Miss Forensics – Chapter 78.1


A wolf pack brawl is bound to draw blood.

Lin Yan’s hands were immobilized, and so were her feet, pressed down by someone. Even her teeth were not spared.

In the heat of the moment, when they were entangled, it was like two fierce beasts fiercely biting each other’s weaknesses.

Song Yuhang felt the pain from the bite, grabbed her neck, and pressed her into the pillow. Gasping for breath, her eyes were filled with bloodshot veins ignited by jealousy and anger.

Originally, in today’s matter, she was not an unreasonable person. If Lin Yan had just lowered her head, admitted her mistake, and explained the cause and effect clearly, it would have passed.

But she deliberately chose the most intense and irrational way to provoke her.

Song Yuhang felt a mix of anger, heartache, and grievance. Why? Why could she, in a fit of anger, turn around and engage in ambiguous and unclear games with other men?

She could let go of her past, but that didn’t mean she could tolerate her current actions.

Song Yuhang was also proud and unrestrained. For the first time, she felt moved, and for the first time, she entered into a romantic relationship, only to encounter someone like Lin Yan, a bewitching creature. Seeing her being intimate with other men, she was jealous to the point of madness.

Especially when she touched her, and she avoided her?

She actually avoided her.

How could she hide like that?

She’s willingly accepting with those men, while she treats her like a snake or scorpion, unwilling and reluctant?

Lin Yan’s current behavior became the last straw that broke her rationality.

Just like there is darkness where there is sunlight, Song Yuhang is not a saint. Lin Yan’s appearance has stirred up the dark and paranoid side of her inner self.

No, or rather, Lin Yan is her dark side.

Song Yuhang chuckled, buried in the nape of her neck.

In the next moment, Lin Yan’s eyes widened suddenly.

Song Yuhang grabbed the silk scarf hanging by her bedside, lifted her head, wrapped it around her lips, and tied a knot behind her head.

Immediately following was the sound of fabric tearing.

Before she could struggle, she was lifted up, and the foreign sensation made her tightly furrow her brows.

The area that was not completely moist couldn’t withstand such disturbance.

Lin Yan tilted her head back, and the pain swallowed into her throat.

Her hands, shackled at the bedside, helplessly struggled in mid-air, pulling the chains with a clattering sound. The fair and delicate wrists quickly bore red marks.

Turning her head away, Lin Yan didn’t want to see herself in such a miserable state. However, Song Yuhang twisted her jaw again, forcing her to stare fixedly.

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The curses between Lin Yan’s lips turned into choked sobs because she couldn’t shout them out.

Ironically, her body, in the midst of this rough treatment, started to experience strange sensations.

It must be because she had been single for too long, too long without… with anyone, that’s why.

Lin Yan thought vaguely, feeling a mix of shame, anger, grievance, and unwillingness, a myriad of emotions surging in her heart.

When Song Yuhang hit a certain point once again, unable to bear it, Lin Yan turned her head away, choking and incoherent.

Song Yuhang forcefully turned Lin Yan’s head back, and her fingertips accidentally touched something warm, causing her to pause.

She touched it again, and tears were flowing continuously from the corners of Lin Yan’s eyes.

Even if she cried, it was like losing teeth and swallowing blood.

Sensing Lin Yan’s reaction, she turned away, burying her face in the pillow.

Song Yuhang’s expression was unreadable, but she was calmer. At this point, whether she stopped or not, the outcome wouldn’t change significantly.

Lin Yan, being rebellious, needed a lesson of blood and tears. Otherwise, with her flirting with others during leisure times, she might be angered to an early death.

Yet, Song Yuhang couldn’t help but be reminded of the time when she trained wolf dogs at the police dog base. The descendants of wolves retained their wildness and would counterattack their owners. To make them completely submissive, you had to be stronger than them.

Lin Yan now seemed like a tamed wolf, whimpering with her tail not completely lowered, hiding on the side, silently shedding tears.

Song Yuhang flipped her over, knowing that sometimes she needed some comfort. A combination of firmness and softness was the most effective way to break down someone’s inner defenses.

She was highly skilled in using this technique during interrogations.

