Blame the Villain – Chapter 233

Villainous Singer (5)

The night breeze brought a comfortable and gentle wind, mingled with a faint floral scent from the flowers lining both sides of the road. Cultivated clusters of fresh flowers cascaded down from the walls, their petals floating and swaying in the air, brushing against the girl’s fair and slender legs. Upon reaching the ground, they were swiftly detected and analyzed by an automated purification system, transforming into soil and being transported to nourish the roots of other blooming flowers, perpetuating the cycle of life.

Life is an endless and cyclical process.

Song Xu Yi marveled at the wonder of life and revered it. Before her stood Lin Ruoyu, clearly one of the most delicately crafted creations by the Creator.

Once again, Song Xu Yi was captivated by the beauty displayed by Lin Ruoyu, completely engrossed in admiring her flawless appearance. In truth, she hadn’t quite caught what Lin Ruoyu was saying.

However, Lin Ruoyu quickly noticed Song Xu Yi’s distraction.

“You can tell me anything.” Lin Ruoyu raised her voice slightly, and once again, she frowned impatiently.

So Lin Ruoyu thought she was using her silence to make a point?

Song Xu Yi curved her lips into a smile.

Getting a bit closer, it was easy to notice the dark circles under Lin Ruoyu’s eyes: she had been continuously performing during this period and naturally didn’t get enough rest, making her appear a bit thinner.

There was a small corner behind Lin Ruoyu, concealed by a short little fence. Perhaps Lin Ruoyu had been there all along, which was why Song Xu Yi hadn’t noticed her presence.

Song Xu Yi sighed, realizing that in the chaotic and oppressive times, it didn’t really matter if Lin Ruoyu was responsible for what was happening.

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However, she was grateful that Lin Ruoyu bothered to come and explain.

“I believe you.” Although Song Xu Yi didn’t want to be involved with a future villain, she still spoke softly, “We both come from the planet Ruo Shui, and I don’t think you would do such a thing.”

Song Xu Yi’s eyes were incredibly clear, resembling the serene night sky. She didn’t cry or make a fuss as Lin Ruoyu had anticipated, nor did she use the opportunity to blackmail or manipulate her. After all, Lin Ruoyu possessed more than any other person on Planet Ruo Shui, and Song Xu Yi could easily gain more from her by feigning helplessness.

As Lin Ruoyu looked at Song Xu Yi, who was a head shorter than herself, she had a moment of distraction. Just as Song Xu Yi had predicted, Lin Ruoyu had been in this place for a long time; it was her secret hideout at the Colin Academy. When she was feeling down, Lin Ruoyu liked to hide in the shadows here, which helped her temporarily forget the hatred brewing in her heart and the burden on her shoulders…

At first, Lin Ruoyu felt a bit displeased seeing Song Xu Yi here. It was like her secret hideout had been invaded by something, and she couldn’t help but suspect that Song Xu Yi had ulterior motives…

After all, everyone had been telling her that Song Xu Yi idolized her to a crazy extent.

And Song Xu Yi was the daughter of Song Yi.

News had come from Planet Ruo Shui that Song Yi had gradually started entering the management ranks and would soon become the next Guardian.

But Lin Ruoyu hadn’t lied either. It was the staff who discovered that video of Song Xu Yi singing, and they took the liberty to share it on social media. After it unexpectedly went viral, they smugly brought the video to Lin Ruoyu, hoping to take credit for it.

People mocked the little girl’s tone-deaf singing, but Lin Ruoyu found the girl’s expression while singing to be a treasure. Her shy yet earnest demeanor inexplicably struck a chord in a certain part of Lin Ruoyu’s heart.

However, could someone as astute as Song Yi, who was about to become the new Guardian, really nurture such a simple and naive little girl?

Initially, Lin Ruoyu didn’t believe it.

