For The Rest Of Our Life – Chapter 164.2


“I was just teasing you. The scandal is true, but it was Shi Man who went to the hotel with Zhijin,” Lin Xian revealed.

Xiao Wanqing’s eyes lit up in an instant. Before she could ask how Lin Xian knew, a young and pleasant female voice hesitantly sounded in her ear, “Xiao… Teacher Xiao?”

Xiao Wanqing was stunned for a moment, stopping her words, subconsciously turning her head towards the source of the voice. She saw the girl who had disappeared after their conversation at the staircase that day, standing gracefully on the side of the road with two other girls with long hair.

“How coincidental.” Xiao Wanqing politely smiled, greeting awkwardly. Meeting a student in a bar, even a non-alcoholic one, still made her feel a bit embarrassed.

“It really is.” The girl gazed at Xiao Wanqing affectionately in the soft night light, with a hint of joy and sadness in her eyes.

“Mianmian, over here…” Someone called from the table next to Xiao Wanqing.

The girl nodded in response, glancing at Xiao Wanqing for a moment before quietly saying, “Teacher, my friend is waiting for me inside. I’ll go over there first.”

Xiao Wanqing nodded in relief.

“Merry Christmas Eve,” the girl took a few steps, then turned back, her eyes inscrutable as she sincerely wished.

Xiao Wanqing softly replied, “You too, Merry Christmas Eve.”

Lin Xian had been frowning since the girl greeted them, watching her interaction with Xiao Wanqing thoughtfully. After the girl left, Lin Xian rested her chin on her hand, raised an eyebrow, and asked Xiao Wanqing, “Is she your student, Teacher Xiao?”

Xiao Wanqing honestly denied, “I have not taught her, but she is indeed a student at the school, I have seen her a few times.”

“But the way she looks at you, it seems like more than just seeing each other a few times,” Lin Xian squinted, unable to hide her jealousy as she spoke sourly.

Xiao Wanqing chuckled, affectionately touched Lin Xian’s chin, and calmly said, “But in my eyes, it’s just a relationship of having met a few times. Xianxian, are you drinking milk? Why do I smell sourness on you?”

“Hmph.” Lin Xian’s thoughts were exposed, and she suddenly pouted childishly, grunted in frustration, and looked down without speaking or looking at Xiao Wanqing.

Xiao Wanqing lifted Lin Xian’s chin, making her look at her, about to console her, but then she noticed Lin Xian’s gaze moving past her, eventually settling on the stage ahead.

Xiao Wanqing had her back to the stage, but seeing Lin Xian’s gaze, she couldn’t help but turn around curiously. Upon looking, even she was a bit surprised.

The girl had actually gone up on stage.

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The crowd below the stage cheered, but the girl remained calm. Clearly noticing Xiao Wanqing, her gaze unabashedly focused on her. Adjusting the microphone, she stared straight at her and spoke, “This song, is for the one I secretly admire. I know we have no possibility together, but I still want to tell her, I like her. I want her to know, she is truly charming, to tell her, there is a girl, bewitched by her.”

Before the girl could finish speaking, Xiao Wanqing awkwardly turned away as if she hadn’t understood anything. She bit her lip, looking at Lin Xian, who had a tight frown and a solemn expression, hesitant to speak.

“I can follow behind you, like a shadow chasing light and dreams…” as the song started, the girl sensed Xiao Wanqing’s silent rejection and resistance, her voice choked with emotion.

Over the years, Xiao Wanqing had rejected countless people. She knew that short-term pain was better than long-term suffering, and a clear rejection was the best way to treat the other person. Therefore, she had long cultivated a heart of stone towards those she rejected. At this moment, listening to the girl’s melodious voice, facing Lin Xian’s ambiguous gaze, she felt only embarrassment and helplessness. Clearing her throat, she calmly said to Lin Xian, “Xianxian, let’s go.” With that, she tried to stand up.

Lin Xian, however, gently held her hand, saying softly, “No rush, let’s listen to this song before we leave.”

Xiao Wanqing felt as if she were sitting on pins and needles, but looking into Lin Xian’s serious and stubborn eyes, she could do nothing.

The girl observed Xiao Wanqing’s interaction with Lin Xian. Faced with Xiao Wanqing’s cold resistance, her heart slowly cooled and calmed down. Her voice gradually regained normalcy, and a faint smile of disappointment and relief appeared on her lips.

