Miss Forensics – Chapter 62.1


“In the earphones, a chaotic current transmitted, and Song Yuhang shouted her name loudly.

“Lin Yan… Lin Yan?!”

Lin Yan clenched her teeth, tasting a hint of blood on her tongue. She closed her eyes a few times, her long eyelashes trembling. Song Yuhang’s voice approached from a distance, pulling her back from the brink of collapse.

It was then that she felt a dull pain in the palm of her hand. Opening it, she saw that because she had gripped the dissecting knife too tightly, the blade had cut through the glove, and crimson blood surged out.

Duan Cheng held a machine with one hand and grabbed a piece of gauze from the tray to cover it for her. “Sister Lin!”

Occupational exposure can be significant or trivial; Bai Ling hasn’t had a chance to undergo various examinations. If there’s any bloodborne infectious disease, it would be disastrous for her!

On the other side, Song Yuhang, listening to her exclamation, felt her heart reach her throat.

“Lin Yan, what’s wrong?!”

Lin Yan snapped out of it, threw the soiled gloves into the medical waste bin, and, with a flick, Duan Cheng poured half a bottle of iodine on it for disinfection. Then, she used gauze to press and stop the bleeding, tightly wrapping it up.

“It’s nothing, just accidentally grazed by the dissecting knife.”

Song Yuhang finally breathed a sigh of relief, but her anxiety heightened: Is the dissection finished? If it is, go to the hospital for an examination.”

Lin Yan forced a smile and tied a knot with her teeth on the gauze: “No… I’ll continue to be busy.”


Now was not the time for romantic feelings. Song Yuhang was also preparing to hang up the phone when she heard Lin Yan softly call her name again.

“Song Yuhang…”

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“Hmm? What’s wrong?” Song Yuhang thought she was going to say something. She turned away, covered the handset tightly, not wanting others to hear.

Lin Yan paused for a moment, flexing her fingertips against the palm wrapped in gauze. The sharp prickling sensation reached her heart.

Her eyes welled up, and she bit her lip, but after a while, she still couldn’t say it aloud: “It’s nothing… you… be careful.”

Song Yuhang smiled slightly. Fatigue was evident in her voice, but her tone was unusually relaxed.

“All right, don’t worry.”

Lin Yan hung up the phone, gestured for Duan Cheng to take it away, and then put on another pair of clean gloves to continue with the dissection.

Another assistant forensic doctor was busy with her. He clicked his tongue twice, saying, “Not to mention Forensic Doctor Lin, even I haven’t seen a case like this. Most of the organs in the whole body have been emptied. Can you not be scared? I’ve accidentally been nicked by a dissecting knife before. Look, this young girl should have no major issues. Occupational exposure isn’t terrifying. Discover it early, treat it early.”

It was meant to be comforting words, but Lin Yan suddenly lifted her head. Her gaze was dark, like maggots clinging to bones, mixed with a chilling hatred.

The assistant forensic doctor met her eyes and felt a chill down his spine.

However, Lin Yan quickly lowered her head again and continued working as if what just happened was only his hallucination.

Who said she had never seen it? As early as fourteen years ago, when she had just come of age, she had witnessed such corpses and experienced the cruelty and heartlessness of the murderer.

Since that day, her world had plunged into eternal darkness, and the light had gradually drifted away from her.

Lin Yan’s dissection speed had always been fast, so no one noticed her abnormality.

After completing most of the preliminary work, she, as usual, tossed the suturing task to the assistant forensic doctor, took off her gloves, removed her hat, and headed towards the exit.

Instead of rushing to take a shower, she turned on the faucet, placing her injured right hand under the water stream. More than half an hour had passed, and the wound was still oozing blood, with a pale red stream flowing into the drain.

Lin Yan cupped water and fiercely splashed it onto her face, repeating the action several times. Her temple hair became completely wet, and water droplets trickled down her chin, soaking a large area of her front clothing.

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Leaning on the washbasin, she looked at herself in the mirror. The tears had made her eyes even more sparkling.

As she continued to gaze, she couldn’t help but feel that the person in the mirror didn’t resemble herself, but rather like a distorted monster, the face twisted by hatred.

Her eyes carried the same cruelty, gloominess, and horror as the murderer.

For a moment, she didn’t know if she was looking at the murderer or someone else.

The tightly stretched thread was about to break, and she breathed heavily.