But as she watched the little girl run around in circles, Lin Ruoyu realized that she might have misunderstood Song Xu Yi. At least, her presence in this place wasn’t directed at her; she was genuinely just running for the sake of running.

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Lin Ruoyu wasn’t sure about her own mindset. Perhaps she wanted to drive the girl out of her territory, or maybe she wanted to uncover the girl’s disguise, so she instinctively stepped forward.

But Song Xu Yi didn’t react as Lin Ruoyu had expected. Through her thick glasses, Lin Ruoyu saw the unreserved admiration in Song Xu Yi’s eyes for her beauty, but there was none of the envy, desire, or disdain that she had grown accustomed to seeing.

Her eyes seemed to speak, revealing all of her emotions.

Song Xu Yi didn’t pay much attention to Lin Ruoyu’s change in expression. She didn’t intend to interact much with her. After saying those words, she waved at Lin Ruoyu and then lowered her head, continuing her run. She planned to finish the remaining two laps and then go back to study, as per her original plan.

However, not long after, she heard footsteps behind her. Song Xu Yi belatedly realized that Lin Ruoyu was also running behind her.

This wasn’t her own playground, so she couldn’t stop Lin Ruoyu from running. But she couldn’t help feeling a bit uneasy in her heart, subconsciously increasing her pace.

After completing her two laps as planned, Song Xu Yi intended to leave the small playground but found Lin Ruoyu already waiting at the exit.

“Although it was a mistake made by my staff, I have thought about it, and it all started with me. Whatever you want, you can tell me directly,” Lin Ruoyu said. Perhaps due to the exercise, her slightly pale complexion now had a touch of color, making her look healthier and more lively.

“But you’ve already expressed your apology,” Song Xu Yi replied, realizing that she had been overly focused on Lin Ruoyu’s appearance. She averted her gaze, feeling a bit uncomfortable, and walked past Lin Ruoyu. “This incident hasn’t caused me much trouble, so there’s no need for you to worry. However, I still owe you money for the translator, and since I haven’t found a job yet, it might take some time before I can repay you.”

“It’s getting late, and I’m sure you’ve been tired these days. Go back and rest early!”

After saying this, Song Xu Yi turned and waved at Lin Ruoyu. Lin Ruoyu seemed to be a bit dazed. Song Xu Yi didn’t dare to look at her face for too long, afraid of getting lost in her beauty once again. She withdrew her hand and headed back to her room without looking back. After washing up, she put this little incident out of her mind and continued her studies.

As she started learning some basic mechanical knowledge, which involved many specialized terms, Song Xu Yi faced increased difficulties in her language studies. To cope with this, she developed a habit of studying the terms while simultaneously practicing reading aloud, learning the language phonetically. She focused on acquiring knowledge and, when tired, hummed off-key songs to refresh her mind.

Despite the seemingly monotonous days of hard work, Song Xu Yi found immense peace within, as she could clearly perceive her progress during this process.

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Song Xu Yi planned her life at her own pace, unaware that from this night onward, someone else would be listening to her reading.

After finishing her run, Lin Ruoyu used the light-brain to contact her agent, who soon came over and informed her about her new job. At the same time, the agent took out a small eavesdropping receiver from a bag and handed it to Lin Ruoyu, frowning slightly.

“Miss Lin, he didn’t mean any harm. He just likes your voice so much that he modified the translation device he gave you with a bug. But you haven’t lost anything. You gave away the translator in front of him, and he hasn’t used the bug since then. When our people tried to find it, he couldn’t remember where he had put the eavesdropping receiver. It took quite some time to locate it again. Since that’s the case…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t publicize this matter, he’s a noble Proxima Centaurian after all,” Lin Ruoyu tilted her head, her face innocent and naive, but her eyes filled with mockery. “I’m just concerned that if my music is monitored and leaked, it could cause significant losses for the company…”

When it came to interests, the agent’s expression immediately became serious, and she patted Lin Ruoyu’s head, sighing, “You’re thoughtful, Miss Lin. I will suggest to the company to install the most advanced security system around you…”

After chatting with her agent, Lin Ruoyu immediately set off for another country. The transportation on Proxima Centauri was extremely fast, and it only took an hour for her to arrive in the other country. Enduring with a smile, she completed the performance and took photos with the officials of that country. After a few hours, Lin Ruoyu felt like a puppet being manipulated by others.