It was like fulfilling a dream. At least, she had said it.

As the long song finally came to an end, the girl gave Xiao Wanqing a deep look, let out a helpless laugh, and softly said, “I wish her happiness.” Then, she decisively stepped down from the stage.

Xiao Wanqing quietly breathed a sigh of relief, assessed Lin Xian’s expression, then reached out and grabbed her pinky finger. With a touch of playfulness, she gently shook her hand and shyly lowered her eyes towards her.

Though older than her, Lin Xian looked at Xiao Wanqing’s rare coquettish appearance and felt as if she were looking at a sweet and cute little girl, softening her heart. She helplessly touched Xiao Wanqing’s hand and playfully scolded her.

“Xiao Panpan, I know you don’t like seeking attention in this way, but look, my rival has provoked me right in front of me. Shouldn’t I show some kind of response?”

Before Xiao Wanqing could understand the meaning behind Lin Xian’s words, she saw Lin Xian standing up and striding forward.

Another person ready to sing on stage? The audience below, who enjoyed listening to stories, immediately became noisy.

Following Lin Xian’s steps, Xiao Wanqing slowly turned around, watching her tall figure walk towards the microphone. She saw Lin Xian raise her hand gracefully, tie her long hair into a ponytail behind her head, and then find her gaze in the dark. Lin Xian lightly raised her lips and her sparkling black eyes met Xiao Wanqing’s.

In an instant, Xiao Wanqing looked at her, her heart pounding like thunder.

She suddenly realized that she didn’t like this kind of approach, but if this person was Lin Xian, whatever she did, she would still like it.

Unlike the other girl, Lin Xian had agreed with the stage manager beside her. Without saying any opening remarks, she just stared at Xiao Wanqing intently, opening her lips to sing softly.

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“How I wish there was someone like you, but dusk and dawn cannot meet… One lamp, one city, searching for one person, the ups and downs along the way…” The song was low and soothing, filled with infinite deep feelings.

Xiao Wanqing and Lin Xian’s bright eyes locked onto each other from afar, their hearts swaying with the girl’s enchanting singing. The twists and turns of this half-life, the hardships and struggles, along with all the storms and changes of Lin Xian’s journey, were vividly reflected in Xiao Wanqing’s mind. Her nose tingled, her eyes gradually moistening.

“Please move forward, no need to look back, the person waiting for you at the finish line will be me…” The girl’s gradually hoarse voice faded away.

As Lin Xian finished singing, she raised her head and gazed at the crowded audience below. She found the girl who had confessed her feelings, locking eyes with her sharply. In a clear voice, she declared, “This song is for the one I love. Thank her for waiting for me, and thank her for letting me wait for her. She will be happy.” With that, she averted her gaze, then turned her unwavering attention towards Xiao Wanqing. In a soft and gentle tone, she said, “I actually prepared an accordion version, but it’s not convenient here. How about I play it for you when we get back?”

Lin Xian’s gaze was too conspicuous, and some people in the audience followed her line of sight, their attention naturally focusing on Xiao Wanqing. Acting out of character, Xiao Wanqing did not avoid or evade, she bit her lip, tears hanging on her eyelashes but not falling. Slowly, under the gaze of everyone, she stood up and walked towards Lin Xian who was coming down.

The crowd began to murmur and discuss in low voices.

Ignoring the murmurs, she walked step by step towards the somewhat surprised Lin Xian, raising her hand to untie the ponytail in Lin Xian’s hair, tucking away the stray strands behind her ear, and blossoming a radiant smile.

As the feeling took over, she lightly kissed Lin Xian’s cheek like a dragonfly touching water, gently responding, “Okay, let’s go back and listen.” Then, holding hands with the still dazed Lin Xian, she walked out of the bar and into the gentle night.

This was her first public response to a confession, and this was also the limit of how she could respond in front of a large audience. She had never thought she would be so impolite, and she had never believed she had the courage to do so.

But Lin Xian showed her that she could still love someone in such an unconventional, courageous, and passionately loving manner.

After the impulse passed, she blushed and felt weak, walking joyfully with the smiling Lin Xian who was overwhelmed with happiness, not knowing how far they had gone. They walked all the way to the bridge before being stopped by someone beside her.

Lin Xian’s eyes were more flowing and shimmering than the rippling water below, holding hands with her on one side and cupping her cheek with the other hand, she asked softly, “Panpan, your students are inside, and many people have seen, aren’t you afraid?”

