Miss Forensics – Chapter 74.2

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Mother Song looked at her sitting there, her height not as tall as Song Yuhang’s, thin and small. Her chin was sharp enough to kill, and her face was a little smaller, about the size of a palm. Compared to her own child who was always lively and active no matter what, tall with long legs, broad shoulders, and muscular arms, her daughter formed a stark contrast.

For a moment, silence fell between the couple.

When will Song Yuhang learn from others? She doesn’t need to be refined, but at least she should look like a woman!

It’s true that the more she looked at other people’s children, the more she liked them, and the more she looked at her own child, the more distressed she felt. Plus, the scene in the hospital corridor that day added a few more sympathies for this child in Mother Song’s heart.

Mother Song thought that Song Yuhang’s ability to bring this girl home late at night might have something to do with this. Not only did Mother Song not mind her sudden intrusion, she was even enthusiastic. This made Lin Yan even more embarrassed, but at the same time, as she listened to her words, a warmth flowed through her chest from the moment she entered the door.

So, this is… what a normal family looks like?

The way they interacted and spoke with each other, the constant care and love for her child, and even her affection for her daughter’s friends, it was all so different from Lin Youyuan’s family. The last time she felt this warmth was with Mother Chen.

With these thoughts, Lin Yan’s eyes welled up with tears. “You don’t have to trouble yourself, Auntie… “

Before she could finish, Song Yuhang quickly put her arm around her own mother’s shoulder and led her into the kitchen, giving Lin Yan a reassuring look, gesturing for her to sit for a while.

“Mom, let me help you. Something light would be good.” Song Yuhang said as she opened the refrigerator.

“Move, move, don’t block the way.” Mother Song brushed Lin Yan aside and took a bunch of scallions from the fridge to wash.

“There’s still leftover chicken soup from this afternoon in the refrigerator. Yes, that’s the one. Take it out and heat it up. It can be used as the base for the noodles later.”

Mother Song started boiling water on the stove while washing the vegetables and scolded at the same time, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier that we would have guests coming over today? I could have prepared in advance. But now, everything is just leftovers.”

Song Yuhang put the soup pot on the stove as well and smiled, “Mom, she won’t mind.”

While washing the vegetables, Mother Song suddenly let out a sigh, “Sigh, in my opinion, it’s better for you to break up with Lin Ge. He may have good conditions, but he’s ultimately from a wealthy family…”

Mother Song lowered her voice and told Song Yuhang about what she had witnessed in the hospital corridor that day. The smile on Song Yuhang’s face gradually faded, and she furrowed her brows, feeling a pang of heartache for Lin Yan.

“Just look at her. She’s a young girl, and her life is still hanging by a thread. But her stepmother and biological father are already calculating her funeral. And that stepmother is even younger than her. It’s really…” Mother Song shook her head and added noodles into the pot.

“Although we’re not a wealthy family, it’s better not to marry into such a wealthy household.”

Mother Song intended to comfort Song Yuhang, fearing that she would be saddened. However, unexpectedly, Song Yuhang smiled and tilted her head, scooping some soup from the pot and looking at her mother.

“Mom, what do you think about Lin Yan?”

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Mother Song recalled the scene when they first met, Lin Yan’s appearance, and her temperament.

“She’s quite good. She doesn’t have the air of a spoiled princess, and she’s polite, although a bit reserved.”

Song Yuhang thought to herself: Luckily, you haven’t seen her when she’s cursing at people.

“It’s natural to feel nervous when visiting someone’s home for the first time.”

Mother Song smiled and added fresh vegetables to the hot chicken soup.

“That’s true. She’s your colleague, right? Young, good-looking, and willing to endure hardships to become a police officer. It’s not easy.”

As Song Yuhang heard this, a hint of pride appeared in the corners of her eyebrows and eyes. “That’s right, she’s not just any police officer, she’s a forensic scientist.”

“Oh my, that’s remarkable! Such a young girl with such courage!” Mother Song was even more excited than Song Yuhang, showing no trace of disgust or confusion regarding Lin Yan’s profession.

Song Yuhang felt relieved to some extent. “Mom, do you have any reservations about this?”

Mother Song looked at her strangely. “What’s there to be reserved about? Your father and your brother’s portraits are displayed in the living room every day, and I don’t see you having any reservations about that. This is doing good deeds and accumulating virtue.”

Song Yuhang felt a sense of relief again. She swallowed her saliva and moved closer to her mother, helping her scoop up the cooked noodles.

