Ex-Girlfriend – Chapter 44

Song of the Wanderer Arc

Great Demon King 03

Molly turned around anxiously and looked at the several men sitting over there, seeking help.

Qi Haolin and the others walked over, trying to pull the door together with force but failed.

Ke Xuguang cursed and took two steps back, then ran and rammed into the door.

The door remained unmoved, and Molly felt a bit desperate.

Molly: “Could it be that what you said actually came true? What should we do now?”

Ren Difei: “How would I know? I was just joking!”

Molly: “But you seemed so excited just now, not scared at all!”

Ren Difei: “Who the f*** wouldn’t be scared? Damn it, I’m trembling right now. How do you want me to show that I’m scared? Cry for you? Boo-hoo-hoo?”

Molly: “You’re sick!”

Qi Haolin: “Let’s stop arguing. Is it possible that the door’s safety lock or something automatically locked, which is why we can’t open it?”

Qi Haolin appeared extremely calm, which helped to calm down the anxious and frightened people to some extent.

Sheng Lifan trembled slightly as he looked towards the door, his lips moved.

“What if it’s really a paranormal event…”

“You’ll be fully responsible for this.”

Pi Tianzi interrupted Sheng Lifan’s words and looked at Qi Haolin.

This trip was initiated by Qi Haolin, and he was the one who brought them here. He also suggested going inside, so he has the responsibility to take care of them, right?

“That’s true, but if there’s really any danger, I can’t guarantee that I can protect all of you…”

Qi Haolin said with some difficulty, inwardly smiling but not showing it on his face.

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Who cares about the life and death of these people?

As Qi Haolin thought about it, he suddenly remembered his ex-girlfriend whom he had brought in.

She’s so timid and fragile, she must be very scared now.

Qi Haolin looked over, but he found that the girl sitting on the sofa was not trembling, nor was she sobbing. Her face looked extremely calm. When their eyes met, her gaze was strangely serene, as if the current situation couldn’t disturb her mood.

But how could that be possible? She must be frightened, that’s why she doesn’t even show any expression.

Qi Haolin thought to himself, recalling the tearful look she had given him in the past. He rarely felt a twinge of kindness and was about to walk over when Molly, who was walking towards him, held his hand.

“I’m a little scared. Can I stay with you for now?”

Molly said in a coquettish voice, her face slightly pale. She grabbed Qi Haolin’s hand and pressed it against her chest using his arm, making the action look very skillful. Her expression seemed like she was just holding Qi Haolin’s hand against her chest.

It was evident that Little Miss Coquettish was actually very scared now, and her affected voice seemed to be unable to keep up.

Qi Haolin wasn’t in the mood for such things right now, but it was nice to have someone cling to him, so he didn’t move and continued to sit on the sofa, allowing Molly to nestle beside him.

Xin Lan averted her gaze, not wanting to witness the eye-sore scene.

She actually didn’t like out-of-character behavior either, but in this situation, she would let the original owner’s setting persist. However, she couldn’t bring herself to shed tears, look helpless, and tremble while staring at the scumbag. It was enough for her to put on a façade of a sullen face.


Pi Tianzi said softly, but in the current quiet situation, it sounded particularly clear.

Molly glared at her and clung even closer to Qi Haolin, not feeling ashamed but rather proud.

Ke Xuguang became a bit restless and lit a cigarette. His eyes scanned the surroundings, sweeping over every corner and every person.

Xin Lan occupied one side of the sofa alone, while Qi Haolin and Molly occupied the other side. Pi Tianzi sat across from Xin Lan, Sheng Lifan sat next to Qi Haolin and Molly, and Ke Xuguang stood smoking, while Ren Difei was inside the villa, looking at various decorations.

Ren Difei: “Based on my experience, if this is really a paranormal event, something will definitely happen around midnight. But as long as we make it through till dawn, we’ll be fine.”

Pi Tianzi: “What experience do you have? Dealing with ghosts?”

Ren Difei: “No, I’ve been reading supernatural novels and watching ghost movies for seven or eight years. I’m a seasoned enthusiast.”

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Ren Difei still appeared very calm, as if he hadn’t felt scared at all from start to finish.

Xin Lan glanced at his trembling hand that hung by his side unconsciously, then looked at his face and squinted her eyes.

There is fear, but more than that, there is excitement. It’s just uncertain whether the excitement will remain when they actually see something dirty.

Among the seven people present, Sheng Lifan probably had the worst expression. He huddled there, his eyes alertly scanning the surroundings.

Pi Tianzi lowered her gaze, playing with the bow on her skirt incessantly, as if contemplating something.

Molly felt a sense of security being close to someone, and her complexion gradually became rosier. She wanted to say something but held back.

Sheng Lifan: “What do you want to do?”

When Sheng Lifan saw Ren Difei attempting to remove the strokes on the wall, he quickly spoke up.

Ren Difei: “I want to take it down and have a look. There might be some clues inside.”

Sheng Lifan: “What if it disturbs something? Can’t you refrain from touching things randomly? Can’t you just stay put?”

“You talk as if there really is a floating ghost in here, and it won’t come after you if you don’t touch this painting.”

