Miss Forensics – Chapter 129.1

The final battle (3)

The expressway leading to the port was jammed with a long line of vehicles, honking horns incessantly. The traffic police were calmly directing traffic, checking each vehicle one by one.

“Go ahead.” The traffic police returned the driver’s license to the driver, waved a hand, and slowly raised the barrier, allowing the car in front to enter the lane.

Another car pulled up, the driver rolled down the window, handed the driver’s license to the traffic police, and said, “Officer, what’s going on today? Why are the checks so strict?”

The traffic police saluted, “Following orders from higher-ups, we are inspecting passing vehicles. Thank you for your cooperation.”

“Okay, thanks.” The driver nodded, bowed slightly, took back the driver’s license, closed the window, and drove out of the lane, then changed to a different expression.

“The young master is indeed clever, knowing that the cops would set up checkpoints on the expressway, so he had the goods delivered to Zhongjing Industrial Port early.”

Lin Ge, sitting in the back seat, slowly opened his eyes, a hint of a smile on his lips.

“It’s almost time, let’s go and give the Supreme Lord a big gift.”

The driver nodded, picked up the walkie-talkie and said a few words, and the car quickly merged into the traffic.

A white BYD car was parked on the emergency lane not far away, with its hazard lights blinking.

Song Yuhang rolled down the car window, furrowing her brows slightly.

It seemed that the police had set up a checkpoint, with all passing vehicles undergoing inspection. People within the Jiangcheng Public Security System mostly knew her, so it was unreasonable for someone who should be recuperating at the city hospital to appear here.

Song Yuhang tapped her fingertips on the steering wheel, suddenly stepped on the gas pedal, reversed and turned a corner to break away from the waiting queue.

Perhaps taking the mountain road would be better, although it would be a longer route, there was no other choice.

Song Yuhang bit her lip slightly, feeling extremely anxious.

Lin Yan, wait for me.

“Tech Investigation Network needs a few people to take charge of communication together in the command vehicle. We’re short-handed.”

Zheng Chengrui was in the office nibbling on a duck neck, caught off guard by the sudden call. He hadn’t even had time to wipe the oil off his hands.

“Alright, coming, coming.”

As he spoke, he was about to change clothes and run out, but Fang Xin tapped his desk, “Computer, you’re not bringing the computer?”

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“Oh, forgot, forgot.” Zheng Chengrui smacked his forehead, quickly turned back. The screen still showed an email being sent. He discreetly closed the display, stuffed it into his laptop bag, and as he turned to leave, he was stopped by someone.

Fang Xin stood up, “Old Zheng, you…”

Zheng Chengrui scanned the office, “Where’s Duan Cheng today?”

“He’s taking a day off.”

For some reason, she instinctively lied.

There was a mix of regret and relief on Zheng Chengrui’s face, but his glasses hid most of his expression.

He simply smiled, “Then, I’m off.”

“Okay.” Fang Xin nodded, “Go on, work hard and aim for that promotion and raise.”

After Zheng Chengrui left, the spacious Tech Investigation office was left with only her. Fang Xin slumped into her chair, took out her phone, and sent a message to Duan Cheng.

“Old Zheng has a problem.”

In the end, she added, “Take care of everything.”

As Zheng Chengrui rushed out of the office, he buttoned up his uniform with one hand.

His colleague accompanying him on this large-scale mission for the first time, was slightly excited and chatted non-stop.

“Director Zhao personally leading the front line command, that’s too dedicated. Doesn’t he fear if something goes wrong?”

“Ah, you don’t understand. It may be called the front line, but in reality, it’s quite far removed. Besides, all those Special Police following along are just eating for free.”

“Exactly, with the end of their term approaching, winning this battle would be a great achievement…”

Their conversation carried on as they reached the parking lot.

Zheng Chengrui carried his computer and, along with his colleague, jumped into the police car labeled “Emergency Communications Command,” starting to set up and prepare the equipment.

On the way to Zhongjing Industrial Port, the winding mountain road gradually revealed the distant sea level through the dense clouds and thin mist that covered the sky due to the bad weather.

The sea breeze blew in through the car window, bringing with it a salty damp smell.

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Lin Yan observed the cars following behind her through the rearview mirror. She hadn’t seen Hu Ge since they set off.

“Is Brother Tiger not coming with us?”

A Peking opera was playing in the car, with the Supreme Lord keeping beat with the rhythm.

“He’s not coming; he has another assignment.”

Lin Yan felt a shock; the meeting point was at Zhongjing Industrial Port, and Tiger was one of his most capable men. If he was on a mission at this time, it was likely no ordinary task.

She had a premonition, this trip probably wouldn’t go smoothly.

She could only pray that the gunshot that injured Song Yuhang had incapacitated her and prevented her from coming to rescue her.

She would take matters into her own hands, survive to return to her side, or if not, her life wouldn’t have been in vain.

The only regret…

Lin Yan slightly closed her eyes, and in her mind flashed the faces of Lin Youyuan and Lin Ge.

Many years ago, she still hadn’t found the answer to the question she asked Lin Youyuan, nor how much Lin Ge was involved in these matters.


