Blame the Villain – Chapter 82

Villainous Master (4)

After recovering from the shock, Song Xuyi looked at the stunning beauty in front of her, feeling a bit conflicted. Ning Jingyu’s appearance was truly misleading, making people almost forget that she was the rumored top sword cultivator in the world.

Song Xuyi had never expected Ning Jingyu to train her disciples in this way.

But this was indeed the fastest way to progress.

The huge potential that erupted at the brink of death allowed Song Xuyi to directly learn how to harness her inner Qi in that moment.

And this was just the beginning, more exciting things were yet to come.

Song Xuyi couldn’t control the sword, and Ning Jingyu somehow got a small flying sword and rudely threw Song Xuyi off the cliff. As Song Xuyi struggled to reach the flying sword and almost fell to the bottom of the peak, Ning Jingyu appeared once again, grabbing Song Xuyi by the collar and tossing her back onto the cliff—

After being tossed around several times like this, Song Xuyi was not feeling good at all. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and wanted to talk to Ning Jingyu about her teaching methods. But before Song Xuyi could say anything, Ning Jingyu grabbed her collar again and threw her off the cliff once more!

After being treated like this multiple times, even the best-tempered Song Xuyi was getting angry.

Feeling frustrated, she only wanted to confront Ning Jingyu. As the flying sword slipped under Song Xuyi’s feet again, she gritted her teeth and looked up at Ning Jingyu on the cliff, suddenly finding a mysterious balance in her body. She actually stepped onto the flying sword and flew unsteadily towards Ning Jingyu—

“Not too dumb yet.”

Watching Song Xuyi struggling to maintain balance in the air, Ning Jingyu finally couldn’t contain the hint of a smile and made a comment.

She returned to her usual lazy and tired appearance, letting out a yawn. “I’m going to seclude myself for healing again. During this time, you can practice on your own with controlling your Qi and swordplay. Don’t disturb me unless necessary. I will test you when I come out of seclusion.”

Song Xuyi nodded with her head lowered.

She felt as if she had punched into cotton, feeling exhausted and depleted. Song Xuyi didn’t know whether to thank Ning Jingyu or to resent her, but now she just wanted to get a good night’s sleep.

Ning Jingyu didn’t make a move, she raised her head and glanced at Song Xuyi, furrowing her brows slightly as if confused, then looked at Song Xuyi again.

Not sure what came to mind, Ning Jingyu suddenly controlled the sword to hover in mid-air, furrowing her brows as she pinched Song Xuyi’s delicate cheek. “Why aren’t you smiling?”

Song Xuyi stared at Ning Jingyu blankly, then awkwardly forced a smile.

Song Xuyi had never imagined that she and Ning Jingyu would interact in this way.

Ning Jingyu blinked, gazing steadily at Song Xuyi, as if understanding something. She released Song Xuyi’s cheeks, rubbing her temples with a slight headache.

“I grew up in the Black Water Pool.” Ning Jingyu pursed her lips slightly, then suddenly spoke.

After saying this sentence, Ning Jingyu seemed to remember something, her eyes darkened, and she once again tightly closed her lips, but her gaze remained fixed on Song Xuyi.

“Alright, Master.”

However, Song Xuyi didn’t know what Ning Jingyu wanted to express, nor did she know how to react at this moment. She could only answer with a lowered and respectful head.

Ning Jingyu, however, once again put on a stern expression.

Song Xuyi didn’t know if it was her imagination, but Ning Jingyu’s eyebrows seemed to furrow even tighter.

“I will practice diligently.” Looking at Ning Jingyu’s expression, Song Xuyi added softly.

“That’s good.”

After a long while, Ning Jingyu finally spoke. She slightly curved her lips, but there was no smile in her eyes. She glanced at Song Xuyi’s respectful face, then pulled her lips and turned her head without looking back, returning to her own room on the flying sword.

Ning Jingyu closed herself off once again.

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Song Xuyi only realized later that Ning Jingyu’s attitude before secluding herself was a bit strange, but she couldn’t figure it out in the moment. She was just too tired, so she went back to her room and fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

It wasn’t until after a night passed that Song Xuyi realized: Ning Jingyu seemed to be angry before secluding herself?

But why did she suddenly get angry?

After a night’s sleep, Song Xuyi also figured it out: no matter how unconventional Ning Jingyu’s methods were, under her guidance, Song Xuyi’s abilities had indeed made great progress in a very short time. Wanting to quickly achieve the strongest power to protect the Song family, Ning Jingyu’s training was indeed the most suitable for her.

