My Dear Miss Medical Examiner

Miss Forensics – Chapter 137.2

The end of a blue duckweed (5) Lin Yan’s unfulfilled wish led her to a small village hidden in the Yunnan–Guizhou Plateau, a place not marked on any map. She and Song Yuhang drove for hundreds of kilometers, day and night, leaving the highway for provincial roads, which eventually turned into rough gravel roads. After […]

The Panda Cub Bows For Love

Panda Cub – Chapter 76

Drunk The dark red blood from their hearts welled up at their fingertips. As they exchanged a glance, their faces appeared somewhat pale. Yet, when they looked into each other’s eyes, the soft smiles that emerged made them both ignore the pain of the blood welling up in their hearts. Raising their hand, the droplet

My Dear Miss Medical Examiner

Miss Forensics – Chapter 137.1

The end of a blue duckweed (5) “Passport, ID, visa, marriage application…” After receiving the reply email from the city hall of British Columbia, Canada, the two are about to fly to Vancouver soon. Song Yuhang is packing at home, muttering to herself. Lin Yan, wearing a pair of black-framed glasses and a loose robe,

The Panda Cub Bows For Love

Panda Cub – Chapter 75

Guarantee The dark energy was panting heavily, but regardless, he didn’t respond to her question. He Yuan chuckled softly, the endless indulgence, that was the way it ended up. Her fingers clenched, the dark energy congealed under her spiritual power, then transformed into a dagger-like form, following Jing Dan’s lead, stabbing into the dark energy

Big Boss Transmigrates into an Abusive Novel

Big Boss – Chapter 56

That kind of dream Hearing this, Ye Youqing’s elbow, just raised, was put down again, forced to feel the overwhelming heat behind her. Ci Ke was tightly pressed against her, separated by the thin fabric of indecent clothing, Ye Youqing almost could feel that slippery skin, and belonging to Ci Ke, the rich softness and

Little Panda
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