However, looking at Lin Yan like this, after all, she was her beloved woman. Despite the anger, there was a twinge of heartache, and she couldn’t help but regret her own ruthlessness.

Song Yuhang lowered her voice and kissed away Lin Yan’s tears, “Don’t cry, I’m sorry, it’s my fault…”

The proud Wolf King also bowed her head before her.

The kisses descended from the forehead to the temples, leaving no hiding place for her tears.

Song Yuhang tried her best to shower her with all the tenderness she could muster.

She kept repeating, “I’m sorry, it’s my fault, my fault…”

The raging fingers also withdrew, and Song Yuhang focused on doing this one thing attentively. She kissed her patiently, licked her wounds little by little, and smoothed out her unease.

“Last night, I went back because of an urgent interrogation…” Song Yuhang spoke patiently, acting even more patiently. The two no longer confronted each other, and now she had the time to lay out the whole truth.

Lin Yan tilted her head back, forced to endure her gentleness. Under the patient and meticulous comfort, a hint of red appeared in the corners of her eyes.

Different from the tears shed just now, this was the blush of emotional arousal.

She wanted to speak, but her mouth was sealed by the scarf, and every attempt resulted in a sob.

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Song Yuhang was provoked, and her patience was running out.

She lifted Lin Yan slightly and stuffed a pillow under her waist.

Lin Yan was suddenly elevated, reaching out to the void with a sense of loss, unable to grasp anything.

She understood – Song Yuhang forgave her, but there had to be some punishment. Tonight’s beating was inevitable.

Lin Yan shrank back slightly in panic, pulled back by the neck.

The remaining words from Song Yuhang became somewhat unclear, and Lin Yan couldn’t quite hear what she was saying.

In her mind, a firework exploded.

All screams were stuck in her throat.

Song Yuhang was too decisive, not leaving her any room to maneuver. She even deprived her of the only right she had to vent, the right to scream.

After reaching adulthood, Lin Yan had shared beds with various people, men and women, young and old. She considered herself broad-minded, having seen a lot. However, she had never been treated like this, and every time, she was the one in control.

But now, all senses were deprived. Song Yuhang somehow found a tie, and finally, even Lin Yan’s eyes were covered.

It was like affirming the words she said in the office that morning – bound hands, blindfolded, and gagged, one could not be lacking.

She felt like a leaf drifting in the vast ocean. Waves layered over her, tossing her high into the sky, then pulling her into the abyss, cycling endlessly until death.

She didn’t know how much time had passed.

Lin Yan was truly exhausted.

Her throat was hoarse.

When Song Yuhang removed the blindfold, it was completely soaked.

Suppressing a smile, Song Yuhang got off the bed, intending to get her some water to drink and replenish her fluids. Unexpectedly, she stepped on something with her bare foot. Picking it up and turning on the bedside lamp, she saw a foil pack of medication.

She couldn’t understand the long string of chemical names, but she understood the indications: insomnia, depression, hypersexuality…

She looked back at the bed. Lin Yan had her back turned, curled up, with only a small blanket covering her waist.

She had just covered her with it.

Song Yuhang felt a pang in her heart, reached for the phone on her bedside table, and checked the call records.

Lin Yan had only made two calls last night.

One was to her, but she was in the interrogation room at that time and couldn’t bring her phone, so she didn’t answer.

The next day, when she returned the call after leaving the interrogation room, she fell asleep before it was answered because she was too tired. It was her fault.

Song Yuhang wanted to slap herself.

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The second call was to an unknown number, probably one of her many pursuers, but…

Song Yuhang looked at the call duration. It was just one second; it seemed the call was immediately hung up upon being answered.

What was Lin Yan thinking at that time?

Listening to the voice of the unfamiliar man on the other end of the line, he said, “Hello?”

Lin Yan seemed to awaken from a dream, instantly throwing the phone away, her whole body feeling icy.

What was she doing?

What did she want to do?

No, it couldn’t be.

Because having experienced sunlight, she didn’t want to return to the darkness.

Lin Yan crawled out of bed, opened the bedside table, and clumsily dug out some rarely used medication.

She usually didn’t take this because she didn’t need to restrain her desires. The exhaustion of physical exertion and the emptiness after climax could help her sleep better.

