Miss Forensics – Chapter 34.1


In the interval while waiting for the ambulance to arrive, Song Yuhang was already in a dire condition. The knife had penetrated too deeply, and despite Lin Yan’s desperate efforts to staunch the bleeding by tightly covering her wound, blood continued to gush out incessantly.

Song Yuhang could no longer walk; she stumbled dangerously, nearly collapsing to the ground. Lin Yan helped her sit down, and the two of them leaned against each other for support.

Lin Yan hugged her shoulder, watching as every cough caused dark red blood to spill from the corner of Song Yuhang’s lips, trickling down her chin.

They had already emerged from the alleyway, but the ambulance had not yet arrived. The onlookers around them reluctantly stepped back, pinching their noses as if there were a contagious disease. They formed a semicircle around the two women, gossiping and pointing fingers at them.

Lin Yan felt as if she were inside a massive glass dome, surrounded by a crowd of people outside, yet no one offered any assistance. She held Song Yuhang in her arms, sensing the gradual loss of her body warmth with each passing moment. The fresh blood had soaked through her clothes. The two of them clung to each other, Lin Yan holding her tightly, her hand never leaving Song Yuhang’s wound, as if her own body heat could provide some comfort.

Song Yuhang felt it, a warmth in her heart. She wanted to lift her gaze to look at Lin Yan but felt water droplets on her face.

Was it… raining?

Lin Yan buried her head, biting her lip, her eyelashes quivering.

She was too stubborn, even when she cried, it was in complete silence.

At the moment when the scalding tears splashed onto her face, Lin Yan, who had been numb to everything except the dull pain in her chest, suddenly felt a twinge of bitterness.

Song Yuhang struggled to raise her hand and grasped the hand that had been covering her wound. Their two hands, both stained with blood, interlocked in silent exchange of strength.

Lin Yan, as if sensing something, sniffled, “You… don’t die.”

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Her voice was as soft as a mosquito’s buzz, but Song Yuhang heard it clearly. A hint of moisture welled up in her usually clear eyes.

She gave a faint smile, gripping Lin Yan’s hand tightly within her own palm, “Hmm… I won’t die.”

“Make way, make way, step aside!”

The police car and ambulance finally arrived. Doctors with stretchers pushed through the crowd, and Lin Yan was shoved to the side. She turned around groggily to see Song Yuhang. A doctor knelt beside her, administering urgent medical procedures. Tubes were quickly inserted into her body, and she was lifted onto the ambulance.

Lin Yan was also restrained as people in police uniforms and white coats surrounded her, preparing to examine her and insert tubes into her body.

Lin Yan had a splitting headache and couldn’t make out what these people were saying. She was solely focused on Song Yuhang’s condition and attempted to sit up, causing the IV stand to wobble.

“Hold her down! Hold her down! Administer a sedative, get a sedative ready!”

Several burly individuals rushed forward, pinning down Lin Yan’s arms and legs. Lin Yan, with tears in her eyes, struggled and screamed, causing chaos within the ambulance.

It wasn’t until that entire transparent liquid had been fully administered into her body that Lin Yan slowly lay back down and regained her composure.

The medical personnel breathed a sigh of relief.

* * *

The rescue operation had lasted for a day and a night, during which she had received a total of two thousand milliliters of blood, equivalent to half the total blood volume of a normal adult woman.

The moment the lights in the operating room went out, Ji Jingxing, who had been waiting in the corridor for most of the night, rushed forward, “Doctor, doctor, how is she?”

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The doctor removed his mask, finally revealing a relieved smile, “Fortunately, the knife didn’t damage her heart. We’ve repaired the damaged blood vessels and nerves in time. The patient has no previous medical history and is in good health, so there shouldn’t be any major issues going forward.”

Ji Jingxing breathed a sigh of relief, and the other detectives waiting in the corridor did the same. She held the doctor’s hand, tears welling up in her eyes, “Thank you, thank you all.”

“You’re welcome. Now we need to take her to the ICU for further monitoring and treatment. You can go with her family to complete the necessary paperwork.”

“Alright, alright,” Ji Jingxing nodded in a hurry. She helped push the gurney a few steps and then turned back to pick up the bag she had placed on the corridor bench.