With this in mind, even though there were still lingering doubts about Ning Jingyu’s training methods, Song Xuyi’s wavering thoughts of wanting to leave Luoyun Peak gradually disappeared, replaced by a more firm resolve to stay.

Since they still had to continue their interaction, there naturally couldn’t be any lingering animosity between the two.

Song Xuyi increasingly felt that Ning Jingyu’s behavior that day seemed to be out of anger, but she couldn’t understand the reason behind Ning Jingyu’s anger.

She wanted to ask Ning Jingyu directly, but since Ning Jingyu had instructed not to disturb her seclusion, Song Xuyi could only keep her questions to herself.

However, not long after, Song Xuyi found out the reason behind Ning Jingyu’s anger.

Song Xuyi saw the Sect Leader.

After all, Song Xuyi was a rare single spiritual root disciple, and the Sect Leader was worried that Ning Jingyu wouldn’t teach her properly. So, the Sect Leader personally wielded her sword to Luoyun Peak to check on Ning Jingyu’s disciples.

The Sect Leader did not expect to see Song Xuyi practicing swordsmanship in a crooked manner when she arrived at Luoyun Peak.

The Sect Leader’s eyes widened slightly: the new disciple had just joined less than a month ago, and the other disciples couldn’t even draw Qi into their body. The Sect Leader had never thought that someone would start learning swordsmanship in such a short period of time!

Despite her usual stern demeanor, the Sect Leader showed a bit more patience when dealing with a talented disciple like Song Xuyi, carefully inquiring about Song Xuyi’s situation at Luoyun Peak.

Song Xuyi responded confidently and tactfully. She skipped over the intense teaching process with Ning Jingyu, only mentioning that Ning Jingyu used special methods to teach her, which led to her current progress in a short period of time.

The Sect Leader was very pleased with Song Xuyi’s demeanor. Knowing that Song Xuyi had not undergone the rigorous fasting process, and finding the surroundings a bit shabby, the Sect Leader generously gave Song Xuyi a pile of food and clothing.

Song Xuyi did not refuse.

She didn’t have much of the Bigu pills Ning Jingyu gave her, and she had been in seclusion for an unknown amount of time. Song Xuyi feared that she would soon run out of supplies.

Moreover, compared to Ning Jingyu, the Sect Leader showed much more thoughtfulness: besides dry Bigu pills, the Sect Leader also gave Song Xuyi plenty of snacks and ingredients. Although Song Xuyi did not indulge in worldly desires, after chewing on Bigu pills for so long, she also wanted to taste some real food for a change.

As the Sect Leader was about to leave, after a moment of hesitation, Song Xuyi couldn’t help but ask, “Sect Leader, do you know what Black Water Pool is?”

“You don’t know Black Water Pool?” the Sect Leader asked in return.

“Well, during this time, you and your Master have been staying on the mountain, not participating in the disciples’ history lessons,” the Sect Leader thoughtfully glanced at Song Xuyi, handing her a booklet. “Take a look first and understand some common knowledge about our Immortal Sect. When you are able to descend the mountain with your sword skills, you can join the other disciples to learn History and Alchemy.”

Then the Sect Leader went on to explain, “Black Water Pool is a gathering place for demons and monsters. Many ancient demons are suppressed under the pool. Before your Master, no one had ever been able to walk out of Black Water Pool alive…”

The Sect Leader sighed and couldn’t help but continue, “Your Master’s parents were harmed by the demon clan when she was young, and the demon fled into Black Water Pool. Your Master followed in, she was no older than you are now. We all thought she wouldn’t survive, but to our surprise, she managed to come out alive. However, since emerging from Black Water Pool, while her strength has greatly increased, her temperament has also become more peculiar. She often isolates herself, inevitably not understanding worldly ways. It’s not easy for your Master to be willing to take you as a disciple and draw close to you. I hope you can bear with her and take care of her more…”

After giving these instructions, the Sect Leader left Luoyun Peak.

Song Xuyi watched the Sect Leader walk away and then hung her head.

No wonder Ning Jingyu would use such extreme methods to teach herself: refining her cultivation with the demons in Black Water Pool, Ning Jingyu must have endured even more grueling hardships than herself…

She didn’t intentionally use these training methods to toughen herself; it’s likely she never received formal training and didn’t know how traditional master-disciple relationships should be. Subconsciously, she drew on the training methods she had experienced before.

Upon knowing the truth, Song Xuyi immediately felt a sense of guilt in her heart.

Ning Jingyu probably wanted to explain to her why she trained herself that way. She must have lowered herself to explain, but Song Xuyi didn’t understand her intentions at all. As a proud sword cultivator, Ning Jingyu must have been extremely frustrated at the time.