But now, she, like a madwoman, peeled off the aluminum foil, taking the entire sheet and stuffing it into her mouth, washing it down with red wine.

Lin Yan slumped by the edge of the bed, due to the side effects of the medication, constantly feeling nauseous and vomiting. Finally, unable to resist the drowsiness, she fell asleep like that.

The third call was made this morning.

Shortly after making the call, she appeared at the entrance of the city bureau, engaged in intimate behavior with someone.

Song Yuhang had reasons to believe that she did it on purpose for her to see, including her casual mention of it.

She placed the phone on the table. Lin Yan still had her back turned, shoulders slightly trembling.

Song Yuhang leaned over and lifted her up.

Lin Yan didn’t resist anymore. She was soft, like a puddle of water, unable to muster any strength.

Noses almost touching, Song Yuhang, afraid that she might feel cold, wrapped her in a blanket.

“Why didn’t you tell me you didn’t go out at all last night, hmm?”

Lin Yan lowered her gaze, pouting her lips, and remained silent.

Song Yuhang gently touched her forehead, “Alright, let’s not talk about it. If you don’t want to say, then don’t. I’ll carry you to take a shower, okay?”

Covered in stickiness from head to toe.

Lin Yan nodded slightly, and in the next moment, she soared into the air.

Subconsciously, she held onto her neck. The corners of Song Yuhang’s lips curled into a slight smile as she carried her downstairs.

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Lin Yan whispered, “There’s a bathroom upstairs.”

“I want to go downstairs.”


She still remembered.

Gritting her teeth, Lin Yan allowed Song Yuhang to place her in the bathtub. She turned on the showerhead, and the warm water flowed down, relieving some of her discomfort.

When Song Yuhang saw that she was almost done, she turned on the bathroom heater to the maximum and rushed to the kitchen to heat up a glass of milk for her.

Lin Yan took it, took small sips, but avoided looking at her.

Song Yuhang squatted down, meeting Lin Yan’s gaze, and rubbed her head gently. “Does it still hurt?”

Not asking would have been fine, but asking reminded Lin Yan of that humiliating scene, causing her face to instantly flush red with anger and grit her teeth.

“You’re finished, Song Yuhang. Watch how I deal with you.”

“The honor is all mine.”

Although she could see that Lin Yan was tired, and she herself…

But now wasn’t a good time. Song Yuhang was afraid that she would strain herself. Seeing that the glass in her hand was almost empty, she took it and placed it on the partition beside her. Then, she undressed and got into the water.

Lin Yan glanced at her figure. It was just dimly lit a moment ago, and she couldn’t move. Now she had a chance to take a closer look.

If Lin Yan could be described as the epitome of a slim and delicate beauty, then Song Yuhang was a representation of another kind of wild beauty.

Most people can achieve a six-pack through intense training, but Lin Yan counted and found that Song Yuhang had eight!

F***, so sore.

If her physical fitness could keep up, she could have as well.

And those who exercise regularly usually don’t sag; they are petite, plump, and firm.

Lin Yan averted her gaze, her ears turning red.

The water in the bathtub overflowed.

Lin Yan thought she was up to some mischief again and bit her lip, shrinking to the edge of the bathtub. But she pulled her back forcefully.

Song Yuhang hugged her, and amidst the steam, she held Lin Yan’s face in her hands.

“I’m sorry, Lin Yan. Ultimately, this is my fault, but I wasn’t protecting her. I was protecting Xiao Wei. After you left, I made it clear to her.”

Lin Yan opened her mouth to speak, but Song Yuhang placed her index finger on her lips. “Firstly, that’s one thing. Secondly, this incident taught us a lesson. The consequence of not being honest with each other is endless misunderstandings. You misunderstood that I was spending time with them, and I misunderstood that you were going on a date with someone else.”

“It was my mistake for not communicating with you in a timely manner, for not easing your emotions. Your mistake was playing flirtatious games with another man in public. Let’s not mention the little tricks you played to provoke me earlier.”

“I…” Lin Yan still felt defiant, but Song Yuhang lifted her up and leaned her against the edge of the bathtub.

Her fingers lightly stirred the ripples in the water below.

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