Miss Forensics – Chapter 94.2

Content Warning: Please be aware that the following chapter contains disturbing themes. These scenes may be distressing or triggering to some readers. Reader discretion is advised. If you find such content unsettling or uncomfortable, I recommend skipping this chapter or proceeding with caution.


Of course, Ji Jingxing paid her no mind either.

“Where are you two off to?”

Song Yuhang put the child down: “Hurry on up, Xiaowei, Grandma has made dumplings and is waiting for you guys. Lin Yan and I are going on a trip for a little vacation.”

Lin Yan seemed like she had stayed over at Song’s place last night, and the mention of a ring suggested that this ‘vacation’ was probably a marriage proposal.

Ji Jingxing felt a twinge of envy and her heart soured a bit, forcing a slightly strained smile: “That’s great, having a vacation. I’ll send Xiaowei up and then have to head back to the office, just took on a new case.”

Ji Jingxing was unaware that this rare vacation was something the couple had managed to carve out for themselves with great difficulty.

The precinct has a shift rotation system; you still have to pay back the time taken off after the New Year—no matter how many days you’ve rested.

Song Yuhang’s smile faded slightly as she took Lin Yan’s hand, ready to leave.

“Thanks for your hard work, sister-in-law.”

“Auntie, you guys are going out to have fun, and Xiaowei wants to go too. I really don’t want to stay at home and do homework.”

Ji Weiyi clung on, hugging her thigh tightly.

Song Yuhang couldn’t help but chuckle and gently stroked her head, softly saying, “Xiaowei hasn’t had breakfast yet, right? Go have something to eat first, be good. When auntie comes back, I’ll take you out for some proper fun, okay?”

Xiaowei responded with a disheartened “oh” and let go, nodding her head in a pitiful manner.

“Got it, goodbye, auntie, goodbye, Auntie Lin.”

As the two waved goodbye and moved away, Ji Jingxing led her upstairs, handed the child over to Mother Song, and comforted her with a few words before leaving.

Although Ji Weiyi was only 7 years old and had lost her father at a young age, she was more sensitive and perceptive than most children. Knowing her grandmother’s advanced age and not wanting to trouble her, she obediently took out her homework book after eating and started doing her homework at the dining table.

Mother Song finished washing the dishes and came out to see her granddaughter still writing. Her heart softened, “Xiaowei, do you want to go out and play?”

Ji Weiyi’s eyes lit up as she raised her head.

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The elderly lady smiled affectionately, “Then go change into some clothes, put on something warm, and we’ll go stroll around the temple fair.”

Another case of marital strife.

The man of the house smoked, drank excessively, and resorted to domestic violence; the client sat there with a bruised and swollen face, sobbing intermittently.

As the wife poured out her grievances to the lawyer, the husband made countless “concerned” calls to inquire about her entire family.

The woman answered in front of the lawyer, the language so crass it was unbearable to hear.

Having dealt with too many such cases, Ji Jingxing had become somewhat desensitized. As the woman lamented her woes, Ji Jingxing couldn’t help but think of her late husband, Song Yichen, and her expression turned to one of bitterness.

Is happiness really that hard to obtain in this world?

She still feels like the sudden passing of Song Yichen is like a dream to her.

“Lawyer Ji, Lawyer Ji…”

The client has left, agreeing to discuss more next time.

A colleague calls out her name: “What’s happening with you?”

Ji Jingxing snapped back to reality: “It’s nothing, it’s nothing, I’ll be heading back too.”

“Let me walk you out. You’re the master at handling marriage dispute cases, Attorney Ji. You’re sure to win.”

Ji Jingxing smiled, picked up her bag, and stood up, declining her male colleague’s kindness.

“No need, Attorney Wang, you’re too courteous. I’m picking up my daughter and going home, so I won’t trouble you.”

The man sighed as he watched her retreating figure, feeling a touch of melancholy.

A colleague patted his shoulder: “Let it go, man. You’ve been pining over her for years. Attorney Ji, you know, has a heart free of desires—tough to win over.”

The man gave a wry smile, buried his head in his work, and remained silent.

For some reason, Song Yuhang felt a sense of unease all the way.

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She thought it was just her nerves, so she quietly tried to control her breathing.

Lin Yan glanced over: “What’s the matter?”

“No, nothing. We’ve arrived, let’s get off.” The moment they reached the airport, Song Yuhang opened the car door and got out, hurriedly greeting the people who came with her.

Servants were already waiting with luggage at the international departure gate. Lin Yan put on sunglasses and walked over.

Song Yuhang touched the small box in the inner pocket to reassure herself it was still there, with her.

She silently sighed in relief and clenched her fist tightly, psyching herself up.

It all came down to this moment.

From a distance, Duan Cheng caught sight of Lin Yan’s enchanting figure in a leather skirt, sprinting over with plane tickets in hand.

“Sister Lin, Sister Lin, Captain Song!”