It was deep into the night when Lin Ruoyu finally had a few hours of rest.

Her agent brought her into the room, and after discussing the schedule for the next day, she noticed the eavesdropping receiver in Lin Ruoyu’s luggage. The agent raised an eyebrow, reminding Lin Ruoyu not to stay up too late since they had work the next day, but didn’t say much more. She knew that Lin Ruoyu had always been interested in such things. After all, her initial dream was to study robot development, and she only later pursued a music career.

But Lin Ruoyu didn’t give up on this hobby; she often took the time to study materials related to it. However, being the most difficult engineering on the entire planet, this knowledge was incredibly complex.

Moreover, the eavesdropping device had a personal password, and the agent didn’t believe Lin Ruoyu could figure out how to tamper with it.

After the agent left the room and considerately closed the door, Lin Ruoyu immediately got up from the bed. She retrieved a set of tools from a compartment in her luggage and skillfully dismantled the bug. By the time she reassembled the eavesdropping receiver, Lin Ruoyu had cracked the final password.

Frowning, she checked the log entries. The Proxima Centaurian man hadn’t lied; the bug had only been accessed twice, over a month ago. It seemed that the disgusting Proxima Centaurian man had initially considered monitoring Song Xu Yi’s life, but perhaps he found her life too monotonous, so he gave up and never accessed it again.

Lin Ruoyu changed the receiver’s password once more and altered its appearance. She concealed the receiver inside her sleeping cap, ensuring that unless someone thoroughly searched her cap, they would never discover the device’s presence.

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Perhaps it was because this girl named Song Xu Yi appeared too harmless, and she seemed extremely fearful of being in her presence. Moreover, her father was Song Yi…

Thinking of her made Lin Ruoyu feel strange, and it reminded her of the time when she killed two birds with one stone, giving the bug meant for the Proxima Centaurian man to Song Xu Yi…

Having obtained the eavesdropping receiver, if Song Xu Yi truly had ulterior motives, Lin Ruoyu didn’t believe she wouldn’t show any flaws later on.

To test the final effectiveness of the receiver, Lin Ruoyu put on the sleeping cap and lay down on the bed.

After all the commotion, it was already late into the night, and according to the time difference, there were still five hours until dawn at Colin Academy. However, as soon as she put on the sleeping cap and turned on the switch, Lin Ruoyu heard the distinct sound of someone reciting texts coming from the eavesdropping receiver…

In Song Xu Yi’s voice, there was a clear sense of weariness as she recited the text in a fragmented manner. Sometimes she repeated a sentence or even stumbled over the words. Eventually, her voice gradually lowered, leaving only the sound of even breathing.

She must have fallen asleep…

Lin Ruoyu smiled, not knowing why, but after only meeting the girl twice, listening to her reciting, an image of the girl dozing off while reciting intermittently naturally emerged in her mind.

Suddenly, she felt a sense of fulfillment, as if the night had become less dark. Lin Ruoyu listened to the steady breathing coming from the other side and surprisingly found that even herself, who had suffered from chronic insomnia, was feeling a bit sleepy…

Why did Song Yi send this little fool over…

“Little fool, there’s a long road ahead!” Lin Ruoyu smiled and also fell into a deep dream.

The author has something to say:

Present Lin Ruoyu: Song Xu Yi seems a bit foolish;

Future Lin Ruoyu: Oh no, it seems like I’m the most foolish one.

Key point: Eavesdropping is a dangerous act used by villains, do not attempt to imitate.

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