Xiao Wanqing looked at her steadily for a while, then turned her head and affectionately pressed her cheek against Lin Xian’s palm, smiling slightly, “I’m not afraid.”

She knew how brave she had once been, and how weak she had later become.

Taking a step forward, she disregarded the pedestrians coming and going on the bridge, reached out and embraced Lin Xian, holding her tightly, burying her face in the side of her neck, and whispered softly, “Xianxian, I’m not afraid anymore.”

“Now I have you.”

She said, “Lin Xian, I’m not afraid of anything anymore. You are my courage and my confidence.”

In the dim light of the hotel, with the air conditioning on, the temperature inside was comfortable. Xiao Wanqing was only wearing a thin nightgown, leaning against the head of the bed checking messages. 

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Lin Xian had finished showering, wrapping herself in a white towel, revealing exquisite collarbones and fair, long legs as she climbed into bed. Like a kitten, she rested her chin on Xiao Wanqing’s shoulder, nuzzling and asked in a sweet voice, “Xiao Panpan, what are you looking at?”

Xiao Wanqing put away her phone, touched Lin Xian’s hair to see if it was dry, and answered warmly, “I was looking at the messages my students sent me. I didn’t have time to check during the day, and now it’s too late to reply.”

Upon hearing the word “students,” Lin Xian inevitably thought of the pretty girl who had confessed that night. Her brows furrowed slightly with a sense of elegance and grace, she turned around, separated her legs, and sat astride Xiao Wanqing’s thighs. Circling her neck, she pouted teasingly, “Teacher Xiao, how many good students do you have?”

With her bold movement, the towel loosened and slid down a lot, revealing alluring curves that were previously hidden. Xiao Wanqing’s clear eyes gradually darkened. The girl continued to playfully tease her, alternating between “Teacher Xiao” and “good student,” twisting and turning around her waist and abdomen, making the delicate touch and soft friction felt on her legs more and more evident.

Xiao Wanqing stared at the girl’s pretty face, biting her lip, feeling her throat unconsciously tighten.

“Teacher Xiao, tell me…” The girl was still teasing her with a mischievous smile, exuding a coquettish charm unbeknownst to herself.

A fire seemed to be burning in Xiao Wanqing’s heart, gradually spreading under the girl’s unknowing provocations. Her fingers, placed on the pillow, gradually clenched. Suppressing and suppressing again, she ultimately couldn’t control herself and straightened her back, holding the girl’s delicate waist with a bit of force, then adjusting their positions, pressing Lin Xian against the bed headboard.

Caught off guard, Lin Xian instinctively hugged Xiao Wanqing’s neck, letting out a soft gasp, staring at Xiao Wanqing’s flushed cheeks in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

The girl’s unintentional display of innocence and cluelessness pleased Xiao Wanqing greatly, stirring up an increasing desire for affection.

She lowered her head and gently kissed the girl’s soft lips, her eyes filled with a beguiling gleam as she teased, “Xianxian, do you know what spring does on a cherry tree?”

Lin Xian vaguely felt like it was something extraordinary, but with Xiao Wanqing’s unusual behavior, she was momentarily confused, blinking her eyes blankly and saying, “I don’t know.”

Then she saw Xiao Wanqing’s eyes soften, picking up her fingers and delicately licking her fingertips, as if licking her messy and unformed heart. With a smile that made her feel tingling, the woman softly said, “It’s alright, just call me ‘teacher,’ and I’ll teach you.”

Despite her slow-wittedness, Lin Xian also understood the implied meaning from Xiao Wanqing’s eyes filled with warmth. In an instant, her heart rate accelerated, her ears turned red, and even though Xiao Wanqing hadn’t done anything, she felt Xiao Wanqing’s desire for her. Thinking only that she was about to give herself to her lover, as she sank into Xiao Wanqing’s embrace, she felt herself soften and become wet.

Gone were the ease and playfulness she had when teasing Xiao Wanqing. Her gaze was now gentle, suppressing her embarrassment, and with forced composure, she said, “Teacher Xiao, with so many good students, do you teach them all?”

Xiao Wanqing narrowed her eyes and smiled lightly, like blooming peach blossoms. She lowered her head and held Lin Xian’s lips, taking advantage of Lin Xian’s weakness to take the initiative, skillfully kissing her until Lin Xian whimpered for mercy before finally releasing her. As she unraveled Lin Xian’s bath towel, she whispered to her ear, “This lesson, I will only teach you.”