Lin Yan suddenly clenched her fist, a trace of ruthlessness overflowing in her eyes. No, there were no “ifs,” she would definitely get a clear answer.

Lin Ge, the only warmth in her childhood, always had a bright smile and clear, bright eyes. He couldn’t be this kind of person.

Jiangcheng City Detention Center.

“Hello, interrogation for inmate number 034589.” The visitor, dressed in a uniform and wearing epaulettes, presented identification and written procedures to the prison guard.

After verifying the documents, the guard led them through the corridor and straight to the iron bars.

“Inmate 034589, someone is here.”

Shortly after, a disheveled woman, dressed in dirty prison clothes, handcuffed and wearing holey shoes, was escorted out.

Two burly detectives flanked her and helped her into the police car.

Before the car could even start moving, the guard had just closed the door when the radio on his chest buzzed. He listened and his face immediately changed; he drew his gun and rushed forward.

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“Stop, don’t move!”

The “police officer” escorting the woman turned around, raised his hand and fired a shot, hitting the guard in the chest. The guard fell backwards.

The alarm bell blared in front of the detention center.

The man fired several shots to disrupt the view, pushed the woman into the car, and jumped in himself, slamming the car door shut as bullets hit the car body with a loud bang.


The driver quickly started the car, speeding past the divider and crashing through the barrier, leaving a trail of dust behind.

The woman shrunk back in her seat, watching them warily, her voice slightly hoarse. “Who… are you?”

The man took off his broad-brimmed hat, revealing a head of blonde hair, and grinned, showing his uneven yellow teeth.

“Auntie Hong, long time no see.”

“F*ck!” Duan Cheng had just arrived on his motorcycle at the entrance of the detention center and saw a pool of blood, with ambulances and police cars rushing in, but he was a step too late.

His eyes turned red as he took off his helmet and hung it on the handlebars, trembling as he called Song Yuhang, his voice slightly choked up.

“Captain Song, I’m late.”

Song Yuhang was speeding through the mountain road, leaping over a dirt mound and darting into the gravel road, turning a regular sedan into an off-road vehicle.

At this point, Duan Cheng calling her could only mean that the situation was not good.

She steadied herself, her palms sweaty, almost losing grip of the steering wheel.

“Don’t panic, follow that car, see where they’re heading, don’t act rashly, safety first.”

“Got it!” Duan Cheng responded firmly, putting his helmet back on, stepping on the gas, and zooming out from the crowded traffic, catching up with the fake police car ahead.

The police car didn’t go far before turning onto an unmonitored rural road. The driver stopped the car, took off his clothes and threw them on the passenger seat, then quickly walked to the off-road vehicle that had been prepared beforehand.

Tiger also escorted the woman out of the car, discarded his uniform, grabbed a bucket of diesel from the trunk, poured it inside and outside the car, then took out a lighter from his pocket and tossed it in, setting everything on fire.

“Let’s go!” The off-road vehicle started, with fake license plates, blending in unsuspectingly onto the road.

Zhongjing Industrial Port.

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During the early stages of reform and opening up, this place was once bustling. However, with the development of nearby waterways and the increasing tonnage of navigational vessels, it could no longer meet the needs of large cargo ships, leading to its gradual abandonment.

Today, only a few plastic factories in the vicinity are barely operational, struggling to stay afloat and at risk of shutting down at any time.

The sewage discharged from the pipelines flows directly into the sea without any treatment.

As the car drove into the area, the pungent smell of chemical materials mixed with the fishy odor filled the nostrils.

Lin Yan pushed open the car door, stepped out, and followed the Supreme Lord and his group as they walked deeper into the area, navigating through puddles of foul-smelling water. Looking up at the sky, she noticed that it was raining again.

The vacant shops on either side of the road were covered in dust and had signs indicating they were available for rent, but there were no takers. She walked over flyers from dance halls, featuring colorful lights shining on painted men and women, reminiscent of the area’s former prosperity.

Walking further out, Lin Yan was already familiar with the terrain and environment, but struggled to communicate the message.

Despite the dangers, confusion, and unknowns ahead, she remained composed and even managed to crack a joke.

“I never knew there was a place like this in Jiangcheng City.”

The Supreme Lord smiled and glanced at her, “You were born late, of course you wouldn’t know. This was a once thriving port in the 1950s and 60s, commissioned and supervised by the father of Lin Youyuan, the founder of the Lin Group.”

Wasn’t that her… grandfather?

Why had she never heard Lin Youyuan, that old guy, mention him before?

The person who ordered the construction of such an industrial port at that time must have held a significant position, likely wealthy and noble.

As she pondered this, the gate of the plastic factory opened, and the Supreme Lord led the way inside.

“Let’s go, let’s meet our distinguished guest.”

Several cars were already parked inside the factory. As they entered, the gate slowly closed behind them.

Lin Yan immediately became wary, but the Supreme Lord just smiled nonchalantly.

“Don’t be nervous, they are old friends.”

As he spoke, someone began to applaud.

“You truly deserve to be called the Supreme Lord.”

She squinted her eyes to get a look at the middle-aged man leaning on the luxury car.

“Boss Long?”

The legendary top Singaporean tycoon had finally appeared. It seems the person who died at the suburban camp was just a body double.

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