Ex-Girlfriend – Chapter 114


I’ll wait for her here.

After saying this, Xin Lan didn’t speak again.

Because she knew that Wan Yan would definitely come.

It was a kind of inexplicable certainty, and even Xin Lan didn’t know where that confidence came from.

Zero Nine was still chattering away, talking about what would happen after going out.

Xin Lan knew that she didn’t want to make her feel like it’s too quiet around.

【Host, do you have to continue with the next mission after going out?】

No, let’s take a vacation.

Since entering the Transmigration Bureau, Xin Lan has been diligent and has never taken a break. It’s time to take a break.

【Sure, taking a rest would be a good idea.】

Zero Nine almost said it was like a honeymoon.

She was waiting for the Commander’s confession and proposal, thinking about it made her happy.

Xin Lan was silently counting the time in her heart, waiting for that person to arrive.

【Host, are you sure we don’t need to log out first? Waiting for the Commander outside would be the same.】

The situation is unclear right now, and it’s not known what’s going on. Zero Nine always feels that staying here is not safe.

She will come to find me.

Xin Lan didn’t explain much; she could imagine the feeling of disappointment if Wan Yan were to come looking for her after resolving things, only to find out that she had already left.

She didn’t want to make her unhappy.

This thought surfaced in her mind, causing even Xin Lan herself to pause for a moment.

She wasn’t actually the type to be very good at taking care of people’s feelings, but now… this feeling was strange, yet strangely not bad.

The curtain suddenly tore open, and Xin Lan saw light seeping through, illuminating her in front of it.

The crack grew larger and larger until it split wide open.

Wan Yan’s hair flowed as she walked over, with a deep blue light emanating from her.

That light radiated from her, enveloping Xin Lan.

To Xin Lan’s surprise, she found that the surrounding barriers had disappeared, and her hand passed through the light.

Wan Yan reached out her hand, intending to touch Xin Lan’s face, but paused in mid-air, as if reconsidering.

Before she could retract her hand, she suddenly felt a warm sensation at her fingertips.

She looked at Xin Lan in surprise, and Xin Lan raised an eyebrow as if it were the most ordinary thing in the world.

Wan Yan’s smile on her face grew larger, and she said to Xin Lan, “Let’s go.”

【Host, it’s time to log out forcibly.】

The source of the world has already disappeared, and it’s necessary to log out forcibly.


Xin Lan’s figure vanished from sight, and the warmth at her fingertips seemed to linger.

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Wan Yan gritted her teeth and chose to log out.

In a place where Xin Lan couldn’t see, Wan Yan’s back was almost transparent, and a wild release of deep blue code scattered into the air.

The first thing Xin Lan did when she came out was to have Zero Nine contact Wan Yan.

She sat on the couch, legs crossed, and sipped on Zero Nine’s cola.

“Host, the Commander didn’t pick up.”

Zero Nine pushed her glasses up on her face and looked at Xin Lan with a puzzled expression.

How could the Commander possibly not answer?

Xin Lan set the cola down and furrowed her brows slightly.

“I’ll try again; maybe she hasn’t come out yet.”

Zero Nine continued to call, but there was still no answer.

“Host, just wait for a moment. I’ll go ask someone.”

Zero Nine scratched her head and scrolled through the contact list with her fingers.

Xin Lan was somewhat worried that something might have happened to Wan Yan and wanted to go out but didn’t know where to look.

She paced a few steps in her room, then sat down, but she remained restless, looking at Zero Nine.

On the other side, Orange was sending the unconscious Wan Yan to the emergency repair compartment, sliding fingers on a panel.

“Is the bug analysis for this incident complete?”

“It’s still being analyzed.”

Orange cursed, looking at her friend lying in the repair compartment, her brows furrowed tightly.

This time, the bug was way too powerful; even someone like Wan Yan, who had entered at her level, got seriously injured. Luckily, it’s been resolved.

Thankfully, she’s alright. I heard she brought a host in this time, probably that person she likes.

Not sure how things are progressing; this sly one has managed to capture someone’s heart.

Meanwhile, Zero Nine was using every network channel to gather information about Wan Yan. Even though she’s a homebody and doesn’t go out, she has a lot of online friends and acquaintances.

It took some effort, but Zero Nine managed to gather information through her extensive network connections.

