Blame the Villain – Chapter 35.1

Villainous Scientist (END)

After the annihilation of the mutant Insect, dealing with the rest of the swarm on the Insect Egg Star became much simpler.

Not long after Jiang Qianyu awoke, every Insects on the Insect Egg Star was wiped out.

It’s worth mentioning that even though Song Xuyi spent most of the time caring for Jiang Qianyu, she remained the person who killed the most Insect in the team.

The elimination of all the Insects meant that this exercise was drawing to a close. Just like on the journey there, the group returned to the Blue Star on a spaceship.

Although there were injuries during this exercise, fortunately, there were no fatalities. Through this period of trial, the students received the most thorough training.

Even though the atmosphere on the return journey was relaxed, it lacked the carefree spirit that had been present at the outset.

Those who have been through the baptism of war acquire a change in their demeanor, a resilience forged by blood and fire, as well as a deep reverence for life.

The battlefield may give birth to heroes and passionate blood, but more often, it reaps lives. And life should not become a stepping stone for honors.

When they set out, they were students not yet stripped of their youthful innocence; by the time they returned, they had become half-soldiers, and within less than a year, they would be true warriors.

It was at this moment that people realized the preciousness of one’s student days.

Regrettably, the most precious times are often the ones that slip away the fastest.

The spaceship soon arrived at Blue Star.

Recovery from serious injury takes a hundred days, and now Jiang Qianyu had become the hope of Blue Star’s medical world. Upon hearing news of her injury, several teachers in the Medical School were so frightened they nearly fainted!

In the school hospital, they arranged a VIP ward for Jiang Qianyu, insisting she must stay there.

If it had been the Jiang Qianyu from before the departure, she would definitely not have agreed to separate from Song Xuyi and move into the ward. However, as she must now temporarily numb Song Xuyi and pretend to no longer like her, after some consideration, Jiang Qianyu still moved into the ward arranged by the teachers.

The conditions in the ward were much better than those in the dormitory, including a very large wardrobe. After Song Xuyi escorted Jiang Qianyu into the ward, she was satisfied with everything else, but she frowned upon seeing the big wardrobe.

After the two of them lived in the same dorm, under Song Xuyi’s deliberate guidance, Jiang Qianyu no longer needed to be in a confined space to sleep. However, that was under the circumstance of the two sleeping in the same room…

Although Song Xuyi had to sleep outside for a few days on Insect Egg Star, during those days Jiang Qianyu would have to get up in the middle of the night to take the night shift at the medical room, leaving Song Xuyi unaware of whether she actually managed to sleep or not.

After much consideration, Song Xuyi eventually had someone move the wardrobe out.

Jiang Qianyu had no objections to this. She enjoyed seeing Song Xuyi bustling about for her sake.

By the time Song Xuyi had replaced the wardrobe and returned to the ward, a large group of teachers from the Medical School had already rushed over, offering warm concern for Jiang Qianyu.

These teachers included Alphas, Omegas, and Betas, but they all wore faces full of concern when facing Jiang Qianyu.

Leaning against the doorway of the ward, Song Xuyi watched Jiang Qianyu, who seemed to have a face full of disdain, yet unconsciously revealed a smile at the corner of her lips. Song Xuyi likewise couldn’t help but smile.

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Even though Jiang Qianyu herself hadn’t realized it, from Chen Xi to the Alpha teachers, she had actually begun to gradually accept Alphas.

This was a positive change for Jiang Qianyu.

Next, it is necessary to further transform her mindset.

Perhaps it is not just Jiang Qianyu’s personal way of thinking, but rather the prevailing attitudes of the majority in the entire star system.

Song Xuyi has analyzed that Jiang Qianyu’s development of an Alpha-to-Omega drug was, in all likelihood, inspired by the Emperor’s use of Alpha enhancers to control Alphas.

This indirectly reflects the contradictions lurking in Jiang Qianyu’s subconscious: Jiang Qianyu hates Alphas, yet she tacitly acknowledges that Alphas are stronger than Omegas. That’s why she experimented on herself, to bolster her physical abilities to match that of an Alpha’s; she believes that transforming an Alpha into an Omega is the greatest torment for an Alpha…

Within such a mindset, Jiang Qianyu regards strength as paramount, yet she forgets that aside from power, talent and hard work can also create miracles. In a truly excellent society, each individual can find their own foothold, and the aspirations of the people should direct the advancement of society and civilization.

This is what is currently advocated on Blue Star and is also what Song Xuyi wants Jiang Qianyu and the countless common people to understand.

With this in mind, Song Xuyi, not long after returning, signed up for a physical examination.

The results of Song Xuyi’s medical examination report shocked everyone.