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Song Xuyi made up her mind to treat Ning Jingyu as her true senior from now on, further solidifying her determination to ensure Ning Jingyu lives well.

And living well doesn’t just mean existing.

Song Xuyi felt that Ning Jingyu should live more happily.

Since the Sect Leader had already hinted that Ning Jingyu was not familiar with worldly things, Song Xuyi took it upon herself to handle the mundane affairs of Luoyun Peak, intending to make the place more lively.

Luckily, the Sect Leader left some paper cranes for Song Xuyi, so she asked the Sect Leader to help buy some flowers, plants, and furniture to send to Luoyun Peak…

For some time afterward, Song Xuyi dedicated half an hour each day to create a flower garden and small vegetable garden in front of the bamboo building, beautifying the scenery inside the bamboo building. To satisfy her occasional cravings, Song Xuyi also set up a small kitchen next to the house and occasionally cooked.

The Sect Leader was thoughtful and instructed Liu Bi to send Song Xuyi many sets of beautiful clothes, and even a large dressing table.

With Song Xuyi’s efforts, after a month, the appearance of this bamboo building had undergone a tremendous transformation: the bamboo building was no longer desolate as before, with many ornaments added, a kitchen and bathroom were added, and surrounded by flower gardens and vegetable plots, it now looked somewhat like a — home.

Unexpectedly, Ning Jingyu’s seclusion this time lasted longer, until Song Xuyi was able to freely fly around Luoyun Peak three times with her flying sword, Ning Jingyu still hadn’t come out of seclusion.

After Song Xuyi descended the mountain, she got along well with the other disciples. After all, Song Xuyi had a single spiritual root and followed the top sword cultivator in the world. Her future was visibly bright, and she was sweet and amiable, never putting on airs. When she deliberately approached someone, no one could resist her goodwill.

Soon, the Moon Worship Festival in this world arrived.

The Moon Worship Festival is similar to the modern-day Mid-Autumn Festival, both are celebrated at the same time. The younger disciples had only been on the mountain for a few months and were of an age that enjoyed festivities. They clamored to celebrate, so they borrowed the sect’s cafeteria to organize a banquet.

Originally, Song Xuyi did not want to participate.

On this reunion festival, she wanted to accompany Ning Jingyu in seclusion on the mountain, not wanting Ning Jingyu to be left alone on the mountain.

However, the other disciples were insistent, so Song Xuyi had no choice but to attend the banquet.

The disciples all pitched in to make traditional dishes from their hometowns, and Song Xuyi also made many modern-style delicacies. The ingredients in the cultivation world were good, and the food made from them was even more delicious. Song Xuyi didn’t expect that the food she made would become the most popular dish.

However, Song Xuyi was always thinking about Ning Jingyu. As the banquet passed the halfway point, Song Xuyi made an excuse to pack up a few dishes and left the banquet to return to Luoyun Peak.

Seeing the closed door of the room next door that had been shut for over two months, Song Xuyi sighed, suppressing the sense of loss in her heart and sat down in the courtyard.

Luoyun Peak was the highest mountain peak in the Xuanshu Sect. From Song Xuyi’s perspective, the moon seemed within arm’s reach, as if she could touch it by just reaching out.

Song Xuyi remembered the scene she saw when she first arrived at the Xuanshu Sect. At that time, Ning Jingyu was alone, looking at the moon. What was she thinking about back then?

Although she didn’t know what Ning Jingyu was thinking as she looked at the moon, Song Xuyi thoroughly enjoyed the process of admiring the beautiful scenery.

Song Xuyi placed the food she made on the stone table. She didn’t know who had placed a pot of wine in her basket. After hesitating for a moment, she caught a whiff of plum wine and decided to place the wine pot on the table.

Pouring a glass of wine, she toasted to the moonlight and to the acquaintances she had met in the previous worlds. Song Xuyi couldn’t help but glance back at Ning Jingyu’s closed door and softly spoke, “Master, if you don’t come out of seclusion soon, you won’t get to taste the delicious food I’ve made. Everyone says it’s very tasty…”

However, the bamboo door in front of her remained silent.

Song Xuyi didn’t mind and started eating on her own.

In the cultivation world, the wine was made from high-quality spiritual spring water, and the plums were spiritual plants grown in spiritual soil. Drinking it gave off a fragrant aroma, leaving a lingering sweetness on the palate.

The wine made from such high-quality ingredients had a very strong aftertaste.

At first, Song Xuyi didn’t feel it, but by the time she realized she was drunk, it was already too late. She felt dizzy and disoriented, and the once single moon in her hazy vision suddenly turned into two.

In her blurry sight, a stunning beauty with a powdered face and frosty expression appeared suddenly.