“It seems they’re saying it’s nothing serious, just in the repair compartment.”

Xin Lan’s shoulders relaxed, and the tension on her face eased a bit.

As hot water poured over her, Xin Lan’s gaze became somewhat vacant. She closed her eyes and placed her hand over her heart.

The first thing Wan Yan did after climbing out of the repair compartment was to run outside.

“Where are you going?”

Orange shouted from behind.

“To find my wife.”

Wan Yan shouted back without turning her head, a hint of excitement on her face.

Xin Lan finally held her hand!

In other words! She might have made it!

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“Look at how beautiful she is.”

Orange clucked her tongue twice, already thinking about the wedding decoration as she sat down.

When Wan Yan came knocking on the door, Zero Nine quietly left with her potato chips and cola, showing keen insight.

Xin Lan had just finished her shower, and her body had some moisture on it.

“Are you okay, physically?”

“I’m fine, don’t worry.”

Wan Yan shook her head, looking a bit nervous, her tongue seeming to be tied as she gazed at Xin Lan.

“I like you. I know in the previous world you’ve always known that I liked you, but that time I confessed was too rushed.”

Wan Yan looked at Xin Lan, expecting her words to be stuttered, but it unexpectedly came out smoothly.

“Ah Lan, ever since the first world of the ex-girlfriend series missions, I’ve liked you. In every world, I have no memory, but I like you in each of them.”

“I hope in your future, you have me every day.”

In reality, before this moment, Wan Yan had discreetly looked up many methods and words to use for confessing, but at this moment, she forgot all techniques.

She was simply looking at the person across from her, expressing her thoughts one word at a time.

It may not be the most romantic, but it was heartfelt.

Wan Yan waited anxiously for a response, her face filled with anticipation.

But as Xin Lan remained silent, the light in her eyes gradually dimmed.

Is it not possible?

She thought… she thought it could be.

“I don’t know how long my feelings will last.”

Xin Lan said straightforwardly.

“So, does that mean you have feelings for me?”

The light in Wan Yan’s eyes was rekindled from its ashy state, burning even brighter than before.

“I’ve undergone too many missions with emotions being diluted, and in reality, I don’t know…”

Xin Lan didn’t know what it meant to have a feeling in her heart.

There was no doubt that Wan Yan felt really good, and Xin Lan knew it.

She was just worried that one day, if she truly became completely unfeeling, wouldn’t it be a cruel thing for Wan Yan?

There are so many ways to part, and even betrayal wouldn’t feel as helpless and regrettable as suddenly falling out of love, with no emotions to hold on to.

“It’s okay. At least, for a moment, you said you liked me.”

Wan Yan was already happy enough.

“I will try my best to ensure such a thing doesn’t happen.”

Xin Lan quirked her lips and replied positively.

Wan Yan stepped closer, gently and tentatively hooked her little finger around Xin Lan’s.

After Xin Lan responded, she held it even tighter.

“That’s a deal then.”

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Half a minute later, Wan Yan reluctantly let go of Xin Lan’s hand and took the towel from her.

“Your hair is still dripping, you don’t take good care of yourself.”

Her newly minted girlfriend had already started nagging.

Xin Lan brought Wan Yan back to the room and let her towel dry her hair, listening to what Wan Yan had to say.

Sunlight streamed in from outside, casting a glow on the side of Xin Lan’s face.

Wan Yan was like a cautious hunter, taming her own tiger.

The tiger had sheathed its sharp claws and lazily allowed her to pet its fur.

Even if the tiger said it might not stay here forever, the hunter wouldn’t mind.

She would be by her side.

The hunter knew the tiger was proud and understood the meaning behind every expression she made.

No one in the world would understand her little tiger better than her, and there would be no one with such understanding and harmony between them.

Because she wouldn’t give anyone else the opportunity to understand Xin Lan.

Zero Nine had secretly asked the Commander how she managed to win over their difficult host, and Wan Yan just smiled faintly and revealed her secret.

Make yourself a part of her life.

Zero Nine seemed to vaguely understand, and Wan Yan let her figure it out for herself.

Xin Lan woke up from her slumber, and with her eyes closed, she felt around the bed, not finding the familiar presence, and only then did she open her eyes.

She sat up and nearly forgot that Wan Yan had gone on an emergency mission and would be away for some time.

