: “Did you promise Jing Dan something? Did you forget?”

He Ying: “…”

She got what the issue was—so, because of this, Jing Dan got mad seeing her eat with someone else?

She was amused yet felt a bit odd inside as she explained, “Of course, I know. But I only stayed in Huaqing for one night, then I flew to Lanyang City the next day.”

Hu Tu: “…”

So she didn’t lie? And now she had to go and explain things to Jing Xiaodan for her? By doing this, she’s practically turning into a kid’s dispute mediator!

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