For The Rest Of Our Life – Chapter 71

Auntie Xiao, you’re about to fall off!

The originally low mood suddenly welcomed an unexpected surprise. With Lin Xian’s scorching breath spraying against Xiao Wanqing’s sensitive ears, she felt a tumultuous sensation. Every single hair on her body seemed to sway uncontrollably with the hot breeze that Lin Xian gently blew by her ear.

Lin Xian’s slender and powerful arms tightly encircled her waist, as if it wasn’t her own waist but her own heart, which was dancing wildly and uncontrollably.

Xiao Wanqing’s body couldn’t help but feel weak. But she remained vigilant about her boundaries: she must not let Lin Xian notice her abnormality, and she must not let her emotions affect Lin Xian, or even scare her.

She slightly clenched her hands that were hanging on both sides, trying her best to steady her voice, which trembled slightly due to Lin Xian’s unintentional teasing. She softly pushed back, saying, “Xianxian, don’t tease…” But ultimately, it was still somewhat unsteady.

The voice was soft and gentle, a tone that Lin Xian had never heard before, even carrying a hint of seductiveness. Upon hearing it, Lin Xian’s heart skipped a beat.

It was too captivating…

Lin Xian’s mind became muddled, and suddenly she had the urge to hold Xiao Wanqing tighter, to hear her call “Xianxian” again with that voice and tone.

She was about to let go of the hot food bag in her hand, disregarding everything, wanting to embrace the person in her arms, when suddenly a harsh knocking sound came from outside the door, startling Lin Xian back to her senses.

What was she about to do, exposing herself and losing control?

Startled, Lin Xian quickly released her embrace around Xiao Wanqing’s slender waist, took a step back, and stood side by side with her, hastily putting on a slightly awkward smile.

Xiao Wanqing was too preoccupied to notice Lin Xian’s unusual behavior. In her bright watery eyes, a shimmering light danced, making them even more alluring and moist than usual. She dared not meet Lin Xian’s gaze, afraid of revealing even the slightest hint of her feelings towards her.

She knew that her ears must be burning red at this moment, and perhaps her face was flushed as well.

Pretending to be calm, Xiao Wanqing quickly walked over and sat on the sofa. As she walked, she casually flicked her hair, letting it cascade over her ears, hiding her burning ears from the hot air. After regaining her composure, she cleared her throat almost imperceptibly, curved her lips into a smile, and softly greeted Lin Xian, “Please have a seat.” Then, she responded calmly to the knocking at the door, saying, “Come in.”

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Lin Xian swallowed, took a deep breath, and made an effort to forget what had just happened, particularly Xiao Wanqing’s heart-stirring “Xianxian, don’t tease…”. She didn’t understand why, in that moment, she felt as if her heart was burning fiercely, as though she had lost her usual pride in her rationality. It was as if she was enchanted, longing to hear that seductive voice and tender tone once more.

Gradually calming down, she walked over to the sofa opposite Xiao Wanqing and sat down, silently unpacking the hot food she had been holding and arranging it on the coffee table.

Outside the door, after hearing Xiao Wanqing’s response, a young woman in her mid-twenties poked her head in—a round face with a cute appearance—and asked Xiao Wanqing, “Chief Editor, I finished eating first and came up. Xiao Ke is still in the restaurant. She said she messaged you but didn’t get a reply. She asked if you need anything.”

Xiao Wanqing smiled lightly, shook her head, and said, “Let Xiao Ke enjoy her meal without any worries. No need for anything.” Her gaze fell on the food spread out by Lin Xian, and there was an unintentional indulgence in her tone as she said, “My little one came to bring me food.”

Lin Xian was in the process of opening the disposable chopstick packaging when she heard the words “my little one.” Her hand paused for a moment, and a sweet feeling washed over her, causing her lips to involuntarily curl into a smile.

The person outside the door was naturally curious and inclined towards gossip. She immediately looked at Lin Xian sitting opposite Xiao Wanqing and suddenly realized, “Oh, I remember this pretty girl. Chief Editor, you brought her here once before.” She couldn’t help but feel a twinge of curiosity and started probing, “Last time, we were secretly guessing whether she was your sister. She looks just as beautiful as you! Is it that good genes run in your family, Chief Editor?”