Song Xuyi’s physical functions turned out to be extremely normal.

However, it turns out that Song Xuyi is an Omega!

But… how is this possible?

Others may not know, but Huang Fu is aware of Song Xuyi’s previous identity. How could a person who became a Marshal on the brutal Imperial Star possibly be an Omega?

Researchers studied over and over again and discovered that Song Xuyi’s body underwent some specific change; her sexual characteristics had become 98% Omega.

What on earth is going on here?


The researchers were filled with incredulity, but Song Xuyi, the person involved, remained exceedingly composed.

“This is the real reason I resigned as the Imperial Marshal,” Song Xuyi had her explanation prepared in advance: “I woke up one day to find myself transformed into an Omega, my strength significantly reduced. In order to escape the oppressive fate of Omegas within the Empire, I fled to the Blue Star…”

She hinted to Huang Fu: “Perhaps you could investigate some Alphas who once held high positions and power or committed many evils, but have recently acted out of character, lying low. You might just discover some people like me…”

Huang Fu indeed looked into it.

Song Xuyi didn’t know what they found out, but after a while, the researchers stopped studying her, and hurried along with military training and research progress. Although everything seemed very peaceful, Song Xuyi smelled the scent of an impending storm across the star system beneath the veneer of peace.

Not much later, a Mecha research institute more suited to the physiology of Omegas began its creation. By this time, Song Xuyi had completely lost the prowess of an Alpha and had become an Omega, but she was still undeniably the top figure in the Mecha squadron.

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Song Xuyi volunteered to join the project.

During this time, Jiang Qianyu was also extremely busy.

Jiang Qianyu’s presence was seen as a beacon of hope for Blue Star’s medical science. She reached a secret agreement with Blue Star’s medical research institutions: she would provide them with the most advanced research methods, and in return, they would build a substantial laboratory for her.

In Song Xuyi’s view, it seemed Jiang Qianyu had, as she claimed, let go of her feelings for her.

After feeling a bit better, Jiang Qianyu started spending most of her time in the laboratory, leaving early and returning late. Although she told Song Xuyi that she was merely helping her teacher with odd jobs in the lab to conceal her pharmaceutical capabilities, Song Xuyi understood that Jiang Qianyu was actually the one leading the entire lab.

This was top-level secrecy, known only to the dean, the president, and the imperial general in charge of medical research. Various generals oversaw different areas, and even Huang Fu was not privy to Jiang Qianyu’s true identity.

Jiang Qianyu guessed that Song Xuyi must know something, since she had let slip too many inconsistencies that couldn’t be explained away. But since Song Xuyi didn’t bring it up, Jiang Qianyu naturally wouldn’t be the first to speak out.

Jiang Qianyu strove to control her desire to be close to Song Xuyi, working diligently and putting in extra hours to develop the drug she had researched for the sake of her revenge. Only after settling her grudge with the dog emperor could she wholeheartedly pursue Song Xuyi…

However, while Jiang Qianyu was trying her best to maintain her composure and not let Song Xuyi feel her love, everyone else had begun to acknowledge that the two of them were a couple.

The footage of Jiang Qianyu sacrificing herself to save Song Xuyi on the Insect Egg Star was recorded by the people who arrived later and then spread throughout the entire school, causing countless shocks: how many people could, like Jiang Qianyu, unhesitatingly block a full strike from an Insect for their beloved? If this isn’t love, then what could it be…

Many quietly started to “ship” Song Xuyi and Jiang Qianyu as a perfect couple.

Those who were originally undeterred and wished to continue pursuing Song Xuyi became disheartened upon seeing the photo Jiang Qianyu posted on her social platform with Huang Fu, coupled with the revelation that Song Xuyi was an Omega, and the more or less veiled warnings from Chen Xi, thus the others also quietly extinguished that particular flame of hope.

After all, an Omega can only be marked by one person in a lifetime, and to remove such a mark would come at a great cost. Now that Jiang Qianyu has already met the parents, everyone believes it’s only a matter of time before Jiang Qianyu marks Song Xuyi.

Although Song Xuyi is puzzled by the decrease in suitors, it is also a good thing for Song Xuyi, as it means Song Xuyi can now invest more time into training with greater focus. Therefore, Song Xuyi doesn’t dwell on it too much.

Huang Fu’s impression of Jiang Qianyu has become extremely good now.

Huang Fu also watched the video and was shocked by Jiang Qianyu’s skills, which were better than most Alphas. Song Xuyi could only help Jiang Qianyu lie, saying that Jiang Qianyu had long been hers, and was actually an Alpha all along who had pretended to be an Omega to protect her in secret.

