Miss Forensics – Chapter 60.1


Lin Yan took out a wet tissue from her bag, calmly pressed the corner of her lips, and wiped away the orange juice along her jawline, meticulously cleaning each finger one by one.

Song Yuhang couldn’t bear it any longer and said, “You’re just wiping your hands, is it necessary to be so… so, you know?” She couldn’t bring herself to say those two words, especially in front of so many people.

Lin Yan glanced at her with a light look in her eyes. Whether in the past or now, perhaps she herself wasn’t aware that she always intentionally or unintentionally revealed her desire in front of Song Yuhang, in other words, she seduced her without leaving a trace.

However, Song Yuhang still fell for it.

Lin Yan smiled and handed her a tissue emitting a fragrant scent, saying, “Sometimes a mountain is just a mountain, and water is just water. You see what you want to see.”

“This statement is a bit awkward, and there’s a touch of Zen to it.” Duan Cheng leaned over the front seat, asking, “Captain Song, what are you guys talking about?”

Fang Xin pulled him back with a single motion, saying, “Buddhist studies. If you don’t understand, just sit down.”

Lin Yan giggled. In her laughter, Song Yuhang blushed quietly again. She snatched the tissue away from her hand.

“Just wipe it if you want. Who’s afraid of who?”

While she turned to talk to Fang Xin, Song Yuhang noticed a faint lipstick mark she left on the tissue. She immediately glanced to the side as if feeling guilty like a thief, while Lin Yan continued chatting with Fang Xin.

She originally just wanted to wipe her mouth, but unexpectedly, their lips met, and she slightly closed her eyes.

So fragrant.

Her scent.

Lin Yan looked at her thoughtfully.

When Song Yuhang snapped out of it, she met that ambiguous gaze, as if someone had just uncovered a big secret. Instantly, her face turned red and hot, embarrassed.

As the vehicle moved, she intentionally or unintentionally leaned towards her. The subtle and elusive fragrance seemed to permeate through every pore of her body.

The noise of the wheels drowned out the sound of her speaking.

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“Captain Song, don’t be shy. It’s a gift for you.”

Song Yuhang held the tissue as if holding a hot potato, quickly wiped her hands, tossed it into the trash can, and without looking aside, she also supported her increasingly slanted body back into place.

“Sit properly.”

“In public, all serious; behind closed doors, letting loose. Captain Song, oh Captain Song, where did that boldness from when you forcefully kissed me in the kitchen go?” Lin Yan lowered her voice. They were sitting close, and she leaned in to speak into her ear.

Song Yuhang straightened her back, avoiding eye contact. “Lin Yan, I warn you not to go too far.”

“Oh, hugging and cuddling is not too much, but flirting in words is over the line, such double standards.”

“You…” Song Yuhang took a deep breath, subtly shifted forward to prevent the warm breath of her words from creeping into her neck and ears.

It tickled intensely.

Lin Yan found it amusing. Song Yuhang was truly an interesting person—on one hand, she relentlessly pursued her, and on the other, she would get nervous and shy when Lin Yan got close.

It was quite entertaining to see someone who usually feared nothing show a hint of embarrassment on her face.

Thinking this, Lin Yan playfully and intentionally scraped her earlobe with her nails, a light touch like a dragonfly skimming the water. However, Song Yuhang reacted as if shocked, suddenly turning to look at her, clenching her teeth.

“Lin… Yan.”

She was really going to be driven crazy by her. Without considering the current situation—everyone in the car—she was on the verge of exploding with embarrassment, yet she still managed to provoke her…

Lin Yan innocently blinked her eyes and sat back down. “It seems Captain Song doesn’t like my kisses. What a pity, I thought…”

Song Yuhang glanced over. “What a pity for what?”

Lin Yan’s gaze lingered on her lips. While her mouth claimed otherwise, her eyes clearly suggested otherwise.

Song Yuhang really felt like sitting next to her for another minute would kill her, either from embarrassment or being stifled.

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She gritted her teeth, tried to stand up, but bumped into the car roof, making a loud “bang” sound.

Lin Yan couldn’t hold back and burst into laughter.

Song Yuhang rubbed her head, and before she could scold her, Zheng Chengrui in the front handed over the walkie-talkie.

“Captain Song, Captain Zhang is looking for you.”

* * *

“She insists on keeping quiet, no matter how much we ask, she won’t budge.”

Modern interrogations no longer resort to torture for confessions. The omnipresent surveillance cameras serve not only to monitor the actions of criminal suspects but also as a constant reminder to detectives to set an example and not overstep boundaries.

Outside the interrogation room, Zhang Jinhai paced back and forth.

After hearing him, Song Yuhang furrowed her brow. “What about her son?”

“He’s been taken to the city hospital for protection.”

“Deploy more people, patrol continuously 24 hours a day. We must not give anyone an opportunity.”

Zhang Jinhai quickly gave the order, and another team of armed police officers hurried to the hospital.

Song Yuhang thought for a moment. “How about this, I’ll conduct the interrogation. Captain Zhang, please wear the earpiece and join me inside. I’ll say a sentence, and you respond.”

With the deadline of one month looming, the pressure was immense until the case was solved.

Zhang Jinhai quickly set aside his reservations. “Alright, you’re experienced in interrogations. Give it a try.”