It wasn’t until her phone vibrated softly that she took it out and saw a message from Song Yuhang.

There weren’t many words, just an emoji of a hug.

Lin Yan felt as if she could hear her saying, “Trust me, Lin Yan. You are not fighting alone in this solitary battle.”

There was a momentary impulse to reveal the autopsy results, but after much hesitation, she resisted the urge. She turned off the screen, clutched the phone in her palm, and pressed it firmly against the wound.

Lin Yan gritted her teeth, her long eyelashes trembling. When she opened her eyes, she made a difficult decision.

I’m sorry, Song Yuhang. You trust me, but I must bear the responsibility in the end.

The truth she wanted could only be obtained by herself, and similarly, only she could be the one to harm the perpetrator of Chu Nan.

She wouldn’t give that scum the chance to stand trial, absolutely not.

He is not worthy.

Lin Yan chewed on these words, feeling a surge of hatred about to burst from her eyes. She tilted her head, swallowed the bitterness, patted her face, and walked out with her phone in hand.

Lowering her voice, she made a call, “Hey, send me Song Yuhang’s location to my phone.”

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The Public Security Bureau, chaotic with people coming and going, didn’t notice she had quietly disappeared from her workstation.

Lin Yan climbed over the fence, landed gracefully, put on her motorcycle helmet, fastened the buckle, her long legs on the ground. She took her phone out of her pocket, clipped it in front of the handlebars, tapped the screen twice, and a map appeared, with a flashing dot moving.

Twisting the throttle, she revved the engine and shot out like lightning.

* * *

In the Jiangcheng City Public Security System, there were several hundred personnel, along with some special police officers, dispersed into several teams, searching the suburban hospitals.

A voice came over the earpiece: “Captain Song, Target Five has been searched, no suspicious individuals found.”

Song Yuhang drew a line on the map with a pen, saying, “Alright, move on to the next target point.”

The leader of the special police unit was also beside her, and the police lights on the command vehicle remained on, ready to depart at any time.

“Captain Song, this won’t work. The suburban area is too large. We need a more targeted search.”

Song Yuhang furrowed her brow, pacing back and forth, dressed in a black training suit, tall and graceful.

She suddenly stopped, as if realizing something, pressed the communication device, and called Zheng Chengrui over.

“Find out how Li Hai died back then.”

Zheng Chengrui nodded, put on his headphones, and rapidly tapped the keyboard. The internal network search results showed nothing.

He turned back to look at Song Yuhang.

“The death of Li Hai back then might not have been classified as a criminal case. If we had investigated it earlier, would we be in this situation today? The murderer and Wei Lihong must have concealed many truths, tidying up the scene seamlessly. Look into some online tabloid news, strange incidents, and the like.”

Zheng Chengrui entered new search terms and, during the waiting process, lightly bit his finger, a thin layer of sweat forming on his forehead.

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Everyone was impatient.

He swiftly manipulated the mouse, and then his eyes lit up, “Got it! Captain Song, come and see if this is it…”

Song Yuhang rushed over in a single stride.

This is a piece of sensational news titled “Well-known Female Internet Celebrity and Boyfriend Suffocate to Death from Overexcitement During Beach Tryst.”

Zheng Chengrui scrolled with the mouse, not paying much attention to the specific details in the first half. His focus was solely on the identities of the male and female leads in the latter part.

According to the report, the woman was an internet celebrity who appeared on several TV dating shows, while the man was a well-known local doctor surnamed Li.

The incident occurred at a beach bathing area within Jiangcheng City.

Li Hai, Li Yang, lived by the sea and died because of the sea. It really matched their names.

Song Yuhang abruptly turned around, chambered a round, and said, “Everyone, get ready. Head to Target Ten, the beach bathing area!”

* * *

The light spot on the map moved again.

Lin Yan suddenly hit the brakes, leaving a white line on the asphalt road. She leaned against the roadside, took off her gloves, and touched the screen, planning out the nearest route.

The beach bathing area?

It’s not far from Fenyang Pier, indeed.

Lin Yan gritted her teeth, put on her gloves, added full throttle, and shot out like an arrow released from a bow.

Brown hair danced in the air, and her entire body tensed into a streamlined form.

In the pocket of her upper garment, a photo was tucked close. Lin Yan released her left hand from the handlebars and touched her chest.

Chu Nan, bless me to personally kill him and avenge you.

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