Huang Fu believed Song Xuyi’s words and was deeply moved by everything Jiang Qianyu had done for Song Xuyi. Even one time, when he encountered Jiang Qianyu, he patted her on the shoulder and said with emotion, “It’s fortunate that there’s someone like you who stays by Xuyi’s side through thick and thin…”

“After the interstellar conflicts are over, I’ll arrange a grand wedding for you and Xuyi…”

When Song Xuyi overheard this, she nearly choked on her water and instinctively wanted to change the subject. However, Jiang Qianyu’s eyes darkened slightly, and she already spoke out first, “What happens between me and Xuyi will depend on Xuyi’s plans; for now, she’s focused solely on establishing a career…”

“In most families, it’s the Alpha who handles external affairs and the Omega who takes care of things at home. I didn’t expect it to be the other way around with you two,” Huang Fu chuckled heartily, thoroughly pleased with Jiang Qianyu’s attitude of always prioritizing Song Xuyi. He then turned his head and feigned a serious tone to admonish Song Xuyi. “I’ve heard that many at school have confessed their feelings to you. Don’t let yourself be dazzled by someone else and turn into a heartbreaker. These days, it’s hard to find a girl as devoted as Xiao Jiang…”

Jiang Qianyu’s suggestion could also be seen as a sort of solution, but after she spoke up, Song Xuyi found herself unable to deny it. All Song Xuyi could do was laugh it off and steer the conversation elsewhere, feeling that she was quite likely to become the ‘heartbreaker’ Huang Fu spoke of, abandoning the ‘devoted girl.’ Yet, Song Xuyi failed to notice the smiling gleam in Jiang Qianyu’s eyes as she looked over…

In March, Song Xuyi’s approval to join the mecha research project came through.

Joining the Omega mecha research project meant that Song Xuyi would spend the next three months in a closed environment stationed at the research institute to evaluate the mechas and would not be able to go out.

Since Song Xuyi would be graduating at the end of June, it was very likely that she would face the graduation ceremony as soon as she stepped out of the research institute.

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Before entering the research institute, Song Xuyi paid a visit to Jiang Qianyu’s laboratory.

Jiang Qianyu’s lab was filled with oranges, and the air was permeated with the fresh fragrance of citrus—Jiang Qianyu seemed to have a fondness for the scent of oranges. Every time Song Xuyi came to the lab, she would notice Jiang Qianyu surrounded by many oranges.

Upon hearing the news that Song Xuyi was about to enter the research institute, Jiang Qianyu didn’t show any particular reaction, saying, “What a coincidence, I have to leave Blue Star for some matters, and it will also take about three months…”

Song Xuyi glanced at Jiang Qianyu, feeling that such a coincidence was somewhat odd. But Jiang Qianyu had already promised to let go of her, and recently didn’t exhibit any peculiar behavior. Song Xuyi, being rather shy, felt too embarrassed to ask whether Jiang Qianyu had deliberately arranged the timing.

Song Xuyi actually knew that Jiang Qianyu, just like in the original storyline, had made contact with civil Omega organizations. This trip was likely a covert effort to provide these organizations with pharmaceuticals.

But Song Xuyi had a confidence from an unknown source: It might have been due to Jiang Qianyu’s gentle demeanor these days, perhaps because of Jiang Qianyu’s subtle fondness for life on Blue Star, or maybe it was just a pure trust in Jiang Qianyu herself. Song Xuyi always felt that Jiang Qianyu wouldn’t embark on a path that would lead to rivers of blood among the interstellar citizens, as the original storyline had outlined.

“I’ll bring you a gift and rush back to attend your mecha graduation ceremony.”

This was the last sentence they exchanged at the end of their conversation.

Both thought it was a common promise, neither expected the interstellar situation to undergo such crafty and unpredictable changes:

The Second Princess Zhao Man, after proposing that Omegas and Betas be allowed to join the military, was placed under house arrest by the Emperor for several months. Once the house arrest was lifted, the Emperor assigned two deputies to Zhao Man, ostensibly to assist her, but in reality, they were there to monitor her movements.

Princess Zhao Man was painfully aware of her situation yet could do nothing about it, and so she had no choice but to head to the frontlines with those two aides in tow.

These two aides, who knew nothing of the battlefield, yet absurdly tried to give Zhao Man military commands. Fortunately, Zhao Man, with her rich combat experience, paid them no heed, and had achieved several victories both big and small. The calls from the public for Zhao Man to become the successor to the Emperor grew louder and more intense.

During a battle against the Insect Race, Zhao Man had not anticipated that the two aides would withdraw the reinforcements she had arranged, leaving her to face the Insects’ encirclement alone. Zhao Man fought fiercely for several days, suffering heavy losses before finally managing to escape. Upon her return to camp, she discovered that her lover, Zhou Sui, had been arrested by the aides because they had found out about Zhou Sui’s Omega status.

