Blame the Villain – Chapter 194

Villainous Zombie King (13)

Song Xu Yi had no idea what had happened.

Naturally, she would never engage in eavesdropping, but half an hour later, when Ye Shuiyu appeared before her, holding Zhao Miaomiao’s hand with a cold and ruthless expression on her face, Song Xu Yi couldn’t help but feel immensely shocked.

Ye Shuiyu seemed to have accepted the fact that Zhao Miaomiao had become her little follower. Although her face remained expressionless, when she looked at Zhao Miaomiao, the resistance in her eyes had faded away.

And Zhao Miaomiao, unlike before, no longer seemed meek and fearful. Instead, she looked at Ye Shuiyu and giggled…

What on earth had happened?

Song Xu Yi looked back and forth between the two, utterly perplexed.

Unlike Song Xu Yi’s cluelessness, the system had overheard the entire conversation they had while discussing:

After expressing their feelings for Song Xu Yi, the two began to chat.

At first, Ye Shuiyu appeared serious, with a hint of shyness: “Actually, the more I think about it, the more I realize that I really like Xu Yi. I don’t know why, but every time I see her, I feel so happy and joyful. This morning, when I saw her, I couldn’t resist the urge to hug her…”

Upon hearing this, Zhao Miaomiao looked deeply moved: “I actually had a feeling that you liked Mom Xu Yi! When you look at her, you don’t seem as terrifying as you usually do. I can relate to that kind of feeling. Chen Shanshan, from the kindergarten’s junior class, told me that she really likes Tong Huahua from our class and even kissed her…”

Ye Shuiyu seemed somewhat shocked and looked at Zhao Miaomiao with a hint of disbelief: “…Can we really kiss?”

“Of course you can!” Zhao Miaomiao puffed her chest proudly: “It says in the safety protection book that when a girl likes someone, she can give them a kiss on the cheek. But no touching everywhere randomly, okay…”

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“How could I randomly touch?” Ye Shuiyu’s voice rose, and her ears inexplicably turned red: “I would never do that!”

“I trust you. You might scare me away, but you won’t hurt Mommy Xu Yi,” Zhao Miaomiao nodded reassuringly, looking at Ye Shuiyu: “Auntie Shuiyu, just wait a little longer! When you turn eighteen, even if you touch Mommy Xu Yi, it should be fine. After all, you’re so beautiful. I’ve seen it several times, and Mommy Xu Yi secretly looked at you with eyes full of longing. She should agree.”

“The teachers have told me that when you turn eighteen and have learned more knowledge and thought about it deeply, then you can do the intimate things that adults do. That’s when you can take off your pants and stuff, and then you can have a baby…”

“I actually don’t understand. What do adults want to do when they take off their pants? And what are these ‘intimate’ things they talk about? How are children born… Oh, wait, Auntie Shuiyu, why is your face turning red?”

“I am not blushing! You must be mistaken!” Clearly, Ye Shuiyu had already learned some relevant physiological knowledge, as she put on a serious face and gave Zhao Miaomiao a warning look: “Zhao Miaomiao, you must not say these things in front of Xu Yi. If you do, I’ll throw you out…”

“Also, is it true that Xu Yi… has been secretly watching me?”


“Of course it’s true! You’re so good-looking!” Zhao Miaomiao confidently replied.

Then, without hesitation, Zhao Miaomiao began to use her experiences from kindergarten to help Ye Shuiyu plan and pursue Song Xu Yi. This included, but was not limited to: sticking close to Song Xu Yi, offering her delicious treats, appearing intelligent in front of her, and, when necessary, having a thick skin…

The system listened to their conversation, feeling incredibly surreal. It had never imagined that Ye Shuiyu and Zhao Miaomiao would be so engrossed in discussing such matters. It was even more surprising that a preschooler was teaching Ye Shuiyu how to pursue Song Xu Yi…

But Song Xu Yi didn’t inquire, and the system dared not reveal its eavesdropping. It could only watch helplessly as Ye Shuiyu followed the plan devised with Zhao Miaomiao to please Song Xu Yi. Its emotions were incredibly complex, yet it dared not speak openly about it—

Of course, Song Xu Yi’s emotions were also quite complicated.