“Mom, would you mind having one more daughter like Lin Yan?”

The question was asked subtly, and although Mother Song felt a hint of indescribable strangeness, she didn’t dwell on it and laughed while scolding.

“Oh my, of course that would be great! As long as she’s not like you, anyone would be fine. I’m just afraid that she won’t find me appealing.”

Song Yuhang complained with a drawn-out voice, “Mom…”

Listening to the faint laughter coming from the kitchen, Lin Yan’s heart remained warm. She grabbed a handful of melon seeds and cracked them open while surveying the furnishings of the house.

Compared to her own villa, this place couldn’t be considered luxurious. It was even a bit shabby and simple, but it had much more lively energy than her mansion.

The two-bedroom, one-living room house was filled with carefully arranged details. A cartoon key hook hung by the entrance, and fresh flowers adorned the dining table.

The sofa was small but soft, and there were a few books on the background wall. The hanging spider plant added a touch of greenery, and next to it was a family portrait.

A coal stove was placed in the middle of the house, facing the television. On either side of the television were two black-and-white portraits, featuring individuals wearing police uniforms who bore some resemblance to Song Yuhang.

Lin Yan set aside the melon seeds and walked over to the altar. She picked up the incense stick placed on the offering table and lit it. With her palms pressed together, she bowed a few times before inserting the incense stick into the censer.

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Her concentration was interrupted when she noticed that the kitchen door had opened at some point. Mother Song looked at the child with growing fondness.

When Lin Yan snapped back to reality and saw everyone looking at her, her face instantly turned red. Normally quick-witted and eloquent, she stammered, “Ah… I…”

Mother Song placed the bowl she was holding on the table, a smile evident in the corners of her eyebrows and eyes. “Hurry, why are you just standing there? Go wash your hands and let’s eat.”

Song Yuhang pulled her and swiftly ran into the restroom, closing the door. She turned on the faucet from behind and washed their hands together.

“Why did you suddenly decide to pay respects to my father and brother?”

Lin Yan’s face was still flushed as she allowed Mother Song’s hand to pass through her fingers, squeezing a handful of foamy hand soap. They rinsed their hands together.

“Ah… I saw them, so I went.”

She simply felt that Song Yuhang’s father and brother had passed away at a young age and must have been good police officers who served the people wholeheartedly and with unwavering dedication.

Such people deserved her respect.

Song Yuhang used a towel to dry Lin Yan’s hands, then cupped her face and gently rubbed it. “My mom really likes you.”

Lin Yan looked confused. “Ah?”

Her brain seemed to be experiencing constant crashes tonight.

She… she came dressed like this, plain and without any gifts, and yet her sudden visit was still appreciated.

Taking advantage of the privacy with no one around, Mother Song was setting the table outside. Song Yuhang’s heart warmed, and she lifted Lin Yan’s face and lightly pecked her lips.

“Mhm, not only my mom, but me too. I like you no matter what.”

Looking at her reflection in Lin Yan’s clear and bottomless eyes, she had never been affirmed like this before.

Lin Yan’s eyes welled up with tears, and she lowered her head, biting her lip and pounding her shoulder.

“Yuhang, are you done yet?” Mother Song called from outside. “Don’t dawdle, let’s eat while it’s hot.”

Song Yuhang had intended to be affectionate with her again, but Lin Yan covered her lips.

“I’m hungry.”

Song Yuhang felt helpless, especially with Mother Song urging them. She had to pull Lin Yan along and head out together.

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The two of them took their seats.

Song Yuhang looked at the noodles in her own bowl and complained, “Mom, why does she have a fried egg in her bowl and I don’t?!”

In Lin Yan’s bowl, there was a base of chicken soup with clear oil droplets floating on top, accompanied by leafy green vegetables and a few pieces of chicken breast. Two fried eggs rested on the top.

In contrast, her bowl had no chicken soup and not even a piece of meat.

Song Yuhang felt a mixture of desolation, a touch of sadness, a hint of amusement, and a faint warmth.

The warmth came from the fact that her mother didn’t treat Lin Yan as a stranger.

Mother Song took off her apron and hung it behind the kitchen door. “Oh, with your figure, do you have the nerve? Give it to Yanyan!”

Song Yuhang muttered, “What’s wrong with my figure? My figure is fine, all muscles. It’s just that you don’t appreciate it.”