Xiao Wanqing glanced at Lin Xian and, rare for her, a mischievous thought emerged as she teased, “Don’t fool me. Aren’t you all secretly speculating that she might be my daughter? There seem to be quite a few versions floating around.” One of the most malicious versions was that she became someone’s stepmother, and Lin Xian was her fortunate daughter.

As a single woman in her prime occupying a high position, Xiao Wanqing inevitably faced various unfounded speculations. However, she always brushed them off without paying much attention. Her assistant, Xiao Ke, had been with her for two or three years and had a close relationship with her. Sometimes, when she heard gossip, it would infuriate her more than Xiao Wanqing.

The person outside the door, upon hearing Xiao Wanqing’s playful remark, immediately changed her facial expression and denied in a hushed voice, “No, no, not at all.” Her voice grew softer and softer as she tried to explain, “Chief Editor, I really didn’t say anything.” She was just someone who enjoyed listening to gossip, and the rumors about Xiao Wanqing becoming a stepmother and wanting to rise in position belonged to Deputy Editor Zhang, who had been stuck in the same position for a long time.

Xiao Wanqing didn’t really care, she was just casually teasing those who spread exaggerated rumors. She smiled warmly and reassured the person, “I know, I was just joking with you. The correct answer is that she is my niece. Please don’t guess in the wrong direction again.”

The person didn’t dare to say anything further and nodded before quickly changing the topic and leaving with a sense of relief.

Lin Xian, sitting across from Xiao Wanqing, watched the scene unfold with interest. The curve of her lips deepened. Just how enchanting was this woman?

She pushed the food and the unpacked chopsticks in front of Xiao Wanqing and playfully said, “So it turns out that Aunt Xiao is not someone to be trifled with.”

Xiao Wanqing looked at Lin Xian with a meaningful glint in her eyes and couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed. She scolded her teasingly, “Do I look like someone who can be easily bullied?”

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Lin Xian chuckled and nodded boldly, saying loudly, “Yes, easily bullied!” But at the same time, she exaggeratedly protected her head as if fearing an attack from Xiao Wanqing.

Xiao Wanqing couldn’t help but burst into laughter at Lin Xian’s playful antics. Blushing and smiling, she scolded her, “You’re being disrespectful!”

Seeing Xiao Wanqing laugh happily and realizing that she wasn’t genuinely upset about the rumors from her colleagues, Lin Xian put down her hand that was protecting her head and toned down her playful demeanor. She spoke in a softer voice, showing genuine concern, “Why didn’t you go out for lunch? If I hadn’t come, would you have gone hungry, Aunt Xiao?”

The girl’s bright and gentle eyes were like a clear pool. Xiao Wanqing glanced at her and quickly lowered her head, her gaze falling on the food on the coffee table.

She nervously denied in a soft voice, “No, I just happened to have a little bit of work left to finish. I was about to finish it and then go eat.”

Lin Xian didn’t believe her. She served Xiao Wanqing a small bowl of soup and hummed, “No way, Xiao Xiaowan, you’ve got a bad record now. It seems like from now on, Teacher Lin will have to come for surprise inspections at any time.”

Xiao Wanqing took a sip of the hot soup. Hearing Lin Xian call her by a nickname and bring up their roles, her heart was lightly tickled as if by feathers, making her feel all tingly. She wanted to maintain her seniority and counterattack Lin Xian, but she couldn’t resist the sweet joy that welled up in her restless heart.

In the end, she weakly changed the subject and advised Lin Xian, “Let’s eat quickly, it’s getting cold.”

After finishing lunch, it was already late. Xiao Wanqing was well aware of Lin Xian’s class schedule and knew she had a class during the fifth and sixth periods. She took Lin Xian to the folding bed in her office cubicle and considerately suggested, “Xianxian, it’s too late to go home and rest now, and it’s too early to go to school. Why don’t you take a nap here for a while? I’ll wake you up when it’s about time and take you to class, okay?”

Lin Xian remembered the time she rested alone last time and didn’t immediately agree. Instead, she asked Xiao Wanqing, “What about you, Aunt Xiao?”