Several police officers followed along to assist. Ji Jingxing walked while lowering her gaze, looking at the pale face on the gurney. She and her brother, Song Yichen, looked very much alike, as if they were carved from the same mold, with similar features. The only difference was that Song Yichen had a more heroic aura.

While Song Yuhang had a touch of feminine grace.

The usually gentle eyes were tightly closed, her lips devoid of any color. Tubes for life-saving measures were inserted all over her body, and the monitor beeped incessantly. This scene couldn’t help but remind Ji Jingxing of the moment when her brother had sacrificed himself.

Ji Jingxing’s heart trembled, tears threatening to fall. Standing beside her, Fang Xin silently handed over a tissue and gently patted her back to offer comfort.

“It’s alright, sis. Captain Song has already escaped danger. She’ll get better.”

Ji Jingxing nodded, dabbing at the corner of her eye with the tissue, managing a forced smile, “Hmm… by the way, can you tell me how she got injured?”

* * *

She regained consciousness three days later.

The doctor removed the ventilator, and Song Yuhang slowly opened her eyes, watching the world transition from blurry to clear.

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“Team Leader Song, you’re awake?”

“Team Leader Song, you’re alright, aren’t you? Everyone was extremely worried.”

“Officer Song did a great job this time; there should be some commendation from higher-ups.”


Her head felt like mush, and she looked at the people in front of her, their mouths moving but their words unintelligible.

It wasn’t until a pair of warm hands held hers that Song Yuhang seemed to realize something and gently squeezed the hand.

“Yuhang, you’ve finally woken up. Mom has been calling every day, anxious about your condition.”

She slowly raised her gaze, her eyes finally focusing on the face before her. When she tried to speak, her throat burned intensely.

“I… I’m okay… tell her not to worry.”

Ji Jingxing nodded and attempted to adjust Song Yuhang’s blanket, but Song Yuhang moved her fingers again and her gaze swept across the crowd. With great effort, she lifted her upper body as if searching for someone.

“Lin… where’s Lin Yan?”

Meeting Song Yuhang’s gaze, several detectives standing by the bed simultaneously averted their eyes.

Song Yuhang then shifted her gaze towards Fang Xin.

Fang Xin hesitated to speak, “Lin… Forensic Doctor Lin… she…”

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* * *

When Lin Yan regained consciousness, she found herself handcuffed to a bed. One end of the handcuffs was attached to the bed frame, which was securely bolted to the floor. All the windows in the room were sealed shut. This place didn’t seem like an ordinary hospital; it appeared to be a prison hospital that cooperated with the police to detain criminal suspects.

Lin Yan struggled and knocked over the IV stand. The glass of water and the bottle on the bedside table shattered on the floor.

Several prison guards rushed in and forcefully pinned her down on the bed, adding an extra pair of handcuffs.

Still dressed in a patient’s gown, Lin Yan was then escorted to an interrogation room.

“Click–.” The electronic ankle cuffs were locked, and Lin Yan sat disheveled in an interrogation chair. Several police officers in uniforms, unfamiliar faces, older than her, were seated in front of her. They appeared to be detectives from the provincial department.

She examined the officer’s badge, and he, in turn, was scrutinizing her.

“Is this yours?” Lin Yan finally managed to piece together her rusty thoughts when she saw the bent metal rod in front of her.

She turned her head stiffly, a sardonic smile playing at the corner of her lips. “It’s mine. So what?”

“As a police officer, you have the right to stop any illegal activities. However, when the victim ceases to pose a threat, self-defense should also cease. Yet you mercilessly beat a person to death on the street not once, but multiple times. Now, with all the evidence and witnesses in place, do you have anything to say?”

Her hair hung down, obscuring her face, but Lin Yan stared at the speaker through this narrow gap, smiling. She stared him down, teeth clenched, a mixture of hatred ground into every smile.

“I was merciless? Where were you when those four people ganged up on me? Where were you when Scarface stabbed Song Yuhang and tried to kill her? He harmed me first, but I couldn’t fight back. He wanted me dead, but I had to let him live. What kind of logic is that?!”

Lin Yan became agitated, breathing slightly harder, her eyes burning red as she stared at them.

The individuals across from her exchanged glances, and the leader slammed a folder on the table. “Lin Yan, don’t think just because you have a duty that we can’t touch you. Criminals also have human rights. What you did is breaking the law and making it worse!”

“Spit!” Lin Yan spat forcefully, her eyes almost red enough to shed blood.

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