For an Omega to join the military covertly was a capital offense. To save Zhou Sui, Zhao Man found an excuse to kill those two aides.

However, the Emperor used this incident as a pretext to strip Zhao Man of her Marshal rank and even exiled her to a lawless region of interstellar space — a place where the Insect Race could come and go as they please, clearly intending to use the Insects to eliminate Zhao Man.

Zhao Man had completely given up on the Emperor at this point.

In April, two special guests quietly arrived on Blue Star.

Song Xuyi, who stood out among the young generation, was testing a new mecha when she encountered this ‘guest’.

The two generals, once the most loyal to the Empire, met on Blue Star. They reminisced about their past glories and smiled wryly at each other as they reflected on their current plight.

“You’ve changed a lot,” Zhao Man observed Song Xuyi with a complex gaze. “I heard you’ve become an Omega.”

“I’ve heard that the Second Princess once became an Omega too.”

Song Xuyi curved her lips slightly: “But after getting used to it, I don’t find it hard to adapt, because Blue Star is very good.”

“Yes, indeed, Blue Star is very good,” Zhao Man chuckled, then her eyes deepened, and she reached out to Song Xuyi: “Marshal Song, are you interested in joining me in establishing thousands upon thousands of Blue Stars?”

“I am at your service, Your Highness!”

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In May, Zhao Man encountered star bandits in a lawless zone and went missing.

Meanwhile, Alphas on various planets suddenly received a massive amount of Alpha enhancers from an unknown force. Having found another source for the drug, the Alphas, long dissatisfied with the Emperor, began to defy his commands.

Overnight, the entire situation on the Imperial Star underwent a dramatic transformation.

The Left Prime Minister—the Emperor’s most trusted Alpha minister—staged a rebellion, placed the Emperor under house arrest, and propped up the Crown Prince as a puppet Emperor.

Later, by some twist of fate, the cruel and lecherous Left Prime Minister, who had seized more than a dozen Omegas, died at the hands of an Omega in his own backyard, and overnight, all the Omegas from the Left Prime Minister’s backyard vanished without a trace.

Losing the support of the Left Prime Minister, the Crown Prince was quickly assassinated, and the Third Princess ascended to the throne…

In just over a month, by mid-June, the Emperor’s seat had changed hands several times. However, none of the new rulers held onto the throne for longer than a week before meeting their demise at the hands of an Omega or a Beta.

At the same time, notorious Alphas on various planets were suddenly found dead on one fateful day, assassinated by the very Omegas and Betas who had suffered under their tyranny and seemed powerless to resist…

The Empire’s laws failed to vindicate these downtrodden victims, so they took up the knife and began to seek justice for themselves…

It was then that the arrogant and discourteous Alphas became painfully aware of the power of the Omegas.

They had no idea where the Omegas got the strength to slay Alphas, but the unknown provoked even greater fear. Alphas in power on various planets began to feel unsafe, locking down their realms as they scrambled to devise ways to protect themselves.

For the Omegas, this was an unprecedented taste of freedom!

They started venturing out from the confines of their quarters, walking the streets unmasked, their faces uncovered, free from the fear of being suddenly snatched away…

Behind them now stood a mysterious benefactor.

This enigmatic figure had provided them with exceptionally potent drug that could render the high-and-mighty Alphas weak, bolstering their own strength, enabling them to take control of their lives…

The Empire’s order, monopolized by Alphas for thousands of years, began to crumble…

As planets started to seal themselves off, it still wasn’t enough to prevent the demise of the Alphas.

Interstellar routes were severed, banditry rose, and the Empire plunged into chaos; from the fringes, the Insect Race began to stir…

In such troubling times, the Second Imperial Princess of the Empire’s most remote Blue Star, who was once declared dead, suddenly emerged. Leading a well-equipped Blue Star force under the banner of “rescuing the Emperor,” she launched an attack against the rebels of the Imperial Star. Like a rising star amidst the ruins, she brought new hope.

Hers was an almost flawless team, particularly the vanguard of mecha units—they were invincible in battle, smashing through to the Imperial Capital with unstoppable might!

And to everyone’s amazement, amongst these excellent mecha units, many warriors were Omegas or even Betas!

It turned out that Omegas and Betas truly could take to the battlefield on their own merit…

And not just fight; the Omegas could perform exceptionally.

Especially that one graceful mecha warrior Omega—her gentle smile in stark contrast with her fierce and decisive fighting style became an enduring example that countless mecha warriors would look up to for millennia to come…

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