As expected, Xiao Wanqing gestured towards the door without caring, saying, “I’ll continue to work.”

Lin Xian immediately pouted, clearly unhappy, and refused, “Then I’ll just go to school directly.” She said that, but her body cunningly made no move to get up.

Xiao Wanqing didn’t suspect anything and didn’t quite understand why she suddenly became unhappy. Perplexed, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

Lin Xian reached out and held Xiao Wanqing’s hand, looking up at her with earnest and puzzled eyes. She asked, “Why can’t we take a nap together?” She paused, lowered her gaze, and explained in a soft voice, “When I nap alone, it prevents Aunt Xiao from resting, and I feel guilty and uneasy. I’ll go to school instead. Aunt Xiao, please rest well.” As she spoke, she slightly lifted her upper body as if she was about to get up. But in that moment, she couldn’t help but let out a tired and pitiful yawn, covering her mouth with her hand.

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Xiao Wanqing looked at the girl’s drooping little head, feeling a surge of tenderness and softness in her heart. She couldn’t resist reaching out and stopping the girl from getting up, lovingly stroking the girl’s disheveled black hair, and compromised in a gentle voice, “It’s my lack of consideration. You sleep, and I’ll sleep too. Shall we nap together?”

The girl immediately lifted her head, her eyes shining brightly as she looked at Xiao Wanqing. After a second, she grinned with a satisfied and adorable smile.

The bed was too narrow, and the two of them couldn’t lie side by side. Xiao Wanqing looked at Lin Xian, who was staring straight at her with clear eyes, lying down beside her, and she began to regret it.

The girl’s gaze was just too… captivating.

Her breathing seemed to be right by Xiao Wanqing’s ear, audible and distinct. Xiao Wanqing knew that if she turned her head, Lin Xian’s face would be just inches away from her own.

She closed her eyes, carefully and quietly lifted her body, and tried to move towards the edge of the bed, creating some distance between her and Lin Xian.

Unexpectedly, Lin Xian suddenly rolled over and extended her long arm, pulling Xiao Wanqing’s waist towards her and affectionately burying her face in Xiao Wanqing’s neck.

In Xiao Wanqing’s embrace, she chuckled softly, “Aunt Xiao, you’re about to fall off.”

Xiao Wanqing’s body stiffened in an instant, motionless. She even subconsciously held her breath, afraid to breathe.

Because she realized… that her heartbeat was astonishingly loud.

She bit her lip, afraid that Lin Xian would hear it.

Little did she know, buried in her embrace, Lin Xian’s heartbeat was pounding like a drum too. She didn’t realize that the rapid and erratic heartbeat wasn’t hers alone.

After a while, Lin Xian softly asked her, “Aunt Xiao, I got a perfect score on my test. Can I ask for a reward?”

In the girl’s embrace, Xiao Wanqing slowly relaxed her body. She couldn’t help but reach out and gently hug the girl in her arms, tenderly responding, “Sure. What reward do you want?”

Lin Xian pressed against Xiao Wanqing’s collarbone and said in a coquettish voice, “I want Aunt Xiao to have a date with me.” Like a lick, no, no, can’t think like that.

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Xiao Wanqing didn’t sense anything. As she listened to the girl’s words, her heartbeat seemed to skip a beat.

The word “date” was really… suggestive.

Or maybe it was just easy for her, an easily infatuated and imaginative admirer, to have suggestive thoughts. She self-deprecatingly thought to herself.

After a moment, she gently patted the girl’s back, smiled warmly, and agreed with Lin Xian, “Okay, I’ll give it to you. Sleep tight, good afternoon.”

The girl’s breathing gradually became calm in her embrace.

Xiao Wanqing let out a long sigh, lowered her head, and gently caressed Lin Xian’s head with her chin. In the depths of her eyes, there was a burning, tender, and affectionate gaze that Lin Xian had never seen when she was awake.

She thought to herself: This is enough.

This is more than enough.

Lin Xian didn’t need to know anything, and she shouldn’t know anything.

Love is something between two people.

Infatuation, on the other hand, only requires one person to complete.

All she wanted was for Lin Xian to continue walking on her normal path, peacefully, happily, and blissfully.

In this way, she could have a guilty conscience, yet also a clear conscience.

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