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Song Xu Yi originally thought that everything would settle down once Ye Shuiyu agreed to take care of Zhao Miaomiao. In reality, while peace was restored between Ye Shuiyu and Zhao Miaomiao, Song Xu Yi realized, somewhat belatedly, that Ye Shuiyu had started acting strangely—

Ye Shuiyu sat in the passenger seat, previously she would occasionally, intentionally or unintentionally, turn her head to look in Song Xu Yi’s direction. Song Xu Yi had allowed her to do so before. However, for some unknown reason, once they resumed their journey, Ye Shuiyu began to show no restraint. She even turned her body sideways, her eyes sparkling as she gazed at Song Xu Yi, occasionally forming a suspicious curve on her lips…

Song Xu Yi felt awkward being stared at, and her cheeks grew warm. Unable to resist, she asked, “What’s wrong? Is there something on my face?”

“Nothing,” under the scrutiny of the system, Ye Shuiyu beat a retreat, pursed her lips, and began to shift her gaze. “I just feel like driving is fun…”

However, Ye Shuiyu became shy, but Zhao Miaomiao, who was in the backseat and solely focused on helping Ye Shuiyu pursue Song Xu Yi, spoke up loudly, “That’s not it! Mommy Xu Yi, you’re beautiful, and Auntie Shuiyu definitely enjoys staring at you…”

At first, Song Xu Yi didn’t take that statement seriously. If someone else had said she was good-looking, Song Xu Yi might have considered it, but the one saying it was Ye Shuiyu.

“If you, Shuiyu, want to see someone good-looking, it’s better to hold up a mirror and admire yourself, why bother looking at me—” as Song Xu Yi spoke, she belatedly realized Zhao Miaomiao’s change in addressing Ye Shuiyu, unable to hold back her curiosity. “Why did you suddenly start calling her ‘Auntie Shuiyu’? Weren’t you always calling her ‘sister’ before?”

Zhao Miaomiao didn’t answer because they had already coordinated with Ye Shuiyu on how to respond to this question.

“Xu Yi is indeed very beautiful,” Ye Shuiyu glanced cautiously at Song Xu Yi and shyly lowered her head. “I asked Zhao Miaomiao to call me ‘auntie.’ Even though I lost my memory, my real age should allow me to be her aunt…”

As she spoke, Ye Shuiyu hesitated. Rehearsals had gone smoothly, but now, in front of Song Xu Yi, Ye Shuiyu found her heart suddenly racing, and some words simply couldn’t come out.

Zhao Miaomiao in the back seat couldn’t help but feel frustrated. She never expected that Ye Shuiyu, who was so confident in front of her, would become so timid in front of Song Xu Yi. Still, she couldn’t resist following the rehearsed lines and said, “And Auntie Shuiyu is very intelligent and mature. She’s more like an adult than an actual adult. She doesn’t seem like a thirteen-year-old sister at all—”

“Do you even know what it means to be mature at your age?” Song Xu Yi, caught off guard by Zhao Miaomiao’s comment, couldn’t help but laugh. “Miaomiao, if you keep saying that, be careful that your sister Shuiyu will chase you away again. Girls always want to be called younger, and besides, your sister Shuiyu is so beautiful that it’s hard to tell her age. So, from now on, you should call her Shuiyu and call her sister—”

However, before Song Xu Yi could finish her sentence, both Ye Shuiyu and Zhao Miaomiao spoke in unison, “No!”

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Facing the perplexed look from Song Xu Yi, Ye Shuiyu finally found her voice, “I… I like it when Zhao Miaomiao calls me Auntie—”

Since the people involved themselves had spoken, Song Xu Yi naturally couldn’t oppose anymore. Furthermore, she realized that if Ye Shuiyu allowed Zhao Miaomiao to call her auntie, she probably wouldn’t be able to throw tantrums and insist on sleeping with her in the future. With this thought, Song Xu Yi’s mindset started to shift, accepting Ye Shuiyu’s change in address.

Seeing that Song Xu Yi didn’t further question the matter, Ye Shuiyu and Zhao Miaomiao exchanged a glance, feeling relieved.

But this was only the first step.

Ye Shuiyu recalled her desperate self who had clung to Song Xu Yi, desperately wanting her to be her mother. She understood deeply that it was her insistence that led to Song Xu Yi reluctantly accepting her presence, silently acknowledging that she was still just a child inside.

The previous excuse of being a child had gained Ye Shuiyu some advantages in front of Song Xu Yi. However, now Ye Shuiyu could only break through this established impression and show Song Xu Yi that she was a trustworthy pursuer.

Ye Shuiyu knew this would be difficult, but she had no choice but to do it.