Lin Yan stepped to the side, and Song Yuhang subtly stuck out her foot. Duan Cheng, with an “Ouch!” stumbled into the embrace of Lin Yan’s big and burly African bodyguard.

Caught off guard, the towering bodyguard found himself with an unexpected armful, looking down at Duan Cheng with gentle eyes.

Duan Cheng: “…Blargh!”

“Sister Lin.”

“Captain Song.”

Lin Yan turned around to see Fang Xin and Zheng Chengrui also hurrying over, dragging their suitcases and gasping for breath.

She gestured grandly, “Let’s go, off to the island vacation!”

The two women walked ahead, arm in arm, in an intimate bond. Song Yuhang intended to follow but was sent to the back with a slap from Lin Yan.

Feeling somewhat indignant, Song Yuhang dragged the two enormous suitcases and walked alongside Duan Cheng. She watched Lin Yan’s high heels clicking on the polished floor, the bodycon dress tracing a perfect silhouette, each step blooming like a lotus – enchantingly mesmerizing.

A bit more would be gauche, a bit less and it would lose its flavor.

Licking her lips, Song Yuhang took the boarding passes, noting there was still some time before boarding. “Lin Yan, I’m going to grab a coffee. Anyone else want one?”

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Lin Yan was busy sharing her beauty tips with Fang Xin: “Your glasses are too thick. You should try wearing contact lenses, or better yet, just get LASIK…”

Interrupted and clearly annoyed, Lin Yan waved a dismissive hand to shoo her away.

“I’ll take an Americano. Make it quick.”

“Got it.”

After setting her suitcase beside her, Song Yuhang dashed to a nearby café. As she emerged clutching a bag, her phone rang.

Fumbling seven-hands-and-eight-feet (chaotically), she fished it out to find a strange number calling. At the moment she answered,

she finally understood the source of her unease.

The piercing cries of a child were being carried farther and farther away.

It was a sound she knew all too well.

A chill ran through Song Yuhang’s body, as if she had plunged into an icy cave.

It had taken her an absurdly long time to get this coffee.

Lin Yan had started off jovial, sharing laughs with them, but then the final boarding call crackled through the speakers.

She began to glance at her watch more and more frequently, a touch of irritation blooming.

This mood spread to the others as well; even Duan Cheng shrank into his collar, silent.

Finally, Lin Yan pulled out her phone and dialed her first.

“Sorry, the user you are calling is currently on another call.”

The handset emitted a cold, mechanical voice.

“F***.” Lin Yan cursed under her breath, not taking it at face value, and dialed again, only to be met with the same system prompt.

The airport was teeming with people, all coming and going, but still, there was no sign of her.

Duan Cheng put down his bag: “I’ll go have a look then.”

(If you're not reading on littlepandatranslations.com, it means this has been stolen)

A moment later, he came running back, shaking his head: “No one. I asked the staff, and they said she left a while ago.”

Lin Yan gripped her phone tightly, feeling a mix of anxiety and unease, with a tinge of feeling slighted.

Fang Xin comforted her, “It’s okay, maybe she went to the restroom and didn’t hear her phone.”

The announcement urging passengers to board started blaring, and Lin Yan forced a smile: “It’s fine, I’ll wait for her here. You guys go ahead.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, we’ll wait a bit longer, just a bit.”

All in unison, the group spoke.

Lin Yan began calling Song Yuhang again, but this time the call went unanswered.

Her eyes reddened, a fury within her stirring so passionately she felt like hurling her phone away.

“Damn it!”

With the tap running full blast in the restroom, Song Yuhang braced herself against the sink, staring at the video sent by the person on her phone. The reflection in the mirror showed someone with eyes red from rage, grinding her teeth in anger.

Xiaowei was bound to an electric shock chair, intermittently being electrocuted. From initial wails and cries to a haunting silence, she tilted her head, her face deathly pale, motionless.

Gritting her teeth, she tasted blood in her mouth, clenching her fists tightly to barely contain her trembling.

She wanted to call the kidnapper back when the phone rang again—it was Ji Jingxing.

“Hello, Yuhang, do you know where mom took Xiaowei? I can’t get through to her phone, no one’s at home, I’ve asked every neighbor around, and no one has seen them…”

Ji Jingxing spoke while running downstairs, her tone laced with urgency and haste, gasping for air.

Before Song Yuhang had a chance to speak, she suddenly heard a cry of alarm from the other end of the line, followed by a dull thud of something heavy hitting the ground.

Her heart instantly leapt to her throat.

“Sis, sis?!,” she yelled in the restroom, startling a person who had just come out of the next stall.

“Are you crazy?!” the person exclaimed.

Several men in black lifted the limp form of Ji Jingxing into the car.

A man picked up the mobile phone that had fallen to the ground: “Officer Song, the game begins.”

LP: F*** Lin Ge, f*** everyone involved with this! Why go after innocent people let alone a child?!

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