Xin Lan stretched lazily, and after freshening up, she picked up a glass of water. Breakfast was still on the table, as if that person was still there.

She took a few bites, called out Wan Yan’s name, but no one responded, remembering that Wan Yan had gone on a mission.

After finishing her breakfast, Xin Lan crossed her legs and watched a movie in her room. When she instinctively made comments at the exciting parts, she realized there was no response.

Her mood instantly took a downturn.

Xin Lan ran her fingers through her hair, feeling puzzled.

Since when did she become so dependent on someone?

In fact, Xin Lan felt like she hadn’t changed at all, but reality was telling her that something was changing.

Xin Lan contacted Zero Nine, preparing to go on a mission.

“Host, isn’t the Commander still not back?”

“Why do I need her to come back? Do I have to have her around to complete the mission?”

Xin Lan didn’t sound angry, but she asked in a rather strange manner.

Zero Nine thought about it and realized that the Commander was on a mission anyway. So, she accepted the mission and took Xin Lan inside.

In the mission world, Xin Lan continued to excel, just as before, but she couldn’t shake off the feeling of restlessness, as if something was missing.

Even after completing the mission, that strange emotion still lingered in the depths of her heart.

“Zero Nine, do you think I’ve changed?”

Zero Nine hesitated at the question and shook her head.

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“Not at all. Host, you’re still as beautiful and cool as ever.”

The same air of beating down the scoundrels on the ground remained from back then.

“Then why… never mind, it’s nothing.”

There wasn’t really much change.

When Xin Lan was alone, she could take care of herself just as well as before, and there was no significant difference. But there was always a hollow place in her heart, as if something was missing.

When Wan Yan returned from her mission, she headed straight home. When she saw Xin Lan, she embraced her waist from behind.

“I’m back.”

“I missed you so much.”

Wan Yan nuzzled against Xin Lan’s back.

In that moment, the hollow place in her heart suddenly filled up.

Xin Lan had an epiphany, and as Wan Yan hooked her little finger around, she instinctively responded.

If she had to describe love, Xin Lan thought it was probably like the feeling when Wan Yan embraced her from behind—aware, yet her heart still raced.

After six months and sixteen days of being together, Wan Yan proposed to Xin Lan.

Wan Yan had waited for this day, and when she looked into Xin Lan’s eyes, they were filled with the same deep affection as ever.

“Xin Lan.”

It was the first time she had called Xin Lan’s name so seriously.


“I love you.”

Hating the shallowness of words and language, they couldn’t express even one ten-thousandth of the depth of feelings for you.

Orange had asked Wan Yan what love was.

Love is Xin Lan, Wan Yan said.

Maybe it was the hand she wanted to reach out to Xin Lan but then pulled back, perhaps it was the gaze she secretly cast upon Xin Lan, maybe it was the deep contemplation before confessing, or perhaps it was this moment of proposing.

But no matter how it changed forms, her love was Xin Lan.

“Marry me, will you?”

“Why don’t you marry me instead?”

Xin Lan raised an eyebrow and accepted the ring.

Xin Lan wasn’t a person who cared much about formalities. Before this proposal, marriage wasn’t something she had ever really thought about.

Because she felt that whether they got married or not, she would always be with Wan Yan.

On the wedding day, Orange’s six months of hard work in planning the wedding decorations finally appeared before everyone.

Zero Nine watched her usually impatient host patiently go through the wedding ceremony, marveling at how mysterious love could be.

It could even make a proud tiger lower its head.

LP: Translation is now complete!

Now I understand the comments in NU. The ending is rushed, so abrupt!

I had hoped the author would flesh our their relationship.

Anyway, thank you all for reading!

PS: If anyone recommends a novel for me to translate, I would be grateful! Although it will be MTL, I hope you won’t mind 🙂

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the end is a bit rushed indeed but overall it was a nice novel to read, thank you translator ! >:0

Anazu Salted Fish

Yeah feel like it could be longer yknow, maybe author has run out idea for missions. Thank you sm, i enjoyed it a lot and i look forward for more, the translation dont feel like mtl ♥️


Awwwe, so sweet! The end did feel a little rushed, but it wasn’t too bad. I feel like all that was needed to be said was said. Although, it would’ve been nice to hear a bit more about the relationship! Thank you for translating this novel! (ㅅ´ ˘ `)♡

Little Panda
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