As a result, after finding a place to stay for the night, Ye Shuiyu began to desperately demonstrate her thoughtfulness and competence in front of Song Xu Yi.

Facing Zhao Miaomiao’s shocked expression, Ye Shuiyu proposed to bathe Zhao Miaomiao. Song Xu Yi was momentarily stunned, but recalling their close interaction during the day, she entrusted Zhao Miaomiao to Ye Shuiyu.

Poor little Zhao Miaomiao washed herself in the bathroom, struggling to clean her body and prematurely feeling the burden of life. However, when she saw the bag of chocolates handed to her by Ye Shuiyu, all the heaviness in her heart disappeared instantly. She even boasted in front of Song Xu Yi, “Mommy Xu Yi, Auntie Shuiyu is really responsible. I really, really like having her help me with bathing.”

Song Xu Yi had already heard the word “responsible” several times today. She thought that perhaps it was because Ye Shuiyu, at her psychological age of adolescence, was eager to grow up, so she enjoyed hearing others describe her as “responsible.” Therefore, Song Xu Yi replied casually, “Yes, your sister… I mean, Auntie Shuiyu has always been responsible.”

After saying that, Song Xu Yi couldn’t help but laugh. It seemed that she had developed a habit of seeing Ye Shuiyu as a child these past few days. Using an adult’s term to address her suddenly felt a bit awkward for some reason.

However, Song Xu Yi didn’t notice the sudden gleam in Ye Shuiyu’s eyes.

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While Song Xu Yi was taking a shower in the restroom, Ye Shuiyu stepped out for a moment. When Song Xu Yi emerged again, she saw Ye Shuiyu holding a bouquet of flowers at the entrance of the restroom.

The flowers were hastily decorated with old newspapers. Song Xu Yi had no idea where Ye Shuiyu managed to find such large and vibrant red roses. What surprised her even more were the “dewdrops” on the red roses. If Song Xu Yi wasn’t mistaken, those were fresh crystal nuclei just extracted from zombie brains. Among them, there was even a slightly pink crystal nucleus, if she remembered correctly, that belonged to a second-stage zombie…

“Xu Yi, I… I brought you flowers,” Ye Shuiyu softly spoke, facing Zhao Miaomiao’s disapproving gaze. She handed the flowers to Song Xu Yi and nervously explained, “Actually, the flowers aren’t important. I just wanted to give you something delicious…”

Crystal nuclei were incredibly tasty treats for Ye Shuiyu. As Zhao Miaomiao mentioned, she wanted to use the most delicious food to please the one she cared for.

But when Ye Shuiyu killed the second-stage zombie and saw the withered roses in the broken flower shop by the roadside, she couldn’t help but use her wood-based abilities to breathe new life into the roses…

Ye Shuiyu didn’t expect to possess such a romantic and poetic sentiment, honest yet passionate.

Perhaps it was all because of this person, Xu Yi.

In the ordinary days, every beautiful thing she encountered reminded her of Xu Yi.

“They’re very beautiful,” Song Xu Yi accepted the flowers, still pondering why Ye Shuiyu suddenly decided to give her flowers. After all, Ye Shuiyu would give her various crystal nuclei every day, and while this batch of nuclei had a slightly better appearance, it wasn’t particularly extraordinary. On the other hand, receiving flowers was a first… She then saw Zhao Miaomiao opening her arms wide towards her and saying, “Mommy Xu Yi, hug!”

As if awakening from a dream, Song Xu Yi realized that she had been staring at Ye Shuiyu for a long time.

Bending down, Song Xu Yi discreetly placed the flowers in Zhao Miaomiao’s arms and picked her up. Suddenly, Zhao Miaomiao exclaimed, “There’s a bug in the flowers! A really big one!”

“It’s here, no, there! It crawled inside the petals…”

Song Xu Yi couldn’t spare a thought to ponder over Ye Shuiyu’s motive for giving her flowers. She immediately lowered her head to take a look, and Ye Shuiyu also leaned in. However, they couldn’t find the bug no matter how much they searched. Just as Song Xu Yi was about to lift her head, Zhao Miaomiao playfully poked the flowers, causing Song Xu Yi to instinctively turn her head and accidentally brush against Ye Shuiyu’s cheek…

Feeling the soft sensation on her lips and seeing Ye Shuiyu’s instant blush, Song Xu Yi’s eyes widened in surprise.

But in her ears, Zhao Miaomiao exaggeratedly exclaimed, “Mommy Xu Yi, why did you kiss Auntie Shuiyu?”

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