The beauty looked at Song Xuyi with a hint of anger in her eyes, and she reached out to pinch Song Xuyi’s flushed cheeks, saying, “You little drunkard, who gave you the right to mess up my bamboo house like this?”

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The beauty exerted some force, causing Song Xuyi’s cheeks to sting a bit. Song Xuyi unconsciously moved back, not paying attention to her position, and with a ‘bang,’ she fell off the stool, landing on her butt with a thud—

The beauty seemed surprised by this turn of events, coldly watching from the side. Perhaps Song Xuyi’s appearance was too disheveled, as the previously fiery eyes of the beauty unintentionally softened with a hint of amusement.

The little drunkard couldn’t bear the injustice and was convinced that the beauty was mocking her, bursting into tears with a loud ‘wah’.

“You’re bullying me!” Song Xuyi said in frustration, accusing the beauty.

“I’m bullying you?” The beauty scoffed, “I kindly tried to teach you, but instead you sulk in private. With such a mischievous disciple, how could I dare to bully you?”

Ning Jingyu was indeed initially annoyed by her disciple’s lack of appreciation. She thought that by giving her some space, Song Xuyi would realize her mistake and come to apologize. At the very least, there weren’t many of Song Xuyi’s Bigu Pills left, so she had to come and ask for more on her own.

Therefore, when Ning Jingyu was meditating, she intentionally set aside a trace of her consciousness to recognize Song Xuyi’s voice. However, after two months of this ungrateful disciple’s absence, Ning Jingyu waited for a while, but there was no response from the disciple’s side. Unable to bear it any longer, she decided to come out of seclusion to properly teach this mischievous disciple, only to be met with a well-fed little drunkard.

However, for Song Xuyi at that moment, Ning Jingyu’s words were like speaking in an alien language.

“It turns out, the great beauty is my master!”

Song Xuyi squinted as she looked at Ning Jingyu, only catching the words “master” and “disciple” in her speech. Remembering her current appearance, she suddenly felt a bit embarrassed.

“Master, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cry on purpose,” Song Xuyi stopped wiping her tears, obediently kneeling on the ground, looking up at Ning Jingyu.

Ning Jingyu coldly watched her, feeling some of the anger in her heart dissipate, but she responded with a noncommittal “Hmm.”

“Master, I didn’t intentionally avoid smiling that day,” Song Xuyi sniffled and softly added, “I was just so scared that day, my legs were trembling, I was tired and hungry, and I didn’t know what to say…”

Ning Jingyu glanced at Song Xuyi, seeing the young girl as a delicate and obedient figure kneeling in front of her, with a pointed chin and a slender neck that seemed like it could break at a touch…

Remembering Song Xuyi’s pale face when she was thrown off the cliff, Ning Jingyu believed Song Xuyi’s explanation. Her gaze softened a bit more, but she continued, “Ridiculous! How could I let you fall off a cliff?”

“At that time, I wasn’t familiar with Master!” Song Xuyi quietly shifted her legs, moving a step closer to Ning Jingyu, whispering, “But now I know, Master is beautiful and powerful, the best master in the world!”

Unfortunately, Ning Jingyu didn’t seem to be swayed by Song Xuyi’s rainbow farts. The corner of her mouth lifted imperceptibly as her gaze swept over the delicious food on the table. She sat on the stone stool, her voice still icy, “You express gratitude with words, yet you’re here eating alone?”

“Because Master hadn’t come out of seclusion earlier!” Song Xuyi sighed like a little adult, “Actually, I made these dishes specifically for Master.”

“I really like Master. I didn’t want Master to spend the festival all alone, so I hurried back early.”

Liking or not liking! The young age doesn’t know shame…

The heat in her cheeks seemed to be rising, and her heartbeat seemed to slow down for a moment.

This feeling is really weird! Ning Jingyu pursed her lips and gave Song Xuyi a stern look to disguise her reaction.

However, Song Xuyi misinterpreted her meaning.

It was really difficult to please the beautiful master!

But Song Xuyi was always someone who persisted after repeated failures. Seeing that Ning Jingyu still had a stern expression, Song Xuyi gathered her courage, faced Ning Jingyu’s slightly stern gaze, and boldly moved closer to embrace Ning Jingyu’s leg, resting her head on Ning Jingyu’s thigh—

If she were sober, Song Xuyi would definitely not make such a move. However, in her drunken state, Song Xuyi’s mind was a mess, acting purely on instinct.

“Master,” Song Xuyi drew out her voice, using a soft tone as she coquettishly pleaded, “Please forgive me this time! I will definitely be the best disciple in the future…”

Ning Jingyu’s pupils slightly dilated, feeling her body stiffen like a puppet in that moment.