Ren Difei rolled his eyes and carefully took down the painting from the wall, looking at what was behind the frame.

Pi Tianzi: “Did you find anything?”

Ren Difei: “Nothing at all. Did I guess wrong?”

Xin Lan paid no attention to their situation, instead organizing her thoughts in her mind.

Because she had the memories of the original owner, she knew roughly what the rules of the game were and what had happened here before. However, she could only grasp a general idea, as the original owner’s memories were not as clear due to fear.

The wall paintings in the living room didn’t seem to hold any secrets, so Xin Lan shifted her gaze to the coffee table in front of her.

After Ren Difei carefully examined the several small wall paintings hanging on the wall and found nothing, he redirected his attention elsewhere.

Everyone remained still, silently watching as Ren Difei walked around alone.

As soon as Ren Difei turned around, he was met with six pairs of eyes staring at him, causing him to shudder.

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“Why are you all looking at me like that?”

“Continue what you were doing.”

Pi Tianzi lifted her chin slightly, allowing Ren Difei to continue exploring.

Nobody knew what was in this house, so everyone silently watched as their adventurous companion tested the waters.

The only two who weren’t afraid were Qi Haolin and Xin Lan. Qi Haolin was waiting; he hadn’t quite figured out the rules of this game yet. As for Xin Lan, she would be the backup, waiting for Qi Haolin to make a move.

She didn’t particularly enjoy keeping people in suspense, but she liked seeing those who thought they had won, only to be pushed down again.

It was like the difference between scoring a perfect hundred on an exam and scoring fifty-nine. If you constantly suppressed someone from the beginning, making them feel like the fifty-nine, they might end up giving up. But if you made them believe they were about to succeed, only to push them down at the last moment, the feelings of frustration and anger would be enough to make someone collapse in despair or even go crazy.

Ren Difei knew exactly what these people were thinking. They were afraid he might touch something and end up dead. He sneered inwardly and continued looking on his own.

He opened the drawer of the coffee table, one side was empty, but the other side contained a photo album.

Ren Difei’s spirits lifted, and he quickly took it out and spread it on the table.

Everyone gathered around to take a look. Xin Lan was the closest, and besides Ren Difei, she was the first to see the first page of the photo album.

On that page was a picture of a baby, only a few months old, peacefully sleeping.

Looking further, it depicted the growth process of the baby, with photos documenting the child’s appearance from a few months old to several years old.

Towards the end of the album, a woman began to appear, with various pictures of her holding the child.

Ren Difei: “This should be an important clue. This little girl is likely the daughter of this family, and the one holding her is her mother.”

Ke Xuguang: “Why isn’t her father in the pictures?”

The album documented the process of the little girl from a few months old to seven or eight years old, but only the mother of the child appeared in the later photos. There was no trace of the father.

Molly: “Maybe he was the one taking the photos?”

Pi Tianzi: “Even if it’s for taking photos, it’s abnormal to not have a single group photo with him.”

Ren Difei: “Perhaps her father died.”

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As Ren Difei said this, everyone fell into a momentary silence.

Sheng Lifan: “Can we please not mention that word…”

He always felt like a cool breeze had just passed by.

Ren Difei carefully looked through the photos page by page again, but this time, he wasn’t focusing on the content of the photos. Instead, he was searching to see if there were any hidden photos within the pictures.

Sure enough, his search yielded results. On the last page, there was a smaller-sized photo tucked in a compartment.

Ren Difei pulled out that photo. It was a group picture featuring two adults and a child. The adults were the mother and daughter seen earlier. In the group photo, the child was being held by a man. He had one hand holding the child and the other arm around the woman. They appeared like a harmonious family portrait.

The little girl had a radiant smile on her face, and the woman’s smile carried a mix of happiness and shyness.

Pi Tianzi: “This should be the child’s father, right? But why was it hidden inside?”

Ke Xuguang: “Perhaps the parents divorced, and the child’s mother didn’t want any trace of the father in the house. However, she couldn’t bear to throw away this group photo, so she hid it inside.”

Ke Xuguang had finished his cigarette. As he said these words, a slightly self-mocking expression appeared on his fierce-looking face.

The photo album had been flipped through several times, but there were no other significant clues. Ren Difei placed it back in its original position.

Only the living room was lit on the entire floor. Ren Difei had the intention to check the kitchen and bedrooms, but being alone, he didn’t feel like going to see what was there.

Sheng Lifan: “Aren’t you supposed to be brave? You were so enthusiastic earlier, why aren’t you going now?”

Ren Difei: “Don’t you know the unwritten law that the first person to venture out of sight is doomed?”

Ren Difei was well aware of that kind of setup, and he had no intention of continuing to seek death. He ran over to the vacant spot on the couch, laid down, and didn’t move a muscle.

With no one actively exploring, everyone crowded on the couch, waiting for the night to pass and dawn to arrive.

Xin Lan occupied the small single-person couch, leaning against it with her eyes closed.

She could fall asleep quickly, and this time was no exception.

In the midst of her slumber, she heard the voice of a little girl.

“Sister, wake up! Will you play with me?”

She opened her eyes and looked at the little girl in front of her with a gloomy expression.

“Get lost.”

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