In the “Ding Xue Case,” Lin Yan had witnessed her interrogating suspects, knowing that this person not only adeptly utilized micro-expression psychology but also had a knack for attacking the heart, systematically breaking down the psychological defenses of the other party.

Even someone as experienced and highly conscious of counter-surveillance like her had to carefully consider when dealing with Song Yuhang.

“Hey, Officer Song finally couldn’t resist getting involved personally.”

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Once the conversation turned serious, Song Yuhang’s entire demeanor reverted to that serious and solemn aura.

She handed an earpiece to Lin Yan, saying, “Do you want to listen in?”

Lin Yan snatched it and put it on. “Of course, let’s begin.”

A slight smile curved Song Yuhang’s lips as she heard the sound of the iron door opening and closing on the other end. She resumed her seat.

“Wei Fengzhen, Yu Xinye have been dead for so many years, yet you still use his old number, it indicates that you are not a heartless and unscrupulous woman.”

“You are a mother, and mothers are strong for their children. I have reason to believe that you might do something to protect your child, but I cannot believe you would kill for your child. Those children who died, they also had families, parents. You abandoned one daughter before, the heart-wrenching pain, I think you should understand.”

“The difference between humans and animals lies in the fact that humans have instincts to seek advantage and avoid harm, as well as the innate ability to empathize. Having experienced pain yourself, how can you bear to inflict it on others again?”

“We, the entire police force, express deep sympathy for your situation. However, the law is fair and just. It won’t let a guilty person go free, and it won’t allow an originally innocent and upright person to suffer unjustly. Think carefully. Your son is still young. If you really take on this charge, you might waste your life in prison or, worse…”

Song Yuhang paused. “Never see your son again.”

“While alive, one can seek survival, so there’s no need to seek death.”

Zhang Jinhai continued her words. “What other concerns do you have? Speak up and see if we can help. Trust us, the police. In this world, no one wishes for truth and justice to prevail more than the police.”

If these words were said face to face, Lin Yan would probably have been deeply moved, on one hand disdaining this person’s kindness and naivety in her heart, and on the other, feeling a stir of emotions for her words.

Song Yuhang is such a person, possessing a natural and convincing power in everything she says and does, as well as in her character.

Zhang Jinhai managed to mimic about seventy to eighty percent of Song Yuhang’s tone, but it was sufficient.

Across from them, Wei Lihong had gone from choked sobs to being unable to speak clearly, saying, “No… I didn’t… those people, it’s all because of me… it’s all my fault…”

Song Yuhang dropped a bombshell.

“What are you afraid of? Afraid that someone is threatening the safety of your son’s life?”

“Rest assured,” Zhang Jinhai said, taking a tablet from his subordinate and handing it over. “Your son is very safe in the hospital. You can take a look at him.”

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The real-time surveillance video transmitted from the hospital showed two armed police officers standing at the entrance of the ward, and there was another one beside the hospital bed. Medical staff were caring for the child, washing his body and replacing his urine bag.

“The City Central Hospital is a facility that cooperates with our police force. Your son is safe there. We will protect him 24/7, and medical staff will attend to his health around the clock.”

Wei Lihong touched the screen, looking at her son’s pale face, tears streaming down in large drops.

Song Yuhang continued, “His latest medical report is out. He’s in the end stage of uremia, requiring at least three dialysis sessions per week. You not only have to take care of him but also bear the economic pressure. Just imagine, if your husband, Li Hai, were still here, your days probably wouldn’t be so difficult.”

“So, tell me, how did Li Hai die? Did that person kill him, or did you all kill him together?”


Hearing the woman’s desperate cries through the earpiece, Lin Yan moved it a bit further away and lowered her voice.

“How do you know they killed Li Hai?”

Song Yuhang gestured with her mouth, “Guessed.”

They were about to pass the last toll station and exit the expressway. As they got closer to Jiangcheng City, everyone in the car became more tense.

This atmosphere indirectly affected Lin Yan as well. She rubbed her forehead, took a deep breath, and looked at the road signs indicating the approaching urban area of Jiangcheng.

She knew deeply that the suspect had not yet revealed themselves, hidden somewhere in a corner of Jiangcheng’s urban area.

The enemy was in the dark, while they were in the light, and for some reason, there was always a lingering sense of unease in her mind.

She shook her head, trying to dispel this feeling.

The more the situation intensified, the calmer Song Yuhang became. She quietly waited for the other person to finish shouting, putting the final straw on the camel that was about to fall.

“Let me guess. Your marriage with Li Hai wasn’t happy. Firstly, his parents couldn’t accept you, coming from a rural background. However, unable to resist their son’s wishes, you two still got married.”

“The post-wedding excitement quickly faded. Li Hai began staying out late, enjoying himself outside, and after you had a child, it intensified. But due to face-saving considerations, he didn’t divorce you. You felt like ashes, pouring all your love into your child. However, the good times didn’t last. Your son fell ill, went to the hospital, and was diagnosed with congenital kidney disease.”

“Not only did Li Hai not want to spend money on the child’s medical treatment, but he also began preparing for a divorce. It was at this time that the other person appeared. He transformed completely, returning to seek revenge on you. However, instead of killing you, you both ended up killing Li Hai together.”

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