It was the first time in so many years that someone had dared to get this close to her…

From Ning Jingyu’s perspective, she could see Song Xuyi’s jet-black hair, the pointy chin on the young girl’s forehead, which would undoubtedly mature into a beautiful face in the future. At this moment, the young girl’s cheeks were rosy, her eyes filled with tears, and the warmth from her body transmitted through the thin clothes onto Ning Jingyu’s leg…

Suddenly, Ning Jingyu also felt a bit warm.

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Not used to this feeling of being approached by someone.

Ning Jingyu tightened her lips and subconsciously grabbed Song Xuyi’s collar to push her away, but Song Xuyi was very alert. Before Ning Jingyu could act, Song Xuyi had already obediently released her hold on Ning Jingyu’s thigh.

Ning Jingyu breathed a sigh of relief, but she didn’t expect Song Xuyi to take advantage of the situation, facing Ning Jingyu’s surprised gaze. She then moved her arms upward to embrace Ning Jingyu’s waist—

“Master,” seemingly afraid of being pushed away again by Ning Jingyu, Song Xuyi held onto Ning Jingyu’s waist tightly. Ning Jingyu tugged a couple of times but couldn’t remove the young girl clinging to her.

Ning Jingyu furrowed her brow and looked at Song Xuyi, but the drunken Song Xuyi showed no fear. She even turned and handed a mung bean cake to Ning Jingyu’s lips, saying, “Master, try my cooking skills—”

“You taking a bite means you forgive me.” The young girl’s eyes sparkled with watery brightness, her dark pupils fixed on Ning Jingyu without blinking.

Ning Jingyu had already reached a state where she didn’t need to eat, originally not intending to open her mouth. However, perhaps it was because of Song Xuyi’s expectant expression or the irresistibly fragrant of the mung bean cake, Ning Jingyu slightly parted her lips and took a small bite.

Song Xuyi had controlled the amount of sugar used, so the mung bean cake wasn’t overly sweet. The delightful taste blended in her mouth, a flavor she had never experienced before.

Ning Jingyu was taken aback, then slowly and delicately finished the entire piece of mung bean cake, taking small bites.

“Master is the best!”

The young girl watched Ning Jingyu finish her food and finally smiled again. Her smile was charming, with the kind of dimples that Ning Jingyu liked.

Ning Jingyu also breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that Song Xuyi would now back off. However, Song Xuyi still lingered by Ning Jingyu’s side, happily handing her a piece of red bean roll…

While feeding Ning Jingyu, Song Xuyi also babbled nonsense.

“Master, you’re so beautiful, and you smell nice too.”

“Master, everything about you is great, except when you smile, it seems fake. It’s better not to smile…”

“I will definitely become the best disciple in the world in the future, to make you happy, Master…”


Listening to the drunken nonsense of the young girl, even though cultivators should not feel cold or heat, Ning Jingyu inexplicably felt like her whole body was burning up—

It wasn’t until the little drunkard clamored, “Master, you’re so beautiful,” and lurched over, seemingly wanting to kiss her cheek, that Ning Jingyu snapped out of her daze and quickly cast a spell to make Song Xuyi faint.

“Nonsense! Next time you’re drunk, I’ll toss you into Black Water Pool!”

Despite knowing the unconscious little drunkard couldn’t hear her, Ning Jingyu still sternly scolded.

She took a long breath, then calmly poured herself a cup of plum wine, ate a few more pastries, listened to the dreamy murmurings of “Master” from the unconscious Song Xuyi in her arms, and the sounds of cicadas and birds around her. Watching the full moon in the sky, she suddenly felt that tonight’s moon seemed different from other nights, appearing larger and rounder…

What is this about now?

Ning Jingyu was puzzled, her mind wandering as she glanced over the thousands of households celebrating reunions at the foot of the mountain. Passing by one house, she saw a scholar embracing his lovely wife, gazing at the moon and sighing, “The moonlight is present every day, but the moonlight we can enjoy together is rare…”

Ning Jingyu tightened her lips and involuntarily lowered her head to look at her blushing young disciple in her arms. She thought that she might have understood the reason for her different feelings at that moment: perhaps it was because she now had a sticky and rowdy little disciple by her side after drinking, causing a change in her mood.

“Next time you’re drunk, I’ll toss you into Black Water Pool!” Ning Jingyu softly scolded once again, but her hand conjured a cloak, carefully draping it over Song Xuyi…

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The blocked system: Hehe, you, the number one sword cultivator in the world, can’t even push away a child hugging your waist?

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