It was only at home and in front of Lin Yan that Song Yuhang could relax a little more and show her childish side.

Taking advantage of Mother Song’s distraction, Lin Yan picked up a piece of meat and put it in Song Yuhang’s bowl, mouthing the words: Eat quickly.

Song Yuhang felt warmth flooding her heart: My girlfriend takes care of me.

Their playful interaction didn’t escape Mother Song’s eyes. She shook her head and smiled, thinking to herself, These two have such a good relationship.

“You two eat. I’m going to sleep now. Yuhang, after you finish eating, wash the bowls. Clean towels and toiletries are in the bathroom cabinet. Get them for Yanyan later. If it’s cold, turn on the air conditioning in your room. I’ve already turned on the electric blanket for you…”

Mother Song kept chattering, but Song Yuhang stood up to see her off. “I got it, Mom. You should go to sleep soon. Don’t you have to wake up early tomorrow to go dancing with Aunt Wang?”

Seeing Song Yuhang stand up, Lin Yan also stood up, wiping her lips before swallowing the mouthful of noodles. “Ah… Auntie, get some rest.”

“Oh my, what’s this? Sit down and eat. Alright, alright, I can see that you two feel awkward with me here. Yuhang, take care of her. It’s the weekend tomorrow, Yanyan, don’t leave. Auntie will cook something delicious for lunch.”

Lin Yan was about to refuse, but Mother Song didn’t even give her a chance. She waved her hand, gesturing for her to sit back down and eat, then smiled and closed her own door.

Song Yuhang handed her a tissue and looked at the noodles in her bowl. Lin Yan sat down and guarded her food, looking at her with a vigilant expression.

“Are you going to finish eating?”

“I will finish eating.” Lin Yan shifted her bowl slightly towards herself.

Song Yuhang chuckled. “Good girl, don’t eat too much. It won’t digest well in the evening.”


(If you're not reading on littlepandatranslations.com, it means this has been stolen)

Reluctantly, Lin Yan watched as Song Yuhang picked out most of the noodles from her bowl, leaving behind the meat and vegetables. The fried eggs remained untouched. Only then did she eat contentedly.

Song Yuhang finished her meal in a few bites. “You keep eating. I’ll go fill the bathtub with water. When you’re done, just drain it directly into the sink. I’ll take care of washing it.”

While Lin Yan finished eating, Song Yuhang prepared the water in the bathtub. She rummaged through cabinets and drawers looking for her pajamas.

At home, she rarely wore thick winter loungewear like her mother did. She was used to wearing short-sleeved T-shirts all year round. It took her a while to find a long-sleeved shirt.

“You can wear this for now. Tomorrow, we’ll go to the mall and buy new ones.”

“This is your change of clothes. I’ll bring it over to you.” Song Yuhang walked into the bathroom wearing slippers. She took out a new pair of slippers from the shelf and fetched the toiletries one by one.

“These are toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash cup…”

“The facial cleanser is here.”

She pointed out the locations one by one.

“Try to see if the water temperature is suitable. I didn’t put too much, considering you have a shoulder injury. It wouldn’t be good if it accidentally touched it.”

Lin Yan reached out and felt the water. It was neither cold nor hot, just right. Song Yuhang then carefully placed a disposable bathtub liner at the bottom of the bathtub.

“I rarely use it. I mostly take showers because I’m afraid you might find it unhygienic.”

She scratched her head and smiled, feeling a bit embarrassed. Seeing Lin Yan starting to unbutton her clothes, she quickly slipped out like a cat whose tail was stepped on.

“Then you go ahead and wash. Let me know if you need anything.”

With just a few words, Lin Yan rendered her motionless. “Officer Song, I can’t take off my clothes here. Can you help me, please?”

Song Yuhang slowly turned around as Lin Yan’s lips curled into a faint smile, while her eyes exuded both charm and audacity.

The trailing tone was light and slow, leaving a lingering sense of curiosity.

Lin Yan’s brown curly hair cascaded down her shoulders, devoid of makeup, yet appearing even more exquisite and ethereal.

However, listening to her words, observing her gaze, the curve of her lips, and her bare feet lightly touching the ground, her toes slightly curling due to the cold, Song Yuhang instantly thought of a term: a seductive vixen.


In the midst of the prolonged tension and locked gaze, a heated atmosphere filled the air, as if something was gradually heating up and fermenting in the narrow bathroom.

Song Yuhang swallowed her saliva and slowly walked over.

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