The gentle kisses lingered on Lin Xian’s heart, while the slightly cold hands gradually moved down, teasing gently. Lin Xian’s slender, pale fingers tightly gripped the snowy white sheets, and on her face, a mixture of pain and pleasure played out like a spring breeze, alluring yet tormenting.

She never knew that the sensation underneath could be like this. 

She bit her lip, shyly afraid of revealing any embarrassing sounds.

“Xianxian, I want to hear your voice.” The woman lifted her body and kissed her ear, her voice husky and lazy, astonishingly sensual.

(If you're not reading on, it means this has been stolen)

Lin Xian still wanted to restrain herself, but in the next moment, she surrendered to the assault, letting go of all defenses, tilting her head back and embracing Xiao Wanqing’s back tightly. A soft moan escaped her lips, her body trembling, unable to regain her composure for a long time.

The woman held her, gently patting her back to comfort her, kissing her eyes and gradually moving downward. Lin Xian’s toes curled up comfortably. When she calmed down, she realized that the kisses were descending to inappropriate places. She wanted to stop it, but she was already powerless to change the course.

“Dirty…” The words had just escaped her lips when in the next instant, her body shook as if an electric current had passed through her. She struggled to escape, but the woman effortlessly restrained her movements and continued to kiss her with increasing tenderness and delicacy.

Lin Xian half-sat up, covering her eyes while wanting to see but not see Xiao Wanqing’s actions, eventually unable to hold back a sob.

She felt like a lonely boat drifting in the sea, waves rushing towards her again and again, being carried onto shore by the waves only to sink back into the sea, experiencing a tumultuous journey.

She didn’t know how long she had been taken advantage of, but finally she cried and begged Xiao Wanqing to stop. Xiao Wanqing gently wiped away her tears, apologized, and let her go.

Lin Xian was so embarrassed that she had no strength left, and thinking of her previous performance, she simply didn’t want to see anyone.

Xiao Wanqing had praised her as “Xianxian, you’re amazing” when she couldn’t control herself time and time again, with a slight rise in her tone, truly sounding like a dedicated teacher encouraging her students.

Xiao Panpan is quite a tease!!!

Unable to hold Lin Xian in her arms, Xiao Wanqing settled for helping her wipe herself down. After hastily taking a shower, Xiao Wanqing couldn’t wait to return to bed, holding Lin Xian close. Suddenly, she felt complete and teetered on the brink of tears, feeling content with life.

Lin Xian nestled in her embrace, affectionately rubbing her forehead against her. After enduring for a while, she couldn’t help but lift her head and ask, “Panpan, why don’t you fully claim me?”

She was no longer an ignorant child; Xiao Panpan’s actions towards her were clear as day to her.

Xiao Wanqing gently stroked her hair, kissed her forehead, and softly explained, “Xianxian, don’t overthink it. It’s just that, now is not the right time.” She smiled, unusually assertive, “You have already been reserved by me.”

Lin Xian’s eyes shimmered for a moment, understanding her thoughts, and then she lowered her head to lean against Xiao Wanqing’s neck, quietly not saying another word.

She knew what Xiao Wanqing was waiting for, but she didn’t want to rush her. It’s okay; she can wait.

Just as she was unable to hide her disappointment and was preparing to fall asleep, Xiao Wanqing rubbed her face and softly discussed with her, “Xianxian, after I finish this semester, next month when the school goes on break, I will submit my resignation, and we will return to Anjiang City together.”

This was a topic they had avoided for a long time; she knew Xiao Wanqing had concerns and shadows in her heart. Lin Xian suddenly perked up, no longer feeling sleepy, fully awake and nervous as she said, “Xiao Panpan, don’t force yourself. If you want to go back, we can all go back together. If you don’t want to, it’s okay for us to continue living here. Long ago, I said that wherever you are, that’s home for me, and that’s where I’ll be. For me, it’s all the same anywhere.”

Xiao Wanqing noticed the girl’s nervousness towards herself. A gentle smile appeared on her face as she reassured the girl, “I’m not forcing myself. Xianxian, I’m not scared anymore, so I won’t hide anymore. Besides…”

She bit her lip, with some shyness, and in a soft voice said, “I can’t help it.”

“I want to